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guys and their empty promises

guys and their empty promises

hur… been wanting to blog about this for ages. im sure most of you girls out there have encountered guy friends (bfs included at times) who tells you they will call you later but they wouldnt. the thought of blogging about this came into my mind when my friend was complaining about how much she likes this guy (she even dumped her bf of six years because of him) and how the guy is so shy that he doesnt say anything to her. from my point of view, he likes her too but is not sure of it. he did simple things that if a guy dont have something for you, they wont do. simple things like attending a party where nobody you know but her is there and etc. now, remember this, girls, guys are sweetest to you only when they are going after you. i have had my fair share of such sweet treatments. how i wish if only there were guys after me again…
the feeling is just undescribable and your ego gets boosted to the maximum. being an egoistic person, i sure like the feeling of being chased after guys and etc but it hasnt happened for months. anyway, that’s not my point. my friend, let’s call her, b, complains about it alot. i too, experience it alot especially lately but for me, there’s no point complaining because guys are like that… except when they are really into you. yesterday, my guy friend, k, said he would call me back halfway but didnt. actually, i told him i wont be going out with him if it’s around subang, so that isnt a good example. i know this someone who will call me, talk for a short while, ends it abruptly and says will call me back, but will never do. i think it’s just men’s nature. as for women, we tend to remember our promises better. a friend cried the other day about how this guy she adores alot still after so long keeps making empty promises to her. simple empty promises. i told her, “fret not, darling, cos all men are like that so it isnt just him”.
guys tend to say things without thinking properly. if you ask em out casually, “hey, wanna check out this place on sat?”. “sure”. and then you wont hear from them on saturday. i am speaking in general okay and based on my experiences, so please dont spear me down if you disagree or feel like it’s you im talking about. also, according to this article i read, women tend to remember things six times better than guys, which explains why we can remember when we had the first time we held hands, first kiss, first date, and etc but not guys. i try not to blame them when they dont remember dates like that but at times, i will feel unhappy but i wont let it bother me much. to tell you the truth, i use to remember all my exes birthdays, the first time we kissed, the first time we got together and break up but now i dont remember anything except for my recent one (which i was abit more crazy cos i remember every single detail except for his car num plate ). so girls, try not to keep so much expectations and hopes unless you’re really certain he’s into you big time and is ready to commit to you. some guys just play around with your feelings and my best friend is one of them. thank god she is strong and smart so she doesnt really let it get into her and bother her much. im so proud of you. *hugs*

You are 87% Leo

after watching much sex and the city, i realise that i have changed tremendously throughout the years. i am now into commitment (at certain levels, that is) and am no longer into flings. i am conservative and kind of reserved which contradicts my older personality. i actually found out from some friends that some guys perceive me only as fuck buddies. *ouch* now im proud to announce for the first time that i, someday, would like to settle down and get married. yes, you heard me right. i know i have always been against committed relationships and marriages but now, i am a cross breed of carrie and charlotte and a little samantha and miranda too. i am sarcastic when it comes to people who irritates the shit out of me and horny when i am with someone im truly into. quite balance, yea?
okay, as you all know, i just got back from penang and my unplanned ipoh trip. for just four days, i have spent about rm530++ (and i actually had to use my maybankard to pay for some of my stuffs still). it is the most expensive penang trip that i have ever had cos i usually spend only rm200-300++. the pictures will soon be @ the gallery. too lazy to resize and stuff now. i havent been sleeping properly for few days. i actually didnt sleep for about fourty hours yest and the day before. i stayed up the whole night watching all the dvd9s i bought when i was in penang. i actually finished the whole season of sex and the city in one night. hur. beat that. ive been a driver for my family lately but it’s okay i guess. been experimenting with my cooking and all. omg. i feel so housewifey-ish.
the penang trip was okay until the last day when desiree and karis got stung by jellyfishes. it was a big drama and all but im too lazy to talk about my trip. the most romantic thing was when we were at the beach on the first night till four am++, drinking, chit-chatting, watching the moonlight shining against the sea, doing sandcastles (which failed badly and ends up looking like a badly shaped cake), analysing the clouds, and watching shooting stars pass across us as we lay on the beach. the only thing missing there was my beloved but i guess i should be happy with what i have now and not think of my past. the problem with me is i always let it haunt me and i hate that. oh, and another memorable thing was my first time puking while drinking. we opened bottle at fever, a dance club, and i dunno why but i drank quite alot for a casual drinking session so by the time we were at a mamak, i was feeling so sick and just puked all over. gab even took pix of it. eww….
okay, apart from all that, if any of you do have any sorts of freelance/part time job vacancy, contact me yea. i need a job badly. that’s all for me to say now. im so tired but i cant sleep. god save me. amen.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life – a living diary.
If it happens, you blog it. And make it as entertaining as possible.

