with great appreciation…

with great appreciation…

it’s 6:23am and it has been drizzling for more than six hours. lovely weather to stay cuddled up beneath a thick comforter, indeed. am still trying to attach my damn files for a classmate to print for me later today but it’s taking forever. looks like i gotta go all the way to puchong (just right before cyberjaya toll) to get my printing done. airgh. *pulls hair* anyway, below are some random quotes.
iskii: helloooooo (in the cheeriest tone ever)
becks: bonjour, bii! (trying so hard to speak in french)
iskii: bonjour!
becks: je’taime, bii…!!!
iskii: errr … er … wo ai ni?
LOL. damn funny wei. i had just finished watching les petites couleurs, a Swiss-made french movie right before that conversation, you see. for once, im not complaining about a french movie. in fact, im in love with international films atm. next quote is between me and ivan.
ivan: here, take this.
*hands me a packet of condom*
becks: err… for what wei?
ivan: practice safe sex la wei!
becks: LOL!
*grabs it reluctantly while smiling sheepishly*
oiks, damn shy okay. iskii says ive got protective friends. wow, ivan’s protective. aw… that’s a first. lol. ive got great friends indeed. thank you to all those who has always been there for me, through thick and thin. great friends are hard to find, people. please cherish those who have always been supportive of the things you do. they’re harder to find compared to a good bf but of course, im frigging lucky to have them both. they might not always agree with your decisions but it’s only because they want the best for you and make sure you dont get hurt. i HEART you guys. *muacks* and i HEART you, iskandar shah. happy 2nd weekiversarii.

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  1. yayyy i’m first!! actually ivan does the big brother take care of u think quite well 😀 hehehe wow 2nd weekiiversarii oredii seems like time passed by so quick../ oh well.. dun stress ! im sure everything will somehow fall into place with ur assignment 🙂

  2. 2 days back, i was at this bahrain mall and i tried to take a picture of chilis. before i could do it, some big burly bahraini security guy comes up and says ‘Excuse me sirrrr, you can’t take pictures here’.

  3. hahahahahaha i know sabby, im so excited. we’ll be celebrating more wiiklii and anniiversariis!!! 😛 and yea, ivan amuses me everytime. hooray. *toast* thanks sabby. *hugsandkisses*

  4. WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHATTT?!!! no piccies in CHILIS?! wahlau, ive been waiting so long to see ur piccies. that’s damn sad wei ian. 🙁 *hugs* nvm, come to kl, i’ll make sure u snap till ur hearts’ content! 😀

  5. oikz, thanks to me, i reminded you about the 2nd weekiversarii. hahaha. =D I’m your personal alarm reminder. not bad eh?
    awww.Ivan so sweet… eh better be thankful. I’m sure you know he’s not always like that, so better cherish he did that! HAHAHAHA!

  6. hahaha yealah. my relationship alarm clock.
    if i ever suffer from memory loss or apa apa, pls update me all the infos and dates okay. lol.
    and yes, ivan is damn sweet. he’s like the wet blanket but in a good way? he’s always the one yang bring us back to reality when we’re happily dreaming away. that’s good in a way. domo arigato, ivan 😛

  7. Wow, I’m flattered. Haha. Man, am I sweet or am I sweet? Hahaha *pukes blood* And erm Maxine, I’m always so sweet woi! Haha

  8. i heart u tooo <3
    im such a good fren man haha!
    ill come over one day wid a cd or thumb drive to burnn all our zaman kegemilangan pictures at ery corner or kl k?

  9. max, had to teman dad to giant subang. pls, i hate subang big time. hahaha. i fcking grumbled the whole damn time. :O
    and yes, i ….. heart ….. you too 🙂 do you?

