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  1. melaka? nice place. things there move much slower.
    eating trip? i used to bring friends there for eating tour, we had 6 meals in one day, good times….

  2. i miss malacca. 🙁 well at least I missed my first yr away from home in malacca. 🙁
    glad you’re back.wheeeeeeeeeee!

  3. ais kacang? i missed the most is the roasted chicken at the beach side with roti john and a tall glass of ice-lemon-tea. yummy.
    kenny rogers can’t beat that. and of cos, chinese satay with pineapple, non-halal btw.
    yum yum

  4. erllow pretty ! i,m back in s,pore too . I WANT PICTURES OF AHEM LEI . no names disclosed laa . got relatives check out your site . hahah . mwah- loveya !

  5. i miss..char siew farn(however u spell it). the one only can get around 1am/2am in the morning nia. damn 7 good. 😀 yummy yummy, bad for my tummy. ehhehehh

  6. wahlau, my shortest entry ever in history dapats so banyak comments? O.o
    *scrolls down slowly*

    khoo, m’cca food sucks. period. im from there btw. 😛 seriously, m’cca and pg has been over rated. it’s too commercialise now so yea, the food sucks. i can find better food in kl anytime! 😛
    max, im still waiting for my dearest apom pisangs. 🙁

  7. yeeng, i go m’cca, terperuk di rumah nenek yang panas gila babi. 🙁 m’cca food sucks. period. 😛
    terence, no more keropok lekor ah? 😀

  8. hehe the famous roti john now also damn horrible. if ive tasted shit before, i’ll tell u it tastes like shit now. sighs, damn disappointing. nothing to look fwd to in m’cca anymore except for my beautiful cousin, evan. *winks* ;D
    evan, wah shit. like who? O.o oiks, this tues follow trevor down la wei. then i’ll bring u go makan and stuffs. 😛 REMEMBER ALL THE FANCY ROTIS WE USE TO MAKAN AT ODD HOURS? XD XD XD oh well, looking fwd to ur trip to kl/pd this dec. better be here man. 😀

  9. max, that one i belum cuba yet cos damn far from my granny’s place if not mistaken. i know all the budak mmu always bising about that midnight char siew rice stall. 😀

  10. hahahaha yeah it was the ultimate place for mmu ppl! everytime go there sure “ehhh..u’re from mmu” hahaha. damn funny.
    are u gonna bloggg?

  11. i don’t have the energy to massage! my whole holiday screwed me up. i’ve been sleeping way too much, going out way too much, eating way too much and being a lazy ass. sighs. terrible.

  12. lots of people from Melaka huh. i have 3+ years of my life in Melaka. doing the usual stuff, working in a factory.
    i have fond memory of the place, maybe because is my first job there, those pubs in Melaka Raya is where i drink away all my pay check, good times……
    well, now you all mention that, the food is not that good, but i develop a weird sense of taste, i love the char-kuoy-teow will the sweet source. sounds disgusting to some people, but i just love it.
    good night.

  13. oh yeahh!! i remember the char koey teow in melaka always is served with this sweet sauce!! and when I first went there, I felt it was odd cause I come frm Penang, and thats so totally not the way Penang ppl eat char koey teow. but it was good! hehe

  14. sandy, that’s why. sandyDEAR, i was just telling iskii how much i miss hanging out with u. u tak rindu meh? 🙁 *sighs*
    max, lol. sekarang only nak massage ah? sandy sudah kasi long time ago. but thanks a lot anyway. *enjoys the 2nd massage*

  15. khoo, i hope ur not drunk. haha. “sweet source”. 😀 ur forgiven anyway. hehehee. yea, my sis is madly in love with the m’ccan char koay teow. i prefer penang’s though. but yea, m’cca char koay teow isnt bad. the sweet sauce or better known as “ti jneo” is yummy. 😀 but yea, IF you can find a good m’cca fried koay teow stall, beep me. cos the one i had in my last trip had cockroaches in it. hah, beat that!
    max, m’cca food sucks. period. penang, soon to follow.

  16. eh?1 hehe. didnt see ur last msg. ;\
    yes, stupid cockroaches. die you die. *sprays sheltox and watch them wriggle themselves to death*

  17. the one i used to like, years ago was in MoonLuck, somewhere near the police station and the Jail. if i am not mistaken.
    Nice little hawker center with almost everything, including the satay culup. anyway, the lady who fried the noddle was very nice and has a cute daughter, but i think she should be grown up already.

  18. wah, how long ago was that? no idea where’s moonluck though and where’s the m’cca jail? O.o
    im longing for goooood chinese fooooooddddddd… *drools*

  19. becky oh becky
    mengapa engkau bz?
    mcm mana aku tak bz
    iskii ada sini
    im lame!!! its the bangau oh bangau song to those of u yang tak tahu.. :p

  20. how ironic is this? i always sing “bangau oh bangau” to iskii. kekekeke. 🙂
    yesh, i know what song it is. sandy, u disappoint me big time. 🙁