testimonials for my loved ones

testimonials for my loved ones

hi. i just got from nathans with the mamak gang. i missed the bak kut teh session because i “grounded” myself from going out as ive been out daily and last nite, i got a some sort of a major screwing session. but the sound of my beloved slurping yummy pork ribs is so tempting that i decided to “sneak” out but then, the shop was closing. *sighs* so the rest of the gang told me to meet them at nathan’s instead as a “consolation”. aw.. so sweet. and i bumped into my aunt there and the rest of the guys couldnt get over her beauty. they actually asked me for her num. crazy! she’s twenty years older than me, k. *piaks all of em*
ok, im feeling really tactful to my mamak gang, therefore, i will write them each, a testimonial. guys, if you dislike the pix i post of you, im sorry that you’re not photogenic. lol. *hugs*
MY #1’s (my guestbloggers, of course)
YEENG : who has not known of her existance yet, eh? she was, is and will always be my #1. my bestest best friend (yea, i know i sound like some schoolgirl but SUE me!) whom i’ve shared my ups and downs with umpteen times. we too, have had our rough moments and our happy moments. i love you, yeeng. i love you more than anyone else in this world. no matter how many guys there were who have stolen my heart away from you, you know, you’ll always be part of me. you’ll always be my girlfriend. YES, i know i sound damn pathetic with all the “i love you” crap, but it just shows how much i appreciate her for being there for me.
MAXINE : she is the person i knew the longest among everyone else mentioned. we were good buddies since my primary days back in penang. we then got seperated for about 5-6 years before we were brought back into each other’s lives thanks to the power of the internet. max and i are big time gossip buddies and recently, my new mamak kaki. <3. i still remember maxine as one of the "PLAYGIRLS" of convent pulau tikus back in std 5. yeah, babe, i remember you flirting at the school field with boys. tsk tsk*. i love you too! <3 MY MAMAK GANG
TERENCE : this is no doubt the closest person i am to among the rest of the mamak gang. how we first met was such a hilarious experience. terence mistook me as a stalker! i wont get into that cos then it’ll take me pages by pages and then you guys will be asleep by then. thank you terence for always being there for me and for always lending me a shoulder whenever i needed one to cry on. i know how ive disappointed and pissed you off but thanks for being so patient with all my nonsensical acts. someday, when im old and wrinkly with a dozen of grandchildren, i’ll tell them of my superhero, terence lee wei xing. arent you proud? aww…. *muacks*
BERNARD : okay, this guy just pissed me off about two hours ago but i quickly forgave him. he has this nature of taking candid shots of me and then “bluetooth” em to everyone. i think he’s fcking obsessed with me because i cant think of any other possible reasons on why he loves taking pix of me. he’s really really sweet and has a soft spot in him. he is my bully buddy and although he complains alot about the troubles of having to pick me up everytime we make plans to go out, i know he’ll still pick me up because he’s so sweet and adorable and … COLORFUL! im serious, he has a ready on make-up on his face all the time and i clearly remembered my dad used to nickname him, “opera boy”. ho ho ho. he is the most adorable penguin ive ever seen and the first penguin in the world who could shake his booties so well at zouk.
IAN : well, we have been through alot of shit and misunderstandings before. i seriously hope he has no more hard feelings about all of our “arguements”. he is one of the most gentleman ones among the rest. he used to buy me gifts whenever he goes to singapore. so sweet! even before we met, he already bought me lotsa gifts. *huggies* ian is always so talented at telling jokes (beats sandy’s monkey jokes anytime) and although some of them is super lame but it never fails to crack us all up. he’s the one who will make us laugh the hardest and one of the sweetest among all. also, girls will just melt whenever he speaks to them because he is quite a charmer! simply irresistable! *yums*
RAYMOND : well, he’s the one i knew longest among all the guys besides garick because we were schoolmates who barely see each other in school because we were like one of the most notorious “ponteng” kakis in school (quite a mouthful eh? lol). we werent really buddies then but we do talk online occasionally. raymond always had this “cool” attitude until today which sort of make people step away from him thinking he’s the “lan cee lan yong” (arrogant/snobbish) type. but seriously, after so many years of not seeing each other, somehow, we became friends and hung out in the same group. and he is the type of guy who would open the car door for the lady to step out and is always ready to protect us ladies from harm. he’s very sweet and he’s my personal car-instructor/consultant (which means he gives me tips on what to do with my car and how to do this and that..anything car related, that is). ray, you’re the man!
