Moi turn. ok wait wait..let me compose myself first. oh wait.. i can’t. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG!!!!! I just got back from Latte@8 and it was a freaking cool show! No seriously, it was. I’ve been watching it since like it first started and always wanted to go there and experience it myself rather than watching it on tv, and at last I finally went!!! Thanks to Becky,Daniel & TJ who spent their Thursday night with me there. Ho ho ho . I can’t stop smiling. Well, this week the show was even better since Frequency Cannon were on. Becky & I sorta know Kuachee(a.k.a Grandpa) thru the net, so yeah we went to support them!!
The show was awesome. Just being there was great. I know i know, all you people will be like ‘alahh..latte@8 only what’. But honestly, I like(like is a blady understatement actually) Jason Lo and ho ho ho, i FINALLY get to meet him!!! and also FINALLY get to meet the Frequency Cannon boys.. Kuachee,Azril Dino 🙂 :), Yuri, Siva & Azrul. Awesome. So many cute guys in one night. I still can’t believe it. Oh and we also saw Adam & Marion ( since we were there for the 8tv quickie too), Rina, Sharifah(guest that night) &her sister Aleya(Msian Idol host). It’s a pity I didn’t get to talk to Marion though since she’s like a close family friend. Ahh..another time maybe?
Daniel basically stole the limelight. He was the only one out of us who was seen on camera the whole time!! It’s all good since Daniel is a freaking cam whore!!! He’s so vain I tell you. Vain-er than any girl I know. Even more vain that Tin Kit!!! As soon as I reach home, my hsemates were like complaining that all they could see was Daniel(like 100 times), TJ’s head & my side view. Damnit. Hahaha. 🙂 Becky managed to get a free StarBucks bag although we wanted the Starbucks Mug/Jug thingy but however, Jason Lo was not looking at our table when he was handing them out.
So yeah! The night was great. We managed to take pictures with Jason Lo and also the Frequency Cannon boys!!! *smiles from ear to ear*. So memories of the show would be the awesome pictures with….cough…ahem… and also the SMS booklets that we got free from the show. Ahhh…what a great night to end the week of outings. Seriously, this whole week starting from Sunday I have been out every single night until my legs now feel like its gonna drop for all the driving. Let me recap:
Sunday – Ian & Raymond came to Cyberjaya to devirginized Raymond’s Cyberjaya/Putrajaya virginity. Hoho. We had dinner at Pizza Hut in Alamanda,Putrajaya and we couldn’t even move cause we were so full. Then I don’t know who’s bright idea it was, but we then went to Kajang to have satay! We didn’t know the road at all, but thanks to road signs and Ian’s fabulous left turning we reached Haji Samuri. All of us realised that Raymond has really bad eye sight and we had a great time testing his eye sight. Gosh, I can’t believe I let him drive my car at 140 km/h when he can’t see!
Monday – Went to Raymond’s house and he checked my car since the blady radiator has been giving loads of (@$*^(@ problems!! So far after he fixed it, it has been running fine now.*touch wood*. I doubt you’ll read this, but anyway, thanks! 🙂 Then went to ss2 with my 2 hsemates and Ian and Ray for dinner. Dinner cost a bomb but it was all good.
Tuesday- Watched Robots at Summit with Becky,Terence,Ian,Ray & Isobel. Ajimal-ed after that as usual on tuesday night. Wrestling sucks.
Wednesday – Watched Hitch at Summit again with a larger gang,.. Becky, Terence,Ian,Ray,Ian’s 2 friends,Laishing,Musen,Joanne,Isobel & Daniel. Ajimal-ed again.
And I karaoke-ed with my hsemates at Sunway & also watched Miss Congeniality 2. Ian, go watch it! 🙂 and yeah, here I am after Latte@8 still trying to breathe normally. Haha. And I just wanna say, I LOVE SQUEAT(inside joke) and I still have his sweat and also Jason Lo’s sweat on my arms. hahahaha. sick but it’s all worth it. Whoever wants to go for Latte@8 anytime, just give me a call. I’ll gladly go!
Till nxt time, I’m gonna miss all of you since I’m gonna be away frm KL for approximately 2 mths. I’ll be in Pg for a week, 2 weeks of finals torture, 2 weeks of Phuket and the rest I’ll be in Penang. So hugs and muaks, and be good! Lotsa love. x0x0.
(/edited) @ 3:56am by becky
editor’s note : hur hur hur. sorry max, to intrude into your entry but here are nine out of the 100++ snap shots we took that nite. it was fun filled and finally, after knowing and supporting frequency cannon (blindly) for two years plus, ive managed to meet the band in person. way to go, kuach. i’ll send you the link to the gallery in ur blog soon… when im free to upload all of them, that is. i saw kok gin aka jin of vespertine who was my ex tuition buddy but no chance to say hello. yea, i met lotsa people and it was all good. gotta sleep soon as i havent been sleeping for more than 4 hours for almost a week plus. nites people. enjoy!

