turning point

turning point

(/edited @ 2:15am 27th feb 2004)
i am so gonna kill big bad berd who likes to roll around the floor. read THIS! babi. im so gonna kill you. *strangles berd non-stop* die die die. im also gonna keep kicking ur ass in pool. *strangles you to death this time. and oh, no worries. i still sayang you. “)

hehe. those pix are taken on the night before wern ching left for melb. oh yea, her friend has a studio apartment at lygon, college square going for AUD 910 per month. needs to go urgently! interested, please leave a message. sorry i-wern, i posted the pix up. they bugged me too! =( and and oh, tj, so so so sorry had to ffk u today. =(
life can just be full of suprises can it? for once in the past two weeks im feeling so happy. so overjoyed. so contented. so in love … with the new condominium my dad’s buying … for ME! *dances around* oh well, it was originally for me until he came up with all this crazy ideas that he’s gonna buy it for investment but still under my name though. good enough. it’s hilarious really because we were just accompanying kris and her mom to look for rooms for rent and my dad ended up buying one whole apartment. *faints* the place is amazing and very very convenient. im so in love with it. i think i sounded way too excited on the phone that berd gave a suprise visit and visited the aptment with us. nice leh, berd?! 😛 oh, visit the webbie @ here. it’s a smart house and it’s filled with all the fancy high-tech stuffs. *hiaks* it’s also my uni. coll’s student residence so there’ll be shuttle buses coming every couple of hours. pretty neat, eh? if that’s not good enough, a friend from my block’s broadband service said my connection will be up by first week of march. i hope so. *prays hard* so the question now is, to live at the apartment or to drive to college?! *headaches* and oh oh oh, my second cousin, renee, will be studying my course at my uni. coll as well. stop drooling, terence! 😛 for the time being, ive got lotsa cleaning up to do. take care. =P
currently : listening to mp3s sent by joe the 7th

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30 Responses

  1. i want to see the house leh~!hahaha…good..nx time i can lepak there~ weee weeee…i also damn happy wei..hahaha…=P

  2. hahaha yea. somore so near ur house. even nearer to berd’s. jom jom we go play tennis and all. hahahahaha. so happpy. weee! ask berd bring u go lah. hiaks 😛

  3. aijor ur house so small wei..go inside like masuk sardin tin only..room like in oven so damn hot..open window..all i see is JUNGLE…open door..all i see is the opposite neighbour’s’ door…where got siok lah??
    don buy lah okie…

  4. hahaha serious meh?! but that’s cos there’s no fan built in all mah. aijor *kicks you*
    and btw, my dad’s buying the bigger one. the 1,000 sqft. 🙂

  5. why suddenly i bcome mangsa??hahahahahahahhahahah
    really ler..banyak betul alien alien in my taman..heeh need sometime to get used seeing those aliens until i can accept them as humans..heheh

  6. aliens ur head. everyday purposely drive to luct to check out chicks and now u simply call them aliens. manusia yg tak tahu mengaku salah. 😛

  7. YOZZ! now u’r really into pool huh? soon will be come expert. me rusty liao man. counts toe. dnt noe how long never play. and OMG U can enter my site?! am so happy!!! i hope its not temporary -_-

  8. hahahahahaaha shirley!! YES!! im a big pool addict but im still way from pro. sucks lor =( haha and yes!!!! I CAN FINALLY ENTER UR SITE! so so so happy :”P but got certain links cant see lor =(

  9. actually ah xiu yun, i dont think it’s a condo. it’s a high-rise apartment but good enough. not gonna stay there though after much consideration. =(
    hahaha shirley, yealor. i was shocked myself. i try try try see see can view ur site liaos. haha. yeay! *dances around*

  10. ooo… I wanna see the place! although yours and bern’s viewpoints vary very much, haha…. xD take pictures and we’ll be the judge!

  11. eh why dowan to blog? u r MOVING SERVER or CHANGING HOST? if move server..the database will still be there lahhh..quickss blog !

  12. choon, haha but i cant live there!!!! =( boohoohoo.
    berd, laZY LAH. hahahaha. ask yeeng or maxine to blog lah. i have so much to say until dont know what to say. =(
    karinnyummies, hehehehe. why suddenly?! ish. *pinches ur cute nose*

  13. *faints* this can go on and on. let’s decide the winner once and for all …. tick tock tick tock… KARIN NYUMMIES WINS! 😛

  14. nope mayb ur double lol bud ur gorgeous to me lol i love the exotic eurasian look *envies* *^^*

  15. nicole, yea my dad dont usually do that too. think he got spelled or something. hiaaaks~! 😛
    nyummies, that sounds devon aoki-ish. im so far away from that. hahahahaa. omg. we better stop arguing on this. hiaks! 😛