*super v day*

*super v day*

hie everyonee…sorry for not blogging for quite some time liaooo…been busy for the past two weeks…just got my results..didnt do tat well..but in a way i wasnt unhappy coz i expected it…..=) ok..i know i was supposed to blog about the gambling session at my house during CNY but i didnt….my apologies to everyone. tis time i am going to keep my promise so i am going to blog about wat we did on v day. keke….ready?
early in the morning on 14th feb, i online and found becky online. then we realized tat we actually havent made any reservations for dinner. becky called souled out and onli the rm80/person package was available so we decided to change venue….so becky called bernard and dan and woke up them up. the hunt for restaurants began…end up they found a restaurant in mont kiara. the restaurant is actually in the condo itself. dan called the restaurant and made reservations..but surprisingly they didnt ask for his name. weird huh? so i called becky lor..becky said it’s a italian restaurant…so i asked y in a condo? then becky said tat’s where all the nice restaurants are…in the condo.so ok lorr….in the evening berd and I went searching for the place..then we reached dunno wat kampung..when we were U-turning…suddenly a car stopped beside our car..then onli we realized tat becky they all also sesat liao..hahaha..so all of us sama-sama went searching for the restaurant…after a few wrong turns we finally found the restaurant… jeng jeng jeng the restaurant was erm….quite deserted..onli a kwai lou family and a couple were there…..they were just wearing their baju rumah damn pai sehhh….all of us were dressed up nicely..later..there were ppl (i supposed they stayed there) tat came for dinner wiff their swimming suits on. seriously very pai seh but well…at least the dinner was quite cheap…less than rm100 for 6 ppl and we also found out finally y they dont need dan’s name for reservations…haha! dan..dont angry ok?..keke..before we left..we decided to take some photos so at least ada kenangan sikit…keke
by the time we finished taking photos it was only 10pm..so we went to hartamas to play pool and foosball….we played until about 12am then jolyne and wei lik came to join us…not long after that.. wern ching came wiff i-wern..i bumped into one of my net frens there as well…not long after tat….wern ching’s frens came..and they decided to go drinking..in the end onli i-wern and wern ching went wiff her frens…me berd dan terence and becky didnt go and berd sent me home after tat coz i have class the nx day..yes. class from 9am to 7.30pm on a sunday…i heard from becky tat they went to steven’s corner after sending me home until about 4am..keke..guess they had alot of fun at steven’s…tat’s all i supposed..haha..tis is my first yr celebrating v day wiff my frens..had alot of fun..oh btw..do u guys know tat i onli met berd and dan a few times..hahaha…they are so frenly..aijorr…it’s really nice knowing u guys! and not forgetting terence also!! i had a great nite thanks to all of them…especially gfku yang disayangi..keke….and yeah…nice meeting u jeng yean and wei lik also..=)..i guess tat’s all..haha…hope u guys enjoy reading our ‘journey’. kekeke…till we meet again ..take care everyone..adioss

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21 Responses

  1. HAHAHAA OMG SO DETAILED! i dont know where to hide my face edi. *runs behind berd and terence*
    eh yeeng, i help u pecahkan into paragraph lah. if not, berd buta wait.

  2. eh eh one more thing, yeeng, u exaggerate leh. got the japanese family somore leh? then got ppl wear leng leng also mah. hahaha. u make us sound so ker lian. HIAKS. but i had fun laughing at dan lor. haha.

  3. i think he’s going to pull my hair when he sees me…hahaha…but sorry larr..i still feel like laughing now…=P

  4. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. me and jeng yean also laughing lah when i was talking to him online. and berd and us were laughing at him when we were at stevens. so funnnny. kelakar. cilaka.

  5. hahaha…..gena..i am really sorry i cant tell u….coz dan said he will break my neck if i tell anyone..haha!!! me *scared scared*

  6. hahaha dont potong stim lah jeng yean. hush. i’ll tell the full report on icq/msn. HAHAHAHA. daniel wont know where to hide his face edi.