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kegemukan yang amat parah

kegemukan yang amat parah

fwoaaaaaahs. it has been such a long and tiring week! for the first few days of my internship this week, all we had to do was to cut tear sheets and place them in the files and make the whole place messy. but thank god, our lecturer called me and kris back to uni because our ads were shortlisted for the adrenaline awards! wow wee. but the thing that made us happy was not because our work got shortlisted, but it was because we get to run away from our agency. seriously speaking, i enjoyed my first few days there, but after other non-relevant people started getting us to do their dirty work, we just couldnt wait till the clock strikes 5:59pm (because if we were to walk from our cubicle/room to the receptionist, it would be already 6pm). haha. that is how kiasu we are.
anyway, i thought that the two days that i was in uni was gonna be easy but boy was i wrong. we were there just like our working days. 9-6pm, no break in betweens. it’s all work work work. lotsa of tension going on but hooray! im done with my print ad but as for my radio commercial, the recording’s tomorrow but i need talents. anybody here wants to be my voice talent? PWEASE?!

some of the chang/chung/rice dumpling (whatever you call it) my mom made

the traditional bak chang (pork rice dumpling)

my traditional chang : nyonya chang

the color of the nyonya chang can be deceiving but once you put em in your mouth, it’s almost as orgasmic as chili’s ice lemon tea. ho ho ho. i’ve got some testimonials of those who had tried my mom’s changs. even i alone, managed to eat only one whereas some of my friends got up to four of em. haha. i gave up my share lah because i cant really take chang. speaking of chilis, we were there again yest. wow wee. it was me, yeeng, joe 7th, darryl, kris and danny. hiaks. omg. so much orgasmic food. and seriously, for someone who treats even a packet of nasi lemak a luxury food, chilis isnt really suitable for my wallet atm but who cares because we had skillet fries, steaks and etc. *nyums* *rubs tummy*
and oh, did i tell you, on thurs, my parents bought 50+ of durians and another 6 much earlier. omg. till today, they’re stucked in my fridge and for once, im SICK of durians! AIRGHS! haha. i cant stand the smell anymore! *faints* oh yea, just heard one of my ex-classmates getting married (omg at 19?!) because of you-know-what-happen-when-you-dont-get-your-protection-kit-right. okies, im off to do some present hunting. my gf’s birthday is this tuesday. HAPPY BE-EARLY BIRTHDAY LOH YEE YEENG! i love you. *muacks*
p/s: please someone, restrain me from eating. im ballooning!



