*i’m back*

*i’m back*

hie everyone! i am back….finally! 🙂 hehe can’t remember when was the last time i actually blogged here.oh yeah, it’s yeeng here btw 🙂 i wanted to blog but unfortunately my hard disk *kabooom* and so have to wait for my bro to get a new one for me..and finally after 2 weeks i can use my comp again. thank god 🙂
i wanted to talk about alot of things but i just dunno where to start. hmmm….i guess now i’m feeling the same way i felt half a yr ago. i am feeling excited and scared at the same time..because too many things happened in a short of period of time. it’s like one month plus ago i was still recovering from my previous relationship and now…..i dont know what to do with this new guy. let’s just call him DT ok? i dont think i should reveal his name here hehe.
anyway, things started after bumping into DT in college around end of august. that time we didnt talk to each other for almost 1 year already. the weird thing was i bumped into him about 2-3 times in different shopping complexes in july (i think). but that time i didnt get to talk to him…so when i met him in coll we managed to chat for a while and then decided to go for a movie and dinner together. hmm.. well i guess things kinda started after that night. after that, we were always on the phone late at night and i got very frequent surprise visits from him. i cant help feeling touched because his schedule is very tight every week. he’s working and studying at the same time but yet he still find time to come and look for me and he actually got me some stuffs when he went to bangkok a week ago. frankly speaking i am not surprised he got me stuffs from bangkok. what surprised me was..he got me a few stuffs and he gave me the gifts one by one. that’s something new, isnt it? 🙂 because of what DT did, i realized reasons like ‘no time’ ‘i’m very busy’ are just merely excuses. IF u really wanna do something u will manage to find time no matter how busy you are. so girls/guys, i guess you know what it means the next time your gf/bf say they have no time for you *wink* hehe!
besides that, life has been quite good lately. sleep and wake up early everyday. tried to revise everyday eventhough exams are 2 months away. this is the first time i am actually starting my revision so early. for the past 2 years i will only start my revision 1-2 weeks before the finals. guess i am taking my studies more seriously now. hehe!!!!!!
actually i still have alot of things to talk about but i guess i will leave it for some other time. hehe…anyway i want to take this opportunity to say thank u to all my friends who have been there for me whenever i needed to talk or complain or just to buat lawak. 🙂 no, i am not going somewhere far…just want my friends to know that i appreaciate them. i guess everyone needs to know that they are being appreciated once in a while. thank you for everything 🙂 and becky darling..i am sorry if i ever neglected you these few weeks. i know you will be fine soon but i am always here for you if u needed someone to talk to..:) and i am sorry if i ever say anything harsh to you..*hugsss*.
p/s: i am sorry that you guys have to read such a boring entry. haha! but anyway thanks for reading. oh btw, my dearest VICK is not in malaysian idol anymore! i am so sad!!!! 🙁 well, i guess that’s all for now. till the next time we meet again, take care everyone. adios.

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  1. yeaPS. it’s true… when a guy (esp ur bf) tells u he has no time for u, it’s not true. it only means he’s not taking enough initiative to go and meet you. sighs, i miss those days when i had ppl kau-ing me. or even those days when i was still attached. seriously damn rindukannya tapi apakah dayaku jikalau dia sudah tidak ada minatnya, yea bukan, adinda? 🙂
    and omg? ur entry is so short but took u setengah hari untuk menulisnya. lol. im glad you’re happy now. hehe. hope it goes on for a very long long time. 😀

  2. hahaha….who knows what will happen later? nothing is certain 🙂 hehe..no worries lar..i am sure a few weeks later i will get phone calls from u asking me what should u do and who should u choose! trust me! 😛

  3. hahahahahaaha omg i wish lah. actually.. hm… nvm. lol. u already know. and i felt abit guilty but dont care lah. hehehe. aku nak pergi berkenalan dengan lelaki lelaki abc. 😀 mixed blood like … you know who. ho ho ho. tapi aku masih mencintainya… grr. benci!

  4. haha..benci benci not good…a waste of time and energy 😛 haha just go do whatever u want that can make yourself feel better 😛 and that includes what you are doing now! notty notty gurl! 😛

  5. hahahahahahahahahahahhaa…. eh excuse me? hush hush. i didnt do anything okies. i just didnt know that im quite “powerful”. lol. omg. tapi aku masih mencintainya. how? 🙁

  6. yeeeeng, woohoo, lama tak dengar dari awak. glad to know you’re doing fine and glad ..ahem..u have someone..ahem! hope everything works out well for yaa!! *hugs*
    becky, ABC macam siapa?? tell meeeee…:P i pun nak berkenalan dengan orang abc keh..eurasian keh..tapi tak dapat cari lah!!
    damn, whats with bm ..sorry!

  7. max: hehe thank u! 😛 u apa khabar? hehe very long nvr hear from u also! 😛 y suddenly all also want ABC wan? i want also can ar? 🙂

  8. yeeng, me ah ..ok lah! surviving with my ever boring and stressful and lonely life. sighs! abc? haha..i have always been interested in abcs! hahahah 😀

  9. hey hey, where’s that “Your Place” in your previous entry down below. Drop some details at my blog pls…thankssss =D

  10. sighs dunno lah. i dun wan my mr. abc. i still want back my old one…. shit man, he really dont give a fck about me… sighs…

  11. hahaha..becky unhappy liao…
    tak apa lah…still got lotz ppl in the singles club…

  12. apria: hehe thanks! yeah..nothing is certain so taking things slowly now…..what about you? how’s life in jakarta? 🙂

  13. wow….haha…no wonder becky…
    when will a model/actress after me?*dreaming*
    life in jakarta so far pretty ok…
    great housemates..but most of them are working already..and around 26 plus…
    so most of the fun only in the weekend.sometimes…
    have been to job interview and test last week…
    hehe..need to wait to get further interview..
    meanwhile,still keep looking for jobs….siapa tau no further interview by them..
    take care u two..

  14. hehehehe i wish i had a superstar after me too. lol. actually, any guy will do. it feels nice to have someone after you. hehe. i miss that feeling. =)
    you t.care too apria. long time no hear ya! 😀 hugs. 😀

  15. haha…yah..it feels nice…
    how abt after someone?
    sometimes it sux:(
    hugs too:P

  16. ive never been after anyone cos im too shy. when i like that person, i wont voice out. i’ll just like him quietly. hehe. quite stupid right? i dunno. im never good with making the first moves. lol. 😀

  17. omg, becky, same here!! haha i’ll just keep it to myself till i get so bloody frustrated then only i’ll tell, that is if nth has happened yet.hahah..muaks beckz

  18. hahahaa no matter how frustrated also i wont tell. that’s why i never get the guys i want. even if i did, they never last… like .. well, u know… sighs.

  19. interesting entry. wait till you guys date someone who is a workaholic and both of you are in the midst of building a career. _Then_ the ‘no time’ and i’m very busy’ excuses will get even more interesting *grin*.

  20. well,i do actually thought like that too…
    since all my housemates usually are in the midst of building their career,they are usually very busy..usually doesn’t really have that much time…even in the weekend,sometimes they might need to work overtime…

  21. grr.. where’s my comment?!
    ian, ive known workaholic friends but yet they always made time for their gfs/bfs. saying “no time” and “im very busy” too often only means you’re giving excuses. everyone has 24 hours in their days so what makes you say no time? =)

  22. ian: haha well frankly speaking it really depends on how u see it…spending time not necessarily means spending 24 hrs just on that person alone..it’s always the thought that counts..spending a few mins just to talk to that person on the phone is still considered spending time…saying u dont even have a few mins in a day is abit ridiculous isnt it? 🙂