I’m B-O-R-E-D beyond recognition. First things first, I do not have ANY interesting pics(i.e hot chics modelling) to post, so..sorry if this is gonna be one hell of a boring entry. 🙂
Recap-ping the last month. My *curses* finals ended on the 16th and I was off to Phuket on the 19th. Since my *curses again* uni decided to give a 2 month break for the very first time, I initially wanted to go to Australia to visit Sherry and the rest of my friends there, but then, decided not to spend so much and decided to go Phuket instead. It was my 2nd trip there, so I had a rough idea of the place and all, so I was not too worried about travelling alone.
It was a really mixed emotion trip for me, cause it was really sad to see the tsunami effected places. The ever-so-famous Patong Beach was quite back to normal, although there were still buildings still closed down and rubbish and rubble all still by the side of the road. My cousin’s fiancee and I drove right up north passing all the beaches that was effected and it was really eery looking at all the half-standing buildings and rubbish and loads of other stuff. I even saw the lake that according to my cousin, they found LOADS of bodies in it and even half-dead dolphins were pulled out from the lake. The amazing part is, the lake is quite far away from the sea. Amazing.
I even heard lots of ghost stories from my cousin’s usual taxi driver, Mat. It seems he received calls from tourists asking him to fetch them from hotels and etc. and when he actually arrived at the hotel, the hotel’s actually closed down cause of the tsunami.He even experienced fetching tourists to the airport, and upon arriving, he realised the tourists are not in the car. Loads more lah, rather not get into it. Anywho, it was a great holiday. Just spent it basically relaxing and watching loads and loads of dvds and shopping which I spent quite a bit. Sighs. Well, thats basically it about Phuket. I think I’ve put on weight cause of the trip cause I was basically pigging on food the whole time and thai food absolutely rocks, so yeah, I’ve got to lose some weight now.
Oh yeah, a couple of things I’ve realised about Thailand. Most of the vehicles do NOT have 3rd brake light. Damn dangerous wei. It’s like you have depend on their 2 back lights to see whether they’re actually breaking or not. Gawd. I was already driving around Phuket without my freaking driving license, I honestly didn’t wanna get into even more trouble banging into someone. And its not a must for a motorist to wear a helmet, so, most of the motorist are helmet-less and some of them are not even old enough to ride a bike, but still they’re riding around like nobodies business. But the interesting part is, with all that no 3rd brake lights and no helmet shit, the accident rate in Thailand is wayyyy less than the accident rate in Malaysia. Amazing eh?
I’ve got approx. 1 month more of holidays till my new semester. I really hope the time flies by cause seriously, I’m bored to death. Best friends are not in Penang and for me, no friends = boredom if you people happened to be in Penang, CALL ME!!! *glares at Bernard*
So, if anyone wants anything from Penang, leave a message/sms/call me okay? Muaaaah.

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  1. Hi, after a long time i read a post from you…why board, you have a lot of freinds around you, it is not nessecery that they be with you, as long as you can have some good time with them online also is good and enough…
    i hope you can find something interesting then you wont feel board any more.
    bye the way, it seems that i am the first one….

  2. erm yes you are the first one. 🙂
    and well, Penang will always be the best place to be for me but then it’ll never be the same without my friends here, cause basically I need good company to hang out with. So yeah, thats the reason. 😀 but its all good, I’ll just sleep and online and watch tv .. hehehe. and go out with the 1 or 2 friends that I still have left in pg. I guess I should be allrite.

  3. haha yes good boy. it’s ME! MAXINE! becky’s guestblogger who blogged. not becky pooo. 😀
    becky, awwww. so I don’t have to get you the pisang apom dee la? since all you want is meeeeeeee.<3

  4. omigosh, you’re still harping on the fake best friend topic keh! apa niiiiii…

  5. 20!???? by the time i bring it back, soggy lahhh..still want?
    bernard, you beli urself! 😛 when coming to gurney for shopping?? i wanna see PEV **** i forgot ur number plate. hahahha. 🙂

  6. Hi again, yes i know you are MAXINE, this is why i said after a long time….
    why you are not coming to KL and stay for a few days with becky, i belive she will be happy too…
    take care, bye for now

  7. GOodBoy, well cause I study in KL and I only get to come back to Penang (my hometown) for about 2 mths a yr yeah. thats why i’m in penang.
    yeeng, boleh boleh. 🙂 promise.

