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ohmigosh. my lecturer just called me and whether i like it or not, i’ll have to be one of the dj for my campus’s open day tomorrow. i am so not excited about it because ive not done live broadcast before and i only did dj-ing once but it was a recording, not a live one. jeeeesus! wish me luck. im so nervous now and out of all things, i’m doing the morning shift. i dragged kris in and she’ll be my partner. i dont know anything. holy shit. suddenly i wish i have the talents of jason lo. *prays*
also, my ex highschool english teacher is back from overseas (i think she migrated to UK or was it NZ) and she wants to hold a gathering for my class this sunday. ohmigosh. i’m really really really … god damnit, i dont even know what am i feeling. anyways, weng onn just sms-ed me and told me a friend of his was looking for a webdesigner and he gave my number, thanks to strachan. hello? i suck big time at just plain htmls. die die die. march is such a scary month. *pouts* maybe more pool sessions will calm me down… ah.. pool. 🙂 and oh, am looking for a new phone cos my current one’s dying. any good models to intro? budget? below rm1k. =)

my new hairstyle. styled by … myself! hiaks. how do you like it? not that pro looking but i think i pretty much did a good job. w00t. thanks to my deary terence abangess for resizing my photos. my photoshop is gone. *looks at gary* haha, actually it’s my fault lah cos my pc’s so fcking screwed up.
so much to say. so many things have happened but im all too lazy to speak. or rather, not willing to say anything. i’ll continue tomorrow as ive got to get up in about five hours time to go to my uni. and oh, u know what? i drive there. w00t. i drive about 50km a day i think. yea, not bad for my first week of driving, eh? i’m proud of myself but still need lotsa practice with the gears and brakes. alright, continue later. nites darlings. “) <3 ") ^@^ currently : finishing her new song and hoping things would be for the better in the future

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  1. muahaah, first to comment. w0ooots. eh, from the looks in the pics, i think they look good lor. But yet to see it in person. Shudnt be much different gua.. 😉
    eh, 50km a day ah? banyak tu. Well, as long as u got practice, then slowly u’ll get the hang of it la. Just as long as u dont langgar anyone la k.. especially small kids *winks

  2. ooooo and im still fcking awake! someone make me sleep!!!
    biatch0, itu dah melampau dah. hahaha. im not paying u anything wor but thanks. 1 vote goes to yes, it looks okie on me.
    ooo abangess, ur not the first to comment maaf. so u think it looks okie on me too? good. 2nd vote. hooray. i’ll show u when we go play pool next k? i’ll twirl my hair around for u to see. dont get sore eyes enough. and er langgar small kids? that’s only someone as LOVING as u would do. haha muacks.

  3. pikey, haha i dont know if that’s an insult or compliment but i’ll take is as the third vote!
    se yin, haha. thanks for the 4th one.
    leech, so that’s my 5th vote.
    shirley, woaaaa sniff my hair? i dont want u falling for me later. kidding. muacks! that’s my 6th vote! thank u!! muacks!

  4. yeaaaaaa. driving sucks. i dont like =( if only i had a bf to drive me around. hmm.. now there’s a thought. hehehe 😛

  5. aj, thanks alot. hehe. but im not longer maintaining it. too troublesome =(
    pikey, hahahahaha. okie okie. thank u. eh eh i met benny yesterday. hehe. ur mesiniaga heng tai 😛

  6. eh u perm ur hair urself ar? Hehe. this g.dottie mmg boleh jadi hairstylist sial..cutting and perming own hair..when u wana do for me also? =P *muacks* btw it looks good… *winks*

  7. hahahahaha i didnt perm ler. just curled it a little. but i too lazy to style it everytime i go out edi so it’s back to straight unless i perm my hair. hahaha 😛

  8. congrats on ur dj-ing session tat went SO well today *winks* kekeke…anyway i wanna see u with curly hair when wanna go out together again? u so busy hard to date u out =P

  9. di0n, hahahaha. thank u. aren’t u just proud of me? *muacks*
    ian, hahahahhaa. damn u. so sarcastic.
    wow wow yeeng, u also another one. so sarcastic. busy also not as busy as u lah. banyak peminat hor? mueheheheheehehehe 😛 btw, my hair isnt curly liaos. i lazy edi wanna mantain. 😛

  10. OMG!!! DARLING DAUGHTER! HOW DID U GET HERE?! OMG OMG. from my nephews? from my mama? my lou poh?! WHO TOLD U?! HAHAHAHA. so nice to hear from you. 😛

  11. eheheh skoolgal lagi best wei!! nyeh heh heh tie ur hair in ponytails 1st .. mini-chequered skirt .. knee-high stockings .. waaaa *drooolsss*

  12. i’ll only dress like that if u promise to come over and spend the weekend with me. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA 😛 specially for u. and u must also drive me around town. 😛

  13. ehehehhee weekend? not long enuff wor heheh .. dowan drive ler .. i ride muh bmx ler .. more romantic wei!! hahahhahah