extreme fatigue

extreme fatigue

ho ho ho. hi! been busy with my internship lately which is *insert drumrolls please* good! hiaks. but too bad i wont be at work tomorrow as i need to rush to taiping for my cousin’s wedding. but the sad thing is, both of our cars are in the workshop now. ho ho ho. how the hell are we going to get our asses to taiping, that’s a good question. i think my car will be ready by tomorrow morning but it hasnt travelled so far before. i wonder if my poor dennis can take it.
okays, since i’ll be in taiping later for the weekend, i wont be having time to blog then. i owe a few of you shots from our outings, so here you go. the pix are according to time frame so some would look pretty out-of-place. the first few pix are karaoke outing for me, my mom, dylan and yeeng followed by adrenaline awards, work place, bangsar dinner, secret recipe supper, and our shooting scene today.

dylan and becky with their mics

dylan meditating (dont ask me why)

dylan and yeeng

becky and her mom

yeeng and becky

some pix on the exhibition

more random pix on the exhibition

brenda with the invitation card

becky at her work place with nicky’s duck

bangsar’s nasi lemak

bangsar’s little devil (double)

secret recipe’s classic cheesecake

secret recipe’s prune slice

the crew for today’s shooting

becky with her shooting costume (with extra 16kg)

the crew at ichiban’s japanese buffet after a long hot sunny afternoon of shooting

okay, the karaoke was fun. we did lotsa cutting of songs and laughing. my mom fit in so well. i think we had fun that day. right after that, rushed home for shower, sent car to workshop and then of to the adrenaline awards which was the most embarassing and ridiculous event of the century! im not kidding. the organisers of the events should just pack their bags and close shop. and one of the winner’s idea were exactly of a sudan ad campaign and i cant believe the judges didnt know about the campaign because IT WAS AN INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN! they were also so cheap skate enough to not only place the exhibition in a dark corner where even the flies dont go, but also to disqualify a few categories because it seems “all entries are so bad that there are no winners”. NGEH?! is there such a thing? lol. they prolly have not enough money to buy the plaques. i dunno. i dont wanna criticise much but yea, alot were really disappointed with it. but anyhow, my uni, luct won the best of the best award. *doh* im so surprised. we only won like 8 awards out of the hundreds of categories. oh wait, didnt they slash off most of the categories? *yawns*
hmmm.. i think that’s about it. the rest, nothing much to talk about. ichiban’s jap buffet rocks! let’s go there for my b’day. hahaha. *yum yum* *rubs tummy* am so so tired now as ive just gotten back from king arthur, the movie. yawns. i like movies like this. next to watch will be alexander. *yums* nites people. enjoy your weekend. *waves*

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27 Responses

  1. i am so looking forward to alexander. colin farrell…*drooools*
    muahahah…we shall meet up on da highway tomorrow ok ? hahaha ..:D

  2. alah i dont like colin farrell. bet it’s the only bad thing about the movie. WRONG CAST! haha. ive seen angelina jolie’s pix in the movie. like tak padan lor. dont get me wrong, i love her to bits but her face abit tak padan the movie lah. haha 😛
    oh yes yes! kita berhenti at the same rest area k? 😛

  3. yeah but angelina jolie is such a babe. my gawd! ehe…colin farell looks ugly in alexander though.

  4. hahaha i knowwww her lips! her body! i just so wanna be like her. hahahaa X”D
    colin farell looks ugly all the time lah. lol 😛 over rated fella 😛

  5. give u colin farell u take or not? dont tell me u wont take.. haahah 😛
    eh, too bad aku turun south u naik n0rth, if not i can meet u all at the rest area too.. kaka
    eh, king arthur nice ah? pergi tengok tak ajak siut ;(

  6. no lah aku tak suka colin farell. typical overated boy next door who thinks he’s god and can own any girl in town. eyucks 🙁
    hehehee eh we can pakat still, jumpa di er … bkt jalil cakap hi bye, kencing lepas tu pandu sama sama. ok tak? 😛
    i wanted to ajak but then we bought the tix last min wan. call also tak sempat. hehe. the movie was ok ok lah. typical lor.

  7. mmm, more yummy food! I envy you! Hehe, heres me eating salads cos I neednt put on more weight, hehe, ands you have cheese cake, which is yuummy!

  8. hahahahaaha yea. the cheesecake’s really really good. but salad’s good too. lol. 😛
    dont be like me. ive put on another 2kg now. grrr =(

  9. fuuhhh…a lot of people travelling to places eh today!! becky..have a safe trip..you too terence ….

  10. that is if u guys actually read this before leaving.hehehe…take care people. have a great weeekend …

  11. have a safe journey ppl 🙂 lol..y am i not going anywhere far tis weekend? unfair..:( haha

  12. haha…cannot ler….got class on sunday 🙁 hehe..thanks anyway u enjoy urself there ya 🙂

  13. class on SUNDAY?! whaat? doesn’t your uni/coll know that sunday is a REST DAY?

  14. Ehm.
    From troy to arthur to alexander.
    Soon, we will get Ghengis, Parameswara, Sultan Abu Bakar, Tok Janggut coming up to the cinema near u

  15. sunday also got class? abit the sedih right? lol. :”P my taiping trip rocks!
    thanks thanks berd. hahaha. *muacks you*
    hehe dale, puteri gunung ledang soon! lol. but i dont mind ghengis khan 😛

  16. yea I noticed. for awhile it was only up to the june 16th entry. couldn’t even find this one until today heheheh 😀

  17. this one just came up today. but yesterday nite i posted an entry which took up two hours but guess what? *POOF*, it was gone. pisses the shit out of me. because my friend who was hosting my space was being SO sarcastic at me. grrr…