rest in peace, david skywalker

rest in peace, david skywalker

rest in peace, david

although i was never close to david (who goes by the nick skywalker back in #mirc), but i do remember hanging out with him at starbucks mont kiara together with buggie, joe najib, marky mark and the many others who used to work and lepak there often. ive heard so much about him from my other friends too and he must be a great guy.
funeral: st. ignatius church, kj
time: 10am
date: oct 13, 2005
his cancer was suppose to be fine according to his blog but yesterday, i read caren’s blog and found out his condition is very bad. his liver cancer was at 4th stage. anyhow, rest in peace, david. my deepest condolences to you and your family.
and my deepest condolences to my exwallbangwallpartner, joy ho‘s dad, who passed away on sunday. *hugs* rest in peace.
funeral: st. francis xavier church, jln gasing
time: 10am
date: oct 12, 2005
(/edited) @ 7.37pm
hur. i got highest for my docudrama script so far. hooray. *throws confetti* good on ya, becks.
okay, no time for more words. piccies piccies, coming up! im sleepy. *snores*


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  1. u know what..i was at suilin’s blogsite and i found out her friend passed away..and i just wanted to ask you whether u happened to know her friend (david) but then u told me u just blogged here so i came to read it..and well looks like u really know him..although i dont know him, but i still wanna give my deepest condolences to his family and friends. may he rest in peace.
    congrats for getting the highest mark for ur docudrama script. keep up the good work HEHE 😀 and are those two iskii’s cats? hahaha

  2. yea. more of an acquaintance though we used to minum same table. hehehe. but yea, i might drop by and pay my respects later at st. ignatius church.
    and no, those two arent iskii’s cats. those two cats bullied iskii kat mamak so must ambil their gambar and pamerkan to the world. 😛

  3. hmmm.. what’s going on in the world :S well.. congrats on ur highest score becky! my condolences on your friend…

  4. 🙁 may their souls rest in peace… *prays*
    and good job with the docudrama script. yay for becky. 🙂
    where is sutra dance theatre located? the place looks really nice and interesting.

  5. jean, cos we’ve decided to keep stoney until kenot keep liao. 😀 *bitES* we’re too attached to it ler. 🙁
    and 4 deaths? woa, quite banyak deaths ah. ;\ i know quite a number but then not close ones la. 🙁

  6. ive arrived.. 15 mins ahead of time.. so beronlining at the airport.. wee lalal oh sorry my bro sed he only switched off my msn when he came home fr the airport so if u guys saw me.. it wasn’t me :S

  7. mmm u know what mg’s 🙁 jo doesnt want me he sed we’re too different so we shudnt be together though he likes me he’s not willing to try.. like sandy sed ‘i love him so i let him go’ oh well better luck next time

  8. sabby, hehe. i wasnt online the whole day. 🙂
    sabby, if that’s the case, then dont bother waiting la. move on. do what ive done. live life to the fullest. dont get urself tied to one person who isnt ready when you are cos at the end of the day, you’ll be the one to get hurt. and i dont want that to happen to you. *muacks*

  9. hehehe. yesh.
    if let’s say something were to happen to me tomorrow and i can never express how much i love you guys, do take note, i do.
    i love iskiimybii very the muchy. in fact, im missing him like crazy now although ive spent like the whole afternoon and nite with him. no matter how long i spend my time with him, it’s never enough to keep me satisfied. same applies to mgs esp sandyyeengterence etc etc…… you guys know who you are. 🙂 and also the other misc closed friends and highschool friends.
    and all my ex wallbangwall (lesbian) partners, gossip kaki… erm erm, list goes on and on. 😛

  10. whee! i’m no more internet-less.
    congrats on getting the highest score =D
    and R.I.P David.