more orgasmic nites… coming up!

more orgasmic nites… coming up!

oh gosh. haha. i have so much to blog about. just got up and im stoning blur. *looks around* oh yea, let me provide a checklist on what to say later. our trip to teluk gong for seafood dinner, fully sponsored by ian handsome, my supper at chilis and the adrenaline awards.
phew. let me post you some of the pix we took in telok gong. i wont be talking about it as yeeng has already done it and i just wanna avoid repetitions.

the crowd at the restaurant

garick and raymond waiting patiently for the food

terence worried about his grumbling tummy while ivan’s grinning at the thought of the food

our opening dish, fried lala

fried lala and fried potato leaves

fried oyster omelette (o chien)

butter prawns *yums nyums yums*

spicy sweet and sour fish (telapia, i think) *not for me*

fried squid

lemon chicken

the most wanted dish, chilli crab *WEEE YUMS* *rubs tummy*

the most fought upon dish, man tou. we ordered 39 of those!

view on some of the dishes we had that night

terence smacking his head at the sight of the finishing man tous

yeeng knocking her crab with a mini hammer

the man behind this sinfully yummy night, ian

our leftovers… such pigs we are!

terence telling ivan how he managed to dive for the last man tou *kidding*

the piranhas rushing for the free dessert

becky with her hammer and yeeng

candid shot by ian on yeeng, becky, garick and terence

the guys!

the gang!

the gang surrounding ivan’s car because his door is stucked

and another blurry pix of the gang taken by some anonymous uncle

hur. it was worth the wait. we only ate our dinner around 9+ because of the horrible jam. took us about half an hour from subang to get there. but the place is nice although a little deserted. you could even smell the sea from there. amazing. *rubs tummy*
alot of food chomping sessions happened (duh, since we need food daily) and there are lotsa pix to post but gotta stop posting pix. that’s cause pix of delicious food will only tempt people and make em hungry. im sure they’ll somehow lose interest in this site because of how i’ll make them want to eat eat eat and eat. some even nicknamed me the food critic. ho ho ho. but it sure has a deep expensive price to pay. ive gained 16 kg in just five months. beat that. sighs. *depressed* oh, i shall continue chomping on my toasted chocolate cakes and famous amos cookies…
on monday, i went shooting for some hotlink ad. before that, we were at astro for a radio commercial recording. i like the part where we do all this although we were only there to witness em but it was cool. we get to mingle around celebrities and etc. i saw asha gill during her radio talk show. *yums!* the rest, i cant tell because it’s some p&c shit for my agency. but oh well… *yums!* thanks joe 7th for troubling you to send us all home. *muacks*
oh, watched laws of attraction last nite. amazing. im a big sucker for romance books and movies but hey, joe 7th enjoyed it too. haha and i have a pix of pierce brosnan and julienne moore kissing as my wallpaper. *yums!* before that, we were at chilis for a very late dinner (or supper, as some may consider). we were in a rush, actually. were there less than an hour. *yums* i love chilis!

our triple play for starters

our sandwich, big daddy dawg *yeaaaah*

my shocked face because of the multiple orgasms i get from these yummy food

hurr… our very clean plate after gobbling down the starters in less than 20 mins

hehe.. our leftover from the big daddy dawg *YUMMY!*

okay, enough of food. i dont wanna get brutally murdered. haha. speaking of brutal death, check out my fav site atm. dont bother viewing if you have a weak heart. hiaks. okay, the adrenaline awards exhibition will be from july 9-14. check em out. i’ll be attending the awards night on monday. *crosses fingers* X”D not putting much hope since mine’s last min work. oh well, im off to bed. *muacks*
currently: oogling over bunnysutra. i want i want i want! *sulks*

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58 Responses

  1. wahahaha im first to comment! LOL!
    i wanna go telok gong again lehhhh…. although it’s damn kao hot there the food was great!
    totally beat ur chilli’s~! LOL has been around damn long le and it’s damn sick. oh yea.. u checked out

  2. hahahaahahahaha NO!! nothing can ever beat chillis! NO!!!! *breaks u into two*
    hahahahaa yes i know about rotten ages ago but then terlupa about it until yest. haha. and yes, too. omg. DAMN FCKING SICK! omg. 😛
    telok gong? come lah my bday we go. kekee 😛 u belanja 😛

  3. hehehe, tel0k gong rocks, and to th0se who ate more mantou than me… FUCKERSSS… hhaaha kiddin 😛
    i damn long never eat chilli’s edi sia.. ;(

  4. hahahahahahahaahahahahaha.. you and your man tous! 😛
    come lah. tonite we’re going again. chilis is daaaaaaaaaaaaamn addictivE!!!!!! 😛 *drools*

  5. LOLLLLLLL lebih nih. U know la ppl like me cannot afford chilli’s. Mamak is already a luxury wei!

  6. ivan, alah no lah. for me even nasi lemak is a luxury. i get ppl to help me pay first mah but at least u can go clubbing. i cant leh 🙁
    darryl, hahaaha i was supposed to go to chilis again today. nvm lah next time call u kay? 😛

  7. i think i went to this telok gong b4.. once.. couz bro took us there.. why does terence look so.. i-just-got-out-of-bed-and-i’m-a-mad-scientist kinda ?

