our appetizer, loaded skin *mmm*

becky’s main dish, mushroom, chicken, mushroom *yucks*

yeeng’s main dish, chicken quesadillas *nyums*

becky and her main dish

yeeng and her main dish

becky and yeeng, who were mistaken as lesbian partners that nite

yeeng’s mini birthday cake

yeeng and the funny stick tgif staffs made her hold

tgif staffs “bullying” yeeng

some tgif staff showing us what she did during her m’sian idol audition

the tgif staffs singing us their tgif song *errr*

the beautiful birthday girl cutting her cake

the hero and the birthday girl

the birthday cake by tgif (and they actually charge us the tax for it!)

overall, it was a good nite but nothing beats chilli. YEAH BABY! let’s do chillis this weekend … again! 😛
(/edited) @ 12:00am 08.07.04
sorry ya guys 🙂 couldnt think of anything else to put up as a title. today is my first day of class after a 2-weeks holiday. cant say it was really interesting coz my lecturer made jokes most of the time and we were given some really lawak student rulebook.oh yeah, i just realized i dont have a student card for like er 1 year? nobody seems to realize that. even the guards didnt realize that. haha. that shows how lousy is sunway college’s internal control.
anyway, had dinner with becky at TGIF on my birthday. the food was ok but the price was abit more expensive than i expected. a yummy appetizer + 2 ice lemon teas + 2 main courses= rm90.40. hehe. the main course i chose was really nice but the one becky chose wasnt really nice. she didnt even finish it! 😛 anyway, after we had finished our food, we asked the waitress to take out the cake that becky bought for me. so the waitress asked whether we want them to sing me a song. so we said OK. and then guess wat? they actually asked me to stand on the chair and let me hold a weird thing and asked me to sing/dance/make a speech/act like a tarzan. wth was tat? i said OK at first coz they said they are going to sing me a song? lucky me there wasnt many ppl in the restaurant that time. i will not celebrate my birthday there AGAIN. period. haha. then weng onn came over to help us to finish up the cake. well, i cant say this year’s birthday was fantastic but at least i got to spend some time with those few that are very special to me. i guess that is more than enough for me :). got a MNG top, bag, eyeshadow, mp3 player, angpau money and a very meaningful and priceless present from my high school friend malisa. i hope there’s more to come. hehe. 😛 oh yeah, and also the countless sms-es and calls from my friends. thanks alot guys! 🙂 *hugz*
had a great week last week. after having the yummy food at TGIF, me, becky and the pool gang went to teluk gong for seafood dinner *nyums nyums* on friday nite. there were 9 of us and trust me when i said the guys ate like monsters. haha. we ordered 8 dishes + 39 ‘man tou’ + about 15 bowls of rice and we finished eating EVERYTHING in like half an hour? i can hardly move after the dinner. surprisingly, the food there wasnt really expensive. thanks to ian for the wonderful dinner. when are we going to go there for dinner again? *winks* oh yeah, i almost forgot. haha. got ‘some ppl’ actually rebut the ‘man tou’ coz left two onli on the plate that time. i am not going to say anything more than that. have a nice time guessing who is that ‘some ppl’. haha.
sorry for posting such a short entry this time. i cant really think now coz i am abit ‘fan’. i am onli taking two papers tis sem but i might have to go to another coll to take one of the papers. 🙁 anyway, i think becky will post some of the TGIF dinner photos and also the seafood dinner photos soon. so enjoy the food. oppps, i mean enjoy the photos 🙂 haha.
p/s:the three of us, me, becky and max would like to wish our host dion darling a very very very happy birthday.

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49 Responses

  1. hahahaha nicely written! *claps hands*
    i know who rebut for the man tou!! and i know that HE also made someone GRAB the other last man tou. hahahahahahaha. CAN I SAY THE NAME PLEASE? 😛

  2. man tou man tou..dont la make me hungry!!!
    anyway,that dion fella won’t read wan la..it’ll be a surprise if he did..muahahha…happy bday dion…

  3. fuh,that sounds good man , if it really is.
    beckz, let’s go there for our bday too! muaha..:D

  4. lol…yeeng bcome tarzan?
    got any pictures of the birthday?
    wat is TGIF btw?

