listen to the rhythm of my tummy’s growl

listen to the rhythm of my tummy’s growl

(/edited) @ 12:58am 29th July 2004

part of the poppy diners

poppy platters or was it thai platters.. hmm..

rachel and bernard, joe 7th’s friends

(chicken) fajitas quesadillas. orgasm of the orgasms!

me and darryl.. finally, a pix of us both

joe 7th trying his best to immitate a terrapin

dave deli’s quarter chicken

dave deli’s lasagna

dave deli’s potato salad and mashed potatoes

dave deli’s oxtail soup

(/edited) @ 12:48pm
just had lunch. half a scoop of rice, a piece of chicken and an egg is already enough for me. im so happy. im so frigging full. my tummy’s so bloated. haha. oh yea anyway, wanted to say i went to zouk on sat because joe 7th had passes for some levis eyewear function but i couldnt enter because i was underaged! omg. that was so fugging embarassing. while joe and his friends went in to take the goodie bags, i met daniel tan and his other model friend, steve. it’s weird speaking to daniel now ever since he became a rising star. now that he has his own talk show, his advertisements, his modelling career and etc, it’s so hard to just speak like how we used to back in those days. oh well, people change i guess. anyhow, we then went to passion, midvalley’s chilis with darryl, and then to bangsar for mamak session with joe 7th’s friends. hiaks. omg, no wonder im such a fat pig. *oinks* that’s all!
hurrr… ive only been at work for 30 mins and im already complaining im bored. it’s a very slow period for my agency right now, or so it seems. people from the creative dept are taking a week break and etc. if the permanent staffs here are already complaining they’re so bored, what more interns like me? *pouts* it’s killing me. im glad i took half day off this fri because there’s something going on. quite a big day i might say as i’ll be meeting all my long lost friends. hiaaaaks. it’s sort of a gathering, in a way. too bad maxine and li shih cant make it. boooo
i couldnt sleep last night thinking about fri. hiaks. all the old faces that used to bring me joy will be there. wow wee. *hops around and whistles* ive put on another 3kg. that rounds up to … 20kg? eh no, i lost 2kg so yea, i’m now 18kg heavier. believe it or not. if any of my old friends see me now, they’ll faint! which is why im on a diet till … fri! haha. i had only three tablespoons of rice yest night and went to bed in hunger. then i got up this morning and drank water for breakfast. im so frigging hungry now. i hope i dont faint. lunch’s at 12. i thought i could join kris drink just a glass of milk but i dont think i will be able to stand it. no more food after ten for me. no more suppers. dont bother calling me out for yum cha sessions if it’s after ten, okay?
ive got yummy food to post (what a suprise!) but since im posting from my office, my digi cam isnt with me. and no, i dont carry my cam around. *stares at a few of you* im missing chili’s chicken fajita quesadillas. it’s the yummiest quesadillas ive ever eaten. shit. i just heard my tummy growling and oh no, im saliva-ting! airggggggh… how to survive without good food!!!
oh yea, i went shopping on sat with joe 7th. hehe. his first time skipping gym on a sunday and his first time shopping with a girl for five hours. he then drove me around town looking for fish shops because i needed more fishies in my tank. my huge parrot fish died last week. he bought for me some fishies and also helped me change my tank even after my dad has changed it because he says it’s still filthy. it was like some major gotong-royong project and i actually flooded my house. lol. cant blame me since im kinda princess-y at times. hiaks! oh yea, while shopping, i bought a dorothy perkins corset-like skirt for only rm20.09 after a discount. i got it from a reject store but there was nothing wrong with it! if i were to purchase from dorothy perkins, it’ll be a min of rm120. and i bought myself a little gift for my birthday *ahem* a salvatore ferragamo perfume. hiaks. it’s actually for men but it can be use for both genders. lovely smell. i even bargained for samples and miniature bottles. rocks! and i bought a top just to finish the rm10 voucher i got from the perfume.
okay, that’s all for now. enjoy the weekend. think i’ll be skipping the salem revelation rave. SIGHS… nvm, byes anyhow. tata. *poof*
currently listening to : my stomach’s growling!

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  2. hahahahahahahahaaha. thank u ivan for the link!! lol. ive got daaaaamn alot of game links and also flash cartoons. haha.
    drink damn alot of water edi. sighs. bloated man now.

  3. eh! must eat leh! if u dont eat u will gain weight also wan! u sci student ke? 😛 haha…looks like i am not the onli one who bought present for myself on my own birthday! *hugz*

  4. hahahahaa i was in science but that’s because i dont like the art classes only. haha. cant believe i actually took pure science somore. wahlau, i ate so lil rice, and eat dishes nia already so full. can explode liao. hahahahaa.
    what u bought for ur bday wor? 😛

  5. please go eat la ..u’ll die of hunger. hiaks

  6. yeah i do…midterms are nxt week and finals in 3 weeks. damn i’m screwed once again.

