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listen to the rhythm of my tummy’s growl

listen to the rhythm of my tummy’s growl

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part of the poppy diners

poppy platters or was it thai platters.. hmm..

rachel and bernard, joe 7th’s friends

(chicken) fajitas quesadillas. orgasm of the orgasms!

me and darryl.. finally, a pix of us both

joe 7th trying his best to immitate a terrapin

dave deli’s quarter chicken

dave deli’s lasagna

dave deli’s potato salad and mashed potatoes

dave deli’s oxtail soup

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just had lunch. half a scoop of rice, a piece of chicken and an egg is already enough for me. im so happy. im so frigging full. my tummy’s so bloated. haha. oh yea anyway, wanted to say i went to zouk on sat because joe 7th had passes for some levis eyewear function but i couldnt enter because i was underaged! omg. that was so fugging embarassing. while joe and his friends went in to take the goodie bags, i met daniel tan and his other model friend, steve. it’s weird speaking to daniel now ever since he became a rising star. now that he has his own talk show, his advertisements, his modelling career and etc, it’s so hard to just speak like how we used to back in those days. oh well, people change i guess. anyhow, we then went to passion, midvalley’s chilis with darryl, and then to bangsar for mamak session with joe 7th’s friends. hiaks. omg, no wonder im such a fat pig. *oinks* that’s all!
hurrr… ive only been at work for 30 mins and im already complaining im bored. it’s a very slow period for my agency right now, or so it seems. people from the creative dept are taking a week break and etc. if the permanent staffs here are already complaining they’re so bored, what more interns like me? *pouts* it’s killing me. im glad i took half day off this fri because there’s something going on. quite a big day i might say as i’ll be meeting all my long lost friends. hiaaaaks. it’s sort of a gathering, in a way. too bad maxine and li shih cant make it. boooo
i couldnt sleep last night thinking about fri. hiaks. all the old faces that used to bring me joy will be there. wow wee. *hops around and whistles* ive put on another 3kg. that rounds up to … 20kg? eh no, i lost 2kg so yea, i’m now 18kg heavier. believe it or not. if any of my old friends see me now, they’ll faint! which is why im on a diet till … fri! haha. i had only three tablespoons of rice yest night and went to bed in hunger. then i got up this morning and drank water for breakfast. im so frigging hungry now. i hope i dont faint. lunch’s at 12. i thought i could join kris drink just a glass of milk but i dont think i will be able to stand it. no more food after ten for me. no more suppers. dont bother calling me out for yum cha sessions if it’s after ten, okay?
ive got yummy food to post (what a suprise!) but since im posting from my office, my digi cam isnt with me. and no, i dont carry my cam around. *stares at a few of you* im missing chili’s chicken fajita quesadillas. it’s the yummiest quesadillas ive ever eaten. shit. i just heard my tummy growling and oh no, im saliva-ting! airggggggh… how to survive without good food!!!
oh yea, i went shopping on sat with joe 7th. hehe. his first time skipping gym on a sunday and his first time shopping with a girl for five hours. he then drove me around town looking for fish shops because i needed more fishies in my tank. my huge parrot fish died last week. he bought for me some fishies and also helped me change my tank even after my dad has changed it because he says it’s still filthy. it was like some major gotong-royong project and i actually flooded my house. lol. cant blame me since im kinda princess-y at times. hiaks! oh yea, while shopping, i bought a dorothy perkins corset-like skirt for only rm20.09 after a discount. i got it from a reject store but there was nothing wrong with it! if i were to purchase from dorothy perkins, it’ll be a min of rm120. and i bought myself a little gift for my birthday *ahem* a salvatore ferragamo perfume. hiaks. it’s actually for men but it can be use for both genders. lovely smell. i even bargained for samples and miniature bottles. rocks! and i bought a top just to finish the rm10 voucher i got from the perfume.
okay, that’s all for now. enjoy the weekend. think i’ll be skipping the salem revelation rave. SIGHS… nvm, byes anyhow. tata. *poof*
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how could an angel break my heart

