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shopaholic declares bankruptcy

shopaholic declares bankruptcy

omg. im so depressed. i went doing “retail therapy” alright and the process of doing it was amazing but the after effects were bad. i’m officially left with… rm5.23 for the rest of the week. there goes my zouk trip tomorrow…
my day started off with me getting up at 8 something am. i started doing house chores because my mom will be leaving to india this friday. im going to be very lonely once she’s gone for the 13 days because she is the one that i’ll tell all my problems with. sighs. anyway, i went to pick up yeeng and we headed to pyramid to get movie tickets but after queing up and finally reached the counter, joe 7th told me he cant confirm so it was off. i was a little hurt (expected) and so i told myself to shop harder later. we drove off to one utama and that’s where this depressing story began…
i was driving like a drunk mamak. im like this when im down, sick or tired and i was tired because i havent been sleeping well for weeks. anyhow, i began shopping shopping shopping and ended up spending… rm180++, my three weeks savings… .
although it might not seem like a huge amount for most of you but please understand im a jobless student with very little allowance from my parents so that amount is quite huge for me. i felt it was worth it though because i bought a halter dress (omfg, what is becky doing with a dress?), a low-waist capri, a billabong tee, a pair of khaki slacks, and two pieces of lingeries. i am god. quite a good bargain right? yeah, baby! \,,/- but i felt really bad after buying all of them. i was supposed to get shades, tees, pants and shoes (but if i were to buy more and add to my already overflowing collection of shoes, my mom would’ve killed me!). we also took lotsa pix in the changing room. believe it! we’re such vain piggies. but i’ll be posting only my pix cos yeeng doesnt want hers here. btw, im trying to convert myself into a tee shirt and jeans girl… hiaks.

blue blue tee

peach tee

black tee

baby blue tee

halter dress

dark blue tee

pink tee

baby yellow tee

green tee

i’m feeling a little down now because im pennyless. how the hell am i going to survive till sunday with just rm5? sighs… . oh yea, one more thing… ive been feeling really lonely lately. ive realised that there are not many friends that i can count on and i hate it. yest i broke down and cried in college. can you believe it? life has been so screwed up and i just wish i could have a solid shoulder to cry on. i guess, it’s really up to my decision on what i should do. now im thinking if i should apply to go to UK and start anew. look for new friends, a new lifestyle, new surrounding in a new country. you know, like a total change… i wish i’d knew what to do… and if i should pursue my studies overseas…
p/s: i met my long lost classmate from sabah whom ive not seen 11 years ago in my coll two days back. can you believe it? she still recognised me!!! wow. i was astonished. lol. for those who knows my lj, keep checking for updates cos i write there daily! t.cares…

i feel so loved…<3

i feel so loved…<3

hee hee hee… jeng jeng jeng. i had a great time yesterday. my day started with me getting up at 8 something am, as usual. did my mtv editing (about 75% completed). around lunch time, beloved lizzie baby and eve mama came to look for me. hiaks. we went to this place, called, your place, with very cosy interior design. joe 7th was there with his colleagues too. the place looks good but the food, sadly, doesnt taste good. the portion was kinda small but yet i couldnt finish but it could be due to me busy yakking all the way for two hours straight. hehe. thank you lizzie and eve mama. *hugs* i hope to see eve again before she flies back to UK next thurs.
after that, i came home to rest for a while and talked on the phone for another 2-3 hours before terence ADORABLE, ivan CUTENESS and sandy LOVELY decided to bring me out guy oogling at hartamas square. sadly, hartamas was a bad place to do guy oogling. there were so lil peeps and even if there were guys, they are so not my type so me and sandy ended up gossipping and chit-chatting. as for ivan, he was busy with sharon and terence was busy oogling over chiqs. why must there be more chiqs than dudes, ah? depressing. hehe. we nicknamed the outing, “a get to know one another better aka get together”. so, when’s the next one, guys? hiaks. this time, let’s go to somewhere with more DUDES than chiqs.