  7. anyway have fun at da gathering while i’m suffering by studying ..ahhhh..i hate exams. i hate mmu for ENDLESS exams

  8. wah..sorry for budging in…but mid terms in 1 week and finals in 3 weeks…so ur semester only 1 month???? Eh becky, i teach u, go check out the ‘duno-what’ diet….that one la…..all carbs only..hahahaa….super rocks…u’ll lose weight in no time…well that’s the sub for jogging..hahaha

  9. drink lots and lots and lots of water to flush those toxins out, hehe. ands 😮 you cant not eat, cos when ya start eatin again your body will put on more weight fast. If you dont eat your bodys muscles just go bye bye and turn to fat.
    ands omg you can lose weight on all carbs?Hows!? Carbs turn to sugar, ands you need fat to burn the fat in your body?Aww…im thinkin of yummy food now,pft, and I’m on a health kick.

  10. Kar Heng, no my semester is a bout 3 months -4 months. But I’m having midterms(or 2nd test lah) next week. and finals are soon.
    all exams cramped together..damn dumb
    and all carb diet? how!??

    anyway …
    kar heng, carb diet?! ive heard of protein diet lah which jennifer aniston, gwyenth paltrow and etc use. carbs makes you heavier lah. aiyo. where you heard it from?
    vicky, exactly. haha. i think he’s pulling our legs. errrm i do eat but very minimal, compared to last time.
    max, haha. i think he go terikut lindsay lohan in mean girls. haha. 😛
    pam, if you’re from kl, one u.

  12. eh kar heng..ur carb diet fake wan izit..tengok mean girls ar? ;P becky: yea protein diet ada.. but no carb for at least 2 months.. hmm ^_^ just cut down on food intake n exercise laa (unlike me who is all talk and dont exercise, unless u count the walking up n down 4 floors lol)
    u can try err..another diet.. all raw food only wan.. ;P nothing cooked.. not even steamed vegetables if u plan on eating that ;D it works apparently.. my dad’s fren tried it from a doctor or somesort..lowers ur cholesterols too haha.. ;P

  13. u sure u put on so much weight anot? since when u measuring from ar? few years back? when i saw u that time already?

  14. 1 more thing.. if u keep drinking a lot a lot of water and not eat properly..u’ll look erm..shit i lost that term..but the palms of ur hands and ur face will look bit bloated lor..coz of all the water er er er.. nevermind… cant remember the term still.. but yea

  15. water retention?
    hahaha. i measured since cny. which is feb. hehe. i got eat lah but like super little. water is now my best friend. lol.
    raw food? like carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and all those? err… haha no thanks! i rather not eat. hehe 😛
    i lost 1kg without eating for a day. how cool is that? haha 😛

  16. 1 kg without eating for a day! my god, i wish i could do that…so need to lose a few kgs…:(
    becky, yeah watched mean girls. lawak sial.
    and MORE PICS OF FOOD!? YIPPY….*salivates*

  17. i was on leave yesterday coz i wanted to take my results and it was my birthday yesterday.
    the food photos are calling out my name..yummy.

  18. max: hahahahaa sighs. i went esquire kitchen for lunch. omg. the curry mee bowl was so big and i forced myself to finish. die laaah. i think put on 2 kg edi 🙁
    berd, but im always in office. how to exercise wor =(
    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaapppppy belated birthday shari!! wow, ur bday’s close to mine!

  19. eh eh eh ;P was it you the other day at the gokart place? in a wira?? i thought i saw someone that looked like you, but then hor, forgot your name, then i just thought tickle me tickle meeeeeeeee. but shy to go approaccccch 😛

  20. berd, hahaha yes ah? ok ok. if i put on more weight, i’ll rape you. haha 😛
    max, weeeee 😛
    suan, hahaha no lah not me. hehehe. dont remember going to a gokart place 😛

  21. erm.. becky? raw food includes sashimi n ALL hahahhaa =p
    yea water retention LOL ;p and not eating may lose weight but u gain even faster wahahha =p
    why cant we get offers from slimming centres like joanna bessey n turn from a fat slob to a slim darling? sighs* *crazy*

  22. tickle me, ya, im from pj actually.. one utama? u mean the dorothy perkins shop or u got it from reject shop? 🙂

  23. becky!!!!!! so many pics of food *drools* i can imagine myself enjoying the food dre. bring me bring me haha. and erm.. am i like gonna c my pictures all over ur page later? cuz must paynoe? LOL

  24. berd, hahahaha nooooooooooooo!!! *rapes you*
    jean, i dont eat cooked fish what more raw fish… lol. 😛 dont like dont like yuck yuck yuck but i was at a jap buffet yest and i tried cod fish. omgggg… yummmmmmy! and boy do i wish to get some slimming centre to get me and do some endorsement. hiaks :”P
    pamela, reject shop itself.
    berd loke, hahahaha ada apa apa tips untuk dikongsikan? 😛
    shirleeey! hahahahahahahaa. maybe maybe! call me okie when you reach kl! hiaaaaks. we shall go eat eat eat! :”D

  25. you no know me, me no know you. well, not in real life. and this comment would have nothing to do with your post except – i want foooooooooooooooood! oh, maybe i’d see you when amanda comes back from US

  26. jinny, what’s a becky without food? :”D
    shoot blanks, hahahaha. *gives you flesh*