becks visits ikea

becks visits ikea

(/edited) @ 10:33pm, july 20 2005
okay, the piccies ive promised you. not feeling well, inside out. t.cares peeps. ;(

becky must be really sick. she’s blogging again! *wiggles booty* urgh, yea, im still sick. my throat’s killing me and my cough’s not showing any mercy either. *pouts* went to ikea today *hoorays* just to get my cocktail mixer but oh well, knowing myself, i ended up buying other stuffs. a long-ass storage bag and the most chunnest straws ever. thank god yeeng stopped me from buying others especially the candles because it’s definitely going to kill my wallet. im on tight budget now, you see.
iskii makes like the most entertaining shopping company ever EVER ever. you should see him layaning himself with the chairs and sofas. he was gliding and sorta drifting in executive chairs and what nots. if only cams were allowed in ikea. i swear youre missing out a lot! i cant wait to move into my own place. ive got shit loads of funky ideas on how to deco my future place already. hiaks. another couple more years to go. *pouts*
you know peeps. im heartbroken. ;(. im serious. i was busy playing with the maltese and poodle at animal safari, ikano, and it made me realise how much i miss having a dog. most of you would know how much i love dogs. so much, i used to have 13 dogs at once. ;(. dogs are like a woman’s best friend. to me, at least. yea sure a majority of us love diamonds, flowers and all that but doggies top my list. ;( no serious, it’s really sad to know i cant have any in my current place. *sighs* ;(
*stretches herself* im going to bed early today. no, not early morning. early. before midnight. soon. yes, i realise it’s not april’s fool. no, i didnt knock my head on the wall. i need to get up at 6am to send my mom to sjmc for further check ups. her check up was due on march but she thought it was july and went last week and the doc said her breast was hard again. this pisses me off. she sure dunno how to take care of herself. i seriously hope its nothing serious. *prays* thanks yeeng for the flowers and strawberries. *mwahs* time to go. posting pix up later. niteys.

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29 Responses

  1. sick..still can go shopping uh? yeahlah we were suppose to celebrate our birthdays together hehehe. not sure if i’m celebrating mine.

  2. your mum will be just fine . don,t worry . take care of yourself too . and enjoy yourself on your birthday . don,t get too drunk . wish i could be there . MWAH-

  3. I love dogs too! But my dad doesn’t allow me to keep any because my sister’s got asthma. 🙁 Once I even cried because I saw this puppy at the pet shop that I fell in love with at first sight but I knew that I couldn’t keep it.

  4. shari but why notttttt! it’s ur 21st!! it’s our 21st! u can come to mine, shari. celebrate with me!!!! 😉 add me in msn. 😉

  5. evan, hehe thankssss babe. ur so sweet. *hargs*
    gena, yeaaaa i fell in love with the doggies/puppies just now. i swear i was gonna cry to if my friends were not around. so cute!!!!! ;(
    max, why?

  6. Hey Becks…hope your mom is doing alright. Happy 21st Birthday (well, soon anyway).

  7. terence is afraid of dogs?? wtf???
    becky, wahahha. the gmail conversation rocks. my name is clearly the longest. the yellow oneee.kekeke.

  8. haHAHahaHAhahaahahahahahahaa and yeeng’s dog’s like super kecik, terence pula dah jerit, angkat skirt dan prepare self for silat seribu langkah ;D
    yea, next time looks like terence kenot come my house liao. i’ll have many many many manyyyy doggies. haha. 😀