i wanna be the chiq in bikini

i wanna be the chiq in bikini

airgh! im surrounded by sexy chiqs. sexy and i mean really really curvy and in shape SEXY! omg. ive been dreaming for a vacation to somewhere with blue green sea and sandy white beach. to fit into the “dream vacation” would be me in bikinis. now that, would be the ugliest sight ever if im ever gonna wear bikinis in my current shape. im so… out of shape. joe 7th complains that my collar bones are gone. my friends complain my eyes are being swallowed up by my cheeks. and im not happy with the fact that i cant see my feet from above.
i have lost about 8-9kg since i stopped doing my internship. goodness! i put on about what? 20 pounds when i was doing internship? crazy! the place is always surrounded by food and when im bored to death, i indulge in sinful delights.
actually, i was surfing around my friend’s profiles and omg, you dunno how much am i envying em. they’ve got such nice bodies (actually, they’re just plain skinny but way better than me). why oh god why oh why must you pick me to be the unlucky one with a flabby pear shaped body (i think). please take away this horrible punishment. *pleads*
i am seriously thinking of a beachy holiday this year end. i need a vacation badly. wern ching and her aussie friends are interested. max is interested. so is dried prune but he’ll only be free after xmas which is abit too late lah, dion! joe 7th might be going to phuket with his friends and he has shown me pix and told me so much about it. shall we organise a trip to phuket then, guys?
i know ive stopped organising stuffs for ages and i know im really rusty now but it would be nice to have all my beloved friends gathered at some faraway place eg: phuket. sandy, i can see you in pink bikinis by the beach and maybe with your f1 bubblegum. wanna join? and oh, i can picture yeeng and me playing beachballs while oogling over hot dudes armed with a surf board and a tattoo on their nicely built chest/arm. and oh oh, topless chiqs! ho ho ho. *drools*
next, to shop for bikinis. i know right now, if i were to shop for any, i cant find my size unless i buy it online from some boutique for the bigger-sized women. i’ll give you girls a ring when im in the right shape (now, when is the big question. dont ask me. i lack determination). ok ok, im back to chiqs-in-bikini surfing.
p/s: welcome me back to singlehood, peeps, but i sincerely hope it doesnt last long because i still love him to bits. i dont wanna elaborate and dont bother msging me asking me why. i’ll keep mum. and dang! my newly bought webcam’s gone and i dun have the warranty card. *wails*

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  1. apa terjadi? hope every thing (esp the emotion side of yours)is ok..*hugs*
    eh, tell me if u managed to lose weight, i pun jak lose!! 🙂 we together gether ok?
    becks becks gal ar, find one friday of oct we go “feelings”again ok?
    huggies gal, you poor thing. really hope wont give u much impact …

  2. beckz, how come I was not in your imagination of you and yeeng drooling over cute hunks!? 🙁
    and phuket is reallllyy nice! damnit, i hope i can make it though end of year..damn packed month i just found out. darrnnn!

  3. hey hey caren, so nice to see you here. i did manage to lose weight but im gonna lose more. hehe. well, yea, i guess you should know how emotional i am. im still in the first few days of singlehood and it’s so hard. i dunno what should i do. but i guess we’ll wait and see… feelings? can also. hehe. dah lama tak pergi. last time was with you guys. 🙂
    hahahahaha max, actually, got! i was picturing you topless. hahahaahha. how’s that. i dunno. i hope the trip jadi lah. i need a vacation badly. 🙁

  4. becky jie~!
    *passes you a bag of chocolate cookies*
    jom, we all diet together we this bag of cookies!
    eat nothing but cookies! weeeee~!

  5. hey becky, i was wondering if i can have your phone no. or somethin’…then we can have a cupa tea together..:) email to me will ya? lolz..:) chill out

  6. someone’s feeling sexYyyYy~~ haha. go on la wear wad u want. of cos if u had a nicer figure u’ll feel more confident but wad the heck? just go out and have a fun beaching day! phuket…so tempted. keke

  7. becky going for diet?
    hahaha…can u resist yummy food?
    ur blog won’t be the same without the food….
    it’s just not becky:P

  8. hahahahahaha….. yea. but i guess to find my own happiness, i must work for it and sacrifice stuffs to achieve it. so yea, cut down on yummy food and i’ll be sexy becky. LOL!

  9. yah well….having slimmer body can increase confidence and having confidence can make u happier…hehe..good luck yah…
    show me the “sexy” becky picture after u succeed.

  10. hahaahaaa im afraid u might need to wait for years in order for me to lose so much weight. and with a sexier body, i can get more bfs. weeee… *feels greedy* :”D

  11. bahaha.. since u forsee me wid a pink bikini.. jom ler!
    i wanna feel sexy too~
    dun cut on food wey.. go for classes… qi gong or yoga, eryones duing it these days.. 😉

  12. yeaa…. i want to do yoga but no money. wanna find sugardaddy make him pay for me. hahahaahhahaa. *laughs evilly* i wish lah. lol…
    but yoga really can lose weight. my aunt lost like almost 10kg i think. then my mom lost weight too. jom lah 😀

    wei… don’t la lose weight all… u’re fine the way u are la trust me.
    and uh… cheer up 😉

  14. ivan, hahahahahaha… awww… ur so sweeeeet. now how come i didnt notice u yesterday when we were at hartamas ah… lol :”)
    i will try to cheer up. :”D hehe. have more “get together sessions” lah. pasti boleh.

  15. ME? ME? hartamas square sounds familiar. hahA:b
    watever it is..Becky..take good care okay:)
    i know its not easy..but try n look at the bright side of everything…
    loads of love from meeee…to u:)

  16. hahahaha what you you, ivy?! HAHA. muacks! when wanna go out wor? damn long never see u edi. since my bday. lol. hartamas square is beside breakers. 😀
    thanks for ur support. muacks!! *huggies*