WARNING: this is a very rare entry. becky never gets emoemo on her tickletickle (as how max and her other friends call it) site. cherish it.
i know you’ve got enough lovey-dovey dosages already from my lj and you’re prolly puking from all the ultra sweet and corny entries but trust me, more is yet to come. the past few days has been the happiest moment of my life. to have found that special someone who shares so much in common with me is such a hard catch and ive found him.
we’ve been through so many consequences, denials, and waited so long for the day to arrive and it finally came. like i say, bii, even if this is a nightmare, i dont wanna wake up. what attracted us both most was how well we could read each other’s minds. whenever i think of him, he sends me a text message. whenever i think of him, he gets up and then goes, “bii, did you just think of me?”. whenever i think of something, he thinks the same. we’re frigging psychics!!! but of course, it only happens between the both of us. we seem to be doing a lot of telepathy man. that gotta help us save some $$ on phone calls. haha. *chuckles*
i have to say, this is my first. not my first relationship but my first ever serious one. ive put so much thought about it because i dont wanna get hurt again. there were so much dramas along the journey, so much pain and heartaches caused and so many tears shed but it’s all worth it because you and i are now known as WE and US. we’re no longer two individuals but a couple. i guess this is when i can apply the 1 + 1 = 1 theory.
i may not make much sense but someday, when you find the one, you’ll know. yes, we might still have things we need to really consider but for now, i’ll enjoy every single bit of it because like what i told my bii, i dont wanna waste the moment. we’re two very corny and cheesy people and if we’re a burger in mcdees, we’ll be the double cheeseburger (pun intended). see how lame i can get? and it’s only he who can laugh at my cornyness and me, on his cheesyness. only WE can understand the language of the kii kii klan. thank you bii. thank you for making me realise how much ive needed you all this while. im sorry for all the pain ive caused you. let us put our past behind and cherish this moment. love you, bii. i seriously do.

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  1. absolutely SWEET! I’m very happy for you.. hope this will be the start of a wonderful and long journey! Can’t wait to meet him when I get back.. you both r sooo lucky! 😀

  2. congrats to miss becky and mr becky. =D
    this entry wasn’t mushy at all. it was very heartfelt and touching. wishing you two the very best! 🙂 🙂

    okay. although I have both congratulated you both personally duh, but one more time wont hurt, so CONGRATULATIONS Mr & Mrs Double CheeseBurger. =D
    damn sweet entry. i got goosebumps. but nevertheless, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  4. wahlau, once sandy started the mr. becky thing, dah, he’s gonna be known as mr. becky for the rest of his life. pooor bii. *bitES* thanks iso. thank u very much. i appreciate it. *mwahs*

  5. berd, takde theory mcdees pun. u sesat is it? hahahahahaha 😛
    max, i suck at sweettalking all. this is prolly my very best attempt (which is crappy) but takpe la. i hope my bii knows im not used to writing mushy stuffs like this. 😛

  6. I’m sure he does! I can’t wait till wednesday la wei. serious shit. 4.30pm. MERDEKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hehehehe. i cant wait till tomorrow morning. omfg. it’s driving me nuts. ;(
    if only being in love can make u lose weight, i sure jadi anorexic dah. hahahahahahaha. 😛

  8. Ehhh…I noticed lately your blogs all no more cursing and swearing already. I wonder why….ekekekek…seems like something or someone has tamed the wild beast!

  9. hahaha. becky, the agenda for the week :
    wednesday – sunway/movie if ON lah.
    friday- meet sabbymcgabby for mamak.

  10. max, oh yeaa. sabbymcgabby baliks this fri. yeay! mg reunited!!!! *cuddles all*
    i dunno where i’ll be without the mgs. 😉 despite all the conflicts, i love u guys heaps. 🙂

  11. oh ronnie, btw, if u havent noticed, my entries are getting shorter and shorter. nice nice yah? ;D
    *claps claps*
    too lazy to write much liaos. 😉

  12. ur promise to show him chic pics zit? HAHAHAHHAAH!
    bernard, YOU’RE LEAVING ME AGAIN? WTH. Before I can enjoy you, you leave dee… *cries*

  13. hahahaha yea, and that too. lol. ronnie musssst la tell u everything rite? lol. *thinks twice before telling him* mulut becok wei. 😛
    wah, max sakit hati w00ts. 🙁

  14. Very ‘kuat pei’ ahh coming from my g.dottie.. Hehe. But im so happy for you! You deserve every bit of it! *muaccccccks*

  15. ivychimui!!! haha. thanks thanks. im happy too. *muacks*
    shari, yes, you’ll find ur one soon. no worries. if takde, i’ll help u carikan. kaka. tetiba je everyone’s asking me to be their matchmaker. 😛

  16. g.mama, apa itu ‘kuat pei’? O.o but if it means something like ‘yuk mar’, then yea, i guess so. haha. im never like this kan? all thanks to my bii, that’s why. <3 thanks. im happy to have found him. *bites*
    bila yc? 😛
    p/s: nice email wei. and thanks for commenting. surprised to see u here g.mama. *bites again*

  17. hahaha! shari, I think we’re in the same boat. hehehe. so becky, you better make your matchmaking wonders work! 😀

  18. ding ding..sigh i am lateee..!!!!!! i mean wishing u congrats in hehe 😀 anyway better late than never..soo congrats sayang :P:P

  19. hahahah okie. so hey how come I comment(or rather spam) banyak banyak here.. I got no pics of cute hunky guys also??*hhmmpphhh*

