goldilocks of bukit jalil

goldilocks of bukit jalil

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. guess what people?! there’s a goldilocks in bukit jalil! *points at yours truly* yeaps! i am now blonde with curls. FOR REAL! *does her boogie dance* it’s a friggin long story and it was not intentional. my intentions of going to bukit bintang was to shop for shoes, a bag and ear rings but we ended up spending almost six hours in the saloon. WTF! yes, six friggin hours and poor yeeng had to seat next to me and watch the whole process killing her silently. so so sorry yeeng. i know you wanted to shop and this whole hair thing was really not intentional. forgive me, please. and oh, we just got back from a “MEET-A-MAXINE-SIBERT” gathering @ stevens uptown. *yums*

okay. the battle of the cam whores! my hair is gonna beat all your titties and cutesy faces *looks at ivan, terence and tin kit* there will be pix of the process (out much later cos im too lazy) and some pix taken after my hairdo. okay, it cost rm308 for cut + color + perm + treatment + mousse. okay right? since it was done in bukit bintang. sighs. i spent my last rm300 on my hair and i’ll be broke till chinese new year so please dont ask me out unless you’re willing to spend me. *pouts*

me @ the beginning

my hair all curled up

my hair being connected to wires

me in towels

priceless picture of sandy!

more pictures of my hair! YUMS!

ok, brain dead as im on the phone with berd now. *ponders on what to say* oh, my new hair. i guess because ive been swimming lately so i got tanner that this color doesnt really suit me anymore. im used to dying this hair usually, or something a little darker. been working on my tan but then it turned out uneven. sighs. and oh yea, last sat, i had two back to back parties to attend to. one in sunway and the other in sungai long. it was okay i guess. i as usual, did stupid stuffs and recommended them to others too. below are some pix.

birthday kiss for the birthday boy

scarecrow pose

kaki cacat

cheerleaders wannabes?

mangsa-mangsa tsunami (which directly translates to tsunami victims, much prettier versions though). lol. we were doing the “circle of friendship” thingy but i guess we got the wrong angle

and people, WHAT TYPE OF FACE SHAPE DO I HAVE? ive been wondering about that for a very long time. i guess its either “round” or “heart shape”. hur. and also, i know, im being super vain here. SUE ME! im very sure i am not even half as vain as sandy and berd. lol. that’s all for now. byes!

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80 Responses

  1. yeaaaaaa LAH TERENCE!! U LOOK LIKE SOME KU WAI CHAI TAPI THE PIX YOU TOOK WITH ME WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!! 😀 i look cute tooo and no! I DONT LOOK LIKE SABRINA! 😀 well, maybe she looks like me… HAHA 😀

  2. alamak siapa chic blondie tu? sangat mengempak!!! rambt yang mengcurly tu sangat suit u la woooo hoooooo!!!

  3. becky… *ke-speechless-an*
    but my eyes look bigger tthough.. and my lips..redder.. tak letak aper aper pulak tuh… but u photoshopped it .. dha senget dha..
    oh well.. priceless pic happens at ery website.. like how ivan’s to terenz.. becky sememangnya sayang kt aku

  4. CORREEEECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TERENCE, we only get gempak priceless pix FROM ME! i am the best photographer and the best model for photographs among all. MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAAHAHA. *runs and hides away from sandy*
    brandon… SERIOUS OR NOT!!! SURE AH!!! not ah lian-fied right?!! if nobody wants me, you’ll want me right?!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!
    jean, aku chun gila!!!!!!! RIGHT? RIGHTTTT?!

  5. sandy, i didnt touch up at all man. that’s naturally you dan yea benar, aku memang sayangkan mu!
    berd, where? takde pun? *looks around*

  6. HAHAHHA MEET THE MAXINE SIBERT GATHERING. syiok giler. must have it more often. hahaha i must merajuk more often…
    berd berd……………….. 😛

  7. eh havent tell my favourtie pic yet… the first row fourth picture and the bawah row secodn picture.. those are paling goldilocks…

  8. MAX!!! tu lah! u look like as though beh syiok aku je. ambil gambar ngan aku,tunjuk muka bosan. mana boleh! and max ambil mc? LOL. bukannya kerja also. lol. ANDDDDDDD AM I NOT SUCH A SWEET FRIEND MAX?! i made that gathering for you. ARE YOU NOT TOUCHED?!! 😀
    berd, huh?! what ah beng ah lian pic?! WHERE?!!

