The Art of Crap-ology

The Art of Crap-ology

I’m sort of in a pissy mood right now, so don’t mind me. I DID mention that the entry was gonna be boring and that it had no purpose, but hey, as far as I’m concerned, it’s a BLOG, its where I rant/bitch/write whatever that I wanna say(which is not often,i know), so if it’s boring, DON’T READ LAH! Maybe I should give you my username and password and you could blog for me? sheeeeeeeeeesh. *tulan tulan tulan*
bahs.tired. Just came back from a mamak session at this place called ABC Corner in Desa Petaling. picked Iso & Ray up and then drove to Becky’s place and she drove us to the mamak and met up with the rest of the MGs. We sort of had to take a roadtrip/slight detour to actually find the place; we actually went through kampungs and small lil unknown roads and all and finally, we reached the place! The food is excellent so I guess that’s the new hangout place for MGs.
Pics will be uploaded soon. Here are a few snippets(which was rather hilarious at that present moment) :
*We were LOST!*
Becky: Ohhhhh.. I know, i know.. We’re near Terence’s house.
Maxine: Are you sure?
Becky: Yes yes, don’t worry.
*turns into a dead end road*
Becky: Ok shit, start to worry now!!
Becky:Where to go??
Ray:Follow the car.
Becky: Okaayyy,then?
Ray:Ikut saja lah.
Becky: Ok, now what?
Maxine:Eh after we will end up at someone’s house lah wei.
Iso : HA HA HA!
Oh and btw, I, Maxine Anne Sibert, officially salute Becky and her AWESOME driving skills. I tell you! I was holding on to her car handle for dear life, I bet you if I were to hold any longer, her handle would have dropped off! Even Raymond & Iso were shit scared of her corner-ing and etc. I think if we sat longer, one of us would have definitely pee-ed in our pants. hehe. Gosh, and I get kutuk bout my driving skills. Trust me, Becky’s beat ANY one of us in the MGs! =D

::habis edited::
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, hie! okay, that was lame. keke. I had no idea how to start the entry(as always) and therefore, Becky suggested I start it as how she usually does, so there! Well, the title says it all. I have no freaking idea what to blog, but as usual, as my duty as guestblogger *coughs*, I DO have to update once in awhile so yeah lah, have to layan her a bit and blog.
*sitting down thinking what to say*
*still thinking….*’s been pretty hectic lately. assignments, classes, assignments, extra classes, midterms, assignments.. neverending! Thank god midterms are over but I have 2 major assignments to pass up in the next 2 weeks and also 2 presentations. and that’s not all, my finals start on the 27th! Crappy uni, i tell you. Please tell me which other college/uni has midterms in a span of 2-3 weeks before finals? *curses and swears till the cows come home*. I just can’t wait till its over and I go to Phuket to relaxxx. I admit I’ve been rather down lately, so thanks everyone who were concerned and kept asking me whether I was ok and so on and so forth. Thanks guys, you know who you are. <3 Ok, for once, on Friday, I had a rather "happening" night and trust me that doesn't happen very often, unlike Becky who has a very busy social life. My cousins and their hubbies wanted to go have a night out in KL so I tagged along. We had dinner in StarHill and the highlight of the night, was the toilets in StarHill! Have you guys been there? It’s soooooooo cool! It’s really dark and cosy and the concept is very Balinese & Thai. And its like, to wash your hands, you have to like spin this sort-of-wheel thingy, so that the water comes out from the faucet. Damn chun wei! My cousin-in-law let me have a peek inside the Guys toilet, and bloody hell, it was wayyy more impressive than the Girls. So, yet again, it all boils down to Gender-ism/Sex-ism. hehe.
Dion has left for Hawaii to continue his studies for approx. 4 years. *sniff* I know Becky has already blogged about this, but DION! Not sure whether you’ll be reading this(i highly doubt so) but nevertheless, from me, I hope you have a great time in Hawaii & make sure you keep in touch!! Or else, remember the whacks I gave you at Steven’s Corner? You’ll get even more of those when I see you next! *evil grin* <3 Ian‘s returning back from UK on Monday. *happily dances around* woot woot. I seriously hopes he remembered my WONKA CHOCS since he said he couldn’t bring back cute ang-moh guys for me!! sighs, so now Becky & I have to depend on Bernard for his Indo hunks. Oh, yeah do visit his blog.. he’s got a spanking new layout!
Anyway, thats all the updates I can think off. For VERY MUCH MORE INTERESTING things to read about, wait till Becky‘s next post! nites. =D
p/s : No worries, I know this entry is boring, so I don’t expect to get much comments! hehehe. oooh.. Happy September 11th!! and oohh..this marks the 150th post for .