  8. then i think you miss KL, as Penang is a good city for relaxing, not much activity as kl…be paitint and take care your family for while then come back here and enjoy the KL CITY…..

  9. max, apoms are meant to be soggy what. esp apom pisang. lol. WANT LA WANT!
    goodboy, that’s cos im her …. fa .. k … i mean not so close friend. 😛

  10. i want chu cheong fan in from gurney drive and malay koay teow from bm town .. terima kasih Maxine !!@!

  11. wahhhhh…. malay koay teow frm bm sure cannot laaa ..:P i dont even know the roads in bm!

  12. i dun care. i want apom balik!!!
    googleadsense, everybody. click on it please? 😛

  13. Okie maxine i give u some hints of where to get the stuffs we want okie..
    1.tau sah piah – jalan kuantan
    2.malay koay teow – right in the middle of bm town, opposite post office
    3.cun chics – i think gurney plaza shud have?

  14. jalan kuantan? where the f is that? i get tau sar pneah from HIM HEANG 😛 😛
    ooh opposite the post office is near last tiem LG rite?
    gurney plaza? chun chics? ade ker..tak perasan. ooh wait, of course i tak perasan, i dont look at chics. duuhhhhh

  15. Him heang not that nice la..u go buy at jalan kuantan one..called soon hiang..much nicer than him heang, but need to order 1 day b4 wan.
    jln kuantan is just beside the data kramat police hq..u shud know where rite..otherwise don say u r from penang ahh…men-siasui-kan betul.
    not LG la..last time duno wat i forgot la…u go at nite sure can see wan.
    gurney plaza week or this weekend i go..lotsa things to buy

  16. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i know where dee. i celup penang only laa..but i <3 Penang. 🙂
    okies. come gurney calling aku yeah.

  17. yea. actually him heang not that nice edi. last time my friend bring me turn here turn there dark street bright street dark street then pusing pusing, then sampai this shop. selling sooo much cheaper than him heang somore nicer.
    max, u celup apa? O.o LOL!!!!
    sandy, i want my sourvenirs!!! 😀

  18. apa celup celup penang ni. max speaks greek ke. tak paham.
    TERENCE, sorry, line taken. be more original next time pls 😀

  19. interesting to hear firsthand accounts of the aftermath.. horrible tragedy, but life goes on nonetheless.
    bekii: *cubits*

  20. line apa taken wor? haha, i dont see anyone using tamau apom bali mau maxine balik pun.. hahaha
    ctrl-F “balik”

  21. becky, maybe ghee hiang u mean? hmmm.. tak tau ler. i will ask my mum to buy, i also not sure she buy him heang or ghee hiang. 😛 and i mean celup penang as in I am not BORN in Penang mer, but I lived here for 17 yrs so I considered celup only laa. get it? 😛
    bernard, cap ayam?! ish..apa kaitan? 😛
    Terence, awwwwwwww. *sniffles* I’ll be back in errr…less than 1 month! muaha. i’m counting the days. 🙂 🙂 <3
    bangbang, yupp life definitely goes on! sighs.
    Terence & Becky, KIDS! don’t fight fight. there’s enough of me to go around. hahahaha. <3
    Isobel, do know that there’s Baskin Robbins in KL right? hahahaha. I had double scoop of Baskin 2 days ago! Yummies. drools~~~

  22. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA *kicks terence*
    i got mentioned i only want maxine ma!!! read the third comment and see!!
    eh? ice cream? baskin robbins? AKU PUN NAK!

  23. oh. biasala. max berpatriotik for penang all but for kl, tak layan. aku kan fake best friend dia. LOL. ok, i better stop it if not max is going to kill me. 😀
    and max, okie la. dont come back. pls stay in pg forever. 😀 i dun wan liao. DONT WANT DONT WANT!
    p/s : i have two tubs of baskin robbins in my freezer. YUMS. i’ll take pix for u all k 😛

  24. pengkritik tau sar pneah izzit?
    sab!!!! hello!! How are youuu? hehe yes, we’re the food critics. 🙂
    becky, apa ni? u want me or u dun want me now. make up ur mind dude. 😛

  25. max!!!! u know what i want.. my KFC lol!!
    nono since i upgraded my taste in food… SEND ME SUM SUSHIS!!!! *winks… muax!

