vagina bonding session

vagina bonding session

happy berdday, bernard loke peng quen!!!

hehehe. only a few of us mamakers and iskii met up with berd who is flying off to penang later today. berd, although you’ve been mia-ing to szenchen, jakarta and soon to bangkok and bangla, we still think of you a lot. we miss your irritatingness, your opera face, your money, your pev4842, your dangerous driving skills (which arent skills at all that almost got me killed a few times), your penguin moves and whatever that’s negative about you. haha. see, we’re so sincere, okay. dont you just love us? i’ll buy you a slice of cake when i meet you again. yesterday was a bit rushing so takde cake.
quote of the day:
berd was asking max what took her so long when she was in the washroom
max: eh, i need to wipe my cibai all. i dont need to report to you that it’s the time of the month, okay?!
becks: eh? urs came? MEEEEE TOOOO!!!!!
max: okay, set! lets make our vagina do some bonding.
becks: wtf?! O.o

max: you know, my housemates and i, we talk to our petpets (pussy)
becks: HUH?! LIKE HOW?
max: for example la, we dont want our periods to come yet. so we’ll pat it and say, “petpet, dont let the period come yet, okay?”
becky,iskii,iso&berd: WTF!!!!!!
there you go. lawak moments of maxine anne jean sibert. see, max, im giving so much limelight to you. doncha just love me? ;D

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34 Responses

  1. i am quite disturbed with max’s obsession with her vagina. she’ll probably kill me for saying this hahahha…
    apa la…short entry man.

  2. hehehe well, we ladies should be proud of our vaginas. there’s nothing wrong about being proud of it. it’s just that, i dont pat my pussy and talk to them though. 😛
    sherry, shouldnt u be happy? u always complain my entries are too wordy and that’s boring! 😛

  3. HOI!!!! I CANT BELIEVE U BLOGGED ABOUT IT!??!!?? omgg.. and hey , i didnt say I “pat” my pepet okaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!! hahahahahaha .. u ahh .. tambah pulak!

  4. aihhhh kadebeleh. already la I damn malu everyone knows abt the V down there. now got pepet story also. where am i gonna put my face?

  5. ivan, yea, i thought it was either 97 or 99. man, i know you so well. 😛
    max, u didnt meh? omfg. haha. i swear i heard u saying that. or maybe it was my imagination going wild. muahahahahaha. max, im sure my readers loveeee you la. dont worry. 😛

  6. berd, woa, at home liao? keke. have a safe trip. sila tah pau for me apom pisang. PLEASEE!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁
    btw, “V” up down back. all “V”!

  7. hahahahahahahahahahaha. max max!!! credits go to max!
    we did speak about u too sabby. STOP LOSING WEIGHT! 😛
    come home. we miss you. dont forget my fancy pills. muaks.

  8. yea. sandy rather club. 🙁
    haha. i miss sandy very the muchy. dah lama tak jumpa. <3 <3 <3. the last time i saw her was during movie nite. <3
    berd, selamat kembali. 😛

  9. the last time I saw Sandy, she MAKAN BANYAK wei. hehe. we were at kim gary on friday.
    the last tiem I saw you .. was… oohh penguins bday!

  10. ah finally..the pic of choc wafer loads! was wondering what those blanks were.. and omg i used to have loads of those during school parties!!!!! *nyums*

  11. yeaaa damn nice rite? i love them to bits. super addictive kay. 😛 i belanja u la wei when ur back. lol.
    oiks, btw, i checked the tim tam rite. it’s available in kl. rm3.99 i think. cheaper rite?

  12. me is gaining weight now due to exams and being too lazy to prepare food and eating KFC cuz its almost next door and orederin pizza and making instant pasta meallsss YAYY

  13. oh no sabby! kenot. uve worked hard to gain ur 22 inches! 🙁 dont put on weight. i dun want u to get all freaked out again. pls? 🙁

  14. do they have those flavours? i’ve never seen them back home. i know the classic timtams and another 1 more flavour are available and yes they are cheaper =] but coz flavours tarak so i beli hehe