becks is not an alcoholic okay?

becks is not an alcoholic okay?

“beckyyy!!!! what do you want for your birthday?”
“err.. you?”
“no, serious la. what do you want?”
“i want you to come with an empty stomach la and your extra clothes + toothpaste + toothbrush etc.”
“hur. oiks. okie, ho ho ho, i know what you want liaos!”
“um, what? bf ke? WOAAA YOU BRINGING ME BF. *YUMS*”
“haha no la. even better”
“woaaa… whats?”
i think ive repeated that conversation with many many many people already. lol. seriously guys, bring yourselves and your bags. i dont promise you if you will be drinking till you’re freaking drunk or you’ll get laid though. X”D and i hope i havent been giving you guys an impression that i drink a lot? *blinks blinks innocent eyes*
(/edited) @ 9:15pm by maxine
Don’t kid youself becky…you areeee areeeee
and omg, i duno what’s up with me and iskii but i sorta spoke in rhymes yesterday.
“iskii, my thumb is numb
*iskii burst out laughing cos i was speaking in rhymes*
“okay la, i wont speak in rhymes, next time
*continues laughing*
*iskii checks my thumb and then asked me how was it again*
“it’s fine, this thumb of mine“.
and i was just about to send him a text msg since i just got back from the dentist.
“my gum is numb!”
but i guess i better not do so since i told him to stop the whole rhyming conversation though it was obvious that i was the only one layaning myself. yes, i am the lame yang teramat lame. i cant help it okay.
im super sick now so here you go, a short entry. having a bad cold, torturous coughings, monstrous sore throat, excruciating stomach aches and agonizing headaches/slight fever. ho ho ho. i am the ultimate drama queen now, arent i? im going to try to be nice to my blog and post more entries. do leave comments when necessary. thanks for visiting, peeps. *cuddles cuddles* pray that i’ll be fine by tomorrow because i need to shop at ikea for stuffs. it’s time to say bye, before i die. adios, you mofos. (again, lameness!). -.-

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52 Responses

  1. no water? go daniel’s house and mandi lah!! <3
    i miss daniel..
    i want to poke my nails into him again. 🙂

    okie, i’ll give it another half an hour. if masih takde, im going to travel around looking for a place to mandi. lol.
    yucks. eh, kesian daniel eh. lol.

  3. hehehehe yeah i kesian him now also. but nvm lah. he deserved it. muahahahha. <3 daniel.
    come cyberjaya mandi lah. hahahhaa.

  4. Becky , so what should i prepare for your birthday….
    i wish all the best for you….
    take care

  5. why he deserved it la? for the chocolate vanilla thingy he said? hehe. but sometimes we also kutuk him ma. so sesama kutuk sendiri jgn la bully dia. *pats dannyboy*
    cyber? jauh gila. thinking of going sunway or oug. :”|

  6. i didn’t mean you need something, i just wanted to know what make you more happier.
    anyway the best present for you , i think is your health and happiness that you already have, and i hope you can have it up to the age of 110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. hehehehehe. woa. 110? that’s too old. if i were to live till 110, i must be strong and still be independent and be able to walk. i dun want to be bedridden and stuff. lol. X”D

  8. once you be happy and healthy, you will be independent even in the age of 110, try to be strong from now, it is not difficult……

  9. yayy birthday slumber partyyyyyy.
    liquor/no liquor is fine by me. what matters is the people who will be there, kan? <3

  10. terence………….. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I AM NOT! *piaks piaks piaks* hahahaha. maxine ADA NIAT TERHADAP ISKII NI!!!! hur hurrrr hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr *steals a yawn*

  11. yes, mamak gang will be there. MAMAK GANG REUNITED! if only dhao and sab can be there. ;( kepada semua yg beroverseas-an, we will leave empty seats to remember you. i’ll letak ur gambar also. hahahahahaha. ;P
    sandy, iso, max *cheers*
    max, what’s up with the 9am sms la. *kabish* okay, im running late. byes!

  12. hahahahahha.
    terence, takde niaat lahhh.. i’m just asking iskii a question mer. no intentions whatsoever 🙂
    becky, i was bored in class at 9am so i sms u to bangun laa. hahahaha . 🙂

  13. max, nasib baik few hours later only i saw it. lol. oooo bored only cari me la. *kapiaks max* ;P
    sabby, im sorry too ;(