happy 1st weekiiversarii, bii

happy 1st weekiiversarii, bii

as i was happily chewing on deep fried oyster mushroom with the girls, i suddenly remembered it had just striked midnight and although i was with him like a few mins ago, i texted him.
“happy 1st week anniversay, bii. *muacks*”
he replied…
“haha. happy weekiversary. 🙂 i’m just upstairs y’know”
lol. *smacks forehead* yes, i know bii, but i am too lazy to walk up again and i was enjoying my fried oyster mushrooms. lol. happy 1st weekiiversarii, bii (damn, the “ii”s are getting annoying, eh?).

this week has got to be the greatest ever in my life. although it has been just less than a week, my bii has taught me a lot. and we’ve definitely shared our many firsts and lasts and more is yet to come. well, a good example would be my first time being approached by a cop and my first time being issued a fine for exceeded parking limit. haha, i lost both my “virginities” to my bii. tsk. okay, didnt sound rite. anyway, it’s 6:47am and it’s time for me to get some rest. welcome home, sabbymcgabby. nites.
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45 Responses

  1. Hi, i hope you have a good rest this morning and be happy as usuall all the time, take care

  2. berd, lol. takde kaitan. u took pix for us meh? oh yea. the mg girls. hahahahaha. *pats opera boy*
    goodboy, thanks thanks. i just got up, so yea, it was a good rest 😀

  3. lucy, haha it would’ve been sweeter if i were to get up and just walk up to him and wish him but i rather eat fried oyster mushroom. lol. thanks! *hugs*

  4. becks>ure married????woah…..okok….cannot kacau u ady….baru aku paham the previous post..ahhaha..eh congrats wei…so when u gonna belanja me??since u got husband ady??never invite me for wedding ler??so bad la u….btw….he is a lucky man….good luck in ur relationship orite….be happy….n dun forget my chillis…

  5. lol. im not married la silly. ;D u damn blur. anyways, u owe me 3 chilis meal wei. sejak bila i owe u. lol. u congratulating me now rite? okay, add another to that list. 4 chilis on u. gawd, im starting to luv this 😛

  6. becky>well then when u free???then we go chillis la…eh tomolo me cuti tau…i lama didnt go chillis ady…but dun bring ur baby…cos i no money wanna belanja him…me so broke…onli can use credit card…that also use alot dy to buy my phone…

  7. hehehehehe ok ok. chilis besok on u! for dinner. now got ramadhan special somore. lol. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. actually, i just had chilis. weekdays la wei. weekdays should be fine. but then again, im going chilis next weekend also. *pengsan*

  8. hahahahahahaha sandy, yea. almost every mamak ganger was there to witness it. haha 😛 and yes, we look damn good together. too bad, we’re both straight. hahaha. *pulls iskii back*

  9. i’m very bored……….
    help me…………..
    when are we going out again…………..
    i’m going back pg on fri for 4 weeks ………….

  10. hahahahahahaa yea, i realise im quite the “masculine” also. that is sooo bad. *holds sandy’s hands and berpaktoran*
    ii-vil iindiid! 😛

  11. iso… JOM!!!! MG GIRLS SAJA LA K! like dulu dulu, damn fun siuts. <3
    berd, u dah jadi perempuan ke? 😛 oh wait, YOU DO look like one. 😛

  12. sandy, tak nak movies la. takes up so much time when we can go for lunch, shopping, coffee, gossip session… apa apa la. free from the boys 😛

  13. eh sandy.. i tot dat day you wanted to joiin iin the fun and pegang tangan wiith me too? 😛 lolz.
    bii, congrats to you.. ahahah. nice to see that mr. penguiin’s doing fine. 😀

  14. yeah la. and we offered terence to pegang our tangan also. kakakakakaka. *pats bii*
    and yes, mr.penguiin sleeps wiith me every niite. 😛

  15. prettie ! ! are you in love or sth ? wahlau . i need to do lots of ffwding and catching up . a few weeks of me being deprived of the internet and i miss out on such interesting stuff . WAHLAU .