  10. okay, im lost sandy… what zaman kegemilangan? 🙁 how was chicken wings at ss2? heh. now im craving for chicken wings. 🙁
    love youuuuuuuuuuu sandy. LOVEEEEEEEEEE YOU VERY THE MUCHIES! iskii is sooo gonna be jeles kay. 😀

  11. dont bluff lah becky..your ” i heart you” so fake .. got so many ” …” ..
    sandy jer yang get all the I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU!
    sighs. nvmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  12. no laa… i put more “…” to dramatise my HEART for you. 😛
    sandy, yea, i LOVE her. but you, you’re lain. I HEART YOU lor. kenot kasih same one to two special ppl ma 😛

  13. iskii, yeahhhhh… u better fight with sandy to see who gets more. But no laaa.. I’m sure you get the most! hehehe.
    Becky, sighs. tak per. *goes and sits down at the corner*

  14. no, my love for sandy is only erm erm, 40%. i love you 55.9999999%. and erm, the balance goes to the rest .. i think. ;\
    wait, no. i love you 101%. sandy gets -39%. the erm, balance of *counts fingers*… er, how much is it? -60%? goes to the rest.
    okay. you know what? nvm.
    i love you anyway, bii.

  15. HAHAHAHAH! iskii, i didnt even read her msg properly ler. i lazy to buat maths at this time of day! =D ..

  16. what?!!!! okay, i dunno what kind of equation is that. looks damn … pelik. but yea, bii. my maths fail. that’s why i have you.
    you’re my calculator.
    you’re my driver (at times).
    you’re my mentor.
    you’re my source of inspiration.
    you’re my boyfriend.
    you’re my lover.
    you’re my everything, bii.

  17. hahahahaha i should prolly cut down on it though. i think it’s making my friends sick in the stomach. it’s something they’ve never seen before, you see.
    i wonder if it’s a good change ;\

  18. HhahahahahHAHHAhahaHAHahHAHahahHAHahhaHAHAHAHA
    and yes we haven’t seen this before. EVER! so Iskii, you better appreciate and be happy .. hehehe..cause Becky has never been like this before. =D
    Becky, its a good change lar of course. ish. *whacks you*

  19. hahahahaa max, damn shy. oh well, i guess it’s good to be as expressive as me. it helps take things off ur chest and u tend to be happier 😛
    i hope it’s a goooood change. hahahahaa 😛
    maths sucks la. period.

  20. i wanna re-count
    all this maths-fail ppl
    101% + (-39%) = 62% <—- ehhhh where got logic..
    if positive 101% is for iskii…how can p[ositive 62% for the rest?
    patutnya… 101% iskii’s.. then i took 39% (means iskii kekurangan 39% and left wid 62%)
    but he came up wid POSITIVE 62% .. means he gave the 62% of his to eryone else la.. takkan becky got only ONE fren???
    lepas dibahagi-bahgikan.. i have the MOST SHARE!
    kesimpulannya, she loves me most

  21. ivan’s the condom BOX collector…
    tats y hes so keen on giving condoms for free :p
    abt him needing it.. hrmmm hahaha
    how eh ivan?

  22. sandy, u lost me at the first paragraph. ANYWAY, kesimpulannya, iskii gets the biggest slice of pie, followed by sandy and the rest okay. *gives sandy a love bite* ;D
    sandy, i wont mail you. i sure lagi pening. 😛

  23. sandy, in other words, u nak come here burn all the pics taken with my digicam kan? lol. but u put it in a nice way jer. but nevertheless, i still love you. 😛
    iso, my bad really. shouldnt have told them about all the percentages of my kasih sayang. i sendiri dah confuse habis. LOL!!!! pls mail sandy on my behalf, then fwd to everyone else in gmail. lol. 😛

  24. penny, ivan has the most condoms among all of us. i also got like 3 boxes je. his are empty condom boxes la. he use to get laid a lot, lately, business tak baik kua. but anyway, ivan’s a nice nice boy. 😛
    sandy, oiks. dont laaaaaa bocor rahsia. iskii gets the most loving anyway. i heart iskii banyakest! 😛
    eh wait a min, now that uve mentioned it, ivan got the most empty condom boxes cos he’s … donating all of them! not cos he used them!!!! 😛 okay, kidding ivan. u’ll still get the trophy for getting the laid most 😛

  25. poor Ivan. I’m sure he has loads of condom boxes cause he has used it all to good use. *cough*

  26. give some credit to ivan ler. he’s being a great friend by giving around condoms. I’ve yet to receive one though. HAHAHAH!

