lazy bum becks

lazy bum becks

(/edited) @ 15.01.05 1:32pm
EVERYBODY! check out this super cute sex postcards. awww… *slurps*
omggg… im getting lazier and lazier but hey, at least ive changed my very much outdated halloween layout. looks like im not all that lazy, eh? i know, i know, i have about 20 photo albums to upload but then my gallery’s down and dion darling is busy chasing chicks ever since his arrival in kl so yea, it wont be fixed till dion’s free. meanwhile, i’ll upload only important ones in my multiply account. evan, i’ll try to upload those malacca pix asap. sorry man. busy.
this week has been my busiest because my relatives from aussie came over and they’ve just left for sabah this morning. im kinda missing them already because we’ve sorta bonded for the past 7 days. over the years, i dont really talk to them or any of my any cousins because i was so proud and i think im the greatest and that the whole world revolves around me but thank god ive changed and boy was this a good beginning for 2005. evan, when is your turn to be in kl? hopefully, by this year, a’ight!
we did planet hollywood, bangsar twice, sunway lagoon, pasar malams, pool clubs, food shopping, movies, shopping, and shit loads more. phew. alot of dramas happened too but then im too lazy to talk about it. alot more stuffs happened for the past two weeks like how limkokwing offered me an account executive post, how my job agency found me a part-time copywriting job (but ive been pushing them to hurry up on the application), meeting interesting people (*drools*), having unwanted arguements and how much weight ive been putting on. but it’s okay, i’ll be swimming every two days once. i seriously need to lose weight. my cousin, jo, went backpacking in europe and came back half her size. now, that’s something i wanna do before i turn 30. it’s a must or i’ll consider myself a major failure.
below are some pix taken recently at sunway lagoon. my second time spending the whole day there. my cousin toppled at one of the slides and hit her head on it and then had bruises all over. it was a big drama alright. we then got her into the first aid on a wheel chair and all. damn pityful man…

me and cous jo infront of the wagon wheel ride

me and cous jo infront of the water park

us infront of the water park

me, stucked in between two floats

us with the floats

us, again

us on one of the rides

me, all drenched!

me on the suspension bridge

me with sunway city behind

the sunway lagoon resort

sunway pyramid

sunway lagoon resort again

the limestone exhibition

me at one of the photospots

me and the horse i hope to see my prince charming ride someday

okay, i know i always say i dislike sunway but sunway lagoon waterpark was nice. we did lotsa crazy stuffs there. hiaks. eh, cant blame me okay cos i spent my whole teen years growing up in sunway. sunway pyramid is still a no-no for me unless for movies. oh yea, dearest guestbloggers, where have you two been hiding? blog wei! okay, cant think of anything else to say. nites. *dances under the moonlight naked*

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51 Responses

  1. wooohoooo…new layout!!! aku sexy siut tapi tak pakai kasut!!! haha! hmm..kinda miss sunway lagoon…so long didnt go there main main liao…i remembered playing the ride(7th photo) for about 10 times!!! haha!!

  2. haha yea. i didnt realise that ur barefooted. sorry lah. damn susah cari gambar 3 ladies together though. lol. hehehehe. it was okie lah but i think next time, i’ll pay for waterpark only. dry park not worth it! 😀

  3. hmmm dont think so ler…tak apa lar. but water park fun meh? last time i went okok nia…:) one day we go lar ya? 🙂

  4. hahahahaha…. alah, next time kita organise lah pergi sunway lagoon ivan. heeh :”D~
    errrrrm actually yeeng, the waterpark is more worth your money ler cos dry park not many nice rides also. hehe. one day ler. we go backpacking in europe before 30!!

  5. ooo i love that ride that yeeng was talking about.. ;D one academy students get free entry into lagoon while sunway students do not.. where’s the justice in that?! as little jack in meet the fockers said..”aaasssssss….hoOoooLleeee”

  6. oh yea, the ride is called grand canyon river rapids. hehe 😀
    huh? one academy students masuk free? serious ke? or was it just for work purposes? wahlau. not fair man! mahal k. rm39 per person. LOL. “asssssss hooooooooooooooooole”

  7. haha..seriously…were u not wearing anything inside as said by ‘anonymous’.cos it looks at tho…hahaha… damn nice wei…haha

  8. wheeeeeeeeeeeee! omg look at my flabby stomach! hahahahahah =)
    becky, *hugs* it rocks as always =)

  9. becky!!!! anya hindmach has a bag wid this picture… 2000++.. but its dman nice.. this is my fave layout of urs.. second is the bubblegumZ… naper yeeng nyer breast paling kecik hehe
    and white pants to sunway lagoon.. ader ter-reveal aper aper?

  10. ooohhh… great time at lagoon… seemed to improved a lot, the last there was 1993, hahahahahaa… i like the sunway lagoon resort view pics..

  11. max….. okies. nathan’s cheese naan on you since i made you look sexy in such bikinis. HO HO HO ^___^
    sandy! SERIOUS?! LOL. hai latz. sama gambar?!! LOL. eh yeeng paling flattest among us both i think but seriously, it was just a coincidence lah. LOL. and oh, white pants white shirt was just coincidence. LOL! SERIOUS!
    pikey, hahaha, my last time there was 96 man. i cant really remember how it was last time but i know the wet park is more worth it than the dry park lor. and please try the tomahawk ride and make sure u sit infront. LOL. alone! if possible cos that’s what i did. lol. thanks for the compliments! 😀

    and yeahhh i pun never been to sunway lagoon! =)

  13. eh no lah. when i was just looking for inspiration. so aku tengok ur muka and yeeng’s lah. see if can do flash or something. hehe. ^_^ not the halloween layout k.

  14. yes serious..i hate going to theme parks; coz i’m afraid of heights so i dont go on the rides. love to go with ya 🙂

  15. huh? u takut of heights can duduk rides ke? LOL. nasib baik aku budak berani. tak takut heights. but if too high then look down the stairs, rasa uncomfortable juga ler. but i’ll purposely sit on the railing or something. saja nak tunjuk berani! 😀

  16. oh yea. omg. im a big fan of roller coasters wei. i purposely duduk dua kali. lol. ^___________^. eh serious, any of u kalau pergi lagoon, please try tomahawk and duduk infront

  17. omg, shari?! for real?! alah, wasted. ur missing alot.
    hahaha jinny, what suit wor? *faints* swimming suit ke? alah. u got nice body, i dont mah. :”(

  18. becky: yea, swimsuit..
    adui becks who says i got nice bod?
    so skinny! aku walking skeleton n u saw it for yourself adi how skinny am i

  19. hahahaa. eh serious shari, aku susah cari swimming suit. either tak leh pakai or when i pakai, fats melimpah keluar. kesian gila 🙁

  20. becky eh… u dunno how hard is it to buy clothes for myself!!
    me: eh nice shirt/blouse/pants la..
    friend: eh yala nice la.. try la try la
    me: ok ok get the S size…
    *after trying*
    me: eh too loose la..
    friend: wahlau eh so loose.. u S size also cannot wear, wear wat? kiddy clothes?

  21. for me, jinny sayang, is the opposite.
    OMG!! SO NICE! and the biggest size? M!
    or if they have L or XL, the cutting is the cutting of an M. that is even more embarassing and frustrating. =(

  22. ah… i get incredulous stares, ppl all think i am anorexic when NO MATTER WHAT I EAT I JUST CAN’T FREAKIN GROW FAT!
    ehh becks.. wanna do liposuction-transfer to me?