corny becky strikes again!

corny becky strikes again!

wwwheeeeepeeeee…. *skips skips skips hops hops hops like an injured kangaroo* gawd, ive been away for quite a while, havent i. i believe it’s time to put the spotlight back on me. *glares at ronniethehotfilipinoactor* okay, yest morning, while everyone had the need to disturb my sleep, calls after calls, i received a call from college. “dang! i hope it’s not one of my lecturers asking me to go back to coll to resubmit an assignment or something,” me thinks to meself. well, here was how the conversation went.
elaine: eh hello. rebecca?
becks: uh.. yea? *yawns*
elaine: elaine here la. from design school.
becks: uh… who? *steals another yawn*
elaine: elaine la. your lecturer, elaine lim.
becks: uh.. okay. oh.. okay okay. whatsup?
elaine: remember the dominos competition?
becks: ah… er.. yea. why?
elaine: eh, you kena la.
becks: *yawns* huh… *yawns again* kena what?
elaine: kena la. your design was chosen. you won!
becks: *big loud gasp*
elaine: congrats leh!
becks: *still gasping*
elaine: okay, so the prize giving ceremony is this fri at blablablablahblahblah…
becks: huh… wait wait. i won?
elaine: yeala.
becks: w… o… w …..
elaine: yea, so we’ll meet up at ……. blahblahblahblablablablablacksheep (too lazy to type la. i wasnt concentrating also. quite long ah)
becks: okay la. see ya. … WOW! …
*hangs up phone and starts skipping around the house howling with joy. YES, howling.*
my mom thought it was stoney who got his foot stuck in between doors or something. i skipped from my room to the kitchen only to find my mom wasnt there so i skipped to my mom’s room and she went, “eh, you went mad is it?”.
becks: i won leh.
mom: won what? (think she got used to that line as i win online competitions often. no, not bragging kay. fluke la).
becks: neh, the domino’s calendar design competition la.
mom: what’s that?
becks: aiyo, the one where you asked me wtf was that wan last time.
mom: oh that one ah. i didnt know it was a competition.
becks: aiya, you’re no fun.
*skips to hall and explains everything to sis. at least she’s a bit more enthusiastic la cos free pizzas for her*
okay, the competition is some inter-school calendar design competition for some charity project by dominos. went to find my lecturer earlier this morning in college and this is what ive won. rm500 cash, rm200 worth of dominos vouchers, certificate, have our designs published on the charity calendar, photo session, free finished published calendars x2, free lunch during prize giving (*yawn*), and LISTEN TO THIS, AUTOGRAPH SESSION man. foo yoh. glamour siuts. sandymental, i’m se-glamour you now. okay, im not bragging. im just excited cos it was just simple photography but everyone went, “huh?” or poh’s fav line, “i’m definitely not your target audience” whenever they see my “artwork” so yea, im a bit proud. ey, give me a chance to bangga a bit, can or not? tsk.
okay, let’s move on. enough of me. no wait, i am still going to talk about me but something else. was at bii’s open house last weekend. orgasmic. read sandy’s version here. as usual, yujyuj, sandymental (yuj gave her this nickname which i thought was cool), max, yeeng and me (the four kawan baiks) layan ourselves throughout the nite and continued with a visit-yujin’s-house tour and then ajimal. the nite before that, i was at SSO4.5. my bii got num 17 and couldnt make it to the top 16 just by 2 points. arse luck, rite? *pats bii* the rest was usual mamaking, socialising, catching up on my sleep, and etc. been busy so yea, that’s why no new updates. another thing, am working on a new layout for this site. this damn design has been here for ages. it used to be a weekly/fortnightly thingy okay. the design would’ve been up if only max would be satisfied with how she looks. lol.
okay, i know it’s a damn long entry but likki gave me some loving on her site. you can choose to skip this bit though if you’re not interested. blehs.
Ten years ago I was …
eleven – still playing with getahs and batu serembans. active in sports. tomboyish. my first so-called bf which is so not my bf at all (aiyah, lil kids stuff). nothing special except i was starting to develop boobies. and um, oh yea, got my period then. *grins* im turning into a laaaaydeeeh.
Five years ago I was …
an annoying brat with pimply face and ganas attitude. was sixteen – um, a geek as always. nothing interesting except i was very active with irc and all. i was the one behind gatherings and all that.
A year ago I was …
badly heartbroken by someone ungrateful. but having that ungrateful s.o.b.p.o.s out of my life was the bestest best thing to ever happen to me. yeay. i was so damn blinded by empty promises and sweet talkings. serious. i cringe my face hard whenever i hear about the incident today. but i had lotsa fun last year too. it was when i started putting on so much weight and be the obese that i am now.
Yesterday I was …
still 21. stuck in a pasar malam with my bii because i was being a smart-assed. parked my car in the middle of the pasar malam and i couldnt get out. sandy saved our lives by bringing us to midvalley and we lepak-ed at the arcade and watched the exorcism of emily rose. went three mamaks in a day somore, tsk tsk. sadness. but i had fun. whee.
5 snacks I enjoy …
pringles (sour cream), fries, pizzas, cakes and my bii. *slurps* im corny, i know. i should really list down corn-in-a-cup as well.
5 Songs I know All the Words to …
happy birthday, belaian jiwa, hard to say im sorry, dreaming of you and family guy’s theme song. heh!
5 things I would do with a 100 Million splurges …
build my dream home like likki babe (not sure if RM100 mil is enough though. 100 million pounds, maybe la. heh). a car that’ll have everyone drooling over (i still havent thought of WHICH yet). travel around europe. shop till i drop and i mean literally. lastly, my bii. i know he doesnt cost me a single cent. see, the best things in life are free, baybeh!
5 Bad Habits …
procrastinates way too much, babbles too much and not know when to stop, antisocial, porking out eventhough im not hungry, missing my bii way too much (eh, can get quite annoying cos he’s not always that free for me, you know).
5 Biggest Joys …
iskii, stoney, great friends, good food and er … .. me? *gulps*
5 Favourite Toys …
iskii, stoney, dennis (my car!), lips (my fav softy), and er … myself? im useless at things like that so please dont tag me next time, kay? 😛
5 Things I Would Never Wear …
hotpants (cos of my big fat thunderthighs la of course), big bellbottoms with laces and stringy-thingy on the side (fck wei, you get this a lot in sg. wang), things that’ll make me look extra fat and big, feathers, and trackpants.
5 Favourite TV Shows …
family guy, gilmore girls, sex and the city, ally mcbeal and desperate housewives (no OCs or one three hill for me okay. fucking annoying).
5 Fictional Characters I Would Date …
david usher as himself (if only he’s taller and bigger), spiderman (so that tobey can teach me how to kiss upside down), kavana (so he can croon me to sleep everynite), brian griffin (the dog from family guy cos he’s just so witty!), if iskii was a fictional character, i’d dream of dating him too. LOL. omg, god save me.
5 People I Tag …
1. sandymental
2. f0n boyboy
3. iso
4. evan (you can reply in my comment box since you dont have a blog)
5. sabbymcgabby.
the end. thank god. ta! 🙂

