how could an angel break my heart

how could an angel break my heart

grr.. i just blogged an entry two days ago but guess what? it went missing. *smacks forehead* but it’s okie because i got back all my other posts. if you’ve notice, my earlier entries went *poof* missing for a while but it’s all good because they’re all back. wow wee.
there’s alot for me to say and i must try to recall what ive said in my earlier entry but i cant. anyhow, you guys knew about me going to taiping last week for my cousin’s wedding. that place is heaven. if i ever retire in m’sia, i’d like to retire in taiping. everything there is so peaceful and slow moving. the food there are super cheap and yummy. oh taiping oh taiping, i shall run to you when im old and wrinkly. you barely get to see lotsa teens in taiping. i guess it’s like an old people place. hmmm..
below are some of the pix taken in taiping. enjoy! X”D

my sis, me, mei ling and karen

the wedding couple and gang

the sweet flower girl and the adorable page boy

the wedding couple after the tea pouring ceremony

my sister and me at the wedding dinner

the couple kissing… *aww*

me, my sis, mei chin and mei ling

my cousins and some of their partners

the first dish of the night, assorted dim sums

my fave dessert of all time, fa sang chuk (read more below)

my new ahlianated hairstyle which is like the combination of kaya, peanut butter and strawberry jam. X”D

hehe. fa sang chuk, i travelled four hours just for it. lol. and i actually bought 10 packs back to kl. lol. it rocks and no, it does not look like a bowl of puke! *stares at ivan* i’m so tired right now but malaysian idol is so interesting. last week i voted for nikki and vick, this week i’ll be voting for andrew and victor (why the hell were you so cocky, btw?). the others sounded very rtm-ish. flat. boring. *yawns* no offence. haha. ive always been a critic so yea, dont blame me.
im bored but i refuse to go out. maybe because the person i want to be out with isnt free. oh well, for work purposes, im willing to sacrifice my outing with him. abit bluey too but i dunno why. hmmm.. maybe all i need is some sleep. *yawns* actually, im too tired to even get up from the chair i rest my ass on. am so in need of some good peaceful sleep.
okays, im off to continue watching m’sian idol! go go go! but i dont see anyone that’s even close to fantasia’s standard. dont get me wrong, i dont like fantasia’s voice but well, her voice is very powerful. so good luck to all the contestants in m’sian idol.
currently listening to : toni braxton – how could an angel break my heart

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  1. make sure to get enough rest yea! hmmm malaysian idol……hmmmmmm maybe I can ask my baka-sensei to join hahahhaha since he does sound like Josh Groban….if only he could dress better hai hai :/ hahahaha

  2. hahaha who is ur baka sensei lah? show me pix. hahahahaa. there was this guy who sang a josh groban song just now. lol. not even close… no one can beat my darling josh groban!

  3. hahahaha pics ah, hmmmmm have to dig through my school mag hahaha hmmm or I think I got but have to scan. my baka-sensei was performing in a concert just now and he sang a gospel song or something that Josh Groban sang. like listening to cd hahahahaha :PP he was my english teacher back in secondary school. he’s actually a friend of mine although he’s much older than me, should be late 30’s liaw hahahah and still single 😛

  4. michael toh right? just read in ur blog. haha. tak kenal him but yea, show me his pix. and he can sing like josh groban?! omg. i can fall in love with a man because of the voice he sings in so i better not hear ur baka sinsei sing. hahaa 😛

  5. yeap 🙂 hahaha I post it up once I find it hahahaha. he has loud loud voice, whenever I sit next to him in church and he sings, I guarantee go deaf but I like to sit next to him coz he sings GOOD heheheheh 😀

  6. hahahahahaahahahahahaha aiyo envy lah this kinda ppl with powerful voice. hahahahaa. they sing so naturally esp those gospel singers. hahahaaa. good vocal training….

  7. i cant remember who nikki is but i know who the rest are.. andrew is a lead singer of my friend’s friend band whahha =p and also a cousin of my other friend 😛
    vick is good ;D amazed at his singing when he was sick!

