bloody rude indian uncle

bloody rude indian uncle

okay, im fcking pissed. i hate it when i kena buta-buta. about less than ten mins ago, a fcking indian librarian (wait, he isnt even a librarian! just one of those guys who take cares of your bags while you’re in the library) had to screw me for no reason.
i handed him my number so he’d help me take my bag. im always polite, saying thank you and please and smiling widely from ear to ear. my mom didnt teach me manners for nothing, okay. as he went to collect my bag, i turned around and spotted a classmate beside me. since ive been skipping quite a number of classes, i asked her what’s up and how was the presentation ive missed and all. it was a very very short conversation. as i turned around to collect my bag, that fcking indian dood had to screw me la.
fckingindian: WHOSE BAG IS THIS?!!!!
politebecks: erm, mine?
fckingindian: THEN TAKE LAH!!!!!
*grabs bag and smiles at him*
brb, lecturer’s in class! lemme change lab.
back! where was i? oh yea… fuck you la wei. you so dont deserve my smilings okay. it’s no wonder you’re just a bag keeper. im sorry, i dont mean to be rude, especially to older indian uncles but what the heck! you probably suffered a bad day like how your wife ditched you for a cuter highschool boy or some macho hunky gardener she met at a pasar malam but it’s really not my problem and you really shouldnt be treating people so rudely. look, indian uncle, if you KNOW how to read blogs or even click open an IE, for that matter, and ever so happen come to this site when you google “rude indian bag keeper” AND my site tops the list, im sorry if this is offensive to you but hey, look who started it? be nice, uncle. have a nice day y’all. im late for my own class.

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  1. Hahaha. Typical lah. rude malaysians. Just have to tolerate lah I guess. Hahaha. I can imagine if I were you, omg! the indian uncle sure kena dee. =D

  2. lol u shudve just taken ur bag and tiptoe so ur looking down at hime glare and say in ur loudest voice TAHNK YOU THEN and smile then traalalalalaalala off 😀

  3. hahahahaha… but seriously, i was damn bengang ler just now. now tak bengang liao. 😛
    BTW, did u go do what i told u to do? 😛

  4. Bernard.. u damn right! =D I sure meletup.. oh btw, Hahaha. just now at Mcdonalds sunrise, me and my 2 friends nearly got this girl fired! damn 7 rude man i tell youuuuuuuu!!! I was so pissed, I called the manager. and she called the branch to scold the girl and the assistant manager came out and told us we could have free ice cream. leh mah leh. damn dumb.

  5. emoboy, me not as emo as you ler. simply bitch smack ppl. 😛
    max, huh called the BRANCH to scold her? 😛 wahlau, if can dpt free ice cream, i wanna marah ppl also la. chun… 😛

  6. what did the girl do la max? sounds scary wei. eh why ivan become emo pula? i reckon next time u see this old indian uncle u shud hand ur bag over and say NAH simpan for me la!!!! <– loud rude voice 😀

  7. yea, i seriously dont wanna step on max’s tail or piss her off man. ;\
    ivan jadi emo cos he gay bersama-sama terence terryboy. 😛
    and no, i cant be rude to the uncle. later he curi barang from my bag, kantoi ler. 😛

  8. HAHAHAH!! no u wanna know what she freaking did.
    ok fine, me and my friend, shalyn ordered our food lar. we ordered the blady chicken so we specified our orders. as in i wanted drumstick and wing, and shalyn wanted sth else. she walked to the food tray to order, she forgot! so she came back and ask again, i repeated. she went order and forgot again! and then she came back with her hips on her waist and said “omg. what did u order again” so i said lar ” If u be patience and take my fucking order properly, i’m sure you can remember the order” so i told her nicely to go order mine first then come back and order shalyn’s one. and then on the way there, she said “mereka kurang ajar” WHAT THE %#(*%*#%(#*%*#%*!!! Shalyn got so pissed she called the “Head Manager” as her number was on the board of Mcds. and the HM was not there at the MCds so we complain lar. So the HM called the MCds that we were at and talked to the small manager. she then came out and talked to us lar and was shocked to hear what the blady idiot said to us. so she apologized and said we can have free sundaes/ice creams. and i replied ” no thanks, we are not that cheap. we can buy ice creams ourself”. then she masuk dalam and called the fucking bitch to come out and apologize.
    u guys were there u guys sure pissed off also lar. too bad she messed with the wrong ppl. never mess with scorpions!

  9. oh and when i paid, she blady bang the cash register so hard, it was damn blady rude.
    hehe.anyway, sorry for the vulgarity in the previous comments.

  10. becky, its not kiasu-ism ok. i didnt scold her cause I wanted free ice creams. I scolded cause I hated to be treated that way when we could have been treated way nicely . We are the blady customers at the end of the day. we have rights.

  11. hmmm okay, but then u memang tembak her first ma so if me, i also will rasa beh syiok. maybe she’s a newbie so tak pandai ambil order yet. ;\
    and what is putting “her hips on her waist?”
    acrobatic stunt siuts. hahahahahaa 😛

  12. bahahahha nolar. i’m not exactly that bored. enjoying myself in Penang too, of course. home sweet home . <3
    alah, i go back KL. all of u busy busy with own life, sure takde masa for me laa.. 🙁

  13. christine finishing her degree already. She ends her finals on my birthday, after that she will balik pg for the rest of her life. *Sob sob*
    hahahah! christine is shy lah I think. she quite the shy to strangers. hahahah. =D

  14. hahahahahaha… poor max. but uve got iso, ian, ray, and the other mgs mah 😛 u wont die of loneliness. besides, you’ve got HIM 😛
    hehe. yea, prolly shy but then we both kenal each other ma. can smile smile abit. 😛

  15. what the ….
    Sab, no HIM lah. Becky’s referring to my car. hahahaha.. which I admit I freaking miss so much. sighs.
    Becky, you wait..*Whacks you*..:P
    haha yeah lar, well, christine seldom smiles to strangers/ppl she doesnt yeah, its normal. memang macam tu punya. =D

  16. Sab, okie. so lodging/food/shopping/entertainment/boys all on you lar? so we only pay for the flight tickets right? ok set!

  17. muahaAHAHahahaha… max pandai coverline. pls dont kill me. 😛
    max, hehehe, takut nak jumpa christine liao. 😛
    sabby, jom. 😛 now i need to find $$ to go melb to let sabby sponsor me the rest 😛

  18. hahahah! u will meet christine on my bday. that is if I have a party lar. *fingers crossed*
    apa coverline .. 😛 memang no HIM what… if i ever do have a HIM, I would tell you guys. don’t worryyy… hahaha 😛

  19. throw party la, then HIM will comeeeee.. with HIS present. 😛 happy happy joy joy!
    errr… takut la max. i’ll hide in a corner. 😛

  20. hahahahahhaha. thanks iskii. nah ler, i malas dee. but thanks anyway for letting me know! =D