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jiggity jiggity jig…

jiggity jiggity jig…

weee.. i just got back home from a nearby night market. damn frigging tired. my parents bought lotsa stuffs. before that, i was stucked in a jam for one hour plus thanks to the rain, and a huge pole that fell on the highway. driving on a manual car during such a crawl is a pain to my legs alright. hiaks.
been so busy rushing for assignments lately. three more weeks before i graduate from luct (hopefully, for good!). i just found out from friends that some top unis in australia are offering scholarships. i can only depends on scholarships now and probably loan since my parents are having financial difficulties. grr… and i just found out my mom isnt working anymore now. i thought her job ends next month but oh well, i was wrong. for me, i really wish to go overseas to get into a new environment and experience things that i probably might regret in the future if i didnt.
anyway, that apart, i got my hand henna tattoo-ed in uni. it’s suppose to be of a peacock but i dunno. it looks kinda messy on my hand. take a look.

when it was drying up

after it was all dried up. tah-dah!

yea. not that impressive. nicole’s was really really feminine and lovely. oh well, it’ll fade off days after anyway. coll’s getting better now. im glad i didnt create any havoc over the backstabbing issue that happened two weeks back. and oh, karis is throwing a halloween party at her place this sunday. tempting… but i have to dress up as some sort of ghost to be able to attend. lol. i already look like one, should i just dress as myself? lol. kidding.
anyway, last weekend was amazing. i spent some quality time with my highschool friends. there’s never as much freedom as spending time with them. you get to do the silliest things without being afraid of getting judged. everyone there’s at least, shows some respect for me. aww.. *big cuddles for all* i think if yeeng blogs here, she’ll post more pix and talk more about ken jun’s dinner. ken jun is my super super good friend since highschool. though i knew him since primary school (as we took the same school bus), we only started talking in form one. i’ve always thought he was malay until form one. lol. but it’s nice knowing you ken jun. although it has been years since i last spoke to him about personal stuffs, but he’ll always be my special sai lou (lil bro) and i’ll always be his special tai kar jie (big sister). lol. oh gosh, the tkj nickname brings so much memories.
that nite was filled with smiles and flashes. everyone was busy with their digicams. everyone took at least a hundred pix. apart from eating, we had the karaoke sessions with me being the loudest singer *takes a bow* and the most kecoh-est (noisiest). and oh, drinking sessions and lotsa card games (to finish up the food and drinks). er, btw, the pix shows a new fatter me. i think ive put on more weight but no worries, ive found my exercise buddy and im on diet now. hiaks. anyways, im too tired to talk and i need to go to the national library tomorrow morning in ampang to use the microfish (?) and do some intensive research. wish me luck! and i need to go to my office too. airgh! gonna finish up some work then head off to bed. hiaks.

“say ahh… honey.. ahh”

aww.. poor yeeng has to feed herself but she’s so adorable, isnt she?

and these two poor fellas dont get any food at all… aw…

but nevertheless, becky and malisa is still happy

becky and the birthday boy

becky and yeeng imitating LUCT’s print ad (or rather, any other colleges ad *yawns*)

oooo the bed makes me smile ear to ear

and jonathan got lucky that nite…

some of the guys showing off how macho they are in hopes of getting lucky perhaps?

and showing that they can get really cheeky too…

birthday boy managed to get lucky all right… *blehs*

and it’s a whole gang bang in the end…

and becky’s all contented with her bottle of chivas… and the nite ends with… *fill in the blanks* im sure ur creative enough

currently listening to: aretha franklin – until you come back to me

thai fest

thai fest

(/edited) @ 23.10.04 1:20pm
hehe. sighs. ex mrs. yap’s (me) so sick. having flu and a bit of sore throat. *ahh-choo* i went through my archives and saw how you guys used to call me mrs. yap. hiaks. i miss those days! *looks at bernard*. dont worry, the nick means nothing at all.
i just did something hilarious. im supposed to cook ayam masak merah (chicken cooked red, in direct translation), a malay dish. but my house ran out of chicken so i used pork. lol. so i guess what i cooked was really daging masak merah (meat cooked red). it was hilarious when i was trying to explain to my friends what i cooked. been practising with the wok alot lately. most of them are a success, esp prad phrik king curry, a thai dish. i have the pix of course, but i used a diff cam to capture the pix and it looks gross. not gonna post it up. okie, now gotta try to start on assignments since i’ll be busy tonite. adios.
wow. i havent been blogging here for 11 days. ive been so busy with so many stuffs lately. had to deal with backstabbing bitches and pathetic morons and not forgetting, my assignments. did this new layout out of boredom (and because i refuse to work on my assignment just yet). i know ive lost all capabilities of designing and i only know how to take pix and add some colors on it but ive always been a lazy bumm, so maybe that’s why. running out of layout ideas and to find pix of three girls is no easy task. domain name expires 21st next month. anybody wants to sponsor my renewal fees?
been going out alot lately so ive decided to just be good and stay at home tonight although there were a few invitations to go out. been spending alot of money since i bought perfume for ken jun’s birthday. he will be celebrating it tomorrow. i was also trying out a few tankinis (suprisingly, they have my sizes!). i took a few pix but i dont wanna spoil any of your eyes so i wont be uploading it. lol. oh yea, there was this thai fest thingy in pyramid the other day and ive managed to try authentic thai tom yam and mango rice. *yums*

the thai food stalls

trays of seafood for the tom yam

one of the thai chefs *yums*

more on the food stalls

my tom yam drowned with veges

thai mango rice *yums*

dont really have much to say as i concentrate more on my lj (which i have locked up most of my entries too nowadays). sighs. its so hard to blog in peace these days. *pouts* nites people.



