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miss fat tub of lard

miss fat tub of lard

HI! THIS IS MISS FAT-TUB-OF-LARD REPORTING. i have officially put on 20kg since last year’s chinese new years (2004). yes, about 40 pounds. and since beginning of this year, it’s about 8-10kg. please, if you love miss fat-tub-of-lard, do not ask her out whenever it concerns food (ian’s birthday is exceptional cos it will be held at my place but that’s another two weeks more so dont mind that). my addiction to food is killing me. my addiction to shopping is killing me. ive been fcking broke for months as ive not receive my allowance for close to three months but yet i shop! now i have a -rm150 cash to pay out to people. i had to rely on yeeng’s credit card to shop. god, forgive this deadly sin of mine and please shower me with lotsa $$$ if you really love me. im not only a shoe shopaholic but also an ear ring shopaholic. how silly is that? ive bought about 15 pairs of ear rings in less than 2 weeks. now my eyes are frigging locked to betty barclay’s (?) perfume and clubbing bags. now im obesed, extremely broke and lazy. wow wow wee, the best three combo one could ever get. i would really like to ask for a hug but since im so huge now, i might crush you. sniffles* this is even more depressing than dumbass steven gerrard who scored own goal during the liverpool – chelsea finals match just now. LIVERPOOL COULD’VE WON! sell him off. sell him off. chelsea, you want, yea? take IT! note : take IT! nothing human would do something so silly.
okay, im frigging tired now and ive already got an assignment to do. im lazy and fat. i cant even balance my ass on this chair. it’s overflowing. omg, my fats are overflowing. *GASP IN HORROR* okay, before this chair breaks, im signing off. and er, just got back from my wifey, vanessa’s, 21st birthday dinner and yummy. i had fun with the grilled chicken. *yum* oh great, im obese and still thinking of food i ate hours ago. *knocks her head on the wall* yesterday’s sixties party was amazing! and most of them TRIED their best to dress in their interpretation of the 60s style. haha. i guess the best dressers were of course the girls! we were so yummylickingslurpsslurpslicious. okay, my obsession with food is killing me. i need to sign off immediately before i start munching on my keyboard. the pix will be up soon. by tomorrow i hope. slurps slurps. *looks at keyboard* okay, gotta run.
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whoaaa. just got back from class (finished two hours earlier thanks to some technical error). its raining! its raining! sniffs. getting a degree is so much tougher. we havent really been given the chance to rest at all. we’re suppose to hand in two journals by monday, one draft report tomorrow and another report + summary this friday. *pouts* our classes are extended till saturday! *squeals in horror* im so exhausted. this semester, most of our classes are to watch movies after movies and then write reports. i think we were suppose to watch 47 movies per subject but it has now reduced to 14 subjects. mind you, the movies we watch are mostly the most lousiest and most boring movies ever. last week, we were made to sit through 147 agonising minutes watching a very slow pace and almost silent movie. there were only a few dialogues and most of it were of space (thus no noise and slow). such pain! okay, the pix pix from my weekend. take cares. im going to nap now before getting up to do my homework. byes! (/edited)

some love letters yeeng dug out from her room. they were written by me back in 1999. those were the most hilarious letters written by me ever and i dont even remember me writing them. i was speaking in “IRC language”. lol. *blushes in embarassment*

ivy, yeeng and becks getting dressed up

us girls on the couch

the girls at the dining table (after the guys ate 3/4 of the food!)

wei keat with my oldschool tie

weng onn mimicking some famous hong kong actor from the sixties

becky and wern ching (who was not dressed in the sixties style )

cunning hock beng (who took our his sixties styled clothes) to gamble… *hhmm*

cheeky ivy peeping at yeeng’s cards

becky and yeeng

group pix *all smiles*

one of my newly bought shoes

check out the butterflies! so cute! but i got it rm8 more pricier that vincci’s even after discount! *curses*

my lou poh vanessa giving a speech

clockwise from top left : su yau, ken jun, weng onn, hock beng, yew leong, wei keat, vanessa and yee nong

clockwise from left : mee mee, mei chin (er, i think she’s called chloe too recently), yoon chiu (joey?! LOL), mei foong, vanessa, becky and yeeng

group pix *smile smile*

lou poh and lou kung *muaks*

lou poh and lou kung cuddles cuddles *chuckles*

vanessa’s jelly cake (hehe, pooh?! O.o)

more pix are up @ and same albums so visit only one. nites people. my bed’s calling out to me! *yawns yawns*