hie everyone..i am back again! i just had my last paper on wed and so now i am on a two-weeks holiday! can u imagine? a two-weeks holiday after 5 mths of classes and stress without any holidays? well, better than nothing i guess coz my gf is doing her internship now and she wont have holidays until end of the year..even more kesian than me rite? *hugz*
i was out almost everyday after my last paper on wed. i went out with my classmate on thursday to shop for her redang trip. i was being whacked and cursed for making her spent rm120 on a swimming suit! hahaha…i was just trying to be nice and asked her to try the swimming suit. aih..buat baik dibalas jahat! 🙁 went out with my high school friends at nite and we had alot of fun talking and laughing about all those silly things we did in high school. sometimes i just wish i am still in high school. college life is so stressful 🙁 anyway went to taman megah ming tien for a drink and then went to ss2 murni. i had roti hawaii and garlic cheese naan *nyums nyums*. i didnt go out for almost one mth because of my exams 🙁 miss mamak food so much! 😛 hahaha reached home about 2.30am. kena tembak-ed by my mom the nx morning 🙁
i was out the whole day on fri also. went out with malisa to watch around the world in 80 days.i wouldnt say the show is very nice. in fact for some they might find it boring. but for me it’s ok coz the show is kinda funny and there’s a few unexpected guest stars haha one of them is my leng chai :P. at nite, i was dragged by my friend, ds to tag along to amirul’s place in bukit jelutong. neither of us been to bukit jelutong before so we really dunno how to get there. as expected we got lost on the way there 🙁 and we had to wait for amirul to bring us back to his place haha he bought some strawberries for me from cameron *nyums nyums* and the roses that his mom bought are so LOVELY!! after that we went yc. they planned to go to penang for holidays since the three of us didnt get to go to redang. during our yc session ds shared his genting hotel ‘experiences’ with us. that really freaked amirul out and when we suggested going to genting for holidays he was the first to say NO! haha anyway the paling buat lawak part was we got lost for more than 4 times on our way home! we had to go back to amirul’s place to ask him to bring us out! oh yeah actually the paling buat lawak part was although amirul brought us out we still got lost again! hahaha dont ask me why we got lost so many times coz i dunno also! i was going to faint liao in the car 🙁 hahaha somehow we just couldnt get out of that place 🙁 we called amirul again but he didnt bring his hp out (can u imagine? amirul hasnt even reached home after bringing us out and we got lost again!) so his sister gave us directions and FINALLY we managed to get out of that place. i reached home about 2. kena tembak-ed by my mom again coz i promised her to come home early.
oh yeah, wanna share something with u guys here. about a week ago, my bro sent an url to me in icq. so i opened it and it was a pic of a man sitting and looking at another man’s file (this man here is standing). the pic only showed the side view of the man(the one sitting). i didnt give much thought to it though. i thought the man is my bro’s boss. anyway when my bro got back from work i asked him why he sent me the url. i was like ur boss izzit? when he told the story I HAD THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE! it seems that my boss, my bro and his colleagues went to his client’s office the other day. there were 7 ppl in the meeting room. there was this camera they brought along that will automatically captured a pic every 5 mins. ok here comes the scary part. my bro’s gang were looking at all the pics the camera captured at the end of the meeting and then they came across this pic. all of them had onli one question on their mind when they saw the pic. WHO IS THAT MAN? no one knows who was that man because they didnt see him in the meeting room. he was sitting on my bro’s boss’ chair when he was doing presentation to the clients. and no one was seen sitting on his chair but the pic that the camera captured showed that the man was indeed sitting on that chair! mind u the pic is not blur at all! it’s very clear! in fact when i am writing this, my bulu roma also naik man! FREAKY! SCARY! how do u explain this? my bro didnt want to tell the clients because it might freak them out. the ‘man’ was wearing formal clothes! mayb he used to work there? but he was definitely not in the room because the first few pics showed no sign of the ‘8th’ person! omg?! have anyone experience this kind of thing before? i experienced it before but it was nothing close to this! there is evidence for this! i think i better stop before i freak everyone out! HAHA actually i still have alot of stories to tell but then i think i better not start it! or else it might be hard for me to stop later! haha 😛
i hope that my two-weeks holiday will be fun *prays hard* anyway i think i better stop now. it took me so long just to write this entry! i dont know why! it seems that after my exams my brain is not functioning well now so sorry for any grammar mistake! hope that my gf will be ok tomorrow (she’s sick). so take everyone. till the nx time we meet again! adios 🙂
p/s: sorry for making u guys waste ur time reading such a long and crappy entry! hope u guys enjoy the story though 🙂 pls feel free to share ur experience and ur views about it 🙂

my first few days as an intern in euro rscg

my first few days as an intern in euro rscg

me and ian on the couch at bar med

garick and me

me and joe after a long nite

raymond and garick

ian, garick and raymond wagging their tongues over chun chiqs

raymond and his mighty set of teeth

raymond and ian’s …

hur. those pix were taken at bar med. not really my kind of place, really. there was actually a fight outside which garick witnessed. seems the fight was bad and that someone was actually being dragged under a car for a couple of kms and the person who drove the car was the one who the gang was after. quite drama. too bad me and joe were a little stoned upstairs and was trying to sleep. hur. imagine sleeping in a club!
started my internship. i really love it. haha. poor kris and poh had to stay back till midnite on their first day. you know, to stay back at work for three days is even a norm for some of them. the person who is guiding me hasnt slept much. he actually went sleepless for a month once. but my agency’s cool. there’s a pool table, board games, x box, playstation and etc… the people there actually can jog in the office or play football to release stress. ive never seen so many hardworking people before and they are all so happy with their jobs. haha. i so wanna be like them. busy and stressful life is definitely for me because without it, my life will be empty! haha. im that lifeless. you know, one of the art directors joked, if she ever finishes work before the sun set, it’s a miracle and she has not seen the sun for a very long time because she’s always in the agency. lol. oh btw, i was moved from copywriting to account management and im loving it! ho ho ho.
oh and this agency’s cool in a way because i know some of the people there as they were from irc. also, a childhood friend’s cousin actually recognised me as well. aiyo, long story. very tired. haha and oh, yest went one u’s sushi king for dinner. rm300 for 9 ppl but just me and joe ate about rm50+? we thought there’s 40% discount for everything that’s on the menu but it actually apply on the sushis only. lol. okies, off to bed. *muacks*

It’s me..after a VERY long time.

It’s me..after a VERY long time.