So here I am, as usual nothing much to say. But I have to fulfill my duties of blogging this time so yeah, here I am. Haha.*hugs becky* My new semester started like 5 weeks ago and gosh, 5 weeks have really flew. And there

one of the worst days ever!

one of the worst days ever!

(/edited) @ 7:52pm, 12th October 2004
omg. a car blew up at my condominium carpark and i was one of the first one who heard it. could see everything from my balcony. best part was it was drizzling when the explosion happened. drama maximum. for once, the guards at my place has got something interesting to do. wee hee!

yea, the pix werent clear because it was frigging dark. anyway, i had some pix we took when my friends were over and also before our shooting.

am so frigging tired now. upset, frustrated, and irritated. will talk more about it sometime later or maybe in my lj or g3isha page. t.cares all. mom is coming back early morning tomorrow and i’ll be going to klia and i need to renew my driving license and also meet up my group to prepare for our big presentation on thurs. need all the sleep i can. nites. and oh, may christopher reeves rest in peace. you will always be my fav superman, my hero! nites.
fcking shit. omg. im so tired. i wanna kill somebody! i just wish there is that someone who is willing to listen to all my whinings and my complains. my friends has been in my house for 5 days in a row, almost 24/7 trying to finish our assignment. it is finally complete. thank god! i slept at almost 5am, woke up around 7am+. bathed and etc and rushed to the post office cos i found out my driving license expired but they couldnt renew for me. fcking shit. went to college, they didnt let us park inside so i had to park about 10 minutes walk away from my uni. fcking shit. i was damn pissed so here i was, so tired and sleepy and i had to park so god damn far. i paid for the fcking parking but we couldnt enter because today was my uni’s official launch and the prime minister is coming and all. such a big hoo-haa. my lecturer threw tantrum at us because there was barely anyone who attended the presentation. it sure was a bad day. i was in a bad mood the whole fcking time.
then we were supposed to be in the hall at 2.15pm but then when we reached there, they said we can only enter at 3.30pm to get the 5 marks they’ve promised us (ask any luct students and they’ll tell you about it). i wanted to stay but my group members didnt want to. they wanted to go lepak at my friend’s house in shah alam. damn frigging far from my uni man. fine. as we drove, we got stuck in subang then they told me to go to ss15 cos they need to buy stuffs and have lunch. after making a big fcking round (thanks to the closure of the two roundabouts) and reached ss15, they told me they were in sunway. okay, that kinda spoilt my mood further. i made another big fcking round and i reached sunway, even before them. how ironic. they ate lunch while i waited (ate in uni) and we then decided to skip the shah alam trip and went to kris’s place. after that, my mood chilled abit. i dont mean to be pissed. maybe it was because of the really bad day i had.
we chilled at kris’s place, i did my work while i could and we watched tv, waiting for our talent for our commercial. we waited from 3-8:30pm before he finally arrived. went to danny’s place for shooting and i got into a minor accident there. fcking shit. sure was one of the worst days ever. i left right after shooting and i reached home from pj – bukit jalil in just about 15 mins. i was speeding all the way because im just too tired and i just wanna be home. now when i got home, i couldnt come online and login. fcking shit. but thank god i could now. hehe.
oh yea, we went to a park just now in taman paramount. i went back to my childhood days where we played swings, slides and etc. omg. it was amazing! we went for a walk until the sky was really dark. although the walk was really tiring but it was amazing. hehe. my group members are great people to scare. we watched people fishing and all. kinda cool.
actually, im feeling kinda shitty atm. i hate this feeling esp when someone is taking advantage of me and taking things for granted and im actually allowing it. fcking pissing the shit out of me man. grr.. dont wanna talk about it. take care and enjoy your nite. i need a good rest badly. a good warm cuddle could help too, you know.