sexy sixties

sexy sixties

(/edited) @ 5:07pm
GRRRRR!!!! i waited for four hours plus and the class was cancelled. wtf! im trying my very best not to bad mouth luct here but they just love getting on my nerves, eh? last i heard, someone wrote in to the newspapers and complained about how luct forced their students to join their gym. ho ho ho. paid my fees just now and now we’re no longer required to pay for the gym fees although the notice is still there. wow wee. way to go! *wiggles her booties*
okie. im gonna post some cny pix i took this year (for year 2004’s cny pix, ho ho ho, im too lazy). nothing great. and a few pix of my nephew, amos, to make brandon happy. happy nose bleeding, tin kit! and oh, pix of some flowers from my granny’s garden. take note, NONE OF IT HAS BEEN PHOTOSHOPED! everything’s as it is. enjoy!

me, on the first day of cny before the tea pouring session (we still kneel and bow to the elderly during such tea sessions mmmkay). not posting any tea session pix cos i look horribly fat : 100x magnified

aunt carol (stop drooling please to terence, ivan, garick and the rest who fantasizes bout my aunt esp TERENCE ) and me

granny and me

cousin russell’s gf, natalie and me

aunt carol, cousin yvonne (she survived the phuket tsunami thingy and it happened infront of her so i guess that explains her glum look), me and sis joanne

agnes, alex, jimmy’s lil cousin, jimmy’s grandparents and me

confused amos

stunned amos

curious amos

cheery amos (behave, tin kit, behave!)

me and amos

some cat i nicknamed, “kucing bodoh” (stupid cat)

flowers from granny’s garden :

okie. that’s all for now. the frigging weather’s killing me and my skin. ive got rashes all over me now and my face’s badly “rashed”. grr… im going to buff my nails with my new found best fake gay buddy, iskymo, and im napping after that dreaming of the all new mr. ULTIMATE MAN SLUT *more to be revealed in lj soon* that i met recently.
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wairgh! im so bored. all my other friends have left because they plan to skip the next class. ive been skipping classes for three days so yea, ive gotta wait for another four hours till my next class. *pouts* my timetable’s an ass.
save me people, save me. its so hard to get a decent computer that runs msn. most of the pcs here are macs and webmsns dont run well on macs. *pouts* oh yea, im back in luct btw. no choice but hey, they kept their promise. 1.5 years. not all that bad. kris wont be joining us anymore as she has made up her mind to go to uk after all the hassle she has to go through in luct.
um… my phone has konked so if you have any problem contacting me, just send me smses (which at times, i’ll only receive few days later). you can still get through if you’re lucky though. it depends on the reception and the location of where i am. psssst… *dies* oh yea, to those attending the “sexy sixties” party that im organising, please remember to dress up according to the dress code. and im keeping the group into just a handful of people. private party la, konon. pix will be up soon, i suppose. for more pix of other events, check out and not fully updated but will soon work on it. till then, cya! *pouts*

wings to fly a kite!

wings to fly a kite!

