a new year, a new beginning!

a new year, a new beginning!

happy new year. how was your new year? i bet it was nothing filled with tears, yea? well, mine was but unfortunately, i am not supposed to tell. im sick, hurt and scarred for life. i will never forgive the person who caused all this. never ever. at least, not anywhere near soon. i wish people would just know the truth but unfortunately, i have to hide everything and let people think things are fine. let’s not get into that anymore.
as usual, new year, you do new resolutions. my new resolution is as always to lose weight (gained alot of extra kilos now), learn how to move on and stop clinging on to my horrible past and also, to have more quality friends. not that hard, right? well, i think the hardest would be to find quality friends. friends whom wont let you down and wouldnt hide secrets from you and backstab you. i know i am not one of those you would call quality friends but at least i dont backstab and wont usually let you down and if i know something is wrong about you, i will inform you, whether you like it. we all must learn from mistakes and sometimes, it takes another party to be able to point out those, right?
anyway, been meeting and bumping into lotsa friends lately. of course the now defunct pool gang is called mamak gang, lol. so far it’s berd (i see him almost everyday wei!), isobel, maxine, sunway gang, amanda, ping, lizzie, dion darling and many more. sorry for not linking yea? lazy ler… *pouts* below are some pix taken in the past few days.

bet you guys mustve heard about the tsunami quake that has hit from malaysia to tanzania. click here to light a candle for the victims. take care all of you. not really in the mood to say much. this year, will be a better year for me. hooray. *blows the horn*

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  1. I need to lose weight too! Argh. I know what you mean about finding some quality friends. I used to have a bunch of friends whom I thought were great..and I had a best friend. But now my best friend don’t even ask me out anymore. It’s sad but I really don’t wanna give a damn anymore.
    Happy new year!

  2. hahahaha sandy, it’s daaaammmmn kelakar wei that gambar! 😀
    gena, yea, i know what you mean. oh well, but at least u have a great bf to turn to. hehe. t.cares! and happy new year!

  3. happy 2005! hope things get better and better for you ya.. 🙂 and hey, wei kiat proposed to you – accepting or not?? heh heh. 😛
    LoL and my face got blocked by becky’s bunga… apa lar. 🙂

  4. hahahahaha eh please. wei keat is 3 times smaller than me. LOL!!! and i wouldnt date him also lah for a million dollars. LOL!!!
    yea. sorry wei ur face kena block. lol. nvm, got other pix! 😀

  5. Selamat tahun baru yer… 😀
    Don’t la sad sad all. hehe. and…
    FINE AH NAMA AKU TAKDE DALAM MAMAK GANG U! 🙁 I belong to the “and many more”. Sedih pilu aku. 🙁

  6. eh i never mention anyone from mamak gang too. HAHAHA. cos mamak gang is the former pool gang members maaaaaaaaaaaah. APA BENDA wei. terence also takdeeeeee. jgn lah sedih. *gives u a sharon plush toy*

  7. happy new year girl. my exams are over, so we can meet up anytime 🙂 my mission this year is not to gain any further weight. take care..

  8. hahahahahaa i also am trying to lose weight but i keep getting visitors and friends here so i keeep putting on weight! *sniffles*

  9. MMU memang sucks lah..but only after I leave..as for now its still okie..
    Ivan merajuk his name not inside..hahahahahaa..nemind next time projector on becky.

  10. aww… max, jgnlah terasa but it’s true maah!!
    jean darling, amanda just left for california this morning. sorry… =(
    hahahaa… i love isobel!!!

  11. eh berd, jgn buta buta go frame me wei. apa benda. *kicks berd all over* mmu not nice. no leng jai!!
    max, im sorry mate. you lost! 🙁 mmu does suck!

  12. crap.. i was supposed to meet up with her!! but didnt manage to ask her the date she came home.. alar.. now i wont get to meet up with her for another 2 years..esh

  13. alah, she’ll come back every year i think jean. not sure lah. hehe. or probably wont come back liao. hehe. cos mahal lah come m’sia. she rather go japan and all. hehe 😀
    aw.. max, i love you too 😀

  14. sucks! cos i thought i lost my car keys, got a ride home to get my spare keys only to find my car keys are in the ignition. wow. crazy man!