let’s thrash and bash guys

let’s thrash and bash guys

that’s dedicated to all those who means the world to me. fret not, if you dont see your pix there, it doesnt mean that you dont mean anything to me. *muacks* i got this idea from a few blogger’s site and if im not mistaken it’s dicky or sui lin. now, let’s get to some thrash and bash guys discussions. WARNING: this is a 14 para long entry.
here are some quotes from me and my darling guestbloggers, yeeng and max:
becky : guys are a painful lot whom we love to hate but yet can never get enough of them.
maxine : men are the most unpredictable creatures on earth.
yeeng : guys always give us mixed signals and expects us to understand. (written by becky for yeeng, ho ho).
there. seriously, guys are so undefinable. just like how love is. im speaking this out of my past relationships, current relationship (i love joe 7th to bits so whatever i say here is not about him alone but men generally), observations and friends’ opinions so if you disagree, please dont hunt me down and spear me to death. let’s begin.
1. men always likes to tell you, “nothing” when there’s obviously something wrong with them. that’s because ive realised they dislike to discuss matters because it might hurt their ego, i guess. maybe it’s only with girls because they’ll feel sissy if they were to discuss heart matters with their partners. as for us girls, we like to talk things out until the problem is solved but i guess men just want to keep them aside and hopefully, the problem will just dissolve.
2. men always love to worry their partners. they love to have their fun (get drunk, race cars with strangers who has a face they cant stand and etc) and not let women disrupt them. of course, we being women knows that men needs their space to spend time with their own buddies but when your women calls you or smses you, you know better to answer her calls or at least send her a sms. when you dont, you make us women worry so much because we dont know how are things. if you’re out for heavy drinking, you could be drunk and then you’ll be driving home, of course we worry! god knows what would happen. and then if you are the type who likes to race cars, that makes things worst. i understand that you might find it “fan” (cantonese for irritating or troublesome) but let your woman sleep in peace. and remember, we worry because we love you.
3. men tend to demand to be left alone quite often. it could be either because their “fan” with their financial problems, love matters or family. men rarely worry about their health, unlike women. the thing is, when men do demand to be left alone, it’s best you ladies do because things might get even more strained if you dont. like us, men do need their space too. trust me, when they are alone, they tend to think better than having us women bugging them to tell us why. it’s hard not to keep asking why but it’s worth the effort to try to not make an effort on asking why. got it?
4. whether they admit it or not, men are vain. very. especially dion sean appana. im sure you all know about him, seeing his “tak tahu malu” (malay for thick skin) spamming tags on my tagboard. they want to look gorgeous too in order to attract more (fe)males (but let’s just stick to straight men on this discussion, ok?). it helps to boost his ego too when girls keep eyeing on them or whisper to one another whenever he passes by. you can actually see a man change his style of walking when that happens. he tends to walk in this more macho way. check it out.
5. men hates to admit when their wrong. again, it all comes to their ego. anything that shatters their ego, it’s a nah-uh no no for them. whenever they say something silly, of course most of us women cant stand it so we’ll question them back how is that possible. then he’ll start justifying his statement which will make things sound even more sillier. it’ll piss us off and we’ll correct them. now that they know their wrong, they’ll keep denying it and just try to win over the situation and we women would let them win just so that an unnecessary arguement could be prevented. it’s tolerable at times but not when it happens too often. so men, think logically before you say something.
6. related to the above point, men always have excuses for everything. when you ask them, “why didnt you pick up my call?”, they’ll say something predictable like “didnt hear”, “no battery”, or their num one favorite will be, “nothing” (or they’ll just keep mum). im serious! ive had friends with bfs who answered that. imagine how furious my poor friends got. when you ask them, “why are you late?”, they’ll answer you back, “jam”, “my boss held me up”, “accident”, “police roadblock”, “a dog bit my shoe”, or most likely just another “nothing”. grrr…. arent we sick of hearing the same excuses over and over again? though it could be true, but seriously, how often is it for real? women would really much prefer it if you just admit that you’re late.
7. men are like our second mothers. they are fussy and they nag alot. and im sure that’s nothing new. they always tell us not to nag but little did they realise that they nag us more than we do. “you shouldnt sleep so late. why wont you listen to me? it’s for your own good…blah blah”, “you shouldnt eat that. it’s fattening. your buttons are going to pop out soon”, “you should stop going out late!” and etc. they might sound like they control you but it is really for your own good, just like how we women nag them. of course they shouldnt over do it. i like my man nagging me but sadly, he doesnt really. he gives me all the freedom i want which, take note men, is not really good. beware, a woman with too much freedom might feel like she is not being cared for. but i know my man does and im speaking in general. i love him to bits.
8. men are bitches in disguise. they do bitch over beer and they call it a guy talk. they’ll talk about how mr. k is so ugly that he doesnt deserve pretty miss b. they’ll talk about how their boss is probably sleeping with his client’s wife and etc and that’s guy talk? while us, the meek creatures called women, talk about how unfair our lecturer is to a certain student and they call that bitching. okay, so we dont always talk like that. we might say our lecturer’s unfair and then continue with how the student mustve slept with him to gain the A’s but men do that too. so we’re all bitches. ho ho ho. let’s not deny it. today, i’ll redefine men. all men are bastards and …bitches. rock on! \m/
9. men demands attention. they always want us women to run to them whenever they feel lonely. they want us to praise them, to love them, to cuddle them to sleep and etc and yet they try to call themselves the STRONGER gender and us women, who has to sacrifice our laps for our men to sleep on as we stroke their hair the WEAKER gender? ah puik! men likes to brag and exaggerate stuffs in order to get the ladies (and even some of their fellow male friends) go oo ahh over them. if they hit a seven inch baby snake, they’ll tell you they hit a 2 metres long snake and etc. it happens, admit it, boys.
10. men dislike being told what to do. that’s true, unless you’re talking about mama’s boys. if a men likes to shake his feet, let him. it’s his habit, dont try to change him because men dislike being changed too. it might irritate you but if you love him, you’ll have to learn to accept his habits. and boys, if your gf like to smell her armpit, let it cos if we have to sacrifice, why cant you? ho ho ho. there are other stuffs on men like how men are always fickle-minded, unpredictable and etc but i’ll talk about it some other time, alright?
there you go. some main points are being helped out by maxine. thanks, babe. im off to bed now. its 5am. i have two presentations on mon and tues and guess what? i havent really started. im so gonna be screwed. see what i do when im too stressed out? i come up with a list of stuffs on men. god save me. amen.
p/s: happy 20th birthday ivy!! :”)