bwahahaha…. do you like what you see? nice, yea? i was testing out some stuffs and decided to just change the entire layout. for the first time since has been up, i actually did the images myself. *beams with pride*
i am proudest now because this layout is so me! and finally, the three girls that i usually use to represent the three of us has a bit resemblance of the actual us (er, only the hair, though). lol. it’s 7:30am now and im kinda tired already. ive been testing alot of new photoshop stuffs and i guess, wee hee, my first set of illustrations (apart from the vectors ive done ages ago). omg, i think maxine looks the sexiest among us three in this latest layout. max, lucky you! and i think yeeng has the nicest hair. lol. and oh, i have a crown on my head again. wee hee. *dances around naked*
well, was at terence pimp daddy/garick’s place just now for a gambling session. tomorrow, it will be at dhao’s place. gotta hurry up and attend more gambling sessions because the last day of chinese new year is coming. hehe.
oh, i posted about my disappointment on luct here. i think im most likely moving to another local university to further my degree. im very very very unhappy with luct. one thing i didnt mention in the forum was about this “meeting” i was suppose to have with tan sri lim kok wing, himself. it seems some person from his office called for the award winners to meet him but they wouldnt tell us why. so rosie and i went to meet up with him. the meeting was suppose to be at 10am but the lady told us to be there by 9.45am. fine, we were there by 9.35am and went to look for the information counter (?) and nobody knew the lady who called us. this dude at the frontdesk was very helpful and he called all that he could possibly think of and we finally got hold of a lady who knew about the meeting (but not the person who called us). we went up to meet the lady and then she announced, “oh, actually, i just found out you guys will be continuing your studies so let’s call it off”. me and rosie were puzzled. “huh?”. “oh, tan sri wanted to meet you guys because he wanted to offer you guys job since you both are award winners. why dont you come back after your studies?”. i was already pissed the day before when i found out about its compulsory for students to join the lameass fitofly gym in campus and that my bridging to degree will take 2-2.5 years and not the 1.5 years they have promised, and now this frigging old wrinkly manlady is telling me the meeting’s cancelled because we’re continuing our studies. was it that hard to tell it through the phone what was it regarding the day before? i was so eager to carry her up and throw her against the wall. cyberjaya isnt near, for fucks sake! and having to go through the jam, the wacky kl drivers and to sacrifice my sleep, they just made us go there for nothing and not feel guilty. *shows middle finger* hur. let’s not get into that any further. it’ll just add another worry line to my face and its not worth it now, aye?
i will be going to some public university, i suppose. it hasnt been confirmed but it’s the exact course i was gonna take in london if my parents had not had the financial difficulties they have now. hur. i guess in a way, ive been “degraded” from a posh private college to a chinese public uni. i dunno how the fuck am i going to survive there without not knowing how to speak chinese but hell, at least i’ll not get conned there. the course fees, if i were to let’s say, start all over again from year 1, is rm25k for the whole three years. wanna know how much is luct charging? rm25k per year. fuck off. im not usually so angry at my college but right now, i think they’ve gone abit over board. no wonder there are hundreds of bad testimonials on luct in friendster. serves em rite. okie, im grumbling too much. and before i chow, check out for more of our valentines dinner. mwaks all. niteys!
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happy valentines, peeps

happy valentines, peeps

hua hua hua… i just got back from one of the most exciting nites of my life, ever. and im dead serious. the annual valentine’s group date is held for the second time and this time, it was a bigger blast compared to last year. although, there were a little miscommunication about the price for the buffet dinner at pyramid tower hotel, the new extension hotel by sunway lagoon resort. anyhow, we managed to get the 50% discount and the food there were amazing. beats the one we had during xmas eve @ summit hotel flat. summit seriously has one of the worst buffet dinners ever. i, someone who can barely fry an egg without burning it, can stir up something better and that’s an understatement. enough about that but today, is the best valentine’s day celebration ive ever had. the group was suppose to be not more than ten but in the end, 15 turned up. not bad eh? i had 15 dates. hiaks. *chuckles*
i had alot of fun taking pix with my beloved mamak gang (esp the ones we took in the “orang cacat toilet” aka disabled people’s toilet. hur, six of us girls went into the washroom, locked ourselves in the disabled people’s toilet and started snapping pics of us on the toilet bowls and etc. lol. overall, it was fun and the presents exchange were amazing. we all loved our gifts (duh, we have great taste). hiaks. thank you guys for making our 2nd vday group date a success. *mwaks* and oh, biggest thanks to berd for finding us the venue and to terence for getting all da ladies “roses”. *mwaks*

the three beautiful women behind : max, beck and yeeng

becky and yeeng at the hotel lobby

becky and tin kit

our “reservation” for the nite

berd’s yummy cheesecake

the girls being decent

ladies of the nite’s VIPs

collection of faces (us fooling in the disabled people’s toilet)’s VIPs on a toilet bowl

sandy poll dancing in the loo… er …

us fooling with the toilet’s mirror

um.. second try

um… our best mirror shot

yee sang

us stirring the yee sang for good luck (im not so sure bout that. i usually just stir and make noises)

terence the pimp daddy

the boys trying to act cool but berd somehow look like he was advertising for reebok or something. lol.

the gorgeous and the beauties

group pix =”)

more of power ladies (do notice, this is the first time all three of us got together so dont mind us flooding the cams)