(/edited) @ 3:35pm, 29th Nov 2004
im too lazy to start a whole new entry cos i dont know what to say. anyway, i just received my beloved JOLYNE G.MAMA‘s XXX post card all the way from london. it’s so lovely and now im craving for more of such XXX post card. i was so proud of it i bragged to terence and i found out he got a postcard and a birthday card. where can?! haha but g.mama, thank you so much. i love it big time although my mom was abit embarassed by the post card. will post a pix of it soon. i just experimented with my own pasta and im so in love with it. super cranky now cos i slept at 8am and was woken up 3 hours later to send mom to work. sniffs. good news people, i officially lost 10kg since august. i am god, alright. \m/. will do swimming later, adios. oh yea, i adopted a pet penguin and named it kukubird. how creative. ho ho ho!

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road trip <3

road trip <3

weeee…. i have been so so so frigging busy for the past two weeks. been going out daily for official and unofficial meetings. yums! just got back from pulau indah, west port. shari’s house to be exact. haha. the journey there from my house took me an hour plus one way and i picked yeeng up on the way. it was the most hilarious drive cos i have never driven so far before and the place is somewhere i have never been or even heard of. i drove from one end to the other and reached the port terminal itself! we stopped alot by the roadside to take pix of the natives (orang asli), fishermen’s village (kampung nelayan), swampy areas and weird-ass bridges which will be at my gallery soon. the road was so long and straight we even drove with our hands folded behind our heads. i even took pictures while driving and i think i freaked yeeng out. lol. it was a great experience especially this one time when i drove pass a traffic light but i didnt know if it’s red or not and infront of us were railway tracks. i stopped my car in the middle of the road, started laughing and looked at yeeng.
me : so how?
yeeng : i dunno. (laughs uncontrolably)
me : just go lah k?!
yeeng : eh dont want lah. dangerous wei.
me : then how?
yeeng : gostan lah (reverse lah).
me : want meh?
yeeng : yea. gostan and see whether it’s green or not.
me : err … ok
…then i reversed but couldnt see the traffic light cos it was way above my car
me : so can go or not now?
yeeng : yea. it’s green. go!
me : *vrroooooms*
…and we laugh uncontrolably throughout the whole journey like crazy women high on weed.

part of the west port

the west port container terminal’s main entrance

shari’s house

yeeng, me and shari

yeeng, me and shari again

the road signs to the way home

thank you yeeng for accompanying me. haha. you know im always doing crazy stunts on the road but thank you for having faith in my driving. anyway, selamat hari raya, shari. thank you for inviting us to your amazing house for lunch. *drools* was trying to sleep when desiree called me up.
desiree : eh, going penang or not?
me : huh?
desiree : we’re going penang tomorrow. coming or not?
me : huh? you are? okie lah count me in.
and therefore guys, i am going to penang tomorrow. lol. so hilarious. oh yea, went thai club/bar to celebrate garick and terry’s birthday on friday. below are some of the pix. click here to view others. more will come when i manage to collect all from the various cameras that were brought that nite. thank god the drinks were enough for us because some of them didnt drink. as for me, i had rashes. omg. first time after so long! and thai club/bar was a disappointment that nite. the deejays suck big time. it was like as though you’re dancing to your radio set at home because they cant fcking stop talking! YUCKS! btw, no captions okay. too many pix.

happy birthday boys!

oh yea, most of the pix are not up because i refuse to put them up. some explicit and illicit pix and some pix are just of me and way too much fats. lesson learnt, dont wear tube when you’re as huge as me. ho ho ho. also, happy belated birthday to my lovely friend of 10 years, maxine anne (jean) sibert, edwin and keith ee who shares the same birthday. gee.. i wish i had people to share my birthday with. hehe. max, be good and good luck in your exams, yea! amigos pare siempre. byes!
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Bday blues

Bday blues

I know I shouldn’t be feeling this way since its my bday and all ..but sigh, sometimes its just so uncontrollable. I was really looking forward to my bday for no particular reason. Just the joy of people calling and wishing and stuff like that. But yet the date has come, and its still very much like any other day. Aaah..birthdays are not significant anymore. It used to be fun. The thrill and excitement of thinking of what presents I’ll be getting and so on. The kiddy parties I used to have in my house every year which I would invite my friends to come over. All that will just be memories, nothing else. Life has to go on. I’ve reached the ‘big 2-0. Gawd, I feel old. Yet, there’s no turning back. I’ll just have to embrace it with open arms and be ready for what lies ahead. Oh gawd, total bunch of crap.
On a lighter note, thanks people for calling or sms-ing or wishing me online. Hehe. Really means a lot. 🙂 *hugs and muaks*
Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TERENCE!! Glad to share the same bday as you. LOL *hugs*
Computer Security final paper on Monday(22nd) and Systems Analysis & Design final paper on Saturday(27th). Feel free to pray for me as prayers are very much needed. hehe.
Take care everyone.

nite at rennie’s

nite at rennie’s

wow. havent slept well since wed nite. life has been a miserable hell but im not supposed to explain why because i just hurt someone important’s feeling by penning down how i felt and i guess, that was the end of everything. nothing much to say actually. not going back tonite. i cant face my bedroom. have been avoiding it for days. anyway, not gonna whine anymore. below are pix from rennie’s, as promised. thanks ken jun for the cam.

