shopaholic declares bankruptcy

shopaholic declares bankruptcy

omg. im so depressed. i went doing “retail therapy” alright and the process of doing it was amazing but the after effects were bad. i’m officially left with… rm5.23 for the rest of the week. there goes my zouk trip tomorrow…
my day started off with me getting up at 8 something am. i started doing house chores because my mom will be leaving to india this friday. im going to be very lonely once she’s gone for the 13 days because she is the one that i’ll tell all my problems with. sighs. anyway, i went to pick up yeeng and we headed to pyramid to get movie tickets but after queing up and finally reached the counter, joe 7th told me he cant confirm so it was off. i was a little hurt (expected) and so i told myself to shop harder later. we drove off to one utama and that’s where this depressing story began…
i was driving like a drunk mamak. im like this when im down, sick or tired and i was tired because i havent been sleeping well for weeks. anyhow, i began shopping shopping shopping and ended up spending… rm180++, my three weeks savings… .
although it might not seem like a huge amount for most of you but please understand im a jobless student with very little allowance from my parents so that amount is quite huge for me. i felt it was worth it though because i bought a halter dress (omfg, what is becky doing with a dress?), a low-waist capri, a billabong tee, a pair of khaki slacks, and two pieces of lingeries. i am god. quite a good bargain right? yeah, baby! \,,/- but i felt really bad after buying all of them. i was supposed to get shades, tees, pants and shoes (but if i were to buy more and add to my already overflowing collection of shoes, my mom would’ve killed me!). we also took lotsa pix in the changing room. believe it! we’re such vain piggies. but i’ll be posting only my pix cos yeeng doesnt want hers here. btw, im trying to convert myself into a tee shirt and jeans girl… hiaks.

blue blue tee

peach tee

black tee

baby blue tee

halter dress

dark blue tee

pink tee

baby yellow tee

green tee

i’m feeling a little down now because im pennyless. how the hell am i going to survive till sunday with just rm5? sighs… . oh yea, one more thing… ive been feeling really lonely lately. ive realised that there are not many friends that i can count on and i hate it. yest i broke down and cried in college. can you believe it? life has been so screwed up and i just wish i could have a solid shoulder to cry on. i guess, it’s really up to my decision on what i should do. now im thinking if i should apply to go to UK and start anew. look for new friends, a new lifestyle, new surrounding in a new country. you know, like a total change… i wish i’d knew what to do… and if i should pursue my studies overseas…
p/s: i met my long lost classmate from sabah whom ive not seen 11 years ago in my coll two days back. can you believe it? she still recognised me!!! wow. i was astonished. lol. for those who knows my lj, keep checking for updates cos i write there daily! t.cares…

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  1. hey, thanks for dropping by~ link me up, ya? you could always beg and play pathetic puppy with your mom… running away isn’t gonna help problems, you know. i doubt it’s gonna really work out well in UK like the way you want it to. it might and it might not. wouldn’t it be easier to start over with friends who have known you for long and family members who support you? you could try something that you have never done before. maybe you’d get a “kick” then.

  2. heys grace, thanks for that advice. i dunno. i am lost and confused. i was hoping that by going UK, i could start anew and put everything behind me. but my friends told me if i do that, and it doesnt work that way, i’ll be in an even worser situation. i’ll link u 🙂

  3. hmm..what grace said is right.. when u’re there, u will miss those whom u turn to when in need, dearly.. so try to get over ur problems, even if its a little slow =) then go over to UK for the right reasons..and u’ll have a blast!!
    cheer up becky.. if u ever need a friend.. i’m there! =)

  4. haha thanks jeany baby. muacks. im fine. i still havent decide yet to go to UK or not. today is actually the deadline for application but i have not done anything yet. sighs. i dunno. see how ler… =( muacks. but i dont wanna go there just because i wanna avoid my problems. that’s so not me. im no coward like some ppl… so i think i’ll only go UK when im ready. muacks!! 😀

  5. yup, thats good.. i got so many muacks? hahah *hugs* like some people.. hahha.. ;P
    errr…dont tell me u bought every one of those tops u tried in the pics u posted?!
    u make me wanna shop too!!..only between lunches and birthday presents..i’m all outta $$ .. $_$ sigh

  6. hahahaha of course not lah. i only bought two out of it. so how? which one nicest? hehehehe. me too damn broke lah jean!! how? pls donate some cash into my empty milo tins 😀

  7. i feel bad after spending a bomb after shopping too. but when i look at all the stuff i bought, my guilt disappear. its always good to pamper myself once in a while..

  8. alarr shopping giler tak ajak? i like ur green tee most ler.. u look good in green 😉
    its a wow to buy tat much of stuff for RM180! proud of u~ keke
    yesterday zouk miss u ler.. what is zouk without u wey… somemroe my last week d 🙁

  9. gena, yea! after all, i need these clothes badly. lol. i love shopping! <3
    hahaha sandy, u didnt call me also lah u. but i was too tired layaning SOUTH AFRICAN VIPS! woa, sandy, im into south africans!!! :”D we share same taste gila! btw, i didnt buy all of them for rm180 lah. some only.

  10. hey gurl cheer up kay?!? hope ur doing really fine and take good care of yerself when ur mama is off to india! cheers! ;p

  11. south africans are into-able.. but as my fren said they can be hi bye frens and fuck bye frens only… wont last long wan ler..
    anyway.. i got lotsa frens at zouk.. can get free drinks wan ler.. not like we wanna get drunk pun.. so dun have to bring cash at all!!! Gurls rulez baybeh!

  12. hahaahahahaha oh sandy, how long do i have to wait till you head back to zouk again? lol. yea. girls rocks. aku nak buaya dan flirt 9 9 dah. but first, must lose 23093093 kg dulu 😀

  13. hehe… if i cna finish my assignment by this thursday.. i might go.. haha coz my coursemate’s bday also haha we’ll see.. ill call u
    kg’s never a problem ler.. dun wery

  14. hahahaha cakap last week last day. ish this budak ah. lol lol. 😀
    kg’s never a prob? sure is for me. very hard for me to lose without not eating. if i lose weight means i tak makan only can. bila exercise, i dun really lose weight pun. metabolisme rate aku memang low.

  15. hey beckz. quite a good bargain.. which shop u go to actually.. rm180 i can only get 2 top and its gone lah… oh yeah.. where to get cheap halter dress. need 1 desperately.. 😛