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98 Responses

  1. before The Hero reads this book, i’d first like to ask, WHERE IS MY PICTURE?! 😡
    ok, now on to reading the book…

  2. becky, amen! nice nice i like the entry!
    he was busy with u know who lah..come find us for what!! we are nobody mer…

  3. the Hero called you, but you were busy at some party! not my fault okay! 🙂
    btw, you’ve never seen me walk, so i hope you’re not refering to my walk in #4. ;p
    also, if you have it, flaunt it!

  4. hahahahaahahaha. YES EXACTLY! damn teruk. he would only call me like what? once? twice? ask him to come meet me somore dun wan. say too busy and i was willing to go bangsar find him somore. terukness! =(

  5. WHAT HAVE YOU GOT, dion?! lol. and dion, i was willing to go look for u, mmkay!
    max, thank you. this entry happened also because of you! :”D

    god, sounds so gay talking in the 3rd person.
    anywho, i called, i was in bangsar, you were busy. ha!
    also, in regards to the post, women are exactly the same. but, you just don’t realize it. becky says “not generally”. but unless you’re bisexual, you’ll never be on this side of the boat. as much as i love the female spieces, god they can be complete bitches. not all, some are just great *wink wink*, but others (no names mentioned) are just complete “curse curse curse curse curse”.

