im fat, sue me!

im fat, sue me!

doo wee dum. again and again, im constantly reminded of me being overweight. yea, im overweight, big, fat, ugly… and whatever you guys would love to add, please help yourself. seriously, do i care? no, i dont care what you have to say. i cant change if im already big-boned or if im horrendous. and in no fucking way am i ever going to put myself under surgical knives just to please YOU people. yes, i admit my weight bothers me and im not really doing much to help myself. i’ll get back to swimming and jogging once my holiday begins. *jiggles her fats around* there, TAKE THAT! now your eyes are so sored, you cant see how ugly YOU yourself are and you may continue bitching all you want. im afterall, miss fat-tub-of-lard.
that aside, im overweight. oh wait, ive mentioned that already? okay, next, im obessed. sheesh, okay, i guess after umpteen years of public reminder on what a fatty i am, i guess, it does bother me. YOU WIN! hrmphs. but im happy. are you? you may be skinny and you need lesser fabrics to make your clothings compared to me but are you happy? probably not. happiness is all that matters. and like they say, fat people are happy people. *jiggles fats again* no, im not living in denial. *makes stupid face* okay, enough ramblings.
im fcking stressed. next week: four assignments due for my advertising subject, one (and another mini one) for my media law, one for my documentary workshop, and another major one for my screenwriting subject. COUNT PEOPLE, COUNT! that’s … *counts* EIGHT FRIGGING ASSIGNMENTS! panic mode: /switched on. okay, last one before i go. toni&guy decided to do my hair for free. i was there with cyn, kylie, and kerry. after nine frigging hours (with three hours spent on each of us), all we did was cut our hairs. the dying and all those will only come in our next appointment. it’s cool though cos it’s afterall, for free. i was the only one who had william to do my hair. the rest was done by kelvin. they’re two very very funny dude. but to spend three hours on each head just for cutting, it’s a bit the ridiculous, no? hehe. and oh, bummed into quite a num of old buddies yest. hmmm… oh well, catch you all later. tata.

p/s: happy 3rd weekiiversarii, bii

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  1. FIRST POST! THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE. EAT YOUR HEARTS OUT! (Ok ok, i’m bored.. so sue me…)
    What’s that red ice-cream thingy with white spots on it? Looks like fungus 😛

  2. hahahahaha. that’s at chilis’ wei. ice cream with raspberry syrup. damn orgasmic okay.
    *chomps chomps chomps*
    eh you quite cepat ah. i baru post, terus got comments. 😛

  3. oi cepatnya dah ada comment!!! i thought i can be the first hahaha *hmphh* lol nvm..nx post i will be the first to comment! :D:D and the food looks damn yummy wei 🙁 i wanttttt…..

  4. haha tu la, u only comment like one hour plus later. sure got ppl potong trip edi. keke. 😛
    yea. im damn hungry ah. setiap hari makan at least once, indo mee. 🙁
    sedihness. 🙁
    muka pun dah jadi indo mee 🙁

  5. wah, u’re at chilli’s quite often eh nowadays? action pot! 😛
    anywho, the food looks awesome. no chilli’s in pg. damnit.
    the new hair looks awesome. which reminds me I need a haircut too..
    stoney looks awesome. hahahha . <3
    and you and iskii look awesome. =D

  6. eh what action pot? i last year go more frequent kay. sheesh. *gigits* 😛
    max, ask ur parents buka a franchise there la. sure laku gila. 😛
    yea, we look awesome dont we? happy family siuts. *perasan* ;D

  7. hahahaha dunnola. saja kacau u action pot. =D
    ahahhaha. yea wei. sure laku. good idea. ekeke. 😀

  8. sandy, no probs. bkt jalil has some of the nicest parks!! 😛
    ian, hahahahahaha. bahrain’s chilis sucks. kenot take pix wan. 🙁

  9. came here to see the before-and-after-pic. but then.. why la.. so depressing at first when i read it. i seriously dont think you’re big, fat and ugly! you look so sweet even you dont wear any make up!
    by the way did he just cut/trim your hair? no dye or highlight or whatsoever..?

  10. hahahaha pai seh. should’ve just posted the pix here instead of rambling but i cant help it.
    yeaps. just cut first. the dye etc will be next appointment. that’s why i said it’s impossible for the whole process to be only 4-5 hours cos cut itself is 3 hours. cyn’s took 3 1/2 hours!
    and thanks for your compliments, zoe. you’re so sweet. 🙂

  11. mm what colour r they going to dye it… eh there’s not chili’s in pg meh?? sumhow i wasn’t under that impression but then agn.. i seldom go pg 🙁 oh! 😀 btw i’ve decided to get sum help for my obsessive self-image problem.. yay

  12. Whoa BeckY!! long time no see preety now!!
    lurve the pinkee dress.. and the curly wurly hair too!

  13. well, pg is quite up to date in some areas and not so up to date in other areas. depends what lah. but yeah, no chillis. they prolly think that it wont be laku cause u know a lot of pg ppl just love eating hawker hawker hawker food. but yeah I think it would be quite laku. hehe
    sab, come lar pg the nxt time ure back! =D
    the other ian, hehehe..but bahrain cannot take pic!!