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30 Responses

  1. thanks babe for putting up with ma lurrrrvv. 🙂 *huggles*
    i wonder how the photoshoot would come out, hehe post up pics then okkkkk?
    me like sourcream pringles oso! wahahahah *pops a can of sourcream and shares with becks while singing belaian jiwa together* 😛
    oh btw b4 i forgot, i like your green top and that pink dress. lovely girly thingy 😀

  2. anything for you! heh, after all, free dim sum buffet on you, i heard? *EVIL GRINS* 😛
    hahahahaha. i’d try to post. ive got so much more piccies to post but im just too darn lazy. 😐
    yes babes, weve got quite a bit in common. bila going back pg ah you? 😛
    green top, pink dress? ohhh from the earlier entry? thanks. *shy*

  3. must belanjaaaa me dominos ehehehe :D:D and yeah congrats!!!! 😀 hehe jom go shopping with the money..haha how was the movie? nice ar? hehe i dont dare to watch lol

  4. hehe… if terence’s bday party jadi, then you dapat makan lor. kekeke. 🙂 kenot shop ler, thinking of using the money to buy my cd player. 🙂
    the movie? okay kua. 😐 not that good la. dunno, am yet to find a cerita hantu that’ll freak me out to the max…

  5. CONGRATS ! ! show me the design when i,m in kl kae ? you,ve got talent lah girl . well done well done . [= will there still be free pizzas when i get there ? hahah [=
    omg , i saw my name lah . honoured wei , kena chosen out of your 1001 friends . i,m a loyal supporter of your blog lei . so update often yep ? looking forward to seeing your new layout .
    take care babe , misses-

  6. congrats becky poo.. <3 .. i finally got my streamyx back. it was freaking down for 3 days…was gonna kill myself.
    and eh i’m not choosy abt the way I look lar. I just said to not make me so “u know what” but honestly, if u did it already..please just go ahead and upload it. no need to change dee ler 😀

  7. oiii ur always glamer-er la!
    now lagiiii glamer wid ur dominos calendar!
    next time i can go MY FREN DESIGNED THIS to eryonee at dominoes! haha
    plss, can i have u signature on my babytee 😉

  8. evan, eh, ur suppose to answer it here la and thanks for supporting. i heart you. <3 *big sloppy kiss* 😛
    max, changing ler. cos i dah delete the original design. ;D damn lazzzzyyyyyyyyyy… so wait till next year kay? ho ho ho ho ho.. and thanks! 🙂

  9. hahahahahahahaha sandymental, i hope you werent being sarcastic. lol. but terima kasih atas um, support me. 😀
    and yujin was the one who started the whole sandymental thingy anyway. ;\

  10. i was wondering whether ur full name was rebecca..ahhaahha.. eh so bila u wanna take me to dimsum ah.. my frens oso nak mam mam leh ;D
    on u ok? tqtq AHhAHAHA

  11. im still obsessing with dominoes.. not cool 🙁 will probably attempt to travel somewhere to eat it soon.. it doesn’t deliver to my area GAH this is like living in sg buloh 🙁

  12. terence ? hahah . you mean your friend lah . -.- wahlau , then if i post it on your comment box , the whole worl can view lah ? shy wei . \=