the cute sex quotation boards at rennie’s bar

aunty trudy, the woman behind rennie’s

me experimenting kj’s cam at the bar

bongo with his cigar

me and my lecturers : joot, siew poh and bongo

the little and the big : lingy and me

suan mei, me and vivien

me and nicole, da woman

karislingam and beckysamy

me and trista *muacks*

lung and me

joanne and me

me, jasper and eswandy

kris, desiree and becky

desiree, becky and joanne

hui yee, brenda, becky, desiree and elaine

ling, becky, brenda, trista and desiree

ling, becky, brenda, desiree, trista and kris

vivien, suan mei, ling, kris, sunny and becky

part of the gang munching

sunny, cindy, ling, becky, xia xue (shirley), sulaiman, trista, nicole and brenda

joanne, kris, suan mei, poh, joot, vivien, wee yang, sulaiman, hui yee, siew poh, becky and trista

another pix on the gang..

the class and bongo

the class

the chiqs

us at pan cafe, state, all sobered out

some of the gang who went to pan cafe

while i enjoyed my ciggies and drink

the nite was filled with emotions, flying curses, pukings and break ups. i’ll always cherish the times ive shared with this wonderful class, M6A. thanks for being there for me that nite guys. i owe you all big time. for now, i’ll finish up my sex and the city episodes. i am suddenly liking sarah jessica parker alot. used to dislike her. okay, off to pack my bags. nites.

bye bye M6A

bye bye M6A

wow. i havent blogged for eleven days. hehe. been so busy for the past two weeks. i was barely at home, running up and down to vista prima (near cyber) for assignments. i was so home sick alright. anyway, ended finals yesterday and all my presentations except for one, which was postponed to next friday. im having mixed feelings now because im happy that ive finally completed my diploma but im sad cos i wont be seeing most of them ever again. anyway, the saddest thing among all is … my digi cam died for good. i was so devastated until ken jun came in his steel clothes and on his white horse and handed me his digi cam. olympus mju digi cam somore. *drools*
yest, went to chillis for the first time in two months plus. and for the first time, i didnt quite enjoy the meal (some chicken and prawn citrus thingy). i loved the prawns and the rice and the soup and the ice cream but not the chicken. it was dry and i only took a bite or two and played with the rest. what has happened?! i was looking forward to going chillis, my heaven, and they disappointed me. even joe 7th’s beef steak isnt up to standard anymore.
anyway, i had an arguement earlier this morning way before the cock started crowing. i found out something unbelievable about this SO-CALLED good friend of mine. huh. so much for being nice because he had really unbelievable intentions. the worst thing is, i tried speaking to those i trust (only two of them) but boy was i disappointed because not only did i not get the morale support i need but i got screwed and dissed. life is full of disappointments, eh? im just so sick of everything. i dunno why must i be surrounded by so much dramas. all i want is to lead a simple normal life. why must i be surrounded by weirdos. grrr… bastard! you’ll die you’ll die you’ll die! so much to say but im just so not in the mood. looks like i’ll be spending the day hiding below my blanky. check the pix below. took on the last day of class and moments before my digi cam, the love of my life, died for good… *amen*.

brenda and diah before their presentation

cindy and “monyap”, the mascot

my group’s unprepared presentation

gab sleeping during one of the presentation (not ours!)

brenda and cindy joining him…

mr. bong commenting while brenda just got up from her nap

while i played with my digi cam…

becks and desiree

becks, brenda and desiree

half of the class ran out for lunch and took a group pix

group pix II

group pix III

some of the chiqs in my class

more chiqs… *yums*

future models from M6A, eh?

uhmm…. guess not.

we were just checking and see who’s the strongest. i was the biggest but yet the weakest. couldnt even carry brenda.

my group and mr. bong

my group and mr. bong II

everybody loves mr. bong

everybody loves mr. bong

weirdo looks

and it’s time to kick some asses in the real world… (taken with the international girls from my class)

the end. nites.

trick or treat!

trick or treat!

thank you guys for making tonight a success!

i just got back from a halloween party not too long ago. im happy i survived the night while half of the girls were already tipsy. it was my first halloween party and im aesthetic over it. it was amazing! although i was supposed to be at the party as this elegant black fairy, but i handed my mask to wee yang and my wand to whoever who needed it and put on a ju-on (the grudge) lookalike make up. okay, so mine was supposed to be the mother of addam’s family but it gone wrong so i was a cross breed of the addam family’s and ju-on’s. the nite was amazing. for once, everyone put on their make ups not to beautify themselves but to make emselves look as horrifying as possible. below are a concoction of the hundreds or even thousands (since there were heaps of digi cams, handphone cams and dv cams and i personally took almost 200+ pix) pictures taken tonight. too lazy for captions.

there were heaps of food and liquors. according to desiree, tonite’s the night she drank the most. same goes to me. everything there had something to do with liquors. yums. im so frigging tired! another two more weeks before i graduate from diploma. part of me cant wait for all this to end, part of me am reluctant to let it end. i have three assignments to finish by today and it’s already 5am! goodness gracious. wish me luck, ya? t.cares. nites. muacks.