beck’s first liquor shopping trip

beck’s first liquor shopping trip

hiaks hiaks. *chuckles* i feel damn macho now okay. i finally FEEL like an adult. i was scouting around for cheaper branded liquors to buy because thanks to a couple of friends who promised to get them for me from airport/langkawi/labuan couldnt do so anymore. me, being nice, will not be naming them. *glares* after much survey, i found out one of the cheapest place to get liquor in kl would be none other than indialand, brickfields. who else can drink and almost ALWAYS not get drunk but indians rite? they’re the best drinkers ever (eurasians come in second). and so i went to pick terrymcberry and garick up and drove to brickfields. tsk, what’s up with all the side parkings la. *smacks forehead* nasib baik garick and terry thinks im a PRO in side parking. can tunjuk skill a bit. hiaks. called jan ee up and went to the shop he recommended. crap, it was pricier than the mini market at tmn desa. i was disappointed and then garick called up his superhero macha friends.
ho ho ho. he recommended us this double storey shoplot that has a hidden passageway that sells CHEAP branded liquor. we had to go through hidden rooms and all and omfg, it felt like WE were in a movie or something. although we were the fairest people in the town and probably the only chinese walking around there, but because we had sunder (?) and mrblackmachoman (because none of us knew his name) to guide us, we felt safe. no, im not saying the place isnt but at least we had someone their own kind to guide us around so we’ll definitely be lost and probably get cheated. no offence, mmkays. ive actually met an old penang neighbour there too. like dammmn cool rite? hiaks. *walks with chest up high* oh, about the location, it’s suppose to be kept a secret. so there you go, now ive got a secret chunted clothes shopping place and a secret liquor shopping place. man, i loooove keeping secrets. *chuckleS*

yesterday, some dude with too much free time gave me a prank call. my gawd, whoever that’s kenakan-ing me, go get a life k. that dude prolly got my number from someone who knew me because he knew my name. 0162411479. he pretended to be an old friend or something and then suddenly asked me if i wanted to masturbate and all. hur, i dont need masturbation dude cos i can get the real thing anytime. sheesh. but thanks for making my day more dramatic. *smiles* and remember IT? my male english cocker spaniel? IT is still being named IT until i can get a better name but mommy says there’s no point cos we’re giving IT away anyway. i thought of naming it weed, stoner, stoney, ganja, g, ali g etc because it always looked so stoned. whatdya think? any suggestions? hiaks. im off to bed man. i need schweep. no more going out till wednesday, please. oh wait wait, dominic bought a galant too. yeah baby. we shall go for a ride in our galants someday. *yums* man, i wish i had the dough to mod my car and prolly learn how to drift. not so soon, prolly never. *sighS* ta.
p/s: had a bad fall yesterday at my balcony and im lucky i didnt trip over it and fall eight floors down. ive got a couple of nasty bruises on my back and it fcking hurts. couldnt sleep the whole night thanks to it. it hurts to sit in front of my pc now too. *sighs* anyway, happy 21st bday wey ling!, choi lai and uh, gawd, my memory’s failing on me.

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40 Responses

  1. fuyooh..kutuk eurasians. 🙁 …
    hahah but then again, its true lah. i tell you, eurasian weddings, you’ll see drunk eurasian fellas everywhereeeeeeeeee. hehehe.
    terence <3 <3 <3
    so dpt beli liquour that u wanted? kui lui?

  2. tak kutuk laaa… puji la. oi ;(
    hahahahaha i know. everytime also xmas or ada gathering, sure see a lot of drunken eurasians singing etc.
    rm90. johnnie walker. 😉

  3. midori from the airport (x envy you lahr . i wanna drink too . /pouts . dimsum!! you dimsum girl . we still have not gone and eat dimsum together . lol . someone,s birthday is comingg . i wonder who . d= takecare and e n j o y . give love to IT for me . loveya !

  4. hahahahahaha DIMSUM GIRL. gawd, u actually remembered the song i sent u. maaaan.. hilarious shit. diiimmm summmm girrrrllllllll lalala~.
    yea, i’ll give lotsa love to IT for u. muacks and the midori and the whole story that follows it. gawd. *cringes face* muacks. love ya too, babes!

  5. ive got a couple of nasty bruises on my back and it fcking hurts. <– obvious tak? can cover wid ur dress?
    i ter-scratched my thigh also ler.. now got marks.. 2 inches long.. cannot wear short skirt d

  6. sannddyyy… no the bruises is not so obvious now but memang lebam la. can feel my back got one benjol. ;\
    kesian gile. kena tidur sideways cos kenot sleep flat like that. sakit. ;\ my dress is one full dress so yea, can cover. but semalam i try the dress again, can pull down just like that. wtf wei. dangerous to pakai. ;D
    woa, sandy without short skirts is like .. becky without men. :O

  7. max, sadly, yes. the desperate housewives dress. i need to find a nice black ribbon-ish choker la. babi. and maybe a belt. FUCK. kena spend more moneyyy. ;(

  8. hey babes…one more day till your 21st!!! ancient lemme tell ya, positively ancient. wish i could be there to share some of that extensive booze (not that you’d invite me but that’s a different story all together.

  9. oiks, of course i’d invite u. my gawd. lol. there’s not much booze ler. no money to buy so many bottles cos im coming out for everything ler. *pouts*
    growing old isnt so fun.. man. ;(

  10. wahlau, u all more kan cheong than me. im having butterflies in my tummy. LOL. growing old is notttt fun. ;\
    hahaha. shit, 12 hours 22 more mins to 21. ohh nooo… *runs away*
    i dun wanna grow old!

  11. gawd. soon we’ll need to graduate from school, work, get married, have children and end up like our … mothers.
    omg. please, i dun wanna grow old. 🙁

  12. yup,the scary thing is this year i’ll be graduating,then need to find work..all the things adults need to do. scary…

  13. yuckssss. i wannnna suck on lollies and parent’s money still. *pouts*
    damn, another year to graduation. im so sick of luct and how they handle things. and then the thought of having to work and all… man, it IS scary. *pouts* u still gonna live with parents eh? that’s quite a distance for u to travel. ;\

  14. why are u depressed la. my gawdddd. ;\
    over the same thing?! ur taking it too seriously la at times. we worry about u a lot k. 🙁