  7. hahahaha. i said i waannnna go bangsar and find you but you said you had to go cos your mom needs you. and i was in bangsar right after being at the sec17 party! *rapes you*
    i know. i did mention in some of the points that men are like women but yet they hate to admit it. and when you’re in a r/ship, it all comes down to luck. being understanding, trusting, and have loads of love for one another is never enough. =(

  8. wow. haha. not entirely true. some pointers are true for my guy. lol. but not all. let’s see. yeah, he nags. esp about sleeping earlier (I always sleep at about 2am or later) he doesn’t tell me ‘nothing’ haha. but he does have valid reasons on why he’s late or blows me up. and YES! he always makes me worried *$%&)($*&#*% only because he doesnt want to trouble me but then, it’s troubling to be worried for him!! O_O
    hmm.. my guy doesnt like me to admit I’m wrong. haha.. he’s always saying it’s his fault =p he doesn’t demand for my attention but he gives me all the attention even if I didn’t demand for it! 😀
    I think that’s all -_- haha..

  9. haha guys are like cats..they will only come to you when they need something! LOL! kidding! 😛 some of those things memang damn true wan ler…and another thing about guys is that when u care about them…most of the time they will take you for granted (some only though). then when u finally decided enough is enough and u dont want to care anymore….then they will come to you. this is what we called ‘lan chin’ in cantonese! HAHA! sometimes really dont know what to say liao…haha anyway thanks for posting up my photos in your hall of fame! glad that i could be there for you when u needed someone! *hugsssss*

  10. aha fuh, so much to read. blur dee..
    becky, no probs! *Muaaks*
    dion, you are gay. dont deny the facts of life. 😛

  11. ian, GENERALLY mahhhh…. lol :”D
    nadine, u know what? U SHOULD NOT LET GO OF THAT MAN! wow, where did you find him? lol. i wish my man would be so sweet as him. haha. but he is sweet in his own ways. =)
    yeeng, MEN ARE LIKE CATS?!!! omg. that’s a good quote. why didnt you say that so i could quote you yesterday! haha. no worries about putting u on hall of fame. u know ur my number one! HO HO HO 😀
    *kisses maxine all over*

  12. hahahah! yeah more supporters for “men are vain”!!!!
    becky, WHAT??!! which pic did he see ??

  13. becky, i took out my braids..my god..my hair is like really “pong” … hahahah ..like barbie hair..shiiiit..

  14. i dowan to answer! -_-
    and women are more vain i think (just less egotistical and proud)…
    1. every mirror they walk by, be it a mile away or in their face, must look and adjust hair.
    2. boyfriend say not fat because really not fat, must reply “NOOOO, IM SO FAT, MUST GO DIET, KENOT EAT THIS LAAAA”
    3. ask gf to just lepak for the day at my house, wahhhhh, must wear make up la, dress nice nice la, take 3 hours just to get here la (when you live 10mins away)… omg 😮 shorts and t-shirt kenot issit? no make up for one day kenot issit? not like i’ve never seen you w/o make up and don’t think you’re just as pretty (i prefer girls w/o make up).
    omg, the list can go on and on and on, and i can keep adding to those. but i shall stop here.

  15. oh yeah heres something for everyone, “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read …” by Allan Pease & Barbara Pease. perhaps it can help us to compromise and understand issues between women and men. So before being so judgemental towards men, u need to undertsand men entirely.

  16. dion, i agree with you with 1 and 2 but 3 is a no no cos im a no make up person. and lately, im always out in shorts and t-shirt because my bf prefers me that way. lol. :”)
    terence, betul ke?! haha. muacks! gentleman betul!
    rock on, brandon!

  17. aiks sandy, ur in mmu right?! haha. call me lah. add me in msn, tickleme@email.com. kita exchange num there but i really seldom go to streetmall ler cos it’s far and limkokwing has everything i need during a short break. :”D
    name, i said it was base on our experiences and opinion and i said generally. dont take things so personally pls. =)

    maybe i seem to favor that a little more, because i prefer being dressed down (ppls call me ah beng in my ripped jeans, wierd tshirt and OLD slippers!) but it’s comfortable. trust me, i’ve been from the go out to sunway must wear slacks and dress shirt, to slippers. i pray to the god of slippers! 🙂
    anywho, as i was saying, so i may be a little biased to the dressed down kind of style because then i don’t get those “wah, such a leng lui out with such an ah beng?” looks. heck, i do the same, and i know we all do too. but seriously, comfort over style. i have long been past the days of trying to impress. don’t like how i look? too bad. no one needs you as a friend if you judge the way i dress. and more importantly, if your own gf can’t accept the way you are, why are you in the relationship with her in the first place?
    ahhh i could go on for hours…

  19. btw, i get those “wah leng lui? ah beng?” looks all too much, but i really don’t care. but sometimes it’s nice not having ppls give you funny looks! ;x

  20. but u look no where near an ah beng. i do dress up at times but that was when i was 20 kg lesser man. now for me, yes, it’s comfort over style and i could be wearing the same bloody baju over and over again (but ive washed it lah of course) but it’s only because i feel comfy in it.
    to hell what ppl thinks.
    oh dion. i soooo agree with you!!