the place from where i was seated

eve’s peanut shake

eve, becky and lizzie baby

the ever bubbly terence

the loveliest couple ever, terence and ivan

sharon, sandy and becky

sharon, sandy and becky again!

okay, im really sleepy. darn, ive been such a lazy bumm lately. ive got so many plans tonight but i might just stay at home and sleep. the rainy days are making me lazier and lazier. okays, *yawns*, im off. *hugs*
p/s: thanks to all those who cared. muacks. without you guys, i would’ve gone cuckoo. hehe. muacks!

i wanna be the chiq in bikini

i wanna be the chiq in bikini

airgh! im surrounded by sexy chiqs. sexy and i mean really really curvy and in shape SEXY! omg. ive been dreaming for a vacation to somewhere with blue green sea and sandy white beach. to fit into the “dream vacation” would be me in bikinis. now that, would be the ugliest sight ever if im ever gonna wear bikinis in my current shape. im so… out of shape. joe 7th complains that my collar bones are gone. my friends complain my eyes are being swallowed up by my cheeks. and im not happy with the fact that i cant see my feet from above.
i have lost about 8-9kg since i stopped doing my internship. goodness! i put on about what? 20 pounds when i was doing internship? crazy! the place is always surrounded by food and when im bored to death, i indulge in sinful delights.
actually, i was surfing around my friend’s profiles and omg, you dunno how much am i envying em. they’ve got such nice bodies (actually, they’re just plain skinny but way better than me). why oh god why oh why must you pick me to be the unlucky one with a flabby pear shaped body (i think). please take away this horrible punishment. *pleads*
i am seriously thinking of a beachy holiday this year end. i need a vacation badly. wern ching and her aussie friends are interested. max is interested. so is dried prune but he’ll only be free after xmas which is abit too late lah, dion! joe 7th might be going to phuket with his friends and he has shown me pix and told me so much about it. shall we organise a trip to phuket then, guys?
i know ive stopped organising stuffs for ages and i know im really rusty now but it would be nice to have all my beloved friends gathered at some faraway place eg: phuket. sandy, i can see you in pink bikinis by the beach and maybe with your f1 bubblegum. wanna join? and oh, i can picture yeeng and me playing beachballs while oogling over hot dudes armed with a surf board and a tattoo on their nicely built chest/arm. and oh oh, topless chiqs! ho ho ho. *drools*
next, to shop for bikinis. i know right now, if i were to shop for any, i cant find my size unless i buy it online from some boutique for the bigger-sized women. i’ll give you girls a ring when im in the right shape (now, when is the big question. dont ask me. i lack determination). ok ok, im back to chiqs-in-bikini surfing.
p/s: welcome me back to singlehood, peeps, but i sincerely hope it doesnt last long because i still love him to bits. i dont wanna elaborate and dont bother msging me asking me why. i’ll keep mum. and dang! my newly bought webcam’s gone and i dun have the warranty card. *wails*

vonda rocks my socks

vonda rocks my socks

im a big fan of vonda shepard. she might not be as attractive as the other divas but her voice is enough to melt you to bits. her songs sings how my heart feels. whenever im down, i listen to her songs and i would cry because it speaks exactly how i feel. my songwriting inspirations came from her. go vonda go! i love you to bits!

Baby, Don’t You Break My Heart Slow
words by Vonda Shepard
music by Vonda Shepard & James Newton Howard
I like the way you wanted me
Every night for so long baby
I like the way you needed me
Every time things got rocky
I was believing in you
Am I mistaken do you say
Do you say what you mean
I want our love to last forever
But I’d rather you be mean than love and lie
I’d rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
I’d rather take a blow at least then I would know
But baby don’t you break my heart slow
I like the way you’d hold me
Every night for so long baby
And I like the way you’d say my name
In the middle of the night
While you were sleeping
I was believing in you
Was I mistaken
Do you mean, mean what you say
When you say our love could last forever
Well I’d rather you be mean than love and lie
I’d rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
I’d rather take a blow at least then I would know
But baby don’t you break my heart slow
You would run around and lead me on forever
While I wait at home thinking that we’re together
I wanted our love to last forever
Well I’d rather you be mean than love and lie
I’d rather hear the truth and have to say goodbye
I’d rather take a blow at least then I would know
But baby don’t you break my heart slow

