i feel so loved…<3

i feel so loved…<3

hee hee hee… jeng jeng jeng. i had a great time yesterday. my day started with me getting up at 8 something am, as usual. did my mtv editing (about 75% completed). around lunch time, beloved lizzie baby and eve mama came to look for me. hiaks. we went to this place, called, your place, with very cosy interior design. joe 7th was there with his colleagues too. the place looks good but the food, sadly, doesnt taste good. the portion was kinda small but yet i couldnt finish but it could be due to me busy yakking all the way for two hours straight. hehe. thank you lizzie and eve mama. *hugs* i hope to see eve again before she flies back to UK next thurs.
after that, i came home to rest for a while and talked on the phone for another 2-3 hours before terence ADORABLE, ivan CUTENESS and sandy LOVELY decided to bring me out guy oogling at hartamas square. sadly, hartamas was a bad place to do guy oogling. there were so lil peeps and even if there were guys, they are so not my type so me and sandy ended up gossipping and chit-chatting. as for ivan, he was busy with sharon and terence was busy oogling over chiqs. why must there be more chiqs than dudes, ah? depressing. hehe. we nicknamed the outing, “a get to know one another better aka get together”. so, when’s the next one, guys? hiaks. this time, let’s go to somewhere with more DUDES than chiqs.

the place from where i was seated

eve’s peanut shake

eve, becky and lizzie baby

the ever bubbly terence

the loveliest couple ever, terence and ivan

sharon, sandy and becky

sharon, sandy and becky again!

okay, im really sleepy. darn, ive been such a lazy bumm lately. ive got so many plans tonight but i might just stay at home and sleep. the rainy days are making me lazier and lazier. okays, *yawns*, im off. *hugs*
p/s: thanks to all those who cared. muacks. without you guys, i would’ve gone cuckoo. hehe. muacks!

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29 Responses

  1. heyaaaaaaaa….me back to spam ur commentboXx ;D
    hehe..wah lost another half kG.. i also wanna lose 5kgs..*dear God..please grant me this wish? alongside with my other wishes for good grades and for good friends and good food and mr right and and and and andddddddddddddd……………*
    wAHahha ;P *gives becky a big bear hugs*
    no idea what happened to ya..but u seem down.. so huggies for ya!

  2. oh terasa glamerrr @ tickle-me.net =P
    i dunno how much is it to do yoga but im duing qi gong now (chinese version of yoga) for free.. my sifoo said its up to u to donate RM2 for the electricity and maintanence of the place erytime u come 😉

  3. wow. that’s damn cool wei. but kepong is damn far. u bring me lah. haha.
    qi qong can make u learn self defence? lose weight? eh bring me!! 😀

  4. beckz, *muaks* lost weight somemore? man, how do u do it laa? eh come we go jogging at cyber park…hahahah! 😀 u start uni this week ?

  5. yes maxiepoo, lost weight but now gain back another one kg. lol. :”) jogging at cyber park? bkt jalil has one of the best parks wei. :”D come bkt jalil. 😀
    jean, i was never a jogging person. 😀 brisk walking still acceptable.

  6. eh i used to jog at cyberpark wan ler… aftertat go play the colorful swing … climb here climb there.. haha… but the park’s quite flat so have to go twice only got effect
    but if u jog around campus… uphil downhil one round enuff d…

  7. cyber park is in cyberjaya 🙂 muahaha…somewhere beyond my condo ..
    sandy, yeah in campus if jog, sure damn tiring man! dun think i can take it ..

  8. hehehe come bkt jalil lah. aiyo. this max ah. u can drive mah. and u said wanna stay at my place with li shih some day, bila lah? i think i kahwin with 498393894 kids also u wont come stay over 😀

  9. ahhahaha u plan to have that many??? woohh.. can i be godma for at least ONE of them?? pleaseeeeeeeee…..
    alah.. ok la..i will lah! paiseh only, go ppl’s hse and stay..

  10. hehe yeah i wish i can go lepak with u and yeeng! damn it la..i hate our clashing schedules. damn screwed

  11. hi girl..finally i have internet connection but at college; soon at home 😛 how are you nowadays?
    I’m gaining so much weight!!! your site always display good food. take care 🙂

  12. hahahahaah ive gained back my weight too. shitttttt… 🙁
    u t.care yea shari… muacks! are u still working? let’s go for a drink again some day 😀