IVAN : this dude is the macho-est but the skinniest among all. how ironic is that. ive just come to realise that most of the mamak gang people are meaty and ivan outstands us all. he’s prolly three times smaller than me but he is somehow the macho-ish among all. he likes to shake his body when he talks (im very good at imitating it) and he likes to sweep his hair back whenever he talks. a temptation among any lady because of his good looks (well, he used to look good before he lost so much weight and became a male version of ally mcbeal). he’s also a “male” version of me (vice versa) because of our nocturnal habits. we both sleep during daytime and stay awake during the nite. also, he’s like the “yeeng to becky” as to terence. they cant live without each other. eternally bonded.
GARICK : i clearly remembered garick as one of the cutest guy back in my highschool. every girl in school knows him for his adorable baby looks then somehow, he left school a year later. plenty of years later, terence told me he has a cousin who was from my school and tah-dah, it was mr. garick goh. he is still adorable with those unmistakable baby looks. very gentleman and most likely, the most sensitive boyfriend material among all (i dunno, ive never dated any of them). i still remember my first time going clubbing with him and he has to pick a lesbian chick. LOL. please stay adorable and stop chomping!
SANDY : hur… the girl that even with 10,000 words, is not enough to describe her wild antics and weird fetish. sadly to say, i am pretty afraid of her because she has this big crush on my boobs. wait, a crush is an understatement, it’s most like AN OBSESSION! but that apart, from what i know her before her obsession, she was like a becky. she reminded me of me but with a more unpredictable and wilder side. she’s like a tigress which has the same amount of sexual appetite as me (which is huge) and she’ll make any guy drool whenever she passes by (that’s the only diff between me and her because guys run away when i walk pass, lol). i cant think of anything else cos most of it are better left censored. lol. nevertheless, i still think she’s someone you wouldnt want to miss having in your life.
LAWRENCE / ALFRED : no, your eyes were not playing tricks. this guy has two english names which confuses me at times. he is more like a clubbing buddy than a mamak kaki. am not really close but his smile is able to make you melt even from miles away. he’s garick’s best friend, btw and was also from the same highschool as me but then he left before i entered.
DHAO : yes, this is a new addition to the mamak gang as he just got back from aussie (but will be flying back soon, sniffles). this guy is adorable and no, im not the only one who thinks so. sorry, peeps, he’s untouchable as he’s happily attached to carina for four years. the only into-commitment person among all of us. he’s also my “driver” if terence and berd fails to pick me up. thank you so much dhao for being such a nice friend who is always ready to pick me up.
ISOBEL aka JU SHIN : hur. i love teasing her name. “ju on shin chan”. please dont call her that. she hates it. whooops? *hiaks* this girl is so so so quiet and no offence, iso, but you quite fail as a navigator. she’s the only person throughout my whole driving days that makes me reverse in the middle of a highway because she forgot to inform me about a turning. *tsk* but she’s really quite an interesting girl if you can get her to talk and she happens to be my primary schoolmate but we didnt know about each other’s existance then, though. what a small world, yea? and also, iso, thanks for introducing dan brown into my life. i love reading 600+ pages books for the first time. haha. btw, i think isobel would make the perfect gf because she is smart, fun and has this blur blur look on the face all the time but please, dont be fooled by it. she can be quite “naughty” too, you know. lol.
SABRINA : ha. this girl can never fail to amuse you. during one of the first few times i knew her, she msged me and asked me if i thought she was qualified to be a mtv vj and even wrote an email to mtv (but i dont know if she ever did send that mail though). i find her really pretty and she’s a mix of thai, portuguese and chinese. very mtv vj material so good luck, yea, sab. oh, and one more thing, she lives in a house that’s enough to shelter the whole mamak gang and their future families and grandchildrens and is an amazing cook. lol.
BRANDON aka TIN KIT : hur. the only guy in the whole gang who speaks like a tai lou. very witty and sarcastic, the type of guy that innocent young virgin girls would like because he portrays a “tai kor” attitude. no, that’s not an insult but rather, a compliment. innocent girls like naughty boys and erm, not that he falls under the “naughty boys category” but well, his overconfidence at times is pretty attractive. will be a big time heartbreaker in time to come. one thing funny though, he’ll always be the first to konk eventhough he’s the last to arrive whenever we’re drinking. funniest thing ive heard was he got drunk just by drinking half a can of … SHANDY! LOL. *cheers*


that’s all. i know it was abit draggy and boring but hey, im frigging stoning now so dont mind me. i’ll try to re-edit when im much more awake. and if your pix/name’s not there, it doesnt mean i dont love you. <3 anyway, below are some random pix taken for the past few days. i know, this is a fcking long entry, but WHEN ARE MY ENTRIES NOT FCKING LONG?! enjoy. more pix @ multiply.