*crrooons along* ah… the power of beautiful songs. makes me feel so wanna be loved. *cuddles herself* now im missing that someone so much but… oh well, lotsa assignments to do. *pouts* anyone knows how to edit my filming footages? im so dumb when it comes to all this and my lecturer didnt really taught us how. im worried fcks.
went to bkt bintang yest for dinner but wtf it was so packed thanks to the lantern procession. the roads were closed and it was filled with people! there was barely any air to breathe! seriously, if you were one of them in those crowds. crazee. but i love lanterns. anyone wanna play em with me? been looking for kakis to play em with me. you know, just to take the blues way. went to green lotus for dinner. yummy thai food. i didnt take pix of everything as i went with a group that i wasnt familiar with and most of them are peeps i met for the first time. the place is very cosy though.

thai green curry set

red curry duck

chicken kasthuri

otak-otak (wasnt that good)

im off to run some errands. wont be online tonite as my cpu will be in yeeng’s place. i know i will be very bluey tonight. i foresee that so anything, beep me, alright. huggies.
p/s: like my new layout? im not very fond of it. will modify when i get my cpu back. adios. *blehs*

missing you, my babelicious g.mama

missing you, my babelicious g.mama

hi! this entry is dedicated to my beloved g.mama (short for grandmama), jolyne yong. she just left for east london, uk, about approximately 13 hours ago. we were at her new place on sunday for her farewell party. it went well and we had lotsa dramas eg: how the pool gang rushed for satays and dory fish fillets and HOW TERENCE AND GARICK STOLE MY SAUSAGES. i will get my revenge back, you sausage robbers! it was practically the only thing that was safe for me to eat (because of my ibs) and they stole my sausages! well, actually, i ate lotsa stuffs i wasnt suppose to eat. the food were just too tempting but sausages! love of my life! and they had to steal em away from me! *kicks terence & garick* blehs.

becky and joe 7th

joe 7th being excited over all the dory fish fillets and satays he managed to grab *cute*

the g.dottie and sexy g.mama

yeeng and the g.dottie

the pool gang right after dinner

the pool gang right before leaving *sniffles*

the g.dottie and lovely babelicious g.mama once again! *missing you*

*sniffles* have a great time in london, g.mama. i hope to be there as well next year. *crosses fingers* hope my parents strike lottery or something. im so sick of my uni. bores the fck out of me. you know what, ive noticed that my eyes are becoming smaller and smaller. my fats are swallowing up my eyes. *WAILS* give me back my eyes! *punches herself* give me back my eyes! *punches herself again* ewek. *dead*
sorry bout that. im so stressed up now. my assignment’s due tomorrow and i havent even started. im hopeless. been busy with… i dunno what. i always feel busy but i dunno what was i busy with. *ponders* nopes. cant recall. anyways, sunday was a nite filled with ups and downs. i took down my earlier entry. that certainly wasnt my most brilliant entry and it certainly wasnt my kinda entry. so bye bye, entry num 72. thanks for all those who commented. *muacks* im off to send my mom for a job interview in sunway. brunch anyone? ta!
p/s: i compiled a cd of meaningful songs for joe 7th and designed the lousiest cover ever. hope he likes it. im too lazy to post a pix of it. so sayonara.

