So here I am, as usual nothing much to say. But I have to fulfill my duties of blogging this time so yeah, here I am. Haha.*hugs becky* My new semester started like 5 weeks ago and gosh, 5 weeks have really flew. And there

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  1. hehehe dear, i was thinking that maybe one day i stay over ur place or u stay over mine. apa macam? syiok tak?
    and omg. so many bdays this month kan 😀

  2. yes yes mine’s next month! hahahahahaha..:)
    and sounds good man seriously. just screw our clashing exams and holidays.sighs

  3. hehe yea. which means this site expires next month too. ada sesiapa yg nak donate and pay for my domain name? 🙂
    yeaps. so bila u free tinggal at my place? 😀

  4. darn. it does? nxt month? awwww shooot.
    well okie, i have 3 more weeks of this sem which is filled with midterms and assignments. then i go back to penang for 10 days for study week. and then i come back here for finals and then i have a break for 2 weeks. hmmmmm……..

  5. maxine : if you’re looking for a printer, try getting a lexmark z600. my gf bought it for rm94 at carrefour midvalley, and the quality is pretty good for a printer that price 😉

  6. becky, yes and we can hardly walk 😀
    wei, lexmark for only rm94?? wooh..thats a very good buy. Lexmark’s really good but one thing is the ink cartridges are soooo expensive. thats why i didnt get a lexmark. hehe, thanks anyway! 🙂

  7. noooo seriously you think I don’t wanna stay and hang out with you meh? its just the bloody timing that is so bloody not right. this sem so short – 8 weeks semester. i have midterm 2mrw and nxt week. then only 2 weeks more of classes. and then study break for a week then finals. wahhhh stress…

  8. let’s meet up ler.. we’re soo near yet so farrrr
    this becky also like sooo bz oni….
    btw, i love ur braids too! so alicia keys keke

  9. sandy, thanks dear. Yea,I always love alicia key’s hairstyles – she does so many ways of braiding. so niceeee..:D and yes we shud meet up!! definitely ! 🙂

  10. omg. crazy lah mmu, forever exam. just now only i told yeeng that you have exams then she was like … “again?!”. hahaha. crazy gila babi. i’ll never study in mmu.
    eh sandy, tomorrow after 1pm, free? max, u? we meet up sama sama.

  11. Ohh man…i wana go to phi phi island too!!! Always wanted to go to thailand! Hehe…hope you had fun there!

  12. heyyy jolyne *hugsss* yeah it was fun really nice. phuket is reallyyyyy niceeee. phi phi was good too especially the snorkelling. superb! 😀

  13. yeahh and the cartridge is not that expensive too right? darn.. but nvm lah..HP not bad. just that the cartridge is quite pricey.

  14. i agreed with Maxine…i spend too much on my HP cartridges but i do print alot of photos and stuff.
    thailand..never been there..only the border line hehehe

  15. haha u mean bkt kayu hitam?! yeahh i love thailand. also reason being that my asian blood is mostly thai so yeahhh .. hehehehe .:D

  16. my epson printer cost rm300+. catridges run out of ink so fast and it cost about rm150+ everytime. printing quality somore not good. eyucks. im sick of epson! 🙁
    max, bila mahu pergi thai lagi? 🙁

  17. Cyber’s full of entertainments ler..how can you complain that its boring?? :O I’ve been there for 4 years and still enjoying each and every moment I’m there..
    btw, Phi Phi island is now officially on my next holiday list.

  18. Becky, haha wanna go PD ??
    Bernard, haha yes – but its a really small island.if you wanna go to phi phi island, like 2 days would be just enough. if you wanna stay longer, enjoy phuket. phi phi island is 2 hours boat from phuket. oh and phi phi island – official nude beach! phuket too..ahhaha…

  19. max, eh can also. but then pd beaches mana lawa. sorry ah, didnt see ur reply earlier on.
    and max, u tak nak pergi phuket dah ke? 🙁

  20. phuket? i wanttt but as u can c.. i dun have much hols in dec. not even for xmas. i ahve to take my own leave for xmas. hahaha.
    pd – i can dapat cheap or even free( i hope) chalets at avillion resort.really nice. cel’s and my uncle is like the gm there.

  21. I’ve just cancelled my year end trip to Bangkok last night..planning to save up to get some stuffs which will cost me all my holidays..
    Nevermind..next yr we shall go…please load ur cameras with batteries and CF card b4 we go Phi Phi island okie..hehehe

  22. eikk bernard…end of this academic yr in may ..we have like what 2 mths hols right?? yeahhh good time !!!

  23. aiih. i’m sorry lah. you see my schedule and see lah. i only have 3 weeks of hol usually. and thats like so freaking short cause the 3rd week results are out and if anything bad happens, the 3rd week of hols have to study to take supp paper. so its always like just 2 weeks of extreme fun and 1 week of torture if anything BAD happens.
    then for xmas, i dun even have holiday u know!! not even one fucking day!! i have to take my own holiday just to go back to pg!

  24. Everyday in MMU is a holiday…but still so many ppl complain the holidays not enuff when its more than enuff..
    ask any Delta/Epsilon FOE n see…everyday is a holiday.

  25. yeah maybe cos last 2 yrs is basically not many lectures to attend and all those shit. and hey, u’re lucky . u’re graduating dee. i;m like what stuck her for 1++ yrs.

  26. mmu damn bodoh man. takde hols. limkokwing also bodoh. too many hols. 🙁
    hehe im graduating in 3 weeks time. wee 🙂 but then got deg lah. dunno where to continue also 🙁