  8. weee food! Omg yesh you are making me hungry! I haven’t eaten all day 🙁 Theres no yummy food in the house, how cna you have a house with no yummy food in it? Its a total disaster, hehe.

  9. hahahahahaha…. dont worry. my house dont have many yummy food. i have to go out and hunt for them lol 😛
    chinese food rocks vicky. get em!! 😛 but i think only the ones in m’sia are nice. i heard the chinese food in western countries tastes like wet socks. lol 😛

  10. becky, were u at One Utama on Saturday? I thought I saw you there and I want bunnysutra too but my mom said NO coz I bought the Mother’s Day edition already..sheesh

  11. jinny, ywalah. tahu pun. drama queen lah u. haha muacks 😛
    sk : me? on sat? nopes. but i was there on friday. hehehee 😛 bunnysutra watches are soooo cute hor? 😛 *yums*

  12. hahahahahaha ya-allah
    aku tak reply untuk sehari, aku dah kena fitnah.
    me macho? hahaha. i think what jean said is true lor, im a mad scientist… wahhwwah, bukan macho la..
    and eh… sejak bila aku ada awek? Pls, if y’all got any chicks, intro to me k! 🙂

  13. sorry..i meant friday..not saturday =P u were wearing some black cardigan or something of that sort rite? I guess it was prolly u =)
    and yes, that bunny sutra is oh-so cute..darn darn darn

  14. dale, hahahaah aiyo why lah? *hugs*
    jean, dunno wor. haha i thought u were talking about the “hero”. hahahaa 😛
    terence, sorry sorry. cos i thought jean was talking about yeeng’s ex. hahaha 😛
    sk, yea a dark blue jacket. hahahaah omg u saw me?! alah, why never say hi? but i was in a hurry lah. went to pick mom only. 😛
    hehe max darls 😛

  15. dale, hahahaah aiyo why lah? *hugs*
    jean, dunno wor. haha i thought u were talking about the “hero”. hahahaa 😛
    terence, sorry sorry. cos i thought jean was talking about yeeng’s ex. hahaha 😛
    sk, yea a dark blue jacket. hahahaah omg u saw me?! alah, why never say hi? but i was in a hurry lah. went to pick mom only. 😛
    hehe max darls 😛

  16. i wanna makan also sweetie….! teluk gong 😛 seafood not bad togh.! didnt u try that coconut liquor.?

  17. coconut liquor? no… haha. is it todi ah? the indian liquor? i also didnt try carlsberg chicken. aiyo i damn fat edi lah. every day eat so chun chun. muacks darls! 🙂

  18. yeah..u looked like u were in the hurry…walk until damn fast..i was like “eh,isn’t that becky..jalan cepat betul”

  19. carlsberg chicken ler. i dunno how it looks like ler, dale. hehe 😛
    hahahahahaa sk, i have long legs mah. lol. where u saw me? hiaks 😛

  20. long legs ;P
    aiyo..u posted double comments..i thought my screen something wrong..scroll down already but still at the same comment!! o.O
    ooo.. i talking bout TERENCE lar..and the picture i saying is seafood dinner..not TGIF lols.. alar so lengcais but dah attached.. wasted ;P lols..
    results out in 1 day..wish me luck!

  21. hahahaahahaha omg. maaf lah. aku sangat blur mah. somore my pc cacat. keep posting twice wan 🙁 later i’ll delete it k 😛
    terence is not available also. he’s dating IVAN now… ho ho ho 😛
    good luck, jean!! 😛 muacks. u can do it! im supposed to get my results today but then bila buka envelope, it wasnt there! i wonder who stole my results 🙁

  22. haRh? buka envelope then wasnt there?!?! but u can see the admin for it rite? tengok lar..results so good until ppl nak curi n make it their own!! *hugs*

  23. ur results char?! very funny. har har. puhlease man, u’re doing so well!kuai becky ..:D

  24. mai luan luan kong la…:P
    haha sorry i so feel like talking hokkien today. can’t wait till friday…Penanggggggggg!!!

  25. max : hahaahahaha cos u got wedding to attend right? me too. going taiping for cousin’s wedding. kekee 😛 quite near pg right? 😛
    JEAN! HOW DID U DO?!! 😛 must be damn good lah since u so happy. beta is proud of u! 😛

  26. WOAAA IAN LAN CEEEEE =( *stomps her feet* nak pergi! nak pergi! 🙁
    heheheheheee. I ALSO GOING WEDDING! baguslah, please take lotsa pix. and wish mc congrates k? muacks 😛