Missing In Action is what I have been doing. Until Becky screwed me for not blogging for ages so I decided I better blog or else I’ll probably get kicked out or something.She even said that some one even asked whether there really is a Maxine blogging in the website.Haha.So here I am, as usual, nothing much to say, cause my life sucks and there’s nothing happening in my life compared to Becky’s and her ever happening life and her 1001 stories(which she has not filled me in about all the juicy and important stuff yet.).You better sit down and tell me all the latest goss soon ok?
Life’s pretty much the same, busy with uni and assignments and midterms are like in next week and i’m so not even half prepared.I don’t know why but I’m just plain lazy and I get too much sleep.And last minute studying so do not work for me so i’m pretty much quite scared. Ahhhh.Damn. My new condo rocks.It’s wayyyy cosier and nicer and cleaner compared to my old house and it has streamyx! so yeah..:P It’s quite shocking really,but nowadays I don’t mind spending weekends in Cyberjaya-which is known to be the dead-est town.
Oh yeah, my new condo is the block where a certain tragedy happened.I’m not quite sure whether it did, but it seems the story came out in the newspapers about a guy who “accidentally” fell down from the 6th floor and he died. It seems he had forgotten to bring his keys and he tried climbing into his unit by his friend’s unit which is next to his.So anyway, I quite found out that it was my block and yes, I can see the place where he fell from cause his unit is just like 3 stories down from mine since mine is the 9th floor.So anyways, the metal piece where he landed on the ground floor is like still BENT. It’s really creepy but I guess they left it that way as a reminder to not be so “stupid”.
After midterms next week is my ONLY one week break and I’m really looking forward to it as it has been ages since I went home.*cries* I’m so pokai now. Have been going to watch movies for the past like what…5 weeks in a row?Ever since my new semester started.Started with Van Helsing,Troy, You Got Served,Day after Tomorrow,Shrek and Harry Potter. And if it means going out,obviously there’s no control of eating and indulging in food.Haha. So yeah,that’s where my money went. Oh yeah, I am SO SO very disappointed in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.To me it was really degrading.Reading the book was so much better.Sigh.
Malaysian idol starts today.So can’t wait for it to check out how it will be. In the end, the winner better be good, since she has to compete against Fantasia in the World Idol. Euro 2004 also starts like in a day.So quite excited and I’m sure I’ll be glued to the TV for certain matches.GO England GO! 😀 I’ve got a pretty hectic weekend ahead of me, since I’m staying in Cyberjaya and got to study for 2 exams next week.Wish me luck.
As you guys would have noticed, I practically crap-ped in the whole entry but what the heck, I blogged! Haha… 😛 So people, take care and till my next entry, see ya!
Beckz, 😀 Happy now?Quite long right my entry?Haha. or rather Ho Ho. Miss you la. When you gonna come and visit me in my new house? *hugsss* Oh yeah, what happened to Pat and Shu-Yin eh? And oh yeah people, sorry to disappoint you, but I have no pictures of food to share wif u guys! *wink*hahahaha……XOXO…

sinfully orgasmic

sinfully orgasmic

our skillet fries

my monterey chicken

joe’s chicken crispers

me and joe’s killer food

joe and his corn

me smiling cheekily at joe’s corn

some of our leftovers…

me and joe after the sinfully good (& pricey!) meal

joe’s mango sago lolo

my honeydew sago lolo

muahahahahahahaaha. omg, we are two fat greedy piggies! even after our starters, we were already so full! when our main course came, we almost fainted (not like we didnt know the portions at chillis were big!) but we never expect it to be that big (this always happens when you’re already full but the portion size actually never changed). haha but dining at chillis has always been my fav (only when you’re not broke, that is). but boy, dinner last nite was orgasmic and pure torture because we couldnt finish our meals and yet forced ourselves because … we’re two fat greedy piggies who just wanna keep chomping! hehe. im broke.
weeeeee. im done with finals. another quite-a-major assignment’s due tomorrow. grr.. am yet to start with it. no hols for me because im starting my internship with euro rscg this coming monday at 8:30am. how the heck am i going to get up? *rolls eyes* and i have no idea how am i going there because parking’s super pricey and there arent any public transport that actually stops there. but thankfully, kris and poh was assigned there too so i’ve got kaki lepak. haha yesterday after our orgasmically good meal, we went to damansara looking for euro rscg and we couldnt find the god damn building. so ulu compared to the other buildings but managed to find it eventually. after that, i have no idea how we ended up in jln alor and we ate the famous sago lolo there. *nyums* im gonna explode soon… and we went all the way to kepong to check out the famous mee yoke but the stupid shop closed. aiyo!
and oh, yesterday we were just kai kai-ing around bukit bintang and then i went into this shop to check out handbags (almost midnite!) and i accidentally walked out of the shop with one of the handbags (not bad looking, rm49 but with the brand, “liang liang”). when i walked out, i was like oh shit. then i was thinking to myself if i should just walk away with the liang liang “branded” bag or return it. joe hassled me to return so i did. hur. but i kept on wondering, what if i just walked away with it… hmmm… okie, to those who havent sign my gbook, please please please sign it. hiaks. thanks to all those who did. muacks*
and oh fck, i almost forgot! happy belated birthday my beloved and best mama evelyn mak chui yen. thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. quick come back from uk. miss you heaps. muacks*