yeeng, wern ching <3 and becks
the presents

me with my pressies

raymond’s loveable pressie. so adorable, aye? <3 <3 <3

hur. how did u like my “sarah jessica parker” dress? lol. im glad most of you gave me two thumbs up. i guess the dress is the kind where you either love it or you hate it. lol. ive been so sick lately and i was back from malacca a couple of days back. thank god. the weather there was almost 35 degrees celcius and i swear, i almost died melting. i played lotsa firecrackers, ate alot, put on 7kg, met lotsa interesting people and collected not-enough of ang pows. it’s decreasing by the years. damnnnnit. im currently down with what i suspect was food poisoning (not of today’s buffet dinner, of course). havent been resting alot as ive been so busy running errands. ive currently got four job offers (all of them, my dream job) but sadly, i’ve turned all down. the hardest to turn down was that of bbdo, one of the biggest ad agency in malaysia (and the world, perhaps?). i know if i ever work there, my resume’s going to be an almost-to-die-for because of the agency’s background but i guess i’ll have to stick to my decision… to continue studying. but im going for a job interview for a freelance copywriting job this wed. and oh, it seems i was “wanted” by bbdo because they sponsored me for my special award i received during my convocation and there’s a cheque involved. wheee…
now, just now i went to uni to register myself as today is the returning date and found out that im an “illegal immigrant” there. fck. there were lots of misunderstandings and i might not be able to join my classes. airgh. *punches luct’s dumbness* not only did they not inform us, what they call as “advance standing students”, on the returning dates but also did they not inform us about the procedures that we had to go through. mch. now im a student and employee of no where. i did make the initiative of seeing a few of the people in charge and they told me to come back on the 14th of feb and now im being informed that i’m too late? *shows middle toe* and the best part is, not only is there not a suitable course for me (one that im very eager and keen to do, that is) but the closest to my choice will take me an additional two years to complete my degree. wtf? five years just to get a degree for mass comm and no honours? airgh. *shows middle finger this time*
uhhhh… and i went to collect my convocation pics today. i took only like 30 photos i think and it costed me rm439 cos everything came in packages. if i were to take everything, it’ll cost me rm1000. fuck. and the other pix i loved which was not in the packages ive chosen cannot be purchased unless im wiling to pay up till rm80-100 per 5R photo. stab me please. everything’s all about money money money and anything that has to do with luct, double or even triple it up, please. rm80 for a single photo?! O.o *shows both middle fingers*
and ive finally lost my gambling virginity and am now being called the gambling queen by my relatives. hur. my luck’s really good this year but sadly, im not greedy or else i could’ve at least gained rm1k. i guess my parents brought me up well. *beams with pride* ive got a whole 999 pages of stories to tell but i guess it’s super late now and i have so many things to do. i dont even have time for myself anymore. and ooo… see the baby on ur left? well, do i have a motherly look? do i? do i? LOL. THAT’S ME AGAINST MY BIGGEST PHOBIA! as most of you know, im no fan of babies and they irritate the shit out of me. but guess what? now im cuddling one and am able to smile for a pic. have i not grown up? ive conquered my fear. hor hor hor. bahs, i seriously need sleep. and oo.. im at entry 101!!! ive past my 100th entry. wee… t.cares peeps. *harg hargs*

gong xi gong xi

gong xi gong xi

gong xi gong xi once again. hung pao nah lai, please? ni men kuai tian jie fen ma. wo hen shu yau chien. okay, that’s my very very bad attempt to speak mandarin. sorry lah, im a banana (chinese who cant speak chinese). anyway, it just means go get married quickly because am i in need of money. you see, chinese new year is coming and married couples (divorced, seperated, widowed are also included) are suppose to give red packets (ang pow / hung pao) to the non-married ones (like me, for instance). money is filled into the red packets so i guess this chinese new year, i will have to do alot of visitting in order to collect my ching chings. hur.. i dont mind!
okay, ive been bumming around at home lately. attempted to try this banana chocolate chip cookies recipe but i somehow failed. it was my first time trying as i was sick of doing my black titties cookies (hua hua hua, check my entry from last year to see pix of it). my cookies turned out to be more like shortbreads/muffins than cookies because the banana i used were way too over riped. however, i’ve used the leftover dough to steam it into a cake and boy, it’s one of the loveliest cake ever. i guess the recipe’s more suitable for a cake than a cookie. hurr… *yums* okay, yest i was in kota kemuning for vywen’s farewell party and supposingly wei keat’s be-early birthday gathering. boy, we had so much food, red wines and cognacs… yes, cognacs. lol. i didnt know cognacs are the in thing now but it wasnt all that bad. we had 3 bottles, i think. not bad, eh? below are some pix.

me, playing with lightings from some park

front view of vywen’s semi-d

the beautiful fish pond from vywen’s neighbour

the stone walk (where its suppose to be good for your feet when you walk on it often) at vywen’s garden

some deco i thought was cute

strachan carrying hock beng through the stone walk (ouch!)