how could an angel break my heart

grr.. i just blogged an entry two days ago but guess what? it went missing. *smacks forehead* but it’s okie because i got back all my other posts. if you’ve notice, my earlier entries went *poof* missing for a while but it’s all good because they’re all back. wow wee.
there’s alot for me to say and i must try to recall what ive said in my earlier entry but i cant. anyhow, you guys knew about me going to taiping last week for my cousin’s wedding. that place is heaven. if i ever retire in m’sia, i’d like to retire in taiping. everything there is so peaceful and slow moving. the food there are super cheap and yummy. oh taiping oh taiping, i shall run to you when im old and wrinkly. you barely get to see lotsa teens in taiping. i guess it’s like an old people place. hmmm..
below are some of the pix taken in taiping. enjoy! X”D

my sis, me, mei ling and karen

the wedding couple and gang

the sweet flower girl and the adorable page boy

the wedding couple after the tea pouring ceremony

my sister and me at the wedding dinner

the couple kissing… *aww*

me, my sis, mei chin and mei ling

my cousins and some of their partners

the first dish of the night, assorted dim sums

my fave dessert of all time, fa sang chuk (read more below)

my new ahlianated hairstyle which is like the combination of kaya, peanut butter and strawberry jam. X”D

hehe. fa sang chuk, i travelled four hours just for it. lol. and i actually bought 10 packs back to kl. lol. it rocks and no, it does not look like a bowl of puke! *stares at ivan* i’m so tired right now but malaysian idol is so interesting. last week i voted for nikki and vick, this week i’ll be voting for andrew and victor (why the hell were you so cocky, btw?). the others sounded very rtm-ish. flat. boring. *yawns* no offence. haha. ive always been a critic so yea, dont blame me.
im bored but i refuse to go out. maybe because the person i want to be out with isnt free. oh well, for work purposes, im willing to sacrifice my outing with him. abit bluey too but i dunno why. hmmm.. maybe all i need is some sleep. *yawns* actually, im too tired to even get up from the chair i rest my ass on. am so in need of some good peaceful sleep.
okays, im off to continue watching m’sian idol! go go go! but i dont see anyone that’s even close to fantasia’s standard. dont get me wrong, i dont like fantasia’s voice but well, her voice is very powerful. so good luck to all the contestants in m’sian idol.
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extreme fatigue

extreme fatigue

ho ho ho. hi! been busy with my internship lately which is *insert drumrolls please* good! hiaks. but too bad i wont be at work tomorrow as i need to rush to taiping for my cousin’s wedding. but the sad thing is, both of our cars are in the workshop now. ho ho ho. how the hell are we going to get our asses to taiping, that’s a good question. i think my car will be ready by tomorrow morning but it hasnt travelled so far before. i wonder if my poor dennis can take it.
okays, since i’ll be in taiping later for the weekend, i wont be having time to blog then. i owe a few of you shots from our outings, so here you go. the pix are according to time frame so some would look pretty out-of-place. the first few pix are karaoke outing for me, my mom, dylan and yeeng followed by adrenaline awards, work place, bangsar dinner, secret recipe supper, and our shooting scene today.

dylan and becky with their mics

dylan meditating (dont ask me why)

dylan and yeeng

becky and her mom

yeeng and becky

some pix on the exhibition

more random pix on the exhibition

brenda with the invitation card

becky at her work place with nicky’s duck

bangsar’s nasi lemak

bangsar’s little devil (double)

secret recipe’s classic cheesecake

secret recipe’s prune slice

the crew for today’s shooting

becky with her shooting costume (with extra 16kg)

the crew at ichiban’s japanese buffet after a long hot sunny afternoon of shooting

