now you know how you can excite me…

now you know how you can excite me…

i was about to blog about the differences between like and love but then i got too lazy. am abit on the emotional side because of the lil troubles that have been happening and it has been accumulating for quite a while. one of it is something about me and the job agency which im too fcking lazy to talk about as ive talked about it in my g3isha and lj. anyway, there are only two things in this world now that can cheer me up (who cares if it’s temporary) which are, david usher (click link to view his pix) and lomo cams.
about david usher, i know dion thinks he looks like david. well, he used to when he had hair and was meatier. lol. now you’re even skinnier than david lah dion. and david’s a frigging twig what more you?! dont mind david’s body please cos it’s a turn off but his looks! his dark mysterious handsome looks. who could say no? *yums* *rubs tummy* im sure some of you who have followed my blog since my virgin-slayer days would’ve remembered him from my previous layouts. *yums*
as for my lomo cams, i like this and it’s so frigging cheap. the one i originally wanted from folio, one utama, is this and i thought rm150 was cheap until i saw online, it was only USD19.90. anybody wants to make my day (or year, even)? i so want it for x’mas since everyone’s in a christmassy mood. well, holidays are never happy days for me. things get worser. i hate holidays. yea yea. call me a sour prune for all i care. i just have never had a happy holiday. never had a happy valentine date (except this year’s group date! there’ll be another next year hosted by yeeng), happy x’mas, happy cny, happy hari raya, happy deepavali… you get my drift. okay, nothing much to say except im a very angry person now. i’ll bite *roar*. as for the pictures from penang, sorry, im too darn lazy.

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  1. hmmm…nx year v day’s group date will be organised by me? ehhhhhh how come i dunno wan? i am a lousy organiser..:(

  2. im gonna be in melbourne for valentines.. either arriving valentine’s EVE or valentines morning.. aihhh… *covers face*

  3. pfft.. david.. sap sap sui laaaaaaa… no hair + less meat > more hair + more meat! 😛
    ahhhhhhhh… you’d be surprised what ppls say about the great superman!!! >_<

  4. hahahaa cos u dah ajak terence mah. lol. terence cakap kamu dah book dia. 😀
    jean, aiks?! ur going to melb? monash? aiyo. so potong stim wan!! 🙁
    hahahahahaa dion, i am yet to experience the “great” superman. lol. or even meet him 😀

  5. ehhh count me in the group date! 😛
    di0n , yes la..just brag about the sexy comments of the sexy pic of yours you love so much!

  6. max, what sexy comments? what sexy pix?! damn it max. dont wanna count u in. sure ffk like this year. 😀 ffk queen.
    yeeng, it wasnt all that weird lah. it was fun mah. ada water fall all. so many kwai lous. this time we do reservation earlier lah. this year was abit too rushing.

  7. eh i will ppk only if i have exams! and i cant make it cause of exams/assignments or class. thats it. other than that i’ll try my best.
    nolah,that pic of dion with the beer bottle in his hand. the only “SEXY” pic of him… =)

  8. i still think he looks girlish (david usher) wahahaa.
    ehhh becky i want lomocam also. when you get your lomocam, be a good girl, do the right thing. donate to me yah! *grin*

  9. every pic of me is seksi! 😮
    rawr rawr rawr!!!!!!!!!!!
    btw becky dear, i know you’ve met me in your dreams!!! muahahha >_<
    die la you maxie! 😛

  10. jinny, HAHAHAHA. u wish lah right? i wanna get also so so so hard. apart from the 4 picture capture thingy and being able to capture pix in dark without flash, what other benefits does a lomo cam has ah?
    max, his friendster pix somore? oh gosh. where have i been?

  11. hahaha IN MY DREAMS?!! dunno lah. u quick come back laaaah. i wanna share naans and cherries with you. 😀 and oo, maxie as dessert. lol. 😀

  12. yooohooooo… actually what does a lomo cam do? all i know is its just like a analog cam… does it distort the pics by itself?

  13. becky..well PENANGITES say ppk i’m so used to saying ppk rather than ffk! soooo .. 😛 and i hope vday nxt yr no exams lorr.. mmu has this tradition of having exams on vday itself. which everyone complains about. sucky.
    dion, why i die leh? *confused* 😛

  14. hmm ill only have one kind of cherries! >_< *wink wink*
    and maxie for dessert? hmmmmmm *grins* but im very selfish wor.. i don’t like to share! 😛 how!

  15. my new sem starts exactly on vday =(
    well, actually makes no difference la… who actually goes to first day of the sem anyway? 😛

  16. dion… hahahaha. u ah… ish. mou tak kau! kenot be helped! lol. *sees max ride on dion*
    wei, u sudah berpunya. vday means bad day wei. kena keluarkan banyak $$. 😀

  17. eh..please don book somewhere in the jungle like last year okie….last min call somore..but it was nice ppl..ahhaha
    everyone is booked d? so i book who?