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102 Responses

  1. mountains of what? O.o
    haha, ivan, i’ll make sure she wont get to post the 1500th post! 😀 DELETTTEEEEEEEEEEEEE. kidding max, u know i let u do anything u want.
    max, eh excuse me, so ur saying my “HaAHAHAHHAHAHAHaHaHaAHAHHa hi” is damn lame?!!!!!! :@

  2. eh guess what last nite i had a dream that max made an entry on tickle-me and i cudnt enter the site and i cudnt remember ur site address oso.. weird huh? so after i ate bkfast today i went straight to the computer to type in ur site lol

  3. guys’ toilet memang la cun…
    there is this toilet in one of the pubs in shenzhen where u pee into a “aquarium-shaped” tank, and worst thing is that there’s a huge mirror just in front of i guess all the cinamans enjoy seeing each other’s lil bro..AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    btw maxine, memang crappy post..tapi takpe…coz dah promo banyak orang inside..hehe.

  4. becky, nth to say how la to put in more effort? 😛 hahahaha nolah..the 1500th post you can have it worries. 😀
    ivan <3, hehehe..well yeah didnt know how to describe it exactly. =D
    michael, hahaha…well err..yahh..if my life would be more interesting with more interesting events, then i would!
    SAB!! omg u dreamt of me??? ME??? omg…*honoured like hell* .. hahahahhaa. omg, you have some psychic powers..hehee..but the dream a bit off lah..hehe.. 😀

  5. sabby, that is seriously like the weirdest DREAM ever. im kinda touched though. u dreamt of MY SITE! hahahahahahahahahahahaa ;D *nibbles*
    BERD? EW? everyone pee’s to the same tank or what? DAMN FUCKING GROSSS LA!!!!!!!!!!

  6. *pees into, i mean. english koyak lagi.
    max, u still think im lame =(
    max, please, uve been out daily. IVE BEEN HOME SINCE WED. siapa yang lebih happening now? ish. *bites* 1500th entry will take me years la. 2 years also baru 150. u do the maths. ;D

  7. maxine u pms isit? why so sensitive? my theory proves right again, every 10 words u speak/type to me, there is a F-U-C-K word.
    becky, memang damn eewww-ish..tapi nvm..luckily got those that have doors.

  8. hahahahahaha. omfg berd, ur so gonna get FUCKED when she reads that. have doors? ORRR.. ada pintu is it. i thought it’s a kind of door. ;\

  9. happening wat makan2 at starhill.. no need to quote wan ma..
    expensive tau..
    not eryone can afford.. i can only tumpang leka leka outside starhill.. kesian bukan?

  10. Bernard, well, to tell you the truth, the lovely word of FUCK usually comes out when I’m pissed and ironically, it comes out DAMN OFTEN when I talk to you, so figure it out yourself. if you wanna be damn sensitive about it, honestly, I seriously don’t care.

  11. Vicky, well like I said, IT’S A BORING POST. So you had the choice not to read it right? but you did read it. so was that my fault? clearly no right? and it has no pics cause I DONT HAVE A FREAKING CAMERA. so if you have a problem with my entries, then just dont read the entries posted by MAXINE.

  12. Sandy, well it was happening for me cause I was belanja-ed. You think I go there if I not gonna be belanja-ed ah? I can’t afford ok. and btw, Lecka Lecka rocks <3

  13. Becky, please ah. you dont go out, but your life very the interesting.
    I can continue HAHA-ing but sorry la, a bit the lazy dee.. keke.. 😀

  14. hahaha what an adventurous ride to ABC! gotta try that again soon. heh heh. 😉
    i like every single one of tickle-me’s entries!! *grins at maxine, becky, and yeeng*

  15. terence, what restaurant? abc? im lost. lecka-lecka is it? it’s an ice cream booth leh. 99% fat free. ;D
    sandy, yeaaa lah tu!!! HAHAHAHA 😛 tak caya.

  16. wahlau, max fuck berd and vicky kau kau. DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN U GUYS MAN!!!! ;D
    max, hahahaha. pls, mana ada? setiap hari assignments je. kesianness. ;( anyway, abc rocks la. i love the place so much. no actually, it’s just the food la. the place is perfect! parking sucks though. ;D

  17. iso, yea, the journey was fun. masuk kampung and dead ends. LOL. damn ulu man but it rocks. ;D
    p/s: tengoklah driver. LOL! *perasan*
    yea. max and her happy sept 11th. lol. sedihness kay. ;D
    max, see? so many ppl minat u. pls blog more often? 🙁

  18. Becky, hahahaha u like my editted part of the blog?
    and yes of coz i fcuked berd and vick uplaa…saja saja nak kena aku. fuckk laa. im damn pissed. honestly…*puts ice in my shirt*
    eh how come u not in msn??