  21. i look sexy when i goto clubs though! -_- the ladies dig the asian boi. *rawr rawr rawr*
    we need to date la lulian~ 🙁

  22. Sandy, you’re frm MMU?? cool!! suddenly so many MMU-ians…well err…3 lah, but still. hehe… which faculty!?

  23. dion, u do? ive not seen u in clubbing clothes so i dunno ler. haha :”D date? as in u and me or we go find ppl to date?
    haha kadeliah, no probs at all! thanks for linking me back! :”D
    max, cepat balik lah then we all can meet up for lunch together-gether.
    wei, haha i sure hope that’s not sarcasm. :”D

  24. I was from IT for my degree.. now duing MBA (macam power).. so Management ler… i wanna ask u abt this guy from Lim Kok Wing wan ler.. ill add u later.. in MMU’s library now

  25. vain??
    haha….i think everyone do that….
    it’s nothing shame of….
    don’t always think negatively of any single things..
    but some girls do have the characteristics u mention there…
    well,it’s totally down to personality….any guys or girls with some of the characteristics u mention here are totally annoying….even when u try to think positively…
    i totally bored of bashing guys/girls…human are the same

  26. max, mana tau sar pniah ku. lol. kidding :”D
    sandy, haha who? leng jai ah? MBA? omg. ur doing masters edi? ur only a year older than me right? cepatnya.
    apria, hmmm i dun quite get you there…

  27. yeah ler leng jai… international student ler, he’s fair.. mix with a bunch of africans wan… ader kenal ker?
    ill give u the details keke

  28. huh? no lah..the guy i have been drooling over is a MMU guy. but quite a few lim kok wing students are not bad looking!!
    sandy, fuuh..mba ? cool ..i’m in IT, gamma year 🙂

  29. i look gorgeous baby~ 😛

  30. sandy, hahaha added you! :”D ok ok quick describe to me, okay!
    max, what did u name him again ah?
    dion, do we go eat garlic naan hand in hand? oooo… *squeals* not such a bad idea after all =)

  31. eggster, haha, thank you! muacks!! :”D yeay! finally someone who agrees with what i wrote. ho ho ho. :”D but then diff ppl might have diff experiences and perception, so no one’s wrong.

  32. eggster, haha, thank you! muacks!! :”D yeay! finally someone who agrees with what i wrote. ho ho ho. :”D but then diff ppl might have diff experiences and perception, so no one’s wrong.

  33. Now I don’t agree with 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6. haha Why? Long and complicated. Here goes..
    1. Men use ‘nothing’ at times when they know girls are gonna worry and panic. Because they know that, they don’t wanna say. =)
    2. Refer to no. 1. Men do not want their partners to be worried. Even if we go for stuff like drinking sessions or car racing, we’ll most probably be watching or just chilling out at a mates’ pad.
    4. Men want to look good to make their partners look good. That shows that we care and bother about our partners too. Would u be proud to have a messed up looking bloke around you girls? About that walking thing? I can’t say cos no one ever looks at me anyway…hahaa and oh..the emergence of metrosexuals…
    5. Men who hate to admit they’re wrong are not real men. I know many who dare to own up to their faults.
    6. FinALly…when men give excuses, they are legitimate. We think quite straight forwardly without wanting to complicate things. So if it was a jam, it WAS a jam. And men don’t complain if their dates come out late from the house….no questions asked. =)

  34. karheng oh karheng. *kepeningan*
    1. and it’s because you dont tell us why, we dunno the situation you’re in which will make us worry more!
    2. er, you’re missing my point here. im saying you are going out for a drinking session and you will be driving, but you’re not answering our calls/smses because you just dont feel cool “reporting” to your gf. 🙂
    4. uh oh, dion’s gonna kick you for saying that. seriously, if i am going out with a guy, it’ll be because i love him. when you love someone, you love everything about him. his flaws, his bad sense of dressing (if it’s bad), his simplicity everything. you accept the whole package!
    5. but there will always be the other half who wont. and as always, im sure they’ve got their reasons why. and it also depends on what kind of situation you’re in.
    6. kar heng, it could be only you. but ive known guys who has screwed his gf for so called “wasting his time” waiting. men’s character differs, i guess … at times!