  20. err … ? O.o
    oh, u talking about the ronnie deal is it? no la. im showing him pix of the chicks yang say he’s hot. hahahahahahahahhahahaa.
    i kenot tell too much here. they read this site. nanti kantoi k. shit, which reminds me, gotta dig up all the pix. ;(

    that you changed my Age in my bio at the side. I’m not 21 yet la k 😛

  22. hehe i changed cos i lazy wanna change next time la. i only update the sidebar like er.. few months once. if u notice, the bloody archives damn lebih lebih. dec all got edi padahal now only masuk oct. lol.
    pls update ur more often. 😛

  23. sorry for the late comments, i’m still internet-less at home.. hehe
    Well, congrats becky.. now we all must jaga jaga what we say edi… i tanak one day i walking along a big corner, then this car comes drifting out of the corner and bang me… hahaha…
    Anyways, lets hope this moment of yours and him lasts forever ever… 😀 *hugs*

  24. sorry for the late comments, i’m still internet-less at home.. hehe
    Well, congrats becky.. now we all must jaga jaga what we say edi… i tanak one day i walking along a big corner, then this car comes drifting out of the corner and bang me… hahaha…
    Anyways, lets hope this moment of yours and him lasts forever ever… 😀 *hugs*

  25. wahahhaa…cold…oh so cold!! anyhow…congrats cheeseburger couple!! hope everythin goes well. don rely on psychic powers too much. guys kinda lousy in dat area… =p

  26. terence wtf? hahahahaha. iskii is a safe driver la. apa bendaaaa…. *BITES YOU* thanks terence, very sweet of u. me likey. me happy. 😀

  27. CHEESEBURGER COUPLE?!! haha. funny. he was just saying that nick’s gonna stay and now u have to call us cheeseburger couple la. lol. thanks david. /me appreciates it. 😛

  28. Hehe.. someone i know.. but actually i don’t really know.. lols ;D
    should be 99.9% accurate la

  29. domo domo jean. mi hugs yew. *hugs*
    hahaha, kling, u damn bijak. i just realise most of my kawans are damn bijak after this entry. kakaka. 😀

  30. berd, then tak nak jumpa us liao meh? 🙁
    oiks vicky, im going to charge u for advertising liao. hahahahahahah. free chilis for life.

  31. max>huh??congrats for wat??i tak paham la the entry….u mean she got bf ady ar??i tot long time ady she got??cos alwiz also can see her status is i loveu n bla bla bla….
    becks>eerrmm…im really blur..anyway congrats for wateva it is….let me knw nex time wat it is about ok…btw…dun la charge me…so bad…i jz trying to promote oni ma…ok meal of chillis onli lor..ok?

  32. EHH dun forget this friday bermamak ok??? OKAYYY or do u wanna go to mcdee 😉 hehehe anyways im flying off tomorrow leaving.. erm.. 3pm my time and arriving 9pm kl time.. so see u guys friday!!!

  33. vicky, hahahahaaha. oiks u already owe me berlambak chilis okay. hahaha. i think dah dua. now add another. hua hua hua. 3 chilis meals. JOM VICKY! it’s nice having u as a friend…
    p/s: simple english jer wei. kenapa tak paham entry pula? *scratches head*

  34. sabbymcgabby! OK OK OK. we mamak this fri. but i doubt iskii can come ler. i’ll come. that’s good enough rite? *blinks blinks innocent eyes* /me misses you. *bites*
    p/s: dont forget my fancy pills!!! 😛 and oh, my initial D passes that i passed to u during your last trip. 😛

  35. becky, whats with you and biting lar nowadays? save it for mr becky lerr..dont waste your bites on meee.. =D

  36. lol. lama gila it took u to mati. lol.
    kidding. okok, i shall not show any affection towards u anymore. since u dah lan cee 😛
    rip. 😛

  37. sandy, yea serious shit. i dunno what to wear!!! i think i wanna wear a dress to greet sabby. i miss sabby!!!! she’s going on the plane soon. <3
    max. pakai skirt kay on friday. hari besar 😛

  38. how the heck u know vinspire la????hmmm…wonders…btw u join the forum dy ar??join la….can spam one…
    the reason for the bbq is to get to know ppl la..u thik i knw everyone ar??ahhah…
    price is rm25…i cant pay for u this time la…me broke ler…ehehe….btw got liqour also u knw..hehehe….time to get wasted….
    MAXXX!!! u come also la…

  39. ehehhe im BACKKK!!!! anyways the shop didn’t have fancy pills anymore 🙁 but i got u fancy candy! it has pictures n things on it.. kinda kewl i think u can only geddit in melb.. and i didnt bring the initial d thing!! omggg u forgot to remind me.. nvm when i go back i poslaju it back.. ehh.. tmrw how ah

  40. berd, pergi blah la. asyik pergi airport. pass my all my hadiah first then only chow can? 😛 😛 😛
    vicky, i knew him through another forum. and yea, joined. why la u so hardsell wei. ur the founder is it? 😛 hehehe. vicky, no la, kidding about the belanja-ing part. ive been really busy lately anyway. 🙁 maaf beta.

  41. woaaaaa….. thankkkkkkksss sabbymcgabby. luvyouluvyouluvyou for those candies. kakaka. tomorrow? on la ON! jommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. where at? O_________o

  42. becky>eh u joined dy???wats ur nick wor??eh…u join tapi tak post…haih..become ghost member isit??haih….so the bbq u wanna come or not wor??
    maxx>how come u didnt reply me??

  43. yeah, tak post. cos i memang dunno what’s going on there. ghost member lol.
    and no, dont think going for bbq ler. have fun 😀

  44. vicky..ooh ..sorry..not interested 😛
    becky, omg . u asked me to wear skirt semalam? hahaha i didnt even read this till today. but i did wear! ahahaha.. IRONIC?!

  45. Becky, congratulations that you’ve found the one. Cherish the moment and love like there’s no tomorrow 😉