  19. Iso, it shud be Sad September 11th eh? kekekke.. nola.i just put that just to remind ppl its sept 11th. didnt mean anything other than that…

  20. hahaa put lar Unhappy September 11th or something…. 😛
    becky.. yeahhh the journey to and from ABC really required some thrilling driving skills. fuiyoh. even the carpark itself was such a challenge already. LoL

  21. yeah
    I, MAXINE ANNE SIBERT salutes REBECCA OOI ___ ____ for her AWESOME driving skills.
    *bows down*

  22. hahaha yea, no power steering ma. SHOULDVE SEEN HOW MAX HOLD ON TO THE DOOR MAN. dont worry max, im quite a steady driver. ;D
    not in msn cos baru dpt pc baliks.

  23. OIKS!!! ur edited post on my driving skills sounds more macam kutukan wei. apa ni. tsk tsk tsk. ;D
    come on, uve been sitting my car for ages, u tau my cornering memang like that. ;\ maaflah. dah biasa driving alone. tadi kereta full. ;\
    ray also dah biasa ma. hehehe. exaggeration ni. ;D

  24. hehehe i dunno. the corners were a bit scary lar, but the other parts… i’m not that sure! as long as we manage to reach safely, it’s fine by me. 😛
    or maybe i didn’t feel it that much coz my driving’s 10x worse?! hehehe. i’m still practising.. a lot more to improve. 😀

  25. yeaps, aku steady la. dun worry. my record’s sorta clean. ;D
    SORT OFF la. ;D
    iso, ur testing manual now rite? GOOD LUCK. girls drive manual la macho!! 😛
    corners, urgh, well, yea, most peeps complain about my corners. my style kua. ;\

  26. yeahhhh driving my mom’s wira manual. ;( it’s okie… at least i can switch gears a lot faster now. heh heh. my dad said i can drive his accord but i was like “noooo..” haha even though it’s an auto.. but the car is so huge okie! damn scary. i need to gain more driving experience first. 😡
    becky can work the manual like easy peasy. *salutes*

  27. time to sleeeeeeeeep. maxine & becky – don’t stay up too late, kays? tido itu tabiat yg baik. hahaha. 😉 nites. *disappears*

  28. car huge? haha. my car is tiny inside. luar je panjang macam limo. it’s kinda cramped isnt it? can only fit four ler my car. ;D
    eh, that one takes a lot of practice ler. somore no power steering. god. ;( arms can grow firmer though, not bad la. ;D

  29. automatic rocks!! hahah thats cause I tak tau manual. I mean I know lah, but prolly cause tak pracitse, i think damn rusty dee. I daren’t drive my dad’s car too, cuase its huge..takut sial..although he keeps asking me to drive it in pg. kekeke.

  30. yeah i admit i’m not macho! =D but then, wira also can be macho laa… depends on driving skills. kekekke.

  31. like my driving skills. hahahaha my dad on saturday sat in my car. hahahah. he damn tension wei. today before he balik pg he was like ” max..u better drive carefully” . hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahha

  32. fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.
    love. love. love. love.
    hate. hate. hate. hate.
    all different things.
    how’s that for randomness.

  33. sherry, no worries dear. we’re in the same freaking boat. don’t we already talk for hours abt our shitty lives? kekekek. muah!

  34. Lol I hope you’re feeling much better now!
    Is Becky’s driving skills really that bad? Haha sounds like she didn’t know what she was doing! So cute.

  35. my DRIVING SKILLS ARE NOTTT BADDDDDDDDDDDD LA aiyooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    *stomps feet and throws a tantrum*
    i AM going to edit max’s entry. LOL.
    what’s this. kasi bad reputation je.
    p/s: kidding about re-editing ur entry.

  36. erm yeah its both manual and auto.. but usually.. when i dirve the alfa.. my dad dun let me drive the bm i only drove that 2 times.. he puts it to manual..

  37. heheheheehehe. wah shit. oh yea horrr.. 10 years liao. OMFG. ive been a lady for 10 years. w00ts w00ts. 😛
    i dpt that time was after netball practice in cpt. ;D

  38. oh my pussy also wishes your pussy. my pussy hasnt celebrated 10 years yet.. got .. 3 more years to go for 10 yrs anniversary celebration!

  39. eh max..i was kidding la..i was refering n trying to tease u back with ur quote that its gonna be a boring entry…but tell u the truth it wasnt boring la….sorry la max…jangan la marah aku ni….me so innocent la…ok???sorry maxi….