“heaveen… heaven oh cant you help me…. im down on my knees please help me…” *sings out loud* heaven by nu flavor. AWESOME SONG ISNT IT?! our mission to send dhao to heaven last nite… ACCOMPLISHED! happy birthday dhao and may you be blessed with many happy moments. sounded like some hallmark card man. anyways, i’ll tell you about yesterday through pictures. easier, isnt it? im too lazy to tag my url on all the pix. it’s only 200×150 pix anyway. steal if you must. i’ll try my very best to narrate to you guys. (^^,)V


me and wern ching @ ming tien for dinner and the man utd vs liverpool match. YOU FCKING DISAPPOINT ME, LIVERPOOL!

me and i-wern

isobel, me, ray and berd before leaving ming tien

iso and me, all geared up @ ray’s

after waiting for the frigging cab for 30 mins, ray decided to drive straight and off we sped into the federal highway … (p/s: nice pink beetle! fully tinted. some royalty’s)

welcome aboard to thai club, peeps! er… that was the bar actually, blinded by disco lights O.o

dhao and ray daring one another

flaming lambo! i was suppose to have one too but konked before i could have mine.

intoxicated ian…

me and terence

garick being the gentleman, poured the lady a glass of whisky

… while terence played the “bartender” for the rest of them

ian started the william hung dance moves and we all got infected

sab and becks

cheers people! and the other “tak-tahu” malu groups cheered “yam seng” with us

me and my new found friends

ian and the rest trying to drown me in alco (boy, i love candid shots!)

“more ice, people?” yelled becky as she held a bucket of ice around

iso, sab and me as we went downstairs to get some fresh air

and i went back upstairs with a balloon. how neat is that?! *rolls eyes*

as everyone’s eyes were on my balloon, i found tin kit wasted. HOW CAN?! he’s one of the last ones to arrive and the first to konk? aww… man! *TSK*

and someone snapped a pix of me going down myself. thank god for ciggies, it helped me recover faster. and wait a min, is that sharon ZzZz-ing behind me? O.o

gang bang

gang bang II

gang bang III

after having enough of my pix taken, i went out for a fresh air and bumped into apple. kawaii neh. i forgot to take pix of tin kit sleeping on the staircase and i ran away with his awesome big-as-ivan’s-iron-churchbell-balls watch…

afro-ed sandy with lotsa nipple stickers and me

sandy and me again (boring wei, just the two of us)

and so we added jun seng and berd into the pix

tin kit cutting the gum of ray’s hair

may that unlucky bunch of hair rest in peace… *amen*

okay, the end. now, fucking hell! before i entered thai club, the guys asked us ladies for our ids. i joked to the bouncer, “hey, im a mother of two, man (and pretended to be pregnant with another). cant i enter?”. ian overheard and laughed out loud. i think the bouncer didnt think the id was mine. he kept checking my face and my pix on the id. apa lah! as usual, i did my FAMOUS trick! i smiled at him like how i usually smile at people to let them give in and it worked. aw… *BEAMS* hehe.
yesterday, a string of misfortunes happened. carina got pok mong, i got pok mong but by our very own nipple-stickered-afroed sandy who slapped my boobs in front of everyone like as though they were ping pong balls and had her hand and big hair rubbed all over me (man, im traumatised for life…), sab lost her phone, ray’s hair got stucked on a gum, birthday boy’s hair got burnt during a flaming lambo and teng teng teng… best of all… GARICK got spiked. pity that fella, man. but overall, it was an awesome nite although i retired from the dance floor two hours before it closes. after an awfully long mamak session, they headed to bak kut teh at klang/state (no idea which) and wait a min, did i just spot “dim sum” too in terence’s nick? omg. i think they went for dim sum and bak kut teh. so much for trying to lose weight, guys! *snickers*

and oh, one more thing. sandy mentioned the guys looked awfully GOOD last nite. the effects of alco, eh? i thought they looked DELICIOUS too. O.o and muacks, thanks for being SO NICE AND CARING TO ALL OF US LADIES last nite guys. <3 <3 <3. oh yea, before i chow for real, sab and me were eye-ing on this super tall guy (who fcking looks like one of my exes!) from his group of super tall guys friends (whom we first suspected were gays, lol) and we made berd try to snap pix of him by pretending to snap pix of us. tak jadi lah. *SIGHS* anyway, the complete album will be up soon @ multiply. stay tune! …till then, im going back to bed to fix this splitting headache of mine. tonite, more party @ sab’s. *yawns* nites!

