The Resurrection

The Resurrection

Just blogging to say that the tickle-me girls are all still alive and kicking(although I haven’t really heard from Yeeng recently) but I do know that Becky is very much alive and very much kicking since all she ever does now is bake/cook/clean/scrub. Her fantastic cooking achievements include durian cake, raspberry jam and cream layer cake, choc raspberry cake and curry puffs. So if you guys need a housewife material girlfriend or you guys just need someone to help out at home, you know who to call! Oh, and orders for the cakes mentioned above, can be ordered through her private secretary at .
We’ve all been pretty busy lately, or rather “lazy” to blog. Well, actually there’s always things that we all always wanna blog about , but then again, there’s always a limit to what we can say. You know, in case .. whoever reads it but, yeah! So actually, loads of things may have happened or is happening, but I guess some of them we’re just keep it to ourselves. Unless you’re close and dear to us, then you get the priviledge honour of knowing. 🙂 Bottom line, on my part, I can say that clearly there’s loads of bitches around and there’s nothing we can do about it. And some ppl may even refer me as one, but then again, who cares? The more bitches, the merrier. Right?
The Mamak Gang or the MGs as some of us call it is trying to find a new name, since some of them think that it sounds a bit weird/rude/funny being called Mamak Gang. But heck , I like it and we’re all pretty much adjusted to the name. So anyway, we’re open-ed for suggestions for a new name. So send your suggestions rolling, if there is any.
Loads of love and kisses and hugs from the 3 of us to all of youuuuu reading this!
P/S – I know the blog title doesn’t suit the entry at all but I can’t think of any blog titles and Becky suggested this, so if the title sucks, blame it on her! not me 🙂

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23 Responses

  1. max, US LAH!!!!
    cos we commented at the same time.
    ronnie IS CUTE AND BRILLIANT AND HO HO HO … PREDICTABLE! (take that ronnie!).
    that ought to piss him off. i loveeee doing that to him. i rawk. \m/

  2. wa u all chattin here ahhaha..
    ada picture of ur cakes or u telan everything in excitement b4 sempat ambik gambar?

  3. haha, jean she has loads of pics of it. dont worry she’ll upload some soon 🙂
    sabbymcgabby, me too i like mamak gang 🙂

  4. hahahahahhahaa max, macam laaa u tau.
    okay, yea, it’s true. i take pix of everything. :”| dalam process dimakan also ada 😛

  5. Lol well I know what you mean. I have friends reading my blog too and sometimes I cannot blog all the stuffs that happened.

  6. yeah gena, some things are best and nice to keep it to ourselves. hehe. 🙂
    terence, <3 rinduuu …

  7. gena. hahaha. yea. private blog rules. i can blog like 12 entries a day, bitching all the way. HO HO HO. 😛