beck beck’s all stressed up

beck beck’s all stressed up

omfg. im so frigging tired. ive been working since 2:30am. first i was rushing for my presentation which was supposed to be on monday but since there was not enough time, was postponed to tues and then to thurs. today, finally, it reached my turn. it went okay. i was frigging tired. ive only managed to catch a wink from 6-8am. then i was off to uni but then can you believe it or not? i was the only person in class and i thought i was late. classes originally were supposed to start at 9am but then it was being pushed to 9.30am as everyone’s always late. i was there at 9.45am and i was the only one there. lecturer told to wait till 10am. still nobody so he did a one-on-one lecture on me. omfg, that sure was weird. at around 10.15am, then only did quarter of the class arrived but then, that was it. the other three quarter didnt bother showing up. its kinda depressing in a way. okay, so the lecturer isnt one of the best. as a matter of fact, he mumbles to himself, he always cancels classes and yes, he has alot to improve on but somehow, i feel he isnt getting the respect he needed. anyhow, not for me to comment on it.
came home around 1.30pm and kris and desiree came around 2pm. been working our asses straight till almost 12am. once they left, ive decided to design more logos because you see, a group member was supposed to design it but he came up with what kris calls the most “cuckoo” idea/design so we had to redo it. my mind is super exhausted now and i must say, i am pretty sick of working with only 1-2 people everytime there’s a meeting (esp when its at my place) when there are six of us. not all the time but now its a crucial period as our assignment is indeed a major one and its documentation is due on monday. presentation will be on thursday so it isnt that rushing for us. i guess i cant really complain much. i mean, i shouldnt. they read my blog for heaven’s sake.
on the happier note, i played “cook” yesterday. cooked up devil’s chicken curry, vege and omelette for lunch. boy was i so proud of myself. no burn marks on my hand. yeay! will be cooking thai green chicken curry if i have the time tomorrow. cooking’s fun esp when you have the whole house to yourself. hiaks.
my mom called from india twice so far. she’s really sick now and im frigging worried. being sick oversea is no joke. i cant wait for her return on wed. it has never been the same without her. sis birthday was yest. we went to indiana steak house and i had a great time there. the portion is huge. omfg. my set consist of mushroom soup, garlic bread, grilled chicken with thai bbq sauce, fruit juice and ice cream! and i ordered cheesy fries as my side. goodness gracious. that was enough to feed two peeps! ive been eating so much lately and after all the weight that ive lost, ive gained some of it back. boo!
super tired now. will go to bed soon and resume work tomorrow. im gonna faint if i dont. havent been sleeping well lately. but i kinda like all these stress. i actually miss being stressed up and being forced to work under pressure. call me nuts if you want but i feel really useless when im too free and when i have nothing to do. anyhow, sayonara. will post more pix when im free. i know some of you are already giving sighs of relieve. lol. nites. oyasumi nasai.

*i’m back*

*i’m back*

hie everyone! i am back….finally! 🙂 hehe can’t remember when was the last time i actually blogged here.oh yeah, it’s yeeng here btw 🙂 i wanted to blog but unfortunately my hard disk *kabooom* and so have to wait for my bro to get a new one for me..and finally after 2 weeks i can use my comp again. thank god 🙂
i wanted to talk about alot of things but i just dunno where to start. hmmm….i guess now i’m feeling the same way i felt half a yr ago. i am feeling excited and scared at the same time..because too many things happened in a short of period of time. it’s like one month plus ago i was still recovering from my previous relationship and now…..i dont know what to do with this new guy. let’s just call him DT ok? i dont think i should reveal his name here hehe.
anyway, things started after bumping into DT in college around end of august. that time we didnt talk to each other for almost 1 year already. the weird thing was i bumped into him about 2-3 times in different shopping complexes in july (i think). but that time i didnt get to talk to him…so when i met him in coll we managed to chat for a while and then decided to go for a movie and dinner together. hmm.. well i guess things kinda started after that night. after that, we were always on the phone late at night and i got very frequent surprise visits from him. i cant help feeling touched because his schedule is very tight every week. he’s working and studying at the same time but yet he still find time to come and look for me and he actually got me some stuffs when he went to bangkok a week ago. frankly speaking i am not surprised he got me stuffs from bangkok. what surprised me was..he got me a few stuffs and he gave me the gifts one by one. that’s something new, isnt it? 🙂 because of what DT did, i realized reasons like ‘no time’ ‘i’m very busy’ are just merely excuses. IF u really wanna do something u will manage to find time no matter how busy you are. so girls/guys, i guess you know what it means the next time your gf/bf say they have no time for you *wink* hehe!
besides that, life has been quite good lately. sleep and wake up early everyday. tried to revise everyday eventhough exams are 2 months away. this is the first time i am actually starting my revision so early. for the past 2 years i will only start my revision 1-2 weeks before the finals. guess i am taking my studies more seriously now. hehe!!!!!!
actually i still have alot of things to talk about but i guess i will leave it for some other time. hehe…anyway i want to take this opportunity to say thank u to all my friends who have been there for me whenever i needed to talk or complain or just to buat lawak. 🙂 no, i am not going somewhere far…just want my friends to know that i appreaciate them. i guess everyone needs to know that they are being appreciated once in a while. thank you for everything 🙂 and becky darling..i am sorry if i ever neglected you these few weeks. i know you will be fine soon but i am always here for you if u needed someone to talk to..:) and i am sorry if i ever say anything harsh to you..*hugsss*.
p/s: i am sorry that you guys have to read such a boring entry. haha! but anyway thanks for reading. oh btw, my dearest VICK is not in malaysian idol anymore! i am so sad!!!! 🙁 well, i guess that’s all for now. till the next time we meet again, take care everyone. adios.