  35. jean, haha i’ve always like debating which was why i was once in a debate team. everyone else thought i’ll be a lawyer someday. ho ho ho. damn takde kaitan! :”D

  36. wHeee!~ share a teh-o-ais, split a garlic naan..! mmmmm… women and food.. heavenly!~ 😀

  37. sandy, oh i’m doing SE too. 😀 this international student , i have no idea what’s his name! haha..but he’s so cute.
    becky, call who? *confused*

  38. ahhaah Becky…as promised…..
    1. Guys are simple living things. It doesn’t take Dr. Phil to explain how guys are. The whole reason sometimes we shadow things are so that we don’t get too much follow up questions such as “So how now? How come ar? What happened la? etc”. When we dun say..usually it’s because it’s either really small or really big. If can tell one, we will tell…=)
    2. Oh..nola…nowadays a lot of guys change liao.. I know so many of them who listen to what girls say…”Eh better go home by 12!” then SOME guys nods head and says “ok honey” until our gang can only say..haih…-.-” Many guys often reply smses and take calls in public. We are not ashamed of taking calls from loved ones because they matter to us.
    4. Hehe Becky..that’s what YOU say. Joe u sure are lucky. Realistically, many girls want good looking guys…girls will TRY to change guys who have no idea how to dress up. Imagine ur bf as the typical straight guy. And the FAB 5 comes and gives him a total makeover? Which would u prefer? HEHEH
    5. TRUE! Agreed it depends on situation.
    6. Waiting has its limits too. Does depend the place and time. If sunday and nothing to do. U want u take 2 hours also i dun care la…but if important then….HEhehe..girls..sek jou laa…

  39. max, the cutie u were drooling over lah. u gave him some weirdass malay name or something right?
    jenny, haha thank you thank you. *takes a bow*
    yeeng, yea lah. where were you semalam? i tunggu punya tunggu tahu =(

  40. ivan, omg, you’ll be the 3rd person i know who will be doing that. lol. apa sal lah lelaki ni… ish ish.
    karheng, aaah…. another minibook comment.
    1. but the point is, why cant you tell. if you’re an item, it’s best if you’re open to one another mah. hehe. dun wanna argue with you on this liao cos nobody’s wrong nor right. it all depends on the person you’re talking about.
    2. kar heng, *awww….* i wish i’ve seen more guys like this. your gf will be lucky! :”D
    4. oh, so now the fab 5’s are involved too? well, the makeovers they do, yes i do admit, are fabulously amazing. but it’s temporary. and it’s not who the guy truly is. do you actually think they’ll mantain the way fab 5 changes em? even if they do, it’s not who really are and it’s just not their style!
    6. yeaps exactly. so it matters on the situation you’re in! :”D

  41. hahaha okok…i busy got assignment…hahaha… there will come a time and a place for this to continue..MWahahahaha

  42. he’s african. mmu where got mat salleh lah.i wish got man! but his name is not julian. we made it up, cause easier to talk about him 🙂

  43. kar heng, haha u can always counter me back at ur blog when ur free! hehe :”D *hugs*
    haha, terence buat lawak. muacks!
    sandy, julian is fake ler. lol.

  44. he has err..short spiky hair. *drools* i like~~ … but his dressing sucks.hahaha.TIGHT SHORT JEANS. WTF.

  45. yeah like jeans which are like quite short and its tight !! totally ewww..but he ALWAYS wears body hugging shirts, which sometimes can be eww for guys, but ON HIM! OMG! HOT!!

  46. max, alah kidding lah. jgn lah marah! muacks.
    gary, aiks! terlupa! i also dun have many pix with you leh. =( sorry! but u mean alot to me too. hehe 😀