  26. hey beckiez. you can sign up for a scratch board from my site via the myuucon section.
    it’s still very basic, so don’t mind the poor nav links and cryptic messages. 😛
    and yes, hotlinking is directlinking. 😀

  27. max, tak mau liao. please stay in pg. dun come back. if not, later u super perasan, ur buntut will be as big as mine. haha. X”D
    PAT, OHHH LIKE THIS LA NOW. i blog u tak mau comment. when max blog only u comment. like that laaaah nowwwww. *kicks yew*
    myuu, haha ur site was down for a while. i’ll check out myuucon soon! 😛

  28. becky !! why don’t you come to singapore /= the ghost stories the taxi driver told were damn freaking !! really man !!
    anyway, you really went to the places where lotsa bodies were found ? omg !! and also, how can lotsa dolphins die so far away where the incident happened ? maybe cos of the earthquake or something ? i’m blur !
    everytime when we have holidays, we wanna go back to sch & vice versa huh ? =p i also spent quite alot these days /= better enjoy the rest of your holidays ! i’ve only 1 week of it )):

  29. tiara, it was me, MAXINE who blogged. not becky. hehe, but no worries! 🙂
    i wanna hear more taxi ghost stories!!! <3
    the dolphins were actually washed into land together with the tsunami wave, thats how it got to the lakes that were quite far frm the sea. cool eh? its a real wonder . and yes i actually step foot at the places that were hit by the tsunami. really eery.
    yupp, its like when im studying, i want hols. but when i’m on hols, i want to get back to kl and be there wif everyone. weird! hehe.

  30. Maxine saja say want more ghost stories…wait you start telling them to her …and watch her facial expression…AHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHA

  31. maxine is not becky, tiara. i think we need to do something about it man. everytime we blog, we show a pix of us so ppl know it’s us. what say you, max and yeeng? 😛
    semalam i bercerita hantu with my mom until damn late. and today i acted as ghost in cyberia. and the suicide scene we did was so real, the security and the public came running. SO FUNNY MAN. too bad max and isobel wasnt in cyberia. ada banyak drama.

  32. yes i like the idea becky!! sounds good. but please choose nice pics of us. hahahaah.

  33. The reason why the accident rate is so low is because the Thai people don’t drive like lunatics unlike some drivers I’ve seen around KL. If you realise as well, there is minimal amount of honking on the streets. Drivers are generally more patient.
    What use is a 3rd brake light if you’re travelling at 100+kmph on a busy street?

  34. becky! why never come to aussieland??? you should come over here lah! so fun and stuff….and going to different states and stuff is so cheap..imagine air tickets is like 30 AUD. Oh by the way, since u are in penang..send me some roti cheese from Jln Dato Koyah! hahahahhahaha take care babe! *muaks*

  35. erm hey ashley, it’s me MAXINE who blogged. haha. not becky. 😛 jln dato koyah?? where the hell is that??
    ian tan, well yeah , … ppl there drive really patiently. but still, a 3rd brake light is damn needed wei. well at least for me la..

  36. HAHAAHA MAX im glad u realise that also. but if put pix quite mafan la. nvm nvm, we’ll see how. i just wish ppl will read the author’s name below each entry. 🙁
    ashley, itu bukan aku ler. and if i got money, of course i rather go aussieland. muahahahahaha. tapi sayangnya, nak pergi langkawi also takde duit 🙁 tak sekaya max, sorry. 🙁 take care too. muacks 😛
    ian, true that. the drivers in kl are seriously damn damn ganas.

  37. u can put the “posted by:author” below the title?
    hehe, then the image together-gether also ler,like how i did last time when i had a guest blogger…

  38. Heya Beckster…I think you are seriously hot…please ask max why I think you are hot.
    If I were to perform a girl on girl action, it’d be you. FOR SURE.
    Luv & other indoorsports: BOB

  39. eh is jr’s comment a spam? O.o
    sherry, u dah gile ke? or maybe dah sakit. *blush* dan ke btw.
    MAX, remember my apom pisang okie. pls? 🙁

  40. haiks… lydat also merajuk ar becky boo????
    oh bring back oh bring back oh bring back my hot+spicy kfc to me to me… 😛

  41. I miss Penang oh…sigh.
    Aikz, didnt get the chance to meet up with you max. Continue to enjoy your holiz =) Have fun.

  42. i also tak jumpa siapa siapa. i only met max like once since she balik.
    eh max, update blog. pasal ajimal, movie, apa apa la. 😀 cos i got nothing to say :”|