p/s : dan, thanks for stealing my limelight. i love you too. grr…!!! nites, peeps!


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  1. *panda eyes….
    wazzup max n becky 🙂
    wat happened to da taggy?
    niway nice pics dude 🙂

  2. max : omg. ur quite scary ah. ppl bertaubat wont have gf edi la. semalam ask u ajak him go yc with us, u dun wan. somore jual mahal. i said i’ll call him for you, you dont want. too bad la. stop regretting.
    pat : took it off cos they started charging and tag boards sucks la. never liked them so im too lazy to put in a new one. :”P and oh yea, sure nice ler, im like the best candid photographer in the world. muahahahahahaa
    max : sila control. stop steaming la. we could see how wet your skirt got last nite. EH PEOPLE, did u know max wore super super short ala sandy’s style punya pleated skirt semalam when she said she’ll wear long pants denim?! MUAHAHAHAHA.

  3. eh he bertaubat meh? i tot kuach is the one that had that experience of losing someone??? ehhhh azril meh?? are u sure??
    and please ahh i didnt say i was wearing jeans 😛 i asked u what you were wearing! 😛
    semalam how to ajak him laa… i asked u to go ask, u only tak nak 😛

  4. yeaps. it’s dino laaaaaaaaa. kuach also got story but i know the one we’re talking about is dino. hehe 😛
    excuse me? who was the one who stopped me from going to him in the first place? 😀

  5. Oik! Mana boleh you watch Miss Congeniality 2 first!!! Grrr!! Haji Samuri..here I come! 😛
    Izzo: If you’re reading this..sowee ya? We shall all go out yamcha again soon! Yesterday (Friday) night was really a bad time cause I just got back from KLCC and then no one wants to go out liao.. keke..! Ais Kosong on me! 😛

  6. eh dun la so bad 🙁 .. we shall go to a mamak..haha kan the best place? everyone can go 😛 😛
    ian darling, oikkk i’m back in penang dee laa. and i so I watched it first lor, since I can’t going out with u guys dee.. 🙂
    fuyoh, you ffk-ed izzo zit? hahaha. apa jadi? horrrrrrrrrrrr…….. ahem…cough cough…

  7. sherry, nth happened ler 🙂
    becky, rindu.. i rindu each and everyone of youuuuuuuuuuu. although i know i dont get the rindu back…but nvmmmmmm.. 😀 😀

  8. OooooOooO super short skirt .. nak tengookkk!!!
    after 2 months ill see u max…
    eh iw acthed hitch also.. on wednesday but 1150pm at bts ler… got class

  9. hahahha becky. yeah damnit! cause dino will be playing drums for latte@8 for another 2 more weeks i think. but i can’t go for both of it also…boo hoo hoo..
    sandy, alah..nth great la 😛 hehe yupp 2 mths! ho ho ho

  10. haha tak pe la. keep msging him in friendster. 😛 all the best, max. muahahaahaha 😛
    *feeds u char siew rice while u can still eat it*

  11. Har? No la.. yesterday Izzo called.. ask got plan boh..ended up..didnt go out ma we all.. now I feel bad lor. Kekeke!
    Anyway, tonight..we had Bak Kut Teh! Ho ho ho! Me, Raymond and Izzo. Yummy!

