v’day syndrome

v’day syndrome

hurrrrr… some of the shit loads of pix we took last night. pix courtesy of my jolyne g.mama and pretty boy. for once, i didnt bring my digi cam (yea, gasp all you want). not because i didnt want to but my digi cam was “stolen” by someone. i even got scolded for not bringing it. trust me, i felt pretty “bare” without it. im not going to talk much about yesterday because yeeng promised she’ll blog about it tomorrow.
i didnt manage to take pix with lotsa ppl as well because the whole night was a rush. one thing’s for sure, im so GODDAMN lucky we didnt go to cristros although i was bugging em too. sorry i-wern and wc, i couldnt accompany you guys drinking. i’ll meet u guys @ club 7 this week with jason nephews, ya? i know the pix are a little too small but the album will be up soon. two thumbs up for last night. i know some who couldnt REALLY sleep after it. hiaks. read more about it @ jeng yean’s, jolyne’s, pretty boy’s and daniel’s site. for a more detailed “report”, wait for yeeng’s entry! im totally worn out. was supposed to be out clubbing tonight but im dead exhausted. will be out the whole day tomorrow as well. nites! <3 currently feeling : totally in love!

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  1. hehe yeaps joe, i know. hehehe. 🙂
    daniel, yea. our penguin dance rocks. wait, it’s my PENGUIN dance, dedicated to bernard. omg. it was so funnnnnny. `O)
    nyummies, in love with ….. MYSELF!!! 😛

  2. kiffer, heheeh i think i got to know ur site through jo’s site. she has been my g.mama for 5 years! hiaks 😛
    haha shirley, the shy shy terence. 😛
    fr0stie, they look so adorable leh. *drools over her bitching partners*

  3. Hehe.. happy blated vday too! sounds like u had loads of fun =D
    btw.. i think it was supposed to be “sorry u lost camera” .. er i’m just guessing. 🙂

  4. always said registered user…….then what name am i supposed to use??? then when i registered some name cant login………arghhhhhhhhhh

  5. se yin, ohhh.. i didnt lose my camera lah. HOIKS SHOOT BLANKS (kevin), i didnt lose it, my bro “stole” it from me nia. hiaks hiaks.
    gary, haha. use garyclj lorrrr. cos my tagboard’s free one so must understand. if u register ur nick edi, then u must login everytime. quite mafarn. really sorry yea. hugs.

  6. oh wait… i was at christro’s as well.. wait… DARN! I WAS WITH JOE! 🙂 … o O {why couldn’t it be some hot chick!}