kebakaran! yeaps. just happened few moments ago right infront of my balcony and i decided to take pix. good thing ive got my cam with me all the time. oh well, i saw a white kancil starting the fire and the next moment, i saw fire engine plus a few fire fighters scrambling around trying to stop the fire. phew. talk about needing more dramas right infront of my eyes since miss. runaway gothic chiq (dont ask me what). okie, im not supposed to touch on the sensitive gothic chiq issue so let’s skip.
the group date. yes, it’s happening. so far, it’s dan, shari, berd, yeeng, me and a few more others who is yet to confirm with me. gonna try asking jeng yean, leech, terence, wern ching and a few others. hope things work out great. for the time being, i gotta kick some asses in yahoo! literati. adios. `o)

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16 Responses

  1. Whoa what a scene. I’ve never had that kind of drama happen in front of me though.
    Group dates are fun. But it can turn out to be a disaster if things don’t go well. Hope yours will go smooth!

  2. gena, i really hope so things work out well. it has been a while since i hung out with ppl ive not met before and so far, it has been great! 🙂
    jinny, hahahaha. `o)

  3. hello! hows it going. hope that you are gonna have a happy valentines day. i sure you will, since you are making plans and stuff… have a good time 🙂

  4. beacky dearie… wats that? FIRE? OMG!! like so drama…
    how u lately? im so busy lately with school that i havnt been surfing ard teh blogs much.. so sorry yah? Take care of urself and i will pop in here every now and then when im free alright? at the meantime, BLOG ON! 🙂

  5. hahahaa CELINE DEARIE! so nice to hear from you. ive been really busy myself. sorry if i havent been dropping by urs too. happy vday, dearie! 🙂

  6. heyy, sorry yeah, tak jadi go for your valentine gathering. friends having a gathering this sat too. btw, where are you all going? if in pyramid, i might get the chance to see u around. hahha. 🙂

  7. leech, haha it’s okie ler. somore i cant seem to erm contact u also hiaks hiaks. and no ler, we’re not going sunway. we’ll be around hartamas/bangsar. hehe. happy v’day leech.