hospitals are no-nos

hospitals are no-nos

sighs. ive been sick for almost three weeks with diff types of tummy aches. the first week was period cramps, then the week after was gastric and now, it’s food poisoning. but because my pain continued and it doesnt quite fit the symptoms of gastric and food poisoning anymore, i’ll be going to sjmc (subang jaya medical centre) for the doctor to “investigate” (that’s exactly what he said). he said it could be irritable bowel syndrome or something else. he cant be sure until ive gone to sjmc for further check up. trust me, im so sick of doctors. i get sick so easily. if you read through my archives, ive been in and out of illnesses so often and im so sick and tired of it. ive been to three diff doctors and four times in just two weeks. at least it’s not as bad as last time, 9 times in a week! grr.. speaking about it makes me feel even more sick…
oh before i forget, check out the most vainest guy ive ever heard/seen before and no, its not dion appana! its mr steven lim from singapore. omg. and he actually has his own flash animation! check it out here! ewww.. gross. *faints* dion, looks like youve got a huge competitor. hiaks.

cray fish fried with dried chilli *nyums*

carlsberg chicken

fried oyster omelette

claypot taufoo

fried squid

chilli crab

man tous (chinese bread)

marmite crab

lala bee hoon

my mom’s bday cake, capuccino cheesecake from secret recipe

hur. we went to teluk gong for my mom’s bday dinner. it was fabulous but too bad i couldnt take much seafood. cant blog anymore. my tummy hurts so badly and boy am i craving for someone’s attention now. actually, anyone’s attention would do. i so wanna be cared for now. hehe. in a manja mood. t.cares everyone. pray for me. muacks!

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  1. EH DION, u better maintain your “mr vain guy” status!! u’ve got a very strong competitor dude. 😀 *muaaks*

  2. max, hehehe i know. it was really good. something diff. :”D
    hahaha dion’s position is being threatened! :”D
    thanks lizzie baby! muacks! will do!

  3. okay that’s exactly what my mum said! she was like they will definitely give you something to ease the pain first before they do anything serious of scoping your body and all.