chan, hock beng, becky, lee zan, weng onn and see mun

the so-called newly weds : hock beng and becky

me trying to be artistic with a hennessy bottle

er… another attempt

the red wines we “stole” from vywen’s dad’s wine chamber

wei keat attempting to screw out a cork (hmm..) from a bottle

the sexy hock beng (hur…)

girls… (too lazy to find a more creative caption, sorry)

um.. more of us, trying to look sad…

becky and her new found friend

becky and her new found tits … weee… now the nickname durians sounds more suitable!

girls… in front of some super huge mansion (trust me, im a fan of big houses and this is the largest ive seen)

some tempat sembunyi orang bunian. lol. im not translating that.

us by the tree (scary, right?)

couple of the century : becky and yeeng

becky playing with fire

becky getting laid … i mean becky lying on some park bench

huaaa…. the weather’s killing me. i just got back from running some errands and i went to puchong to get my number plate done (thanks to the accident, my first letter fell off). man, communicating with the guy was such a pain because i cant speak chinese and he cant speak english. boy, how i wish im dating someone who can speak good mandarin, cantonese, hokkien and english. hold on, let me jot that down on my “want” list. lol. seriously, at times, i feel like an useless chinese because majority of the chinese here speaks chinese. *pouts* anyway, i’ll be heading to palm springs later for jimmy’s housewarming party. i bought a gift which i liked so badly but the box is so disappointing. when i showed it to my friends, they commented the box was “depressing”. it looks like something i got from some warehouse sale with ugly colorful deco and chinese words scribbled around it. FUCK! it looks cheap!!! but when you see what’s inside, you’ll fall in love with me. im not telling, just in case jimmy reads this site. but yea, i was abit upset with the box because i didnt know the box was that ugly before i bought it. *pouts* anyhow, im gonna write a note explaining that ugly box and my friends cant stop laughing at me. *sniffs* and oh, what’s with guys and palm springs man? i know a few guys and they all live/bought a unit there. maybe it’s time i move there too, eh? lol. dick’s place. *yums* i like! *rubs tummy*
okay, below are some pix from marco low’s (sandy’s bro) 21st birthday. i think there were a hundred plus people who attended and according to sandy, two groups of “celebrities” were there. underground bands, actually.

us, soaking our feet on the hot spring (uh huh, sandy’s house has a natural hot spring pool)

see? if you can actually soak ur leg in it, congrats, you’re as strong as us. lol. it’s frigging hot. almost boiling! =”D

representatives from the mamak gang

representatives from the mamak gang II

us by the huge hot spring pool. fall, and get ur balls cooked.

alrite. for those who has no vday plans, we’re doing the group date again. very very good deal at sunway towers hotel. buffet dinner. anything, email me: and i’ll forward the details to you. and oh, i turned down two job offers for an advertising agency because ive decided to continue studying. bahs, i hope it’s a good decision. and oo, once again, happy chinese new year, all.

bitchy weekend

bitchy weekend

hurrr.. ive been so so so lazy lately. my whole place’s a mess because im too fcking lazy. all i ever do is eat, sleep, eat, sleep and suprise, eat, sleep again! sighs, i had the WORST weekend ever. i met with an accident and out of all people, i had to meet a bitchy couple and my fucking convo was a flop. I AM SERIOUS! ask anyone who attended it, (not ppl who gatecrashed of course, cause they didnt pay the rm80/100). before anything else, i found a really old photo of a kid. i cant quite figure out who she is. any idea?


