Bday blues

Bday blues

I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way since its my bday and all ..but sigh, sometimes its just so uncontrollable. I was really looking forward to my bday for no particular reason. Just the joy of people calling and wishing and stuff like that. But yet the date has come, and its still very much like any other day. Aaah..birthdays are not significant anymore. It used to be fun. The thrill and excitement of thinking of what presents I’ll be getting and so on. The kiddy parties I used to have in my house every year which I would invite my friends to come over. All that will just be memories, nothing else. Life has to go on. I’ve reached the ‘big 2-0. Gawd, I feel old. Yet, there’s no turning back. I’ll just have to embrace it with open arms and be ready for what lies ahead. Oh gawd, total bunch of crap.
On a lighter note, thanks people for calling or sms-ing or wishing me online. Hehe. Really means a lot. 🙂 *hugs and muaks*
Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERENCE!! Glad to share the same bday as you. LOL *hugs*
Computer Security final paper on Monday(22nd) and Systems Analysis & Design final paper on Saturday(27th). Feel free to pray for me as prayers are very much needed. hehe.
Take care everyone.

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31 Responses

  1. chin up, darling! it’s ur birthday!!! *strips dion for your sake* that odd to put a smile on ur face, right? dion worr…. lol.
    and you know what max? i dont remember being invited to any of ur parties before! 🙁 now im sad…

  2. YEAH CAUSE YOU WERE IN OUR SCHOOL FOR LIKE WHAT 1 YR!!!! november 1996..were u still in penang??

  3. hahaha strip dion for me?! that would do lah..since we cant afford professional strippers! hahahahah . 🙂

  4. eh, i was in cpt for three years lah. wtf man. u cant even remember!!!
    hahahaha dion has big balls u know. check out his msn nick… siap ada bola lagi.

  5. eh, i was in cpt for three years lah. wtf man. u cant even remember!!!
    hahahaha dion has big balls u know. check out his msn nick… siap ada bola lagi.

  6. hahahaha thanks eve!!! *hugs*
    becky, 3 yrs ? WOOPS! OMG..hahahhahaha..okies. oh wait yeah i rem! i rem u in our standard 5 pic
    u were standing at the back! hahaha. omg 😀

  7. bad memory. honestly. =) all i rem was your uniform was really faded blue. hahahahahah CORRECT OR NOT!?

  8. erm thanks viv?! haha ..thank youu.. 😀
    becky , sorry least i rem you in my class lah. hahahahahhaha 😀 muahs

  9. hahaha thanks di0ny 🙂 you and your ‘ eppi burfdei’..spell it properly dude! 😛 so when u gonna strip for meeeeeeeee? 😛
    bernard .. hahahaha very hot jungle indeed. 🙂
    becky, teresa? please dont remind me abt her. remember marcia lim!!??

  10. not teresa lah darling, terasa! means… OUCH?! lol. apa benda teresa pula. lol. marcia lim? wtf is that? lol. i told u kan the other day i saw teresa. 😀

  11. ahahhahaha OMG sorry! i read it too fast..tot i saw teresa. MARCIA LIM.. short short wan ..sat with peggy khaw…


  13. standard 6 pix i takde cos i was already in kl :”D
    hahaha only men in ur mind now kan? study study study tapi teringat lelaki juga 😀

  14. hahaha no dion. you’re my birthday stripper! read the 1st comment of this entry..:P my bday pressie maahh so u’ve got to do it ..blekkk ..:P

  15. becky, yes how not to forget man…sigh.. although they suck at times, but always not forgotten 🙂