  18. haha both max and berd from mmu. sedih betul. keke. how come berd can make it but u couldnt wor max. he also from mmu what.
    berd, quite sad right we all. every vday no date have to date in a group but yea, it was fun. remember the air terjun all? lol. sesat gila babi.
    berd, u book the whole group lah. haha. lagi untung. but then u can or not wor? when is cny ah?

  19. larrrrrrrrr… liedat be each others date la! simple merrr… one single guy.. one single girl… be dates for vday la! or both max and becks can take one arm each.. from me! 😛

  20. hahahahahahaa. u will be here meh for vdays? if yes, im dating you and i dont care how many girls are QUEUING up to date you. i come first in line.

    dion, YOU ACTUALLY CALLED ME MAX?! OMG .. its gonna rain horses and donkeys today …

  22. ladies ladies… there is enough of me to go around! 😛 yes, even this skinny superman has more than enough to go around!!!!! >_<
    and becky dear.. what part of “im going to be back for good” dont get you?! 😛
    MAX.. muah..!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. max, eh please. priorities goes to how long u know dion. i know longer than you so TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAD. tunggu lah k. dion’s mine for keeps. 😀 HAHAHAHA… love you babes.
    dion, ur coming back for good?! SERIOUS? HOW COME?!! wahlau eh. i didnt know that. DION’s mine for goooooooooooooooooood. 😀

  24. *goes to the corner and cries her eye balls out*
    how come dion’s coming back? CAUSE HE FINISH STUDYING DEE lah ..haiyo..blur woman lah you…:P

  25. hahaha he did? hahahahahaha. omg. im so blurrr… my own dried prunes also i dunno. wah lau. but u know me, i get bored of things fast. if he comes back for good, i’ll be bored of him fast lor. shit. nvm lah, when im bored of him, i pass to u k max. haha. then when i want him back, pass to me back k. then u go cari other jantan. sounds fun! 😀

  26. OMG! eew…no way..i dont take ppl’s trash! =) wahhh whats this ‘pass di0n around’ game izzit. hahaha

  27. becky i also wanted a lomo cam ler.. at the camper shoe shop rite? my cousin told me ull watse the whole roll of film if ur not pro enuff.. maybe 2 out of 36 will turn out.. but 150 jer.. haha
    remmeber to count me in for project ‘vday’ ya…

  28. hahahaha dion is a for play only dude. KIDDING DARLING!!!!! hehehe. but then i was thinking lah since SOOOO MANNNY PEEEPS wants a piece of dion, share lah right? sharing is caring wei. 😀
    jinny, LOL! NO WAY!!! not unless i get something better in return. 😀
    eh, camper shoe shop? apa benda itu? haha. it’s available at folio ler. i dunno about the rolls. my friend seem to be using it fine even though she had no idea how it worked at first. haha. and project vday, nak jadi co-organiser tak? 😀

  29. smart ppl dont spend on gf on vday ;]
    smart ppl spend on gf before and after vday.. ho ho.. well.. actually i dun care much about vday.. its just another day to me.. i’ll just wish her a happy vday.. no flowers, no fancy restaurant dinners to expect from me though XD

  30. wahlaueh, make sure ur gf wont mind lor kwei. haha. some girls really expect alot on vday wan lor. but then treat her earlier ler before roses’ price rises from rm1.50 per stalk to rm15 per stalk. lol. i know for sure i wont have anyone buying me roses and etc.
    max, alah. saja nak kacau dia. haha. hush. :”D dia tak paham bm. 😀

  31. hahahahahahahaha. =) dia tahu sikit sikit. nanti dia tahu, hahaha…. hairan lah kita. hahaha omg. my bm sucks.

  32. weh, aku 150 kena bayar tuition la. you blanja me la wei!! *winkz* xmas in few weeks! bday in few months!! *nudge nudge* MWAHAHAHAH XD XP

  33. wahlau eh sandy, if buy flowers for each other, kena beli sebulan sebelum vday. if not, 10x more mahal. haha.
    max, dia tak paham lah. haha. if not, pasti dia dah reply kan? actually, i think he belum baca. if he baca, he should understand. simple bm.
    hahahahahaa lizzie, u big waterfish. kenot lah. i wanna eat roti canai with ais kosong also must think twice. haha. 😀
    hahahahahaa. u lousy lah berd. mana boleh itu macam? 😀 next year vday more candidates, come lah.

  34. hahahaha no lah. ive managed to recruit new singles into our vdays next year. alot chun chun chiqs wor. u also bring ur chun chun friends okie. 😀 then it’ll be a chun chun vday group date. 😀