okay, the karaoke was fun. we did lotsa cutting of songs and laughing. my mom fit in so well. i think we had fun that day. right after that, rushed home for shower, sent car to workshop and then of to the adrenaline awards which was the most embarassing and ridiculous event of the century! im not kidding. the organisers of the events should just pack their bags and close shop. and one of the winner’s idea were exactly of a sudan ad campaign and i cant believe the judges didnt know about the campaign because IT WAS AN INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN! they were also so cheap skate enough to not only place the exhibition in a dark corner where even the flies dont go, but also to disqualify a few categories because it seems “all entries are so bad that there are no winners”. NGEH?! is there such a thing? lol. they prolly have not enough money to buy the plaques. i dunno. i dont wanna criticise much but yea, alot were really disappointed with it. but anyhow, my uni, luct won the best of the best award. *doh* im so surprised. we only won like 8 awards out of the hundreds of categories. oh wait, didnt they slash off most of the categories? *yawns*
hmmm.. i think that’s about it. the rest, nothing much to talk about. ichiban’s jap buffet rocks! let’s go there for my b’day. hahaha. *yum yum* *rubs tummy* am so so tired now as ive just gotten back from king arthur, the movie. yawns. i like movies like this. next to watch will be alexander. *yums* nites people. enjoy your weekend. *waves*

more orgasmic nites… coming up!

more orgasmic nites… coming up!

oh gosh. haha. i have so much to blog about. just got up and im stoning blur. *looks around* oh yea, let me provide a checklist on what to say later. our trip to teluk gong for seafood dinner, fully sponsored by ian handsome, my supper at chilis and the adrenaline awards.
phew. let me post you some of the pix we took in telok gong. i wont be talking about it as yeeng has already done it and i just wanna avoid repetitions.

the crowd at the restaurant

garick and raymond waiting patiently for the food

terence worried about his grumbling tummy while ivan’s grinning at the thought of the food

our opening dish, fried lala

fried lala and fried potato leaves

fried oyster omelette (o chien)

butter prawns *yums nyums yums*

spicy sweet and sour fish (telapia, i think) *not for me*

fried squid

lemon chicken

the most wanted dish, chilli crab *WEEE YUMS* *rubs tummy*

the most fought upon dish, man tou. we ordered 39 of those!

view on some of the dishes we had that night

terence smacking his head at the sight of the finishing man tous

yeeng knocking her crab with a mini hammer

the man behind this sinfully yummy night, ian

our leftovers… such pigs we are!

terence telling ivan how he managed to dive for the last man tou *kidding*

the piranhas rushing for the free dessert

becky with her hammer and yeeng

candid shot by ian on yeeng, becky, garick and terence

the guys!

the gang!

the gang surrounding ivan’s car because his door is stucked

and another blurry pix of the gang taken by some anonymous uncle

hur. it was worth the wait. we only ate our dinner around 9+ because of the horrible jam. took us about half an hour from subang to get there. but the place is nice although a little deserted. you could even smell the sea from there. amazing. *rubs tummy*
alot of food chomping sessions happened (duh, since we need food daily) and there are lotsa pix to post but gotta stop posting pix. that’s cause pix of delicious food will only tempt people and make em hungry. im sure they’ll somehow lose interest in this site because of how i’ll make them want to eat eat eat and eat. some even nicknamed me the food critic. ho ho ho. but it sure has a deep expensive price to pay. ive gained 16 kg in just five months. beat that. sighs. *depressed* oh, i shall continue chomping on my toasted chocolate cakes and famous amos cookies…
on monday, i went shooting for some hotlink ad. before that, we were at astro for a radio commercial recording. i like the part where we do all this although we were only there to witness em but it was cool. we get to mingle around celebrities and etc. i saw asha gill during her radio talk show. *yums!* the rest, i cant tell because it’s some p&c shit for my agency. but oh well… *yums!* thanks joe 7th for troubling you to send us all home. *muacks*
oh, watched laws of attraction last nite. amazing. im a big sucker for romance books and movies but hey, joe 7th enjoyed it too. haha and i have a pix of pierce brosnan and julienne moore kissing as my wallpaper. *yums!* before that, we were at chilis for a very late dinner (or supper, as some may consider). we were in a rush, actually. were there less than an hour. *yums* i love chilis!