  9. terence, i think so toooo!!!! this max jahat. tak mau ajak her liao. ambil gambar buat muka bosan. *merajuk*
    hahahaa i dunno which one is sandy talking about also.

    no laa, i had headache rem that time? so i was like damn in pain so hahahah..hence i looked bored.
    terence, jgn lah macam itu! i suka company u alll…damn sukaaaaa. <3
    berd, eh i merajuk for a good purpose ok. 😛 i know u hate me la ..its ok.. tak caring langsung. rather see me die ..tak nak follow me to cyber last nite. nvm.. NVMMMMMMMM.
    becky, nolah. i where can beh syiok you. and YES ON MC! sick la..fever, flu, bla bla. =/ hiaks. i told the doc ‘ i really need mc. i feel soooooooooooo sick ‘. which is true lah.. 😀

  11. but what do ghost stories and mc have got to do with one another? tu lah aku pening.
    and pg girls dont wear skirt all, that one is berd told me wan. that’s why he wants KL chicks. always pakai skirt, macam sandy.

  12. hahahahah he likes sandy duhhhhh! of course he say that laaaaaaaaaaa … obvious.

  13. omg. leech also commented. LOL…
    SERIOUS?!!! leech, serious?! haha. my friend says it makes me look fatter. >_________<
    but i guess, it was a daring thing to do, yea?! 😀

  14. im loving it! looks great eh why sumone sey u look like me? no laaa! i not blondeee.. 😀 and i tak kira goldilocks tong sampah hair lah mine looks good la becks it was daring but looks great! KUDOS

  15. sab, eh who said that? yealah! yest they were like “eh omg. sab looks like becky!” apa bendaaaaa… *kicks em*
    yea. kesian berd. everyday dirompak sandy!

  16. wow, major makeover i c. for some reason, you remind me of joss stone. if only i had the courage to re-do my hair….


  18. HOLY COWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOK LIKE JOSS STONE?! that’s a fcking big compliment wei. THANK YOU THANK YOU!! *TAKES A BOW*
    shari, hahahahahahhaa. GO DO UR HAIR! DO SOMETHING FUNKY!! 😀
    max, betul ke? alah. sayang sayang. gives u one teh ais! 😀

  19. hahahahahahahaha jinny, i am mixed what. should have abit abit ang moh lah but i like it lah. im like an ang moh ah lian. WOAAA PERASAN GILA! just kidding. :”D

    sandy, aww… *MUACKS* sayang you banyak banyak! 😀

  21. jole, thank you thaank you!!!
    sk, so many things for only rm250-300?! wah so cheap. mine was rm288 without mousse.

  22. i was thinking of saying that to u long time ago about the joss stone resemblance but i forgot!
    yup..planning to colour my hair this tuesday…hopefully it turns out well

  23. jinny, aku takut wei. *runs and hides in a dark corner*
    shari, serious ke?! terima kasih! and besok, best of luck! post lotsa pix yea. i’ll check ur site for new pix. hehe 😀 good luck with the neeeew hair again!

  24. i wanna do mine smtg like yours too but it’s gonna be damn ex here! then again taking a bus up there will add up to the 288 rm too.. and they may rip me off for being a sg’rean. argh.

  25. hahahahaahhaa… i can help u bargain!! lol. quick come kl! i heard from ian ur coming kl right? come! let’s do our hairs together. mine is considered cheap already because most of the shops in that area will charge rm400-500 (and im not talking about the upper class ones even). sighs.. 🙁

  26. yes serious. i need all the luck!!
    yup, shops usually charge higher if they know you’re well-to-do or just from other places.