1st monthliiversarii

1st monthliiversarii

sorry, i know ive promised a new entry in the previous one but i was busy and busy feeling ugly. put on almost five kilos in a week. hooray. im officially the fattest lady in the world. anyway, i would like to post a long entry here as well but it’s 4:34am and ive been awake since 9am. meanwhile, you could sign my guestbook, if you havent. cousins from oz is here so i gotta accompany them and my relatives from m’cca will be visiting tomorrow. it’s a long holiday for us all in m’sia since today’s deepavali and the day after tomorrow is hari raya. would like to wish a very happy deepavali to beloved ronnie rabindranath and happy hari raya to my beloved biibiikiins and the many others who are celebrating. duit raya for me, anyone? *chuckles* just got home so yea, gonna ZzZz-ing soon… btw, my reason for posting this entry…


we had to celebrate it a day earlier and my bii brought me to flamenco. *yums* *rubs tummy* i had a great time tonite, bii. we’ll be celebrating more weekiiversariies, monthliiversariies and most importantly, anniiversariies. love you more than you love me.

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43 Responses

  1. Happy 1 mth anniversary you too! and many more to come! =D
    sweet entry, but the “love you more than you love me” potong stim-ed the entry! hahahha.
    selamat hari raya to iskii biskii!
    and yeah, happy deepavali ronnie, if u even read this 😛

  2. haha why did it potong your stim la? O.o tell me then i go re-edit it. kekeke 😛
    *runs and hides in a dark dusty corner that iskii will come and rescue her from it*

  3. haha woops. tadi i kena :@ from him dee, cause I said sth abt him being indian. haha. he in denial la i think. hehe.

  4. yeah, but the thing is I AM REALLY NOT INDIAN mer. so takpe la. everyone wanna see my birthcert, I go make copies and hand it out. easier! =D …

  5. hahahahha. i dont even know my family tree. keke. =D
    happy deepavali to you sabbymcgabby!

  6. I’ll be back in exactly a week’s time!! =D okay, that may not be good news for u ppl, but hahaha..yey! 😀

  7. /me watches becky prancing around naked
    mwahahaha!! sexy becky, happy monthliversarii to you and your baybeh! :p can see how in love u r by every post you make *grins at becks* u so deserve it babes!! 😉

  8. max, u’ll be coming to the drift event at bkt jalil rite? ;D it’s good news la of course 😉 cos my apom pisang is coooooooominnnggggggg 😀

  9. shaaaronnnnnsexiestmuis! *bitesbiteschewschewschews on your shirt*
    thanks. *blushes like a school girl* ur very sweet to your dar as well. ;D

  10. beckii, I wanna go 😀 but then you got all your myb chics all to hang out with, sure busy for me dee?

  11. oh wait, i didnt read the comment before that. we’ll ogle over guys together kay? i’ll help u pick all.
    feeling abit bluey now. 🙁
    maybe cos no bed kua. 🙁

  12. dont feel blue. the only person who should feel blue and also all the blady rainbow colours is none other than the most frequent depressed person on earth…. ME!
    love ya!

  13. muahahahahahahaha… okay la, u can keep the awards all but yea, feeling bluey-ish. ;\
    so muchhh frustration in me but i just cant let it out.
    i luv you too. *hugs* ;D

  14. aku nak celebrate deeparaya also….. hehe.. happy monthliiversarii…
    tho i cant help but notice ur monthliiversarii look like liver in the middle =X

  15. singledom rocks my socks 😀
    my kaki sakit. i went korek siput at the beach, now my legs all pain. shitt..i’m so unfit.
    becky,how many apom pisang u want?!

  16. max, sighs. how much one? im so fcking broke. 🙁 spent rm400++ in just two days. … erm, if rm0.30 each, get me 10 ler. if cheaper, 20? 😀 my leg and tummy hurts. gonna go swimming soon but no teman. 🙁

  17. oh shitt…. i didnt see sandii’s reply lepas tu.
    disappointed not cos of bangau oh bangau la of course. cos u sendiri cakap nak pergi ajimal, when im there, u tak nak datang 🙁 kenot berbonding. 🙁

  18. eh laishing’s nickname is bangau. hehehe.
    okay becky. will get it for ya on monday. please do remind me on sunday, cause knowing me, i might forget!

  19. sandy, u cakap only wan. first first also semalam u ajak go ajimal, in the end called u, u said tak nak. tinggal me and gerald je 🙁