  14. sabby, yea. pg is damn sad but theyve got banyak hawker food which sucks nowadays. either not nice, exp or damn small portion. 😛 but i’ll still go pg to gorge anyway. and hooray to you getting help. i HEART you! 😛 and er, not sure what color are they going to dye. up to us, really. thinking of going blonde again, this time … blonder!! 😛
    sandy, then we swim ler. come to my house swim. *floats like a whale and blows out water* 😛

  15. hey shanice, which shanice is this? thanks but i just got my curls chopped off so it isnt curly anymore. hehe. thanks for the compliments once again! 🙂

  16. max, cepat la. ask ur parents buka one outlet then i’ll go visit everytime i go pg. 😛 PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE 😛
    sabby, i apa apa also will suka, dont worry. 😛 we can do it together-gether. 😛

  17. eh got new comment by sandy. LOL. my connection sucks. mahaaaaai. *cursescursesswears*
    sandy, oiks! lagi grow fat. must makan alfafa and raw taufoo!! 😛

  18. hahah eh yeah i just realised when sandy pointed it out.. wee i knew i needed professional help lol i’m insane and not afraid to admit it wee

  19. hahahahaha sandy, me and iskii nicknames eAch other taufoo… u love us too ke? 😛
    im at my friend’s place now… laughing my ASS off…. iskii looks good in bright colors rite? 😛

  20. sabby greAT TO know that ur okay and seeking help. u know we love u toooooo 😛
    and no, iskii didnt wear that baju on purpose to match the bg of my site 😛

  21. hahahaha yeah wei. baby blue siut. =D
    becky, yeah food in pg now becoming smaller and smaller the portion. but no lah, pg food still rocks. must know where to go though! =D

  22. hehehehehe i’ll still go penang to eat la. but now dah put on 3kg, masih nak go penang to gorge, confirm balik obesed. 🙁
    berd/max, for once, pls, ta pau back for me the apom pisang man. sheesh. 🙁

  23. wtf. we’re still in the ‘who gets more love’ issue ar? aduis.
    bernard, i tot u said raffee sucks. simply say only you! but yeah I’m there every SINGLE night! no life. what to do … =D

  24. u have enough! please donate some to me. like u said, ” you have everything, except a bf” .. booooo hooooooo hoooooooooo!

  25. eh, sorry, i didnt mean for it that way ler. maaf. 🙁
    come on, uve got damn a lot of peminat, but u saja yang picky. it’s not that YOU CANT GET A BF, it’s YOU DONT WANT to get one. 🙂

  26. sandy, jgn ler lancee.
    after this week, i’ll indulge in a movie marathon and grow fat infront of my pc. 😛 SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION, baybeh!!!! 😛

  27. hahaha but I AM! seriously. don’t argue with me whether I am or not. I can back me up with loads of proof. =D

  28. hhahahaha sabby, oh yea!!! THOSE TOOO!!! and kung pow and whatever la. gonna dig iskii and my dvds and watch like there’s no tomorrow! 😛
    max, oh yea? like what? 😀

  29. oh pleaes don’t start.
    let’s change the topic.
    talking abt me is getting depressing.
    so so so, where the hell are the rest of the MGs? all tak check tickleme wan. 🙁

  30. not only tickleme. go out also dah tak ajak. 🙂
    everyone seems to lepak among themselves dah. the other day suppose to have yc but iso last min said cancelled liao. 🙁

  31. actually you are not fat, quite attractive actually. U r right, who care about how other people think, as long as you are happy with yourself.
    Dove did a right thing in US, and starting in Malaysia as well. using normal people in their ads.
    Keep it up beautifull.

  32. wow, didn’t know u actually read and reply to the comment.
    As you can tell, i come to your blogs everyday, if i have some free time between work.
    One to read what you have to say, living in this urban jungle called KL, from a younger person point of view, one is to look at all those pix of food!!!
    have a nice day, beautifull.

  33. haha of course i’ll reply every comments if i feel it’s worthy. haha. i appreciate ppl reading my site a lot.
    i guess you’re one of those silent readers till recently eh? thanks a lot for commenting! 😛
    and beautifull? O.o *chuckles*

  34. hey, the beautiful comment is for u. anyway…
    no, i am not the silent stalker kind that you had previously.
    BTW, I love chilies as well. guess at least twice a month in the KLCC branch. ever try Guinness draft for lunch during weekday? 🙂

  35. hahahahahahaa im not beautiful la. my god. *faintS*
    haha no, im not saying ur a silent stalker. lol. a silent reader 😛
    chilis? yeay! another chilis fan! i havent been to the one in klcc for ages! guinness draft? nopes. 🙁 not really an alco/stout/beer person. 😛 what more for lunch! 😛

  36. ok ok ok. not that i am an alcoholic, just sometimes, like friday long lunch, it is nice to have the beer to go with the big-mouth burger DOOUBLE CHEESE!!!
    And their hot wings is to die for…..yum yum.
    amazing, you must be sitting in front of computer whole day, like me. sien…..

  37. hahaha double cheese? the mushroom swiss burger is it? believe it or not, ive never ordered the burgers in chilis. 😛
    hot wings? u mean the buffalo wings? hehe. it’s cool ler but i love their LAAAAMMMB SHOULDERRRRRRRRSS~! i order the same damn thing everytime! lamb shoulders + ice lemon tea. 😐
    it used to be skillet fries + big daddy dawg + ice lemon tea. too bad, skillet fries and big daddy dawg’s out of the menu already. 🙁
    hehe. my pc’s on almost 24/7 and whenever i get a new comment, i get notified, that’s why i reply fast. 😛

  38. lamb shoulder huh? i will definitely try that, soon. maybe tomorrow. And I love their free flow of diet coke or ice-lemon tea. cool. can just sit there are lepak, with couple of herbal stick.
    since you will be notified by this, Good Night!!!

  39. hurr.. i think my next visit would either be on sunday or next monday since im so busy with my assignments. 🙁
    yea, my record was 8 mugs of ice lemon tea. *yums* 😛
    nites! 😛