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45 Responses

    yea dim sum and bahkutteh… kekeekek
    mission would have been even greater success if we had to carry dhao on the chair like those bunch of
    chinese guys we saw.. mwahahhahaa

  2. and i dont think sandy drank?
    so it’s not the influence of alcohol,

  3. FUCKING HELL! THAT GROUPS OF BENGS CARRYING THEIR FRIEND ON A CHAIR WAS FCKING HILARIOUS!!! WE SHOULD’VE TAKEN THE PIX! AND PIX OF TIN KIT LAYING FLAT ON THE STAIRCASE AND SLEEPING WAS PRICELESS! alah, damn me. kebodohan yg maksimum. why didnt i take pix of those! ur cam and carina’s cam, harap harap, got chun chun pix! HAHAHA.

  4. oh yea. wait a min, sandy dont drink. minum coke je. i dunno, when sandy arrived, i cabut from dancefloor edi. TABLE KITA ORANG FROM 4 DOWNSIZED TO ZERO!!!

  5. where is my pic lah??
    when sandy came, all 4 bottles finished d..so i think she finished up the whole jug of coke.
    dhao didnt reached heaven last nite lah…was 80% there only…HAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. muahhaa
    ezit this top?hmmm
    i aint got a clue
    *scratches head* o_0″
    less than 10bucks in ringgit?=x
    why did u call ur frn ‘nipple-sticked’?LOL XD
    she SLAPPED ur boobs?aint tt embarrassing?LOL XD
    why did she do that?wahha XD

  7. YEAAA.. COS WE KENA POTONG STIM RIGHT BERD?! ish!! and WE SHOULD’VE CARRIED DHAO IN A CHAIR! shit. haha. the one pengsan wasnt dhao but sabrina. APALAH!!! 😀
    KARIN! AIYO! where got so cheap?!! does it look that cheap?! my friend said it looks close to a hundred ringgit. 😀 GUESS SOMORE! my friend? cos she keeps telling us about her nipple stickers and her protruding nipples etc. hahaha. SANDY, are u a lesbo wannabe? *runs away* hell yea, it was embarassing. ian had the shock of his life. LOL!

  8. instead me yang sendiri fell for the trap which we initially planned for dhao!! i damn stupid!
    i will vow and quit drinking i swear!!!

  9. I COULDVE SWORN IVE HEARD THAT BEFORE! lol. tin kit, apa lah. less than 15 mins, you konk edi. LOL. training slowly lah. this one, outbeat everyone else especially the bday boy. lol.

  10. HII BECKY! you seem sooo high and happy in those freaking pictures! hahaha. how long did we not go to each other’s site? =D ewww. i moved btw ! i fianlly got my own domain =D

  11. haha mandy! i still visit urs often but you dont visit mine that often. sniffles. hehe. yeay, finally ur own domain! t.cARes! will change ur links soon! 😀

  12. sandy, u keep talking about ur nipples sticking out then guna sticker etc. how lah i know u. lol. AND PLEASE STOP SLAPPING MY BOOBS okie. strictly for guys only. 🙂
    max, tipu. i know you have a crush on someone. JGN TIPU!!! 😀

  13. omg! puhlease. i takde crush on anyone of the mamak gang. all girls what!! sheesh. i’m no lesbo!

  14. Ok.. For all of your information, the picture of that hair? It wasn’t hair from the head.. 😛 It is hair from the pubic. One makes you wonder how that chewing gum got there in the first place.. HUA HUA HUA! Sorry Ray!