a whole lot of randomness

a whole lot of randomness

(/edited) @ 6:17pm
this is the ultimate joker!

yes, yes, im pretty aware of the time. 7:30am. another 30 mins before my usual bedtime. funny though, im still very much wide awake. i wont be rambling much tonite today because nobody reads, it seems. people just come here for the pictures. sweet confession, indeed. but i dont really have much to say anyway (and that’s probably because i update my other journals/guestblogs like every half an hour). so there you go, nites you peeps. oh wait, ive seen the sun rise so yea, morning you peeps. enjoy the pix. woa, that rhymes! and seriously, enough of my burnt boobs already.

p/s: a reminder to myself, to meet up with sharon, i-lynn, jason russia, sheau xian + christine, jeng yean, dion + sara and kris asap before they fly back to where ever they’re suppose to go.

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18 Responses

  1. OMG OMG OMG i’m the 1st!! IM THE 1st!! anyways nice pics becky but i do usually read what u have to write or not why visit a blog for :s 🙂 and u have one of the bestest blogs 🙂 btw what did max do to dan? and ur cake looks yum! 😛

  2. beckyyyyy! i read! and it’s not just to admire our *ahem* manymanymany pictures scattered all over your blog either. LoL we should change our name from MG to VPG – VainPot Gang! hiaks. 😛
    btw sometimes it’s easier to blog elsewhere that isn’t so public, yeah? 🙂

  3. SABBYMCGABBY! im so touched. muacks muacks. max digged her fingers into daniel’s arms. quite sakit la it seems. 😛 thanks sabbymcgabby. *muacks you upside down*

  4. yeaaalaaa serious. VAIN MAXIMUM OKIE. my gawd. i think we’re more famous for our kevainan than our love for hanging out at mamaks and ordering ais kosong. yes, it is easier to blog somewhere private where nobody reads cos you can be sooooooooooooo open. 😛

  5. Hi becky , how is every thing with you, who said that no one read your posts???? i am the one that read all of them, ofcourse i enjoy of your photo too.
    bye the way you didn’t mentiond about the virgin chicken shop?? i hope you taste it and let us know about it, if you recomended then we go and try too.
    take care

  6. lol, thanks goodboy. the shop isnt opened yet. i dunno what kind of chicken rice would that be but yea, if i do try, i’ll inform you guys. 😛
    take care too!

  7. haha sab, i poked my nails into daniel. <3
    and i missedddd asiaaa cafeeee…. 🙁

  8. hahahaa TERENCE, i lupa post it up. cos that time dah 7 something am. so cepat cepat nak habis edit pix but terleft out a few other pix. hehehe 😛 I WILL GLAMERISE YOU BTW 😀

  9. eh sandy, thanks for the missing. haha 😡 but errr.. i dont swear much lah. come on lah, im curious. becky swears too how come u guys never say anything abt it.