missing you, my babelicious g.mama

missing you, my babelicious g.mama

hi! this entry is dedicated to my beloved g.mama (short for grandmama), jolyne yong. she just left for east london, uk, about approximately 13 hours ago. we were at her new place on sunday for her farewell party. it went well and we had lotsa dramas eg: how the pool gang rushed for satays and dory fish fillets and HOW TERENCE AND GARICK STOLE MY SAUSAGES. i will get my revenge back, you sausage robbers! it was practically the only thing that was safe for me to eat (because of my ibs) and they stole my sausages! well, actually, i ate lotsa stuffs i wasnt suppose to eat. the food were just too tempting but sausages! love of my life! and they had to steal em away from me! *kicks terence & garick* blehs.

becky and joe 7th

joe 7th being excited over all the dory fish fillets and satays he managed to grab *cute*

the g.dottie and sexy g.mama

yeeng and the g.dottie

the pool gang right after dinner

the pool gang right before leaving *sniffles*

the g.dottie and lovely babelicious g.mama once again! *missing you*

*sniffles* have a great time in london, g.mama. i hope to be there as well next year. *crosses fingers* hope my parents strike lottery or something. im so sick of my uni. bores the fck out of me. you know what, ive noticed that my eyes are becoming smaller and smaller. my fats are swallowing up my eyes. *WAILS* give me back my eyes! *punches herself* give me back my eyes! *punches herself again* ewek. *dead*
sorry bout that. im so stressed up now. my assignment’s due tomorrow and i havent even started. im hopeless. been busy with… i dunno what. i always feel busy but i dunno what was i busy with. *ponders* nopes. cant recall. anyways, sunday was a nite filled with ups and downs. i took down my earlier entry. that certainly wasnt my most brilliant entry and it certainly wasnt my kinda entry. so bye bye, entry num 72. thanks for all those who commented. *muacks* im off to send my mom for a job interview in sunway. brunch anyone? ta!
p/s: i compiled a cd of meaningful songs for joe 7th and designed the lousiest cover ever. hope he likes it. im too lazy to post a pix of it. so sayonara.

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31 Responses

  1. hey beckz!! haha its good that u had a great time! happy for yaaa! 🙂
    and yeah joe definitely does have a nice set of teeth.heheheh

  2. excuse me terence? u gobbled the whole bloody sausage in less than a few secs. i couldnt even stopped you!
    max, haha yes! today he wouldnt stopped smiling. damn kembang ppl keep puji-ing his teeth!

  3. -_- sigh, i messed up the date she was leaving. i kept thinking 15th morning, which meant my 14th evening and i wanted to call her before she left for the airport.. blaaaaaah~
    anywho, no comments about the rest, but you already know why! -_-

  4. hahaha sarah, oh yea hor, he owes me a meal. hmmm *ponders*
    haha you lousy! now she left edi, how are you going to contact her dion? haha. first u got her name’s spelling wrong and now even her departure date wrong. die!

  5. Hey Beckster & Max (long lost friends)& Yeeng (hi, nice to meet you!)
    Just thought I’d make my mark over here. I’ve been lurking for a long, long time. Never really wrote anything though. Gosh…this is a really cool blog. Photos of delicious food and hot people. Anyway, really hope that we could all catch up soon. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you guys (beckster, especially you). Do drop by bobisbored.blogspot sometime. It is pretty much shit compared to this but yeah…at least it’s a home for my incessant whining.

  6. yeay! ur blogging! mei lian, omg. where have you been lah? i have not seen you online for ages. hehe. i will link up your blog as well. and it’s nice having you reading our blogs. hiaks! t.cares mei lian!

  7. Omg!!! Very nice layout! Two thumbs up!! =^^= Hope Jolyne’s enjoying herself there, and I hope she won’t abandon her blog either! =p
    Keep up the good work, yo!

  8. WAHHHHH! becky jie jie finally change layout adi! very bubblelicious nice layout! me likey! 😀 😀 which font did you use for the “bubblegum flirts @ http://www.tickle-me.net?” maxine got a flower! me want one too! 😀 😀

  9. haha thanks alot kat! huggies. i hope she doesnt abandone her blog too. lol. :”D
    sarah, hiaks hiaks. i was so bored of the old one. shit. just realised i havent change my comment box color. im not sure of the font. i think it’s called angelina. 😀
    jinny, i also want! =(
    sk, haha baru tukar. dont worry. hugs 😀