  8. ivan, eh you’re suppose to retire at somewhere peaceful lah. not somewhere surrounded by casino and crime!!! lol. cant rest in peace 😛
    ian, maybe cos u never explore kua. i love it to bits. hahahahaa. i wanna retire there.
    berd, but u look like someone who can sing like josh groban! 😛

  9. ooooo shoot blanks, now i know. u like ah lians!!! hahahahaha 😛
    jean, yea, his “cant take my eyes off you” was good but his “my way” sucked. i voted for him though. andrew can sing but he’s so blardy stiff. lol. and victor, he can sing too but then his “belaian jiwa” isnt that good. paul moss was right. and victor shouldnt bomb em back. oh well, go go go chinese! 😛

  10. berd : no way! you look like someone who can sing an opera! 😛
    hahaa vicky, i doubt you’ll see anything like it in UK. it’s very peanuty. very sweet. 🙂

  11. HUAHUA! My dad was born in Taiping, how come he never really bring me around explore? LOL! I did explored the cemetary ground though as I go back there every year for Cheng Beng..hmmm!! Anyone up for Maxwell Hill climb? My dad told me its haunted there!

  12. hi hi sweetie.whats wrong with ur tagboard :-)but anyhow how r u doing lately.? hope ur doing fine.take care okies.? *muakz*

  13. berd, sure or not? let me listen to ur singing some day. haha. im willing to sacrifice my ears.
    ian, all hills are haunted but then i dont mind jungle trekking. haha. dah lama tak buat! jom jom trip to taiping 😛

  14. wilson sweeetie! muacccks. i dunno what’s wrong with it. too busy to fix it also. lol. muacks dear. i’m fine. how are things with you? 😛 good leh 😛

  15. Woman! Damn long neba see you around.. or hear your sexy voice over the phone.. Apa macam le? Shit.. your pics here seems to show that you did put on some weight compare to the last time I saw you… was that something like a year or so ago? *sigh* lemme know if you and caren still have any outings together coz me wanna go party pooping..

  16. morning.believe or not,i just saw you like 20 minutes ago,walking to the LRT. I was driving that time,saw you looking through your beg. looking good with the new hairstyle 🙂

  17. berd, of course. anything for you. so when can you sing for me ah? 😛
    jean, no probs. u pay for my karaoke sessions lah. i’ll sing for you 😛
    jasssssssssssssson! omg. haha i liked ur sms. lol. u can always call me mah when you need someone to talk yo. ive been busy lately. hahaha. so no time to like lepak lepak and yes, put on ALOT of weight. like 20 kg. omg. all my old clothes dont fit anymore =( *pouts* hahaha. i met caren like few weeks back at one u. she was with her bf. but i havent been going out with her and pikey for a very very very long time. u also what. busy pak tor. haha 😛
    shoot blanks, hahah i damn lazy wanna set up a new taggy lah. lazy wanna read the readme files. lol. comment box is good enough 😛
    omg SHARI! U DID?! HAHAHAHAHA. omg. so malu-fying!!!! hahahahahahahhahahaa. *pouts* why didnt you honk at me? hiaaaks 😛

  18. heheh yes i did.nolah i was so surprised it was u..coz i wasnt wearing my glasses..takut i honk the wrong girl.

  19. hahahahaha oh yea. whenever u see this girl in blue jacket, jalan jalan, with short messy hair, very tall and big, that’s me. lol.

  20. hahah Becky, really want to retire in taiping ? of cos one or two weeks u still can tahan and enjoy tjhe fresh air from there… but then after one month, u will find nothing to do over there eh:)

  21. a great part of my life was spent in taiping and i hated it. so always escape with my family back to my penang house every weekend LOL

  22. hahaahhahaa how come eh? yea. i used to hate taiping alot and i dread going there but seriously, it’s not that bad. haha 😛

  23. HAHAHAHHA! 😛 next year next year 🙂 will be heading to KL more often after next year 😀

  24. i wish i could watch that idol show. sounds interesting.
    the pics are great. i was curious about what your sis looks like.

  25. hahahahaha aj, so does she look like me? 😛
    berd, is it the one u told me before? she was in aussie or something right? she blogs in lj as well kan? 😛