our triple play for starters

our sandwich, big daddy dawg *yeaaaah*

my shocked face because of the multiple orgasms i get from these yummy food

hurr… our very clean plate after gobbling down the starters in less than 20 mins

hehe.. our leftover from the big daddy dawg *YUMMY!*

okay, enough of food. i dont wanna get brutally murdered. haha. speaking of brutal death, check out my fav site atm. dont bother viewing if you have a weak heart. hiaks. okay, the adrenaline awards exhibition will be from july 9-14. check em out. i’ll be attending the awards night on monday. *crosses fingers* X”D not putting much hope since mine’s last min work. oh well, im off to bed. *muacks*
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our appetizer, loaded skin *mmm*

becky’s main dish, mushroom, chicken, mushroom *yucks*

yeeng’s main dish, chicken quesadillas *nyums*

becky and her main dish

yeeng and her main dish

becky and yeeng, who were mistaken as lesbian partners that nite

yeeng’s mini birthday cake

yeeng and the funny stick tgif staffs made her hold

tgif staffs “bullying” yeeng

some tgif staff showing us what she did during her m’sian idol audition

the tgif staffs singing us their tgif song *errr*

the beautiful birthday girl cutting her cake

the hero and the birthday girl

the birthday cake by tgif (and they actually charge us the tax for it!)

overall, it was a good nite but nothing beats chilli. YEAH BABY! let’s do chillis this weekend … again! 😛
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sorry ya guys 🙂 couldnt think of anything else to put up as a title. today is my first day of class after a 2-weeks holiday. cant say it was really interesting coz my lecturer made jokes most of the time and we were given some really lawak student rulebook.oh yeah, i just realized i dont have a student card for like er 1 year? nobody seems to realize that. even the guards didnt realize that. haha. that shows how lousy is sunway college’s internal control.
anyway, had dinner with becky at TGIF on my birthday. the food was ok but the price was abit more expensive than i expected. a yummy appetizer + 2 ice lemon teas + 2 main courses= rm90.40. hehe. the main course i chose was really nice but the one becky chose wasnt really nice. she didnt even finish it! 😛 anyway, after we had finished our food, we asked the waitress to take out the cake that becky bought for me. so the waitress asked whether we want them to sing me a song. so we said OK. and then guess wat? they actually asked me to stand on the chair and let me hold a weird thing and asked me to sing/dance/make a speech/act like a tarzan. wth was tat? i said OK at first coz they said they are going to sing me a song? lucky me there wasnt many ppl in the restaurant that time. i will not celebrate my birthday there AGAIN. period. haha. then weng onn came over to help us to finish up the cake. well, i cant say this year’s birthday was fantastic but at least i got to spend some time with those few that are very special to me. i guess that is more than enough for me :). got a MNG top, bag, eyeshadow, mp3 player, angpau money and a very meaningful and priceless present from my high school friend malisa. i hope there’s more to come. hehe. 😛 oh yeah, and also the countless sms-es and calls from my friends. thanks alot guys! 🙂 *hugz*
had a great week last week. after having the yummy food at TGIF, me, becky and the pool gang went to teluk gong for seafood dinner *nyums nyums* on friday nite. there were 9 of us and trust me when i said the guys ate like monsters. haha. we ordered 8 dishes + 39 ‘man tou’ + about 15 bowls of rice and we finished eating EVERYTHING in like half an hour? i can hardly move after the dinner. surprisingly, the food there wasnt really expensive. thanks to ian for the wonderful dinner. when are we going to go there for dinner again? *winks* oh yeah, i almost forgot. haha. got ‘some ppl’ actually rebut the ‘man tou’ coz left two onli on the plate that time. i am not going to say anything more than that. have a nice time guessing who is that ‘some ppl’. haha.
sorry for posting such a short entry this time. i cant really think now coz i am abit ‘fan’. i am onli taking two papers tis sem but i might have to go to another coll to take one of the papers. 🙁 anyway, i think becky will post some of the TGIF dinner photos and also the seafood dinner photos soon. so enjoy the food. oppps, i mean enjoy the photos 🙂 haha.
p/s:the three of us, me, becky and max would like to wish our host dion darling a very very very happy birthday.