love does not always travel your way*

love does not always travel your way*

before anything else, sign my gbook, thank you. i’d like to know who my readers are. and hello, it’s not a comment box! hehe.
hurrr…. blue is my fav color. blue is how i feel. lalalalala~! yeappie. i hate feeling this way. i dont even know how to describe it. all i know is im not relaxed. my mind refuses to relax! why oh why? im heck too lazy to blog but i thought of re-posting what i posted in my lj. here goes :
“ive been feeling really bluey lately but i guess my physical appearance will not be able to show it. it never did. ive been doing alot of thinking. alot of things have been moving at such a fast pace that i never had the opportunity to just turn back and evaluate things better. and then yesterday, my past came back to haunt me and i hated every bit of it.
i thought things would be okie today after i finally lay myself to rest at 5am. i got up with a very bad backache and my heart felt heavier. i dunno what’s wrong and i dunno what i really want in life. at times, i wish for that special someone to be there for me but i always draw myself back whenever we get too intimate. i havent found that person yet but i know he’ll be around soon. female instincts, you see.
there’s a question that people usually ask me. what will my “ideal” guy be like? i’ll usually answer the same old shit, “taller than me, english literate (has got to speak really good english), confident, doing really well in career, understanding, honest (i dont mind if he’s a very frank person though truth can be hurtful at times ), will never ever cheat on me and loves me for who i am”. not too much to ask, isnt it? i want that person to be very focus in life on what he wants therefore if he wants me, he’ll try all his best to get me. i dislike guys who gives up instantly. i think i’ll even lose my respect on him but er, it depends on what is it he wants lah at times. and to my beloved g.mama, im sorry for what you’re going through. love hurts. that’s why i never want to get involve in it. *hugs* g.mama
am currently writing a new song, “love doesnt alway travel your way”. kinda stuck on it. oh well, i’ll continue after my finals. finals starts on mon. am yet to study. grrrrr….

sighs. below are some random pix. for fun. im too lazy to even start studying…

my fav banana spread. *nyums*

my fav banana cookies.

my 99.9% fat-free lecka-lecka gelato

mine and joe’s 99.9% fat-free lecka-lecka gelato

my fav fruit of all time, the durian!

my durians!

my bouquet of roses my beloved eve mama gave me last year. *hiaks!

my sis’s very overgrown one and a half years old tortoise, peeka. i am too lazy to put up boo’s pix. X”D

*yawns* and oh, the answer to the mysterious pix :

go figure!

relatives from malacca, (ex) singapore and australia’s coming anytime… now. so sleepy. so lazy. all i wanna do is bum bum bum and sleep sleep sleep! and oh, nice meeting you, shari! im off to play more hexic. current highscore = 164,270. anyone wanna challenge? sorry for the long entry. tata.

meowy purr

meowy purr

can you guess what it is? if you can, cheese naan‘s on me. lol. quick guess.

hehe. they are so gonna kill me for posting these pix up. *rubs tummy* im so full. hiaks. was at murni’s just now. the food isnt that impressive anymore. joe 7th brought me to ikano power centre and ikea. hiaks. i just lost my ikea/ikano virginity to joe. muehehehe. *smiles* and omg, they’ve got so many adorable doggies and weird fishies there. *hops around*
just finished one of my hardest assignments. you know, i found out i did a twenty pages report while the rest of my classmate did only 2-6 pages. haha. talk about kiasu-ism. off (thanks to me!) till monday which will be my finals. wish me luck please. finals next mon and tues and then i’ll be doing two months internship. hopefully with desmond, joe and whoever’s in euro rscg. so so exhausted. and oh, my broadband’s finally here! after eight long painful months. and i paid about almost close to RM1k just for it to work. fck this shit. so expensive okie. im off. nites.
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