okay, back to the accident. alrite, since i told everyone to refer here instead of repeating it over and over, the story begins like this. after running around town doing some errands of my own, i picked wc and ken jun up from their respective homes. i sent my car for the way overdued service while we had lunch around pj. and then we had a smooth ride to ss15 for two hours plus of pool. i was about to go home when they both pestered me to stay and i gave in finally. went to wc’s place to chill out and then ken jun suddenly asked me to pick his friend up who was supposed to join us bowling later that nite. although i was abit reluctant, i gave in because ken jun’s my super good friend (can be considered childhood buddies lah) and so i went to kelana jaya to pick his friend up. the whole journey was smooth except on the way back when the fcking bitchy couple decided to jam brake and i couldnt brake in time. *WHAM BAM* i got myself in trouble. the guy was very polite and he said it was okay until the bitch came out. drama queen bitch. *shows middle finger at her* she started becoming sarcastic to us all by yelling, “OH GOOD! CAN GET NEW CAR!”. you see, the damages right, were almost nothing. there were only scratches! we went to the side of the road and negotiated. the bitch must’ve brainwashed the guy cos after that, he demanded for a whole new genuine part bumper. fucking shit. it’s only scratches, fcking dufus! i suggested respraying and all of those but he said nopes.
oh, wait, back to the bitch. fcking ugly bitch… everyone who saw her agreed. she’s lucky she got herself a boyfriend. i dont mean to be rude or mean but she started all the bitchy act. here are a few conversations we had with her.
1st conversation
ken jun : so why did you suddenly jam braked?
the guy : umm….
the bitch : it doesnt matter why we jam braked. you have nothing to argue here. you banged us, you’re at fault. so don’t ask. (something like that lah but in a fcking rude tone)
bitch, i didnt even say i wasnt at fault. i know the rules, tin can brained!
2nd conversation
me : hmm.. hold on. i need to make a few phone calls to see how much it cost. i could get cheaper.
the guy : alright, sure.
the bitch : it doesnt matter how much cheaper it is. whether it’s rm1 or rm100, you still have to pay so why bother wasting time?
bitch, i didnt even say i wasnt going to pay. it was partially ur fault for jam braking but i was willing to take fault. so shut up.
3rd conversation
ken jun to me : eh becky, where’s ur cam? take pix of the damages ler.
me : um.. ok ok. *searches for cam*
the bitch to her loyal servant (the guy lah) : eh, you go take my cam also.
the guy : huh? for what?
the bitch : eh, if they can take pix, i also want to take lah
bitch, why would you wanna take pix for? to hang up on ur wall? it’s not like you’re gonna pay for the damages anyway.
4th conversation
this conversation was through the phone. im not really sure of the actual conversation cos it was with my dad.
the guy/bitch : a whole new bumper will cost rm700. respraying etc, rm300+.
my dad : um, okie. i’ll get my insurance to settle the cost
the guy/bitch : but it will take a long time. i want cash.
my dad : um, i’ll still get my insurance to settle.
bitch, okay, as if it werent clear what fools you both are, the damages were so minor most people wouldnt notice. you might even need magnifying glasses! (okay, i exaggerated but so did they!). scratches. only scratches. i could’ve get it done with just rm300 and you want a whole new bumper and misc? why not change your whole car then? fckers. and you dare have the guts to demand cash? fuck off, thank you.
actually, i wasnt this pissed about it. i was able to tolerate all the nonsense but when i told my friends about it, they got more pissed than i am and i guess i got influenced. see, i have high tolerance but now, im pissed at them. although i wish i could do something to teach them some manners, i think it’s best to let bygones be bygones. ive got better stuffs to worry about anyway. sighs, now i need to go back to the police station to settle some stuffs. airghs!
and then comes convo day the next day. everything was disorganised and there were so many gatecrashers because IT DIDNT CROSS THEIR MIND THAT THEY HAD TO CHECK THE TICKETS, i guess. there were not enough seats in the hall and the food were some mamak-ish food and boy was it one of the most awful and expensive buffets ive ever been. the food werent enough, thanks to gatecrashers, and it was horrible. dont believe me, ask anyone who was there and see what they have to say.
okay, below are some of the pix taken by various people with various cams. my own pix taken with my cam, were sadly, spoiled. my mom didnt know how to use my digi cam so she didnt switch on the flash so it’s all blurry. *pouts* oh yea, i was awarded with some special award on that nite too, industry award of excellence : advertising – best in copywriting . enjoy the pix.

sandy and becks during lunch before convo

becks and sandy again

becks receiving cert

becks receiving cert again

becks and parents

becks and mom


group pix

group pix II

group pix III

desiree and brenda

desiree and becky

nicol and becky

brenda and becky and omg, whose hand is that?!

becky and the MOST LOVEABLE GUY IN LUCT, kok chee leong

becky and the MOST WANNABE CAMWHORE KING, brandon lim tin kit

more pix are available @ tin kit and chee leong’s site and also some online albums. im too lazy to link. ask me personally. hehe. and, OMFG! MY NEW HAIRSTYLE MAKES ME LOOK SO FAT!!!. and realise how the robe makes me look like someone from sister act with big tits. yeay, im the chinese version of whoopi goldberg. how COOL is that?! *rolls eyes* as for other pix such as marco’s (aka sandy’s bro) 21st birthday and etc. im too lazy to post pix. sorry. this weekend’s gonna be pretty busy for me. jimmy’s housewarming, vy wen’s farewell party and wei keat’s 21st birthday party. hurrrr… more $$ involved. nites people!