  27. wah i memang didnt get what sandy said man. must email her laa wei. isobel, u forward to us ler k!=D

  28. wtf. u’re like the first person ever that i gave a condom to! *pouts* anyway, it’s nothing to be proud of. let’s talk about other stuff… like the moon.

  29. talk about the moon? wtf? of all things!
    hehehe, ivan has only 2 condoms left. nvm laa ivan, you keep it for yourself jer lah k .. =D

  30. max, yea, i am giving credit to ivan what. saying he’s a nice friend all. lol. 😛
    sandy as always is being random. dont mind her. haha 😛

  31. ivan, aku tak kutuk kay. im saying ur a nice friend. im on ur side. lol. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOW’S THE WEATHER IN SETAPAK IVAN? 😛

  32. i took ivan’s “condom giving” virginity. 😛
    w000000000ts 😛
    wahlau, this max, ivan tinggal berapa condom also she knows. so terrrorrrr 😛

  33. sandy,
    she gives you -39% of her kasih sayang. that’s a negative la wei, not positive.. so yeah, what she means is that she takes the kasih sayang you give her and redistributes among her other friends, like so:
    bekii sayang iskii 101%. there is a deficit of 1% kasih sayang at this moment.
    she sayangs you (-39%), so in other words she REVERSE-sayangs you…. i guess you could call it “gnayaS”. O_o
    with this, there is now a surplus of 38% kasih sayang. this is what’s distributed to the rest, instead of the 62% i came up with earlier. i guess. ;p
    anyway kasih sayang cannot be quantified, so let’s just leave it at that. 😀

  34. *bangs head on wall*
    i was telling iskii that i only understood his first 3 lines of the comment above. he explained further ….
    ” isky – 0110 says:
    isky – 0110 says:
    think of it this way
    isky – 0110 says:
    example, i give you 101 ringgit
    isky – 0110 says:
    but i only have 100
    isky – 0110 says:
    then i take 39 ringgit from my friend
    isky – 0110 says:
    i give up. happy understanding, sandii! 😛

  35. omg!!!! *pulls hair* this thing still not solved keh? hahaha. happy debating! I dpt 0% also, takpe ler.
    eh ivan yang told me that he has 2 condoms left. thats how I know! =D

  36. hahahaha. in conclusion people, i love you all. like what iskii says, there’s no measurement to love and kasih sayang. 😛
    max, u sureeee ke? 😛 😛 😛 or u sendiri check his kotak when you guys erm… erm.. *ahem* 😛

  37. hahahaha nolah. Like I said, Ivan was the one who told me he has only 2 left so he can’t distribute to the rest of us, like how he gave you one. he can’t give us. cause he ada 2 left jer. thats what he said.

  38. hahahaha .. cause I asked whether all the girls in MG dapat free condoms tak? although I dont need it ler, but I just asked. kekek.

  39. takde ler. =D eh sshh..after suami aku marah..berd berd.. =D oh forgot, i got dumped by my suami dee.

  40. apa suami baru coming soon? how come I dont know? are u wrapping him for my bday present? hahahahahaha

  41. hahaha. i know u won’t type the name anyway lar. anyway, takde apa apa lar. 😛
    oh, and wheeee! 100th comment!!!

  42. hahahahaha of course, cos u told me that fella baca wan. mau mati ker.
    and yea, purposely kept the 100th comment for u. 😛 im so nice. 😛