me at sab’s swing

sandy, becky, sabrina and carina

chicken chop in bbq sauce from secret recipe, alamanda, putrajaya

kebab chicken with rice

chicken cordon bleu

dhao and his birthday presents

the car model which costed a bomb which we gave dhao. it sure caught alot of attention from the public. lol

some t-shirt i bought from alamanda, putrajaya

my second home. <3
the bar at chili’s

becky and terence @ the bar

terence and berd

garick and becky

chris and becky @ zouk

carina and dhao

hong and becky

becky and berd

terence and becky <3

okay. i need to recharge my batteries. more parties to attend tomorrow. nites!

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  1. hahahaha… actually, got alot of those kejap datang, kejap pergi wan lor. but malas lah. like this, do until bertahun also kenot finish. LOL. see how much i sayang you all. sayang me tak? 😀

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA…. and you had the privilege of changing your pix! should be extra flattered. dont care, next time bak kut teh on you. now craving for it liaos :”(

  3. ivan believe me u arent the top cam whore, u come in second, i am the 1# vigilante cam whore! nobody ever beats my title! hahahahahahaha

  4. tinkit always nak jadi the boss eh? tapi kejap jer dah KO, tak guna tul.. mwahhhaha
    Eh, ur grandchildren, WILL be my grandchildren la… ur having terence jr. now wei. So said u! 😛

  5. HAHAHAHAHAAHA TU LAH. TAI KOR YANG TAK BOLEH MINUM! joke of the century. beats sandy’s monkey joke anytime. LOL.
    OMG. DONT LAH ANNOUNCE TO THE WORLD… malu gila. *runs to her almari gelap* hahaha 😀

  6. eh.. haha.. cute sial testimonials. Thanks for taking the time to writing it. 😀
    Sememangnya akulah camwhore paling cun melecun di antara benua. 😀

  7. HAHAHAHAAHA please settle that #1 camwhore title with tin kit. or maybe both of you can challenge lah. i dont mind hosting the “cam whore competition” between you both. kalau terence nak join LAGILAH power gila siuts!
    and you’re welcome. SHOWS how much aku cinta pada kamu semua. MUACKS. *flying kisses to everyone*

  8. wah!! so nice fo you to write all this.. actually im considered one of those come and go types la cuz im most of the time in aus or hav no transport! LOL no i havent sent the mail yet! ROFL damn scared *penakut gile* thanx for ur testi 🙂 didnt think id see testis anywhere else cept frenster but this is cool! thanx becky!! <3

  9. How to become cam whore #1
    1. To have a priceless look picture of yourself on mofoz.com.
    2. To have a picture of yourself touching your nipples on mofoz.com.
    3. More to come.
    So far ivan fits both and tinkit d0esnt. So tinkit, unless u on ur webcam and show ur nipples and lemme snap, till then, ur not cam whore #1 😀
    Ivan’s the undisputed #1 cam fuckin whore.. w0oots

  10. sab, that’s cos im COOL! muahahahaahahaha. and please, go send the mail ler. LOL. who knows you might get it but i highly doubt so. LOL. nvm lah, come and go or not, you’re one of the few females so sure dapat SPECIAL treatment abit. LOL.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA. tin kit, see, there’s the few reasons why you’re not CAM WHORE #1. quick have your tits and dicks pix snapped on webcam and maybe, you can beat ivan on that title! 😀

  11. and i terharu giler lar… although kenal tka lamer.. but we can comment/kutuk/gossip macam dha kenal sepuluh tahun… susah nak cariii gurlfren like u.. and u mmg look like my mum … tuh yang i respek giler..(im mummy and daddy’s girl) like purrrrfecttttttttt hanging out wid becky

  12. haha..i dont know what else to say besides thank you. *hugs* *muaksss* ..pls forgive me coz i just came back from class and my eyes are seeing stars now and still got berlambak things to do before going out later :(..thank you for being there for me all this while also!! and yeah MISSSSSS YOU LOTSSSSSS!!!!!!! 🙂 and not forgetting the mamak gang also..dah lama tak jumpa them 🙁 *cries*
    p/s: my face looked like ‘pau’ in the photo!