  5. no lah, they tipu. supposed to give mudpie right but they give some chocolate cake only. and we still had to pay for the tax. stupid man.

  6. tgif- thank god it’s friday
    beckz,wahahha..my god, i feel so hungry reading every entry and every comment.

  7. yeah, its like a food critic blog where u go to different food places and check out the food and then display their food. fuh..food critic! not baadd…

  8. Ya allah…. who is that rebut the ‘man tou’.. *shakes head in disbelief*. HAHAhaHAHahaha
    Hey post the pictures up ler! WTH!

  9. food critic?! that’s what i’ve always wanted man!! 😛
    ivan, the seafood pix will be up when i blog next. and OH GOSH, i wonder who is the person who actually rebut for the man tous man 😛

  10. becky: dont mengada!!! hahaha..siapa berani tak ingat ur birthday? tell me..i go whack them for u 🙂

  11. mmm the cakes look yummy! Atleast tgif give you a bigger cake than they do here in england. Hehe, my friend had her bday dinner at tgi’s this year, and they made her stand on her chair while she held her cake and they sang the song, it was tres amusant. xx

  12. and here comes yet again,more pictures of good food…sighhhh…
    i am never EVER going to have my bday in tgif.my god, they and their weird things they ask the bday person to do …
    let me guess, ivan was one of those who rebut the mantou? hahaha..who was the other one laa??

  13. yeeng: hahaha alot lor. and ppl actually thought this entry is about MY birthday?! *pengsan*
    vicky, they only gave a slice of cake. they used to give a whole mud pie. that’s a boo boo. haha. but yea, they made my friend stand on the chair and do tarzan sounds and etc. :”/
    sk, hahaha we have learnt our lesson. 😛
    maxine, waaaah so pandai!!!! haha. how did u guess? the other one? hehe. u should know lah who ivan is inseperatable with.. 😛

  14. aHahAHaha.. shit! LOL….. that person’s name starts with a ‘T’ and ends with ‘erence’. Hey at least we ordered more ‘man tou’s rite?! 😀

  15. hehe, weee, noo no not budist monks…catholic monks, with the brown outfit and that thing around thair waste that looks like a curtain rope that you use to hold your curtains together with a tassle! They look like big brown walkign curtains 🙂

  16. jinny, that’s our friend who followed my car home and sent yeeng home. that’s why he’s our hero. hehe 😛
    vicky.. oh, those! haha. like the ones in robin hood. lol 😛
    waaaaaahhh shoot blanks, cant sorry. we’re taken. ho ho ho 😛

  17. hehe yesh the robin hood ones!! woo, you gets me now 🙂 hows about link exchange? ill put tu up on my conveyor belt of link buttons, tehehe.

  18. lol..i already though about terence already…
    afterall he is the best in finishing the food:P.
    i still lost to him

  19. hahahaha you poor shoot blanks but then again you’ve got so many chiqs surrounding you… 😛
    vicky! sure thing. hahahaha i’ll link you up asap! 😛
    apria, haahah terukness!
    jean, nopes 🙁

  20. oiks babe.. hehe everytime drop by the after effect would be.. *jeng jeng jeng* HUNGRY!
    wahahahahahahah.. how can.
    btw mushrooms.. yummy lah. dowan GIMME! 😀
    Happy Belated Birthday Yeeng! :*

  21. dale, siao meh kenot lah so many pix. hahaha 😛 kaboom lah my site 😛
    likki!! no ler. the mushrooms are totally yuckky. it might look good but it certainly doesnt taste good. tastes like mushrooms soaked in water for too long .. :”/

  22. likki: thanks! *hugz* hehe..the mushroom not nice ler…the fried mushrooms we ate at ming tien were so much tastier and cheaper! lol 😛

  23. for a moment i tot it was posted by becky nyummies lol =b
    the food looked damn good >_<

  24. yeeng, yea yea itu betul. yucks. eh semalam i went chillis 😛
    jinny, so sarcastic 🙁
    nyummies, why ah? because of the food pix ah? the food pix was by me! 😛