  12. becky,blady hell..you wait! sure kenaa frm me when i see u .. 😛
    ian, wahhh go bah kut teh without me laa now..takpe takpe.

  13. Tak ajak?? Terence ajak liao wat. You cannot make it cause you got shooting???? We played pool after that.
    Max: It was awesome Bak Kut Teh! LOL! Imagine us eating it when its drizzling outside! Woohoo! Good weather for Bak Kut Teh man! Hell.. GREAT weather!

  14. tuh ler.. since vday kan? a month plus plu plsu plus plus d ..
    Bts – berjaya times square :D.. tempat movie baru.. the seats damn comfortable.. and eryhting’s so new.. like nother studio in there.. all colourful and canggih

  15. ian, no? nobody told me anything about bak kut teh nor pool. i only found out like after mid nite when max told me about it. and when you commented here. 🙂
    frostie, editing skills? mana ada? :X

  16. becky becky!! in need of help *chuckles!* u know where to find evisu for men? anywhere at all in malaysia?! suxx! been craving to have em pair of jeans but seems hard to find em anywhere… thanks in advance =) mwah!

  17. sandy, ooooo time square. u pergi imax ke? i tak pernah pergi and dun think i want to ler. rm20 wei. rm10 also i will like think think think first. hahahaa 😛

  18. evisu? i dunno man. i know my guy friends do. i’ll try to ask them and see. haha. or you could try searching online? im not sure man, sorry. :X
    lol, why out of all ppl ask me? haha 😛

  19. omg. *paiseh*. its long meh?? well, its because I havent blogged for ages, so decided to blog all at once la. sorry if its really long. 🙁

  20. hahaahahaha it was meant for me la sayang. it could be either the entry’s long or i blog too often. hahaha. i only blog once every 3 weeks eh. HUA HUA HUA. that’s why i have guestbloggers for 😀

  21. errm.. ermm…
    I tried ajak-ing everyone when they were online
    and msg-ed them before i went to bed. Thats how ivan
    got to know about it, but becky wasnt home yet from
    her shooting coz her sis told me so. 😛
    The rest i didnt see online so i terus tidorrr

  22. yo yo yo !! hahahaha i was on TV !! Maxine and Becky !! thanks for the Seat !! uwahahahaha !!! eh Max ! dah finish sqeating ke ? hahaha next week i ajak u yumcha k .. confirm come out oh ?!? uh, will be back to penang again from fridayz til mondayz !

  23. hahahahahahahaha. ajak yc in penang or kl? max is coming back to kl but kenot go out cos she ada finals. sedih. will rindu u guys 🙁

  24. ajak in penang lah … ish .. nvm… this week i will still be in KL … wuahaha … misss penang food !!!! becky nak tapao anything ?

  25. hahahaha
    DANIEL, i will never finish squeating 🙂 and go out in pg? u call me la, okay.. i have to see how first. can’t promise cause I’ve got to study! 🙂
    TJ pun ajak me go lunch 2mrw but I can’t 🙁

  26. hahahahahahahaa.. STUDY LAH KONON. someone went yc till 2am yest. muahahahahaa 😛
    max happening. banyak orang ajak. hiaks 😛

    man this post made me smiiiiiiiiiiilleeeee 😀

    i love him to bits! been his avid fan since he came out with his first album – days without dawn. still am an avid fan though. been to every single gig (with him making an appearance of course! :D) in town to catch him.
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh but i havent been to his talk show before. damn. :/
    glad ya guys had fun though, now i’ve found more JLO fansssssss! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *take maxine’s & becky’s hands & dances around* 😀
    he’s definitely a charmer 🙂

  29. hahahahahahahahaaha well, i like jlo since last time until my friends told me he was kinda lan-cee when he first started out, then i started judging him but i still listen to his songs. hahahaha. then when he started latte @ 8, i liked him even more! my parents are big jlo fans. they will watch latte every single week without missing it and my dad listens to jlo’s radio progs too. weee, likki, u should start a jlo fan club. hahaha 😛