  13. apa benda lah sandy. so ur mixing with me cos i look like ur mom lah? ish. sakit hati yg teramat maksimum. but yea, it’s nice having you as a friend. only if you would get your hands off my chest, then i think everything would be perfect! <3

  14. pau?! LOL. lidi got lah. so skinny somore keep losing weight. pretty soon, you’ll be the ally mcbeal and ivan will be the male version. padanlah dua dua. LOL. okie, tonite i’ll be seeing alot of you and i’ll be sleeping with you. we’ve got some serious catch up session to do. nites gf. jumpa kamu malam ni! or rather, in an hour’s time. LOL!

  15. no lar.. the mumsy point is like a bonus lar.. like those combo beribu ribu combo bonus to love u
    my hands are AWAY from ur chest d… dah kire perfect ar?

  16. becky i just told my mum u look like her.. guess wat seh saidd… she is very sweet.. kan i dah kater ur sweet.. my mum said the same also! bangga tak?

  17. BTW, this is becky. aku malas tukar the name and all. this is not yeeng okie.
    sandy : omg. sandy. apa benda. yea, if your hands dah far far away, itu dah 90% sempurna. 😀 and ur mom said i sweet? laah.. *sakit gigi* she’s very very sweeet tooooo… *hugs ur mom*
    terence : apa ni. hamsap kemaksiman. *locks u up in my long abandoned almari gelap*

  18. beckyyy, this is really too sweet. thankies thankies. *mwahs* okie lar, gonna increase the belanja limit a bit… you can order anything until RM12 instead of RM10. tambah 2 ringgit.. LoL 😉
    long live the notorious mamak gang <333

  19. Eh.. Becky.. you forgot to add in the line to promote me.. the one that goes.. “You can add Ian into friendster at ianbenjamin[at]wizardrie[dot]com! LOL!

  20. ian, serious meh?! u really want that there? wah lau. must charge promotion prices all leh. LOL!! i’ll edit later la if u really wan. now super sleeeppyyy 😀 ZzZz….

  21. i’ve got the shortest testi. 🙁 but nvm sweet enuff. so thank you dearrr..*hugs*
    although i hate the pic. but then again…i hate all pics of me ..so nvm laa..
    anyway, sab is mix portuguese and thai also?? OMG?! LIKE MEEEEEEEEEEEEE…well i’ve got loads more mixture also laa..but stil!!!

  22. eh sayang, ur under my number ones okie. lol. where got shortest?! aiyo. i think shortest is lawrence or dhao. keke 😀
    and damn you! like i said earlier in sms, ur pix is lawa! nicer than chic chop in uptowns. yum yum!
    max, awak rojak habis lah. lol

  23. hahahahahaa OK OK I UPLOAD LATER THEN WE SEE!!! HO HO HO!!! 😀
    max, p/s, before you say anything else, i love you too. MUACKS! <3

  24. gena, hahaha. it only means two things i guess, it was really really interesting or you were just bored out of ur wits. thanks for reading! 😀


  26. aiks…isobel@ju shin as in NG Ju Shin?? Her face damn familiar..she was in my primary school awhile I think..sri subang

  27. hahahahaa berd, tak nak. nanti kena bunuh upside down. LOL.
    omg. why all my friends kenal one another? *pening* hi sk! looks like we were school mates too! LOL! 😀

  28. eh MU vs Arsenal on 2/2 345am la…how to go Souled Out?
    Anyway Chillis jOMMMMMMmmmm !
    sandy, datang jer lah..auto di-invited.

  29. sandy… eh baru realise, the football match’s at 3.45am, how to go souled out? eeeee :”(
    berd : chilis before dhao chow k. and bbq/steamboat @ sierramas tooo!!! 😀

  30. hahahaha. the bee on the choo choo train. ada banyak story lah they both. tell until ur cucu cicit keluar also tak habis habis! 😀