hospitals are no-nos

hospitals are no-nos

sighs. ive been sick for almost three weeks with diff types of tummy aches. the first week was period cramps, then the week after was gastric and now, it’s food poisoning. but because my pain continued and it doesnt quite fit the symptoms of gastric and food poisoning anymore, i’ll be going to sjmc (subang jaya medical centre) for the doctor to “investigate” (that’s exactly what he said). he said it could be irritable bowel syndrome or something else. he cant be sure until ive gone to sjmc for further check up. trust me, im so sick of doctors. i get sick so easily. if you read through my archives, ive been in and out of illnesses so often and im so sick and tired of it. ive been to three diff doctors and four times in just two weeks. at least it’s not as bad as last time, 9 times in a week! grr.. speaking about it makes me feel even more sick…
oh before i forget, check out the most vainest guy ive ever heard/seen before and no, its not dion appana! its mr steven lim from singapore. omg. and he actually has his own flash animation! check it out here! ewww.. gross. *faints* dion, looks like youve got a huge competitor. hiaks.

cray fish fried with dried chilli *nyums*

carlsberg chicken

fried oyster omelette

claypot taufoo

fried squid

chilli crab

man tous (chinese bread)

marmite crab

lala bee hoon

my mom’s bday cake, capuccino cheesecake from secret recipe

hur. we went to teluk gong for my mom’s bday dinner. it was fabulous but too bad i couldnt take much seafood. cant blog anymore. my tummy hurts so badly and boy am i craving for someone’s attention now. actually, anyone’s attention would do. i so wanna be cared for now. hehe. in a manja mood. t.cares everyone. pray for me. muacks!

let’s thrash and bash guys

let’s thrash and bash guys

that’s dedicated to all those who means the world to me. fret not, if you dont see your pix there, it doesnt mean that you dont mean anything to me. *muacks* i got this idea from a few blogger’s site and if im not mistaken it’s dicky or sui lin. now, let’s get to some thrash and bash guys discussions. WARNING: this is a 14 para long entry.
here are some quotes from me and my darling guestbloggers, yeeng and max:
becky : guys are a painful lot whom we love to hate but yet can never get enough of them.
maxine : men are the most unpredictable creatures on earth.
yeeng : guys always give us mixed signals and expects us to understand. (written by becky for yeeng, ho ho).
there. seriously, guys are so undefinable. just like how love is. im speaking this out of my past relationships, current relationship (i love joe 7th to bits so whatever i say here is not about him alone but men generally), observations and friends’ opinions so if you disagree, please dont hunt me down and spear me to death. let’s begin.
1. men always likes to tell you, “nothing” when there’s obviously something wrong with them. that’s because ive realised they dislike to discuss matters because it might hurt their ego, i guess. maybe it’s only with girls because they’ll feel sissy if they were to discuss heart matters with their partners. as for us girls, we like to talk things out until the problem is solved but i guess men just want to keep them aside and hopefully, the problem will just dissolve.
2. men always love to worry their partners. they love to have their fun (get drunk, race cars with strangers who has a face they cant stand and etc) and not let women disrupt them. of course, we being women knows that men needs their space to spend time with their own buddies but when your women calls you or smses you, you know better to answer her calls or at least send her a sms. when you dont, you make us women worry so much because we dont know how are things. if you’re out for heavy drinking, you could be drunk and then you’ll be driving home, of course we worry! god knows what would happen. and then if you are the type who likes to race cars, that makes things worst. i understand that you might find it “fan” (cantonese for irritating or troublesome) but let your woman sleep in peace. and remember, we worry because we love you.
3. men tend to demand to be left alone quite often. it could be either because their “fan” with their financial problems, love matters or family. men rarely worry about their health, unlike women. the thing is, when men do demand to be left alone, it’s best you ladies do because things might get even more strained if you dont. like us, men do need their space too. trust me, when they are alone, they tend to think better than having us women bugging them to tell us why. it’s hard not to keep asking why but it’s worth the effort to try to not make an effort on asking why. got it?
4. whether they admit it or not, men are vain. very. especially dion sean appana. im sure you all know about him, seeing his “tak tahu malu” (malay for thick skin) spamming tags on my tagboard. they want to look gorgeous too in order to attract more (fe)males (but let’s just stick to straight men on this discussion, ok?). it helps to boost his ego too when girls keep eyeing on them or whisper to one another whenever he passes by. you can actually see a man change his style of walking when that happens. he tends to walk in this more macho way. check it out.
5. men hates to admit when their wrong. again, it all comes to their ego. anything that shatters their ego, it’s a nah-uh no no for them. whenever they say something silly, of course most of us women cant stand it so we’ll question them back how is that possible. then he’ll start justifying his statement which will make things sound even more sillier. it’ll piss us off and we’ll correct them. now that they know their wrong, they’ll keep denying it and just try to win over the situation and we women would let them win just so that an unnecessary arguement could be prevented. it’s tolerable at times but not when it happens too often. so men, think logically before you say something.
6. related to the above point, men always have excuses for everything. when you ask them, “why didnt you pick up my call?”, they’ll say something predictable like “didnt hear”, “no battery”, or their num one favorite will be, “nothing” (or they’ll just keep mum). im serious! ive had friends with bfs who answered that. imagine how furious my poor friends got. when you ask them, “why are you late?”, they’ll answer you back, “jam”, “my boss held me up”, “accident”, “police roadblock”, “a dog bit my shoe”, or most likely just another “nothing”. grrr…. arent we sick of hearing the same excuses over and over again? though it could be true, but seriously, how often is it for real? women would really much prefer it if you just admit that you’re late.
7. men are like our second mothers. they are fussy and they nag alot. and im sure that’s nothing new. they always tell us not to nag but little did they realise that they nag us more than we do. “you shouldnt sleep so late. why wont you listen to me? it’s for your own good…blah blah”, “you shouldnt eat that. it’s fattening. your buttons are going to pop out soon”, “you should stop going out late!” and etc. they might sound like they control you but it is really for your own good, just like how we women nag them. of course they shouldnt over do it. i like my man nagging me but sadly, he doesnt really. he gives me all the freedom i want which, take note men, is not really good. beware, a woman with too much freedom might feel like she is not being cared for. but i know my man does and im speaking in general. i love him to bits.
8. men are bitches in disguise. they do bitch over beer and they call it a guy talk. they’ll talk about how mr. k is so ugly that he doesnt deserve pretty miss b. they’ll talk about how their boss is probably sleeping with his client’s wife and etc and that’s guy talk? while us, the meek creatures called women, talk about how unfair our lecturer is to a certain student and they call that bitching. okay, so we dont always talk like that. we might say our lecturer’s unfair and then continue with how the student mustve slept with him to gain the A’s but men do that too. so we’re all bitches. ho ho ho. let’s not deny it. today, i’ll redefine men. all men are bastards and …bitches. rock on! \m/
9. men demands attention. they always want us women to run to them whenever they feel lonely. they want us to praise them, to love them, to cuddle them to sleep and etc and yet they try to call themselves the STRONGER gender and us women, who has to sacrifice our laps for our men to sleep on as we stroke their hair the WEAKER gender? ah puik! men likes to brag and exaggerate stuffs in order to get the ladies (and even some of their fellow male friends) go oo ahh over them. if they hit a seven inch baby snake, they’ll tell you they hit a 2 metres long snake and etc. it happens, admit it, boys.
10. men dislike being told what to do. that’s true, unless you’re talking about mama’s boys. if a men likes to shake his feet, let him. it’s his habit, dont try to change him because men dislike being changed too. it might irritate you but if you love him, you’ll have to learn to accept his habits. and boys, if your gf like to smell her armpit, let it cos if we have to sacrifice, why cant you? ho ho ho. there are other stuffs on men like how men are always fickle-minded, unpredictable and etc but i’ll talk about it some other time, alright?
there you go. some main points are being helped out by maxine. thanks, babe. im off to bed now. its 5am. i have two presentations on mon and tues and guess what? i havent really started. im so gonna be screwed. see what i do when im too stressed out? i come up with a list of stuffs on men. god save me. amen.
p/s: happy 20th birthday ivy!! :”)