double cheeseburger coupa

double cheeseburger coupa

*sings to “… i just called to say i love you”*
*an idea strikes my mind*

becks: bii, i need to go washroom…
iskii: urgh, okay.
*walks to washroom*
*grabs phone and dials iskii’s num*
*toot* *toot*
iskii: umm… yea?
becks: (singing) i… just … called *chuckles* tooo sayyy i looooveeee youuuuuuuu *chuckles*
iskii: (speechless) ummm…… ok. can i hang up now?
oiks, damn potong stim rite? lol. i walked back to my seat and we just grinned ourselves silly. my bii makes me the corniest and cheesiest person ever. oh well, what to do. we’re after all, the double cheeseburger couple. my god. *smacks forehead* i seriously need help. haha. wait, below’s another…
*hits an empty plastic bottle on the table according to the beats of some weirdass song i was singing and dancing along…*
iskii: bii…?
becks: yea?
iskii: heh. you know, sometimes you’re the most matured person ive ever met and sometimes you’re…
becks: heh. does it bother you?
iskii: *silence* nopes.
becks: *silence* is that a good thing or a bad thing?
iskii: of course it’s a good thing.
*…and we continued cuddling*
doo wee dum. that aside, im fat. and im not doing anything to stop myself from getting any bigger either. that is so so so damn sad. AYAMSEWDEMFET!!! and read this! eeks! i hope to be swimming and jogging again once my sem break starts or else i’ll soon be bigger and heavier than iskii and that is so damn wrong. this week’s frigging hectic. everything’s due on fri and im expected to be back in m’cca on friday too. airgh. *pulls hair* and mind you peeps, I AM NOT THE TYPE WHO FORGET FRIENDS. that fcking annoys me everytime someone msges me, “oh, got bf edi, lupa kawan la“. #$*@%@# *@#@#&^ *@#@#%$@. it takes two hands to clap la hello? i do ask for plans and all but nobody tells me anything. BESIDES, i dont see iskii often and EVEN if i do, it’s only for an hour or twos’ yum cha. so yea, dont msg me with that stupid line again cos i’ll fcking blow my top. thank you. *straightens skirt and smiles innocently* where was i? oh yea, busy week indeed. guess i should get going. ta!
p/s: saw a creepy accident and it’s still in my head. *shrugs* and…


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71 Responses

  1. aiiih. memang double cheeseburger couple. can’t run away from it! hahahaha. its nice to hear you guys being so sweet and all. 🙂
    i need to lose weight too. my puasa the whole day today worked man! i didnt eat until 7.15pm. HAHAHAHAHAHA! =D cool eh? I tink i should do it more often. aim : flat tummy! 🙂

  2. PLEASE LA! ur already so flat on ur tummy and buttocks and legs and arms and thighs…
    DONT LET ME GO PG STRANGGLE YOU KAY! im probably double ur weight la!!!! :@

  3. not just any cheeseburger couple. it’s double cheeseburger couple cos we’re extra cheesy. hahahahahahahaha. 😛
    deeparaya. ya ya ya. apa plan? :\ nobody respond also to the gmail thread. 😛

  4. PLEASE LAH. I HAVE PUT ON WEIGHT ok. i use to be skinny. my stomach is not flat. my ass is flat that i have to admit, YES! but the rest , omg. don’t start.
    whats the plans for deeparaya? oh wait, dont bother telling me. i wont be in kl 🙁

  5. aiks .. max ur very thin la.. always thought so.. anyways XP the site is something-fishy.NET not com.. lol no wonder i cudnt get into my own helpline LOL <– kebluran yg teramat sangat.. double cheesburger couple indeed 😛 iskii potong stim!!! 😛

  6. i am so gonnnnnnaaaa KILL MAX IF I HEAR ONE MORE “I AM FAT” FROM HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛
    max, yea, andrew. ;\ kekeke. tonite got his bday dinner somore. hurr…… I AM FAT!!!!!! 🙁
    as for deeparaya, dunno. check the list ivan gave ler. 😛

  7. biiiiiiiiii… dah kena char kui fever. *feeds him char kuis* hahahaha. my bii so kewt. 😛
    berd, yeaa.. im wondering also. the rest apa .. 😛

  8. flushie!!!!! *flushes u down the toilet bowl* gawd, i loooove doing that to you. 😛 *ngaps*
    eh sabby, and net is the same site i think. 😀 i can masuk wor?
    yea, sila stuff char kui into iskii’s mouth when he balik for potonging stimming. 😛

  9. HAHHAH yes I do know what char kui is. hahahah. why suddenly he gilakan char kui lar? u fed him too much zit.

  10. hehehehe i dunno. i thought he didnt like that place. too chinky for him and tetiba he’s into char kui.
    bii, u love char kuis more than me ah? 😛

  11. char kui.. i like char kui too *char kui fight* RWAOOORRR ok not making sense.. eh relly i can only go in if its .net eh today my lil bro bought a pet hamster.. guess what its name is.. Maxwell Hammy and we all call it hammy.. memang tak creative our names.. like Bunny for my rabbit :S

  12. beckkkkkkkkY…..bila i balik we sama sama go exercise!!!! ;P
    whats char kui? >.<
    and yes, iskii potong stim lah.. =.=”

  13. jeannn.. yes yes, then i’ll bring MY BELOVED STONEY along okay? 😛 😛 😛 *drooooooooooooools*
    u dunno what char kui jean? UR A CHINESE WEI. even iskii tahu. 😛 it’s those panjang panjang fried stuffs that come in pairs. makan with bakkutteh or porridge wan. 😀 YAU CHAR KOAI, as some of the canto peeps would call.

  14. ho ho ho, this iskii is seriously char kui deprived. i’ll stuff u with lotsa char kui when i see u next (provided, golden bread’s still open la when u bangun). 😛

  15. lol char kui.. i have gained 6 kg in a week b4! that was like during exams… maybe cuz i ate cheese cake everyday and choc cake n chips n wedges n pastry puffs and pizza.. lalalala

  16. oWH.yao char kwai.. i was guessing it was that.. not sure ma.. wat language is char kui woR? HOW COME STONEY WITH U WAN AH……. hahaha
    ei ei muz tell me where ur nyum super cheap dim sum buffet is ok? my kawans wanna go.. all of us deprived of cheap n gd dimsum here in melb..

  17. sabby, pls la. ur small frame. u gained weight also ppl wont notice wan. haha. sighs. all my baju kenot pakai liao. perut so buncit macam 18 months pregnant. 🙁
    AND WHAT IS UP WITH ALL THE CHAR KUI WEI? i might as well tulis an entry .. “char kui char kui char kui char kui… char kui! char kui char kui char kui? char char char kui kui kui…”
    i luv u bii. 😛

  18. jeangerbells, char kui is hokkien. wanted to type that in my earlier comment but lupa. kekeke. 😛 i also wanna go. i miss dim sum. bila balik la? for months edi i hear u say wanna balik, why tak balik balik wan. must go dim sum. bring u makan the tan tart and the yummy longan desert. DAMN CHUN! always cepat habis wan. 😛
    max, sniffs. char kui gets more attention than me siuts. 🙁 *stabs the char kui then eats it*

  19. haha terence, i just had those yesterday. together with my pisang goreng celup chili sauce. *yums* and kuih cekodok.

  20. max, but it’s not a living thing also. =(
    *feeds terry keropok lekor tebal*
    i prefer the nipis ones though so im GONNNA KEEEEP IT ALLLLLLLLLLLL TO MYSELF!!!!!! 😀

  21. first and foremost, YOU’RE DAMN PEI!!
    hahaha…cheesy no doubt…but im happy you’re happy. i presume everything is going really great.
    secondly, you forgot about me already!! havent spoken to you in a damn damn damn looonnnggg time already. oh well…add me to yahoo messenger using my email add k?!
    thirdly, jaga diet…what you eat is what you will become. nyek nyek. just think about it. if you workout approx 3 times a week, and you eat 3 meals a day x 7 days a week = 21 meals…minus mamak sessions. do you think the equations are equal to a weight loss program?!
    hahaha…and finally, take care. keep in touch k?! *hugz*

  22. muahahahahaha DAVID, u know what? i realise u only leave comments when i mention “double cheeseburgers”. muahahahaha. 😛
    pei meh? sighs, all also belajar from you wei. 😛 you’re the happy couple man what. how’s jin eh? 😀 lama tak dengar khabar indeed. last i got a call from u was when i was having steamboat buffet kat oug and u were going to williams. hahahahhahaa. 😛 and i dun use yahoo much ler. only when i look for certain ppl, i buka. :\ no point adding rite? 😛
    yea. must jaga diet. everyday makan bubur putih, raw taufoo and alfafa. guarantee few days dah lose weight but i’ll never tahan man. ;\ *thinkschillisthinkschillisthinkschillis* tooooo. *hugs* 😀

  23. sandii, isnt that cute? kekeke. the rest, erm… maxii, sabbii, terrii, iivan, iian, iiso … ;\
    hahaha. looks kelakar siiuts. 😛
    and wow, now i have to share you with the many many ants. 🙁

  24. I DONT MISS KL. 😀
    but i miss YOU GUYS! 😀
    at least I can be happy for that this week!!! =D =D =D

  25. of course la. it’s us yang buat kl fun for u. 😛
    had the bestest bestest best best char kui dishes with the bestest bestest teman ever. 🙂
    happy